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Birthday Blow


Today was my 35th birthday, but that thought had not crossed my mind much because it was a busy day working from my studio in the house. I probably would have kept working and not even noticed the time, except I heard the garage door opening and my wife pulling in. I looked at the clock on my computer, 6:16 PM. Where had the time gone?

I heard the door to the house open, which was right around the corner from my studio. I leaned back in my chair to stretch, releasing some of the long hours of tension from the day. As I was completing my stretch I heard my studio doors being closed. I turned around to see my wife had quietly entered the room and was closing the double doors.

"Happy Birthday!" she said sensually while gently locking the closed doors. I thought it to be a sexy gesture, her closing and locking the doors, since we were the only ones in the house.

I spun my chair around to face her. She looked very professional in her corporate power suit and those sassy heels. It must of had an important training gig for her to be dressed like that, but a small part of me was hoping she had really worn it for me and this moment we were about to share.

She came right over and straddled me in the chair, grabbing at my jaw line with her hands and jamming her tongue in my mouth. I responded by grabbing her hips and pulling the weight of her body down upon me. I felt myself begin to get stiff from the desires she was arousing in me. We continued to kiss deeply and I groped at her fine figure hidden beneath the layers of clothing.

Soon she slowly withdrew her tongue from my mouth and stood up. She began to remove the jacket from her suit, letting it fall to the floor. She then began to unbutton her white shirt. I could see the faint outline of her bra underneath. I watched her closely, noticing the way her hair spilled over her shoulders as she was looking down for the next button. Her honey colored highlights were very visible from this angle.

My gaze fell from her hair back to her hands just as she arrived at the final button. She unhooked it and pulled the shirt wide open. I could feel her eyes watching mine as they took in the top half of her body. I was surprised at her tan skin and how it sensually contrasted with the white lacy bra. She knew I fantasized fucking her with a dark tan and sexy tan lines, so she must of hit the tanning beds earlier in the day.

She removed her arms from the sleeves and the shirt fell on top of the jacket. My cock had sprung into a fierce erection and I had to shift in my chair slightly and run my hand over it to ease the intensity. She continued to undress by unbuttoning her pants and I couldn't help but stroke my rod a few more times. I watched her unzip the pants and push them down her hips. Her striptease was very mechanical, deliberate, as if she had a job to do and it was turning me on more than ever.

She leaned forward and grabbed a hold of my knee so she could pull off her pants, first one leg and then the other. She left her heels on the entire time, giving me that extra bit of showmanship I found so sexy. She picked up her pants and folded them in her arms as she turned to lay them on the other desk in the room. I think she did this intentionally to give me a great view of her ass, tan and sexy, outlined by a white lacy thong.

"Stand up," she said as she came towards me. I did so and she immediately grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Just as quickly she unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my ankles. As I was trying to kick the shorts free, she pulled my underwear over my engorged penis. I wasn't sure what exactly she had in mind, but she wanted me naked and suddenly I was.

I sat back down in the chair and she knelt down in front of me, removing my shoes and socks along with the other items I had recently shed. She leaned forward, placing her hands on my thighs for support and began gracing the surface of my chest and stomach with her face. I began to relax and leaned back giving my naked body over to her. Her hair felt like silk being draped across my skin and I couldn't help but smile at the sudden spots of wetness her lips would leave as they passed over my body.

My eyes were closed as I enjoyed her movements. I then felt her stop with her eyes pressing upon me. I lifted my head and looked down at her. "Are you ready for your birthday present?, she asked.

"Isn't this it?, I returned while reaching up and running my hand through her hair.

"No, not quite.," she replied with an almost whisper like tone. "I am going to give you your birthday blowjob. I am going to take you in my mouth and give you pleasure you have never had before. Are you ready?"

"Yes," I responded. I couldn't get the words out fast enough. Sitting naked in that chair with her between my legs was sexy enough, but to hear her talk like that was about to send me over the edge. That sly smile faded from her face and I felt her right hand climb up my thigh and wrap firmly around my joint. She dropped her head and timed it perfectly so her mouth met my cock as she lifted it off my stomach.

She plunged it deep into her mouth. I had to gasp from such instant and intense bliss. She took her cue from this and pulled her mouth all the way off my aching dick, hesitated for a moment and plunged it again deeply into her mouth.

"Ahhh, fuck!," was my response. Usually I am more reserved and quiet, but she was provoking those animal-like urges from my loins. She repeated the move several more times and then went into a slow, deliberate suck. Moving down my shaft at a very slow pace, then holding at the bottom for several moments before withdrawing even more slowly than she took it in.

She was igniting a fire within me. I felt a deep load stir inside my nuts as I watched her head moving up and down. I wasn't sure I was gonna make it through this and have sex too before cumming, which was our common practice. But those thoughts were quickly interrupted as she tilted her head back to look at me and let me watch as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Seeing her long, sexy nails holding my prick up as she gave it such a sensual treatment only made my fires rage hotter.

My breathing was heavy as I tried to take in the overwhelming satisfaction. I felt her fingers wrap completely around the shaft of my dick followed by her hot breath surrounding my balls. She pumped gently on my rod while she introduced my sack to her mouth. Its warmth and wetness engulfed both of my balls. I could not believe she was taking the whole thing in her mouth. She wasn't joking when she said she was going to give me pleasure like never before.

She fondled my nuts for several moments with her mouth before gently pulling away. I felt the cool air tingle the skin of my sack from her release. She straightened up and looked at my eyes, but mine lingered at my body where her mouth had just been, then drifted up at her spectacular breasts sheathed in the lace I so longed to remove.

She noticed my linger and asked, "Do you want me to take my bra off?."

In a state of excessive pleasure, I could only shake my head yes. Her hands expertly went behind her back and unhooked bra as they have so many times before. Her movements were again almost mechanical-like and she removed the bra as if she were getting ready for bed. I am sure she had no idea of how hot it was making me.

Her breasts looked incredible, firm and full, with her nipples small and tightly erect. Her tan lines formed a perfect border, outlining such magnificent creatures. I wanted to grab my cock and just finish myself on them right there, but she leaned forward onto my torso, draping her bosom across my cock and balls. I felt my nuts release a bit of cum as we made contact and I knew I would not last much longer.

In that same movement, she pulled herself back down just enough to align her mouth with the head of my cock. Her hands were on my thighs and she pushed them apart slightly. She then nuzzled her head into my chest, scooping my cock back into her mouth. She lifted it up off my stomach with just her mouth and held it there for a second as she adjusted her legs beneath to get more comfortable. Then she went to work.

"Oh my God," came pouring out of my mouth. This was amazing. It was so incredibly hot to see her on her knees, holding herself up with her hands on my thighs while manipulating and sucking my cock with just her mouth. She bobbed up and down on my pole with a steady rhythm. I watched her breasts sway in the same rhythm and her lips looked so full as they pursed, filled with the outline of my manhood. She was consuming me with pleasure.

She must of sensed this as she gently slowed her pace. My eyes were closed as I felt her sucking come to a stop. She loved to tease the tip of my penis, so she stopped and held just the very tip in her mouth. I opened my eyes to look at her and when our eyes met she smiled. My cock slipped from between her lips. Its continued rigidness made it slap back against my abs with a small "smacking" sound.

She giggled just a bit and asked me, "Are you ready to come?."

"Mmm, hmmm," I replied. Just hearing those words from her lips made my groin loosen its load.

"Good," she said, "and since its your birthday I am going to let you cum in my mouth."

"Unbelievable," I thought. She gives me more than my share of oral sex, but we usually move onto sex before the orgasms start. I fantasize about cumming in her mouth from time to time, but I am too shy to ask her to do such a task. But here she is now, tan, topless and in a thong between my legs and she is going to let me erupt in her mouth because she knows what pleasure it will bring me. The sensation was further heightened by the fact that she just gave me permission to do so.

I closed my eyes and reach for the back of her head, pulling her gently so she will begin those movements. It also tells her without words that "yes," this is what I want, this is what I need and I thank you for giving yourself to me. She slowly runs her tongue up the shaft one final time, then takes my cock deep inside her mouth. The warmth of her beautiful mouth is all I need to begin my release and she has me so deep I can feel her lips touch my balls. She knows the slow but steady work of her mouth will take me over the edge.

She slides up and down it with an incredibly deliberate pace. I can feel her tongue, engulfing the bottom half of my rod and breaking all last attempts at resistance. My sperm in on its way and nothing can stop it now. I watch her move up and then back down again. Her consistent movements guarantee my eruption. The rush of cum is about to spurt in her mouth and I feel a tinge of guilt, for I am about to watch my wife commit such a dirty, but yet so sexy act.

Then I am there, I feel my nuts tighten up and I begin shooting my load. I watch her as she remains steady, continuing her pace, making sure I am going to give her all that I have. My brain, my senses, my body are ripping with an indescribable rush. I feel my hips lift up, forging my prick deeper into her mouth, making way for the cum that I am delivering at a fast and furious pace. All of it enters her mouth and she swallows it boldly, emitting only soft sounds as my fluid courses down her throat. My body quivers as my senses absorb the overload I feel the satisfying relief as my orgasm comes to an end. She gradually transitions my cock from her mouth to her hand and she strokes me softly, making sure every last drop is released and that my balls are empty.

Spent, I let the residual shivers run through my body. As I begin to regain my senses, I watch as she puts her bra back on and begins to pick up her clothes, like a woman satisfied with a job well done. She gets up and starts out of the room, giving me a parting shot of her sexy ass still wrapped in that white thong.

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