tagLoving WivesBirthday Blindfold

Birthday Blindfold


Tim was turning thirty today. Around the office several gags were placed for him to find as he went about his workday. A can of Ensure was placed in lieu of his lunch in the refrigerator in the break room. A cane was placed by the office door “just in case”. Coke bottle glasses on his desk in case his vision was deteriorating. Ex-lax in his desk drawer, along with a medic alert tag that just said “old fart”.

It seemed everyone in the office knew and was in on the joke. Tim took them all in stride and laughed at some. The fake Viagra pills were promptly taken and he made a big deal about chasing some of his female co-workers around the area. When he couldn’t catch one he “settled” for Jim from accounting. This brought out a huge roar of laughter. But once inside his office away from his friends Tim wasn’t so enthusiastic about the milestone.

“Tim?” Came a soft voice. It was Janet his secretary. He pretended not to hear her.

“Tim?” She repeated. Slowly he looked up.

“EH?” He continued joking. “Hold on let me get my aid!” He proceeded to roll up a piece of paper and stuck it to his ear. “Now what did you say you young whipper-snapper?” He said in a fake old voice. She shook her head at his clowning.

Janet was a whippersnapper she had just turned 20 and only been his secretary for about six months. She was a petite red head with dark green eyes. Her hair did not describe her temperament however as she was usually very hard to anger. She had a willing smile and was always up for a good joke, regardless of how tasteless it was. She was very attractive and the guys in the office gave him a hard time when the boss assigned her to him. They said she was some “company perk”. Tim shrugged it off. Tim had found her attractive, even a gay man would find her sexy, but Tim was in love with his wife of seven years. Completely.

The guys in the office didn’t understand it when Tim would decline trips to the strip club to go home to the wife. Of course they didn’t realize that his wife was a nympho! Why would he go elsewhere when he was getting more than he bargained for at home? His wife Linda stood almost six feet tall and met him eye to eye in just about everything, and this included sex. He had never been with a woman that wanted sex more than he did. She was also stunning. She turned more than one head at the office parties.

“Yes Janet?” Tim said putting the paper down and becoming serious when he found his joke had no effect on her. She sauntered over to his desk, a walk that did not go unnoticed by Tim. She came around to his side of the desk, something she rarely did. Tim began to get prepared for another office prank as he looked around suspiciously and leaned back in his chair. Janet leaned up against his desk, her skirt was shorter today than usual and he could see more of her firm thighs. Her purple low cut cashmere sweater hugged her smallish breast tightly. Tightly enough that he could make out the outline of her nipples which stood out a little in the fabric. The image made him swallow hard.

“So you are thirty.” She stated more than asked. “What is it like?” Her green eyes pierced his and he was left momentarily at a loss for words. He saw passion there in her deep greens. When did this come on? He pushed the thought from his mind.

“The same as 20 only you are a little slower.” He said trying to focus on her face rather than her shapely body. If this was a joke it was a good one.

“Any big plans?” She asked smiling at his discomfort.

“No not really, gonna go home I am sure Linda has something in mind.” He said returning to work to keep from becoming any more aroused by this woman. The smell of her perfume wafted around him and for a second he closed his eyes and inhaled. A soft flowery smell.

“Did you need something?” He asked trying to put her out of his head. She dropped a Fed-Ex package on his desk and brushed his hand with hers as she withdrew it. Tim looked at it for a moment. Janet leaned close to him.

“Happy birthday, I hope she gives you something you really like!” With that Janet made her way out of Tim’s office. Tim exhaled deeply to cleanse his mind.

“Fuck me!” He gasped. He rubbed his forehead then absently touched his cock, which was semi hard. He shook his mind to remove the cobwebs from them. He opened the “Letter” envelope and peered inside. He pulled out a blindfold and a letter. The writing he recognized immediately as the graceful strokes of his wife. He smiled at it, already having an idea of what she had in mind. He loved the way she was thinking! He opened the letter and a picture fell out. He looked at it and there stood his wife, completely nude! He almost drooled at the sight of her. She stood there with some rope and a bottle of lubricant. She was naked except for her beaming smile. The look in her eyes was pure passion. He went from semi hard to completely hard in record time! He read the letter.

Hello sexy!

I thought I would send you this birthday package with an idea of what you have in store for tonight. Now I know what you are thinking, and no you can not come home now! That would mess up my plan. And you wouldn’t want to do that, would you? Just continue working and trust me everything is ready for you. When you get home tonight I want you to come inside. But once inside I want you to put the blindfold on and wait for me. Trust me I will be waiting! Don’t come home early, as this would spoil the surprise. And trust me you will love it! That is all for now, hope you like the pic. Until later!

Hornily yours’


Tim looked at the picture again. Hell maybe thirty wasn’t going to be so bad after all! Tim slid the pic and the blindfold into his jacket for later. The rest of the day was excruciatingly slow. Tim could do no work as he thought of scenario after scenario of what might lay ahead of him. Finally at 3:00 PM Janet stuck her head in the door.

“Need anything before I go home?” Tim looked up and shook his head with a smile. He had all he needed at home but it was still another hour away. “Goodnight then!” Janet left. Tim got up and went to his jacket pocket and pulled the picture out. He thought about going into the bathroom with it and taking care of himself but forced himself not to. He looked at it. Who took the picture? He wondered. It was not one he had taken of her. Odd.

Four finally came and Tim nearly ran over the guard as he left. Forcing himself to drive the speed limit he made his way home. He went in and doing as he was told placed the blindfold on. He waited a few moments for Linda to come and he was about call out when he felt her hands on him.

“Good boy!” She said to him about his following orders.

“Trying, but with the pic you sent it made it difficult to be that way. I almost had to rape my secretary!”

“Well my dear, rape involves an unwilling partner! And I doubt any woman could turn you down!” She pressed her lips to his before he had a chance to answer. Her tongue slipped easily into his mouth and found his. He put his arms around her but she quickly broke the kiss.

“No-no-no!” She scolded “no hands!” Tim nodded in compliance. She hooked her fingers in his belt and led him through the house to the bedroom. Tim carefully made his way following her. She slowly began to undress him and kissed his skin as that part of his body was uncovered. She started with his shirt, kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. Then came his trousers, she nibbled on his hard cock through his briefs.

“You have been thinking of me today haven’t you?” She said as she rubbed his cock. From her knees she kissed the hair on his belly that was a trail to his cock. Slowly she pulled his underwear down, his cock rubbed her face as she kissed his pubic hair around his cock and made her way down his thigh before returning up the other thigh. She then kissed his balls gently and licked up his rigid shaft. He sucked in a deep breath of air. She licked the head alone for a second or two. Teasing. She then brought her mouth down on his shaft. He emitted a moan. She stopped and stood up, pressing against his chest she pushed him to the bed. He scooted to the center as she began to tie his hands to the posts.

“What are you doing?” He asked playfully knowing full well what she was doing.

“Let’s just say I don’t want you to spoil your surprise until I decide to let you see it. If I decide to let you see it!” She said licking his ear lobe.

“IF?” He questioned. She tied his feet up as well. The knots were tight he could tell by the way she pulled on them. His body was overcome by goosebumps as the eroticism of the moment overwhelmed him. He then felt her straddle his chest, he could feel her pubic hair against his chest as she moved upward to his head. With a knee to either side of his head and her feet in his armpits she lowered herself onto his face. He ate ravenously! The soft musky smell of her womanhood combined with her perfume made her delectable. She began to rock on his face as she let out soft moans. Tim dug his tongue into her as he searched for her clit. She jumped when he hit it. He again began to lick. Every so often hitting her love bud causing her to gasp and jump. He was in heaven! She grabbed his hair and pulled his head closer. He felt another pair of hands on him causing him to jump.

“Relax!” His wife said soothingly “It is just your birthday present!” Tim felt another’s mouth envelop his cock and the feeling made him almost explode. Linda began to rock on Tim’s face as he took up his oral pleasure on her with renewed vigor! She began to breathe harder and harder, she rocked faster and faster. The grip on his hair became tighter as her orgasm approached. Tim began to feel his balls tighten as the thought of another woman along with his wife riding his face made him almost crazy! Who was this woman giving him head?

Her mouth was warm, as she sucked his manhood. The head first then slowly she would drop down his shaft until she had all of him in her mouth. She would hold him there massaging it with her throat. Linda turned around and began to ride his face harder. Tim went from her clit licking backwards until he dove his tongue in her anus. She would press downward when he put it there driving his tongue as deeply as it would go. The woman below stopped her sucking and for a moment the coolness of the air was the only thing he felt. But then he felt the bed move as she straddled him. Slowly she impaled herself on him. The change of temperature almost sent him over the edge. But the woman sat there for a while, fully impaled on him. She began to rock on him slowly after both had relaxed a bit. The cum that was building in Tim’s balls was becoming quite the load.

“Isn’t his cock wonderful?” Linda asked this secrete woman.

“Ummm-humm!” Was the reply. Tim desperately wanted to know who it was! He began to thrust upward meeting her. She began to go faster. Tim began to hear the sounds of kisses. Oh my god! Tim thought, they are kissing each other! He couldn’t feel their hands, were they touching each other as well? God he wanted this mask off! He wanted to watch!

“Yea that’s it baby fuck her!” Linda said noticing the increased tempo. The woman began to meet his strokes as she rode him. Linda also speeded up, she was really grinding when her body began to shake as she erupted in orgasm on Tim’s face. Tim lapped greedily tasting her sweet mess. Linda rolled off and the woman riding him leaned forward and kissed him deeply, her tongue licking the sweet mess from his cheeks and their shared it when she put her tongue in his mouth.

He felt his wife get off the bed and wondered where she was going. But he didn’t have to wonder for very long as he felt her tongue on his balls and occasionally she would lick up his available shaft and this woman’s box. This sent the woman into a frenzy as her own orgasm hit. She ground down hard on Tim riding out her orgasm as Linda helped lick the juices coming out around the side of Tim’s cock. This sensation was too much.

“Oh god I am going to cum!” He announced. The woman pulled herself off of him and then he could feel two pairs of hands and two mouths taking turns stoking him. With a growl Tim shot his load into the air. The two women caught some in their mouths and on their faces and they proceeded to lick Tim and each other clean. Tim lay motionless enjoying the moment as he breathed heavily. He waited for one of them to remove his blindfold to reveal his birthday gift. Tim was at half-mast and was waiting impatiently.

“I say we get him hard again and fuck him some more!” Linda suggested. The other woman only giggled in agreement.

“Hey how about this mask?” Tim asked.

“No not yet!” Linda admonished. With two talented mouths, it took very little time before they had Tim fully erect again. He could hear the two women whispering.

“What is going on down there?” Tim asked.

“Well she wants to try and put your cock in her ass, is that ok?” Linda asked knowing it would be. Tim could only nod.

“Can I watch?” He asked.

“No but she says she had never had a cock in her ass before so you definitely will be able to feel it.” Linda began to pour the lube on Tim’s cock and by the sounds of the smacking she was applying it to the woman as well. He felt a hand on his cock holding is steady. The woman straddled him again and he could feel his head against her anus. Slowly the woman sat down on his massive head. Once the ring collapsed around his head she sucked in a painful breath and held it there. He could feel the woman forcing her muscles to relax around his size. She was trying to anyway. But the pain kept causing her to tense up. Slowly she lowered herself onto him. Inch by inch. When she sat fully upon him she sat there.

“God it burns!” She hissed. Tim still could not make out the voice. She would have to say something without whispering for him to recognize her. After a few moments she began to lift her hips slowly. The tightness of her anus forced it to pull outward as she lifted up. She increased her pace as she grew more accustomed to his size although the pain never fully left. As she relaxed it lessened. Linda sat back down on Tim’s face and he began to lick her again. Bringing her to orgasm brought him to the verge and as he announced his orgasm the mystery woman sat completely down on him, his cock bucked in her tight anus, spewing its seed deep with in her.

She sat still and then slowly lifted herself off when she was sure he was done. She paused as she neared his head and winced. Then she quickly pulled off, the searing pain was hard. But it had the same effect of pulling a band-aid off quickly. There was silence in the room as the two women cleaned themselves up, then they cleaned Tim. After a few moments the mask was slowly taken off and Linda planted a deep kiss on him. Tim looked about he room and saw no one.

“Where is she?” He asked his wife who stroked his hair.

“She decided that she didn’t want you to know just yet. She said she would let you know in her ‘own little way’” Linda said with a wink.

“Was it someone we know?” Tim asked as she released him from the ropes.

“Oh yes, we know her well even before today!”

“You realize I won’t be able to look at any woman we know without wondering if it was her!” Tim said exasperated.

“I know. Happy birthday old man!” Linda said with a wicked smile.

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