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Birth Of The Goddess


OM. Man’s relationship with the Goddess is explained in a picture; a symbol; an eternal moment. The scripture goes something like this:

A mango coloured sun is hovering just above the horizon, covering the desert in twilight. The only existing construction in this vast plane stands out like an erect penis, and it castes a shadow three times its own height across the sand. It is a small stone tower. There is no inside to the tower; circular stairs lead up from the outside walls, one staircase on each side. They lead to an open plateau where three people dwell.

Two of them are on the highest point -- a lavish item of furniture that is a cross between a throne and a bed -- in the act of vigorous sex. The Goddess is on Her back, hair sprawled out, and Her legs wrapped around him. His buttocks are fast and rhythmic, his back arched. Around them, laid out on embroidered benches, are various vases and chalices.

He tenses while he ejaculates. As he does, he begins to melt like clay. Skin-coloured clay is trickling on Her and it sticks onto Her palms as She clutches his back. In the twilight his skin is almost golden.

With sudden force She rolls him over and straddles him. She keeps rocking and it is now plain to see that he is not melting, but turning to dust. Soon, amid his expression of unbearable pleasure, his chest collapses into a sloppy mound. His face crumbles next, but She continues to moan and roll around in the dust, which is glittering gold.

A sudden breeze sweeps up some of the golden twinkles and spreads them across the sand of the desert, which is the same colour.

Now there are only two people.

The second person is also male. His naked body is lean and athletic. He is sitting on the floor, wearing a metal collar on his neck. A chain extends from the collar, across the floor, and connects to a small silver bracelet that is hanging on a spike. The embroidered spike protrudes from an arm of the throne.

The Goddess sits up and hangs Her legs over the front of the throne, crossing one leg over the other. She entwines Her fingers on her lap.

In the distance, great herds of black and red clouds slowly gather from each end of the sky.

The Goddess is small in stature, with the body of a ballerina. Her hair is dark. The sun causes the edges to glow mango. Above Her forehead sits a jewel studded visor, and dangling from Her ears are more jewels. Her eyes are gold and are framed by dark makeup and long black lashes. Her skin is pale but as she moves this way or that, golden dust twinkles all over Her. The only dark places are the bushy hair of Her crotch and the fuzz of Her armpits.

She reaches across and takes the bracelet of which the chain is attached, and clamps it onto Her ankle. Her pink lips smile.

A mass of clouds has gathered directly above the tower. They blink on and off with electricity.

The Goddess suddenly stands up on the throne. This jerks the chain taught, and the man is forced to crawl forward a little. The Goddess leans backwards and, with arms over Her head, holds the back of the throne. Her back arches, pushing her chest and stomach up. Her small breasts are facing the sky; the dark nipples reach up to the clouds.

The clouds rumble and light up.

The Goddess gives out a moan as a chain of lightning strikes hard at Her nipples, and latches on – as if Her nipples are conductors. Her body tenses and vibrates.

The man ducks his head but his phallus grows and hardens.

The lightning cuts out and She collapses. Her nipples are smoking.

A long banner of smoke trails across the suddenly empty sky.

She sits up and reassumes Her crossed-knees position, sweat and gold twinkle all over Her. With a golden fingernail, She signals to the man and says: “Come.”

He crawls toward Her little feet. She points the foot that the chain is attached to, holding it out for him. She has gold toenails. His phallus swells and vibrates as if trying to grow more.

He opens his lips and closes them on Her soft toes … the electrical current flows through Her foot and into him … his whole body vibrates…

They freeze like that for eternity.

This is the eternal moment. Man is ever reaching up to divinity (kissing Her holy foot). She feeds him with life through that contact. Later, when he unites with Her, symbolised in the sex act, he merges into her and loses his separate self. He reaches paradise. But if instead he were to break away from Her foot – disconnect – he would descend into darkness and decay.

The golden-sanded desert is the substance of which we are all made from and go back to. On the edge of this desert, we are formed. Then begins the long pilgrimage to Her in the centre. The reward is the touch of Her feet… and, eventually, She takes us into Her and our discarded forms rejoin the desert.

It all began like this:

There was once a righteous man who lived in a vast and dry desert. He lived alone for eons, praying to the divine that the desert would become useable so that he could grow crops.

Divinity answered him in an unusual way: one night, the man awoke in the deepest part of the night, feeling uncontrollably aroused. His penis became swollen to four times its usual size and he leapt up and almost barged his house over – such was the violent nature of his lust. Destroying one wall, he took to the desert like a wear wolf. But, seeing no living thing with which to relieve himself, he masturbated.

Like a fire hose, his semen exploded across the sky and scattered on the dirt.

The next morning, having only a vague memory of what happened, the man found that wherever his sperm had fallen, a tree had grown. The trees bore much fruit – and it tasted good!

He danced in joy at this apparent gift from the One Life. Now, with a means to sustain himself, the man decided to journey to civilization and find himself a wife.

Being a handsome and righteous man, he found a beautiful woman in no time. They married and travelled back to his home in the desert. However, on their very first night together, the man once again awoke in the deepest part of the night, swollen with lust. Before his wife could even react, he took her. He thrust his phallus inside her so fast and with such violence that she could only scream and hold on, like a ship in a storm.

When he ejaculated, he shattered her bones and tore her body apart.

The next morning, without a clear memory of what happened, but only a recollection of emotions, the man cried and cried for the loss of his beloved wife. By the afternoon, he ran out of tears. He collected her remains and buried her.

The man resolved never to marry again, considering himself cursed. He remained a hermit in his house in the desert. As time went on, he’d awake in the nighttimes as usual, but with ever increasing intensity. Not only did his penis grow and harden, but his whole body doubled in size, making him a giant. He then prowled the land until he ejaculated, and in the morning more trees were grown.

In only a matter of months, the desert was transformed into a dense and dark forest. People who happened into it at night were often torn apart. But even in the daytimes it was a frightening place. Just as in a disturbed mind, many fowl thoughts grow and multiply -- so too, did many strange beasts grow in the forest. It became an infamous place, one avoided by all.

All except one, that is. There was one strong woman – named Hegemony -- who heard the stories of the forest, and of the giant who lived there. Hegemony was far from afraid – she was intrigued. She was even amazed at the thought that a whole forest, populated by enormous trees and dense bush, was created by one man’s semen.

“I am going to marry him,” said the young woman without explaining why. Then she ran away from home.

It was a frosty morning when Hegemony reached the edge of the forest. With a mixture of fear and excitement, she entered. Although the sun was rising, the forest was so dense that it remained trapped in a blanket of shadow. Hegemony pushed her way through the sticky foliage. It took quite a while before she could get used to breathing the heavy stench of sex.

After a while, she heard a humming sound. She stopped and listened for a moment. It was definitely getting louder. Hegemony panicked, realising that a swarm of something was heading her way.

She quickened her step and immediately slipped on wet ground.

“Arrgh!” After careening down a slippery slope, she crashed into the middle of what felt like a hundred tongues. It was some kind of plant, and the tongue-like leaves found their way all over Hegemony’s body. She struggled to escape but sank in deeper.

Hegemony tensed her muscles as the plant feasted. The plant exuded a sticky liquid that excited her skin. When she opened her mouth to scream, she couldn’t help but swallow some of it.

Immediately she felt giddy. The liquid, she thought, must be drugged. The forest was spinning and changing colours, while the plant kept feasting…

Hegemony awoke next to a steaming lake. It was only two metres wide, but led out of sight. The tongue-like plant was on the other side of Hegemony, as if she’d fallen or rolled out of it.

She stood up, soaking wet. Then she heard the swarm again.

Hegemony thought quickly and waded into the river. It was waist deep. She kneeled so that only her head stuck out of the water. It was warm and salty.

A swarm of insects flew overhead. They were phallic in appearance. Hegemony waited with held breath as the humming faded into the distance. Alone again, Hegemony decided to follow the lake. She waded forward, being sure to duck down whenever danger presented itself.

At various intervals, Hegemony caught sight of many sexual deformities; testimonies, she thought, to the giant’s tormented mind. She saw giant spider-like animals, whose eight legs were actually women’s legs in high-heeled shoes. Their mouths were vaginas, and the fangs on each side resembled tiny legs with thornlike feet. Hegemony also saw male creatures. Thin and tall, and with goat’s horns, they strutted naked, their penises always erect. Only, their genitals looked more like the lower legs of women and the ‘heads’ of the penises look more like female feet, the toes pointing forward. The oddities were sometimes giving each other oral sex.

Whenever Hegemony saw these beasts of the forest, she sank deeper into the water and moved quickly on. There were, of course, such things as foot-fish and phallic-fish in the river, but they were no danger to Hegemony. They were merely annoying – like stepping into vaginal octopuses.

Finally, Hegemony saw a house. It was covered in green moss and vines. Hegemony left the river and approached the front door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked.

After ten minutes of banging on the door, it opened to a tall man. He wore rags and he had dark bags under his eyes. His face was pale with disbelief.

“I heard you knock,” he said. “But I though I was hearing things!”

“Please let me in,” said Hegemony. “I came a long way to meet you. And the forest is very dangerous.”

“Are you mad, girl? You must go back where you came from. This place is cursed. It thrives on only the base urges in Man.”

“Please. I think I can help you.”

Reluctantly, he stepped aside to let her in. “But you must leave by nightfall, because I will not be myself then.”

The living room was very untidy. She could see right away how sorrowful this man was. In one corner was a shrine to an unknown goddess: a faded gold foot, with burnt incense sticks around it.

“Nobody can help me,” said the man, collapsing on a couch. “I am a slave to my other self.”

“Be quiet,” said Hegemony.

He looked at her surprised.

“My name,” she said, “is Hegemony. All my life I’ve felt different from my peers. I matured very early and have been accused by and by of being oversexed. Never have I felt satisfied, by men or women, not spiritually or physically. I have blown through life without any respect from my fellows. I never feel happy nor sad, even -- only an endless emptiness. I feel a hunger. Not in the normal sense, but I’ve always felt like a starving person who has never found the right food. Nothing tastes right.”

“Have you come here to die?”

“No. I have an intuition that we were meant to meet.”

“I am a bad man.”

“All people are great and good; they are just in the wrong context. Now propose to me.”

“You can’t be serious…”

“Do it.”

In front of the idol, they were married. This is a strange event, considering that the Goddess had not yet come into being. Nevertheless, that night, the newlyweds were curled up together in bed, waiting for the coming storm of night.

They were not disappointed. Like clockwork, the man swelled to twice his usual size and roared like ten angry tigers. The noise was enough to shake the walls until they crumbled, and petrify the nearby trees. It was just enough noise to wake Hegemony.

Heart racing, she rolled onto her back and opened her legs.

When he took her, she wrapped them around him and held on for dear life.

The amount of power it took to create an entire forest, a flood of semen and energy, which had previously ripped other men and women limb from limb -- this was the power that surged into Hegemony. Her whole being was flooded with undiluted life.

As she tightened her hold, and he exploded forward, she began to glow and radiate. At the same time, he began to shrink…

…this continued for what seemed like ages.

When the storm was finally over, Hegemony lay alone on the forest floor. Her skin radiated like a little sun and as she breathed long and deep, so, too, did the earth in sympathy. Finally, she stood up and smiled. “My husband and I are one,” she laughed.

The fowl beasts of the forest cringed and fled from Hegemony’s light. The beasts that were too slow burned, smoked and whimpered. Hegemony took seven steps, and in that time, the whole forest withered and died away.

Then she grew golden wings and took to the heavens.

Her feet, says the scripture, are dangling from that high place. I, for one, am forever aspiring to them. OM.

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