tagBDSMBirthday Humiliation

Birthday Humiliation


It's my birthday as I arrive at your house. I'd had my own apartment for a few months, but your place had always been the place we played. I enter to find a garment bag hanging in the hall with a note, "Wear This" As I open it I find a low cut red halter dress and a black garter belt with hose that have lace on the thighs. There is a pair of knee high boots, and my collar rings the hanger, tonight it has a charm hanging from it. There is a black leather corset to go with it, and I can tell that you intend on using the leash. There is a card inside detailing how you want my hair up yet loose, and that you want my make-up done as if we were going to a club. As I finish getting dressed, I admire the silhouette created and how vulnerable I feel without any panties on as the skirt is much higher than what I'm used to.

You knock on the door, and enter as I turn around. You are wearing a simple outfit black slacks and a black button up shirt. You look me up and down, seemingly pleased with what you see. You turn me around and taking the collar off the sink you fasten it around my neck as if you'd been doing it all our lives. "One more thing" you say as you bend me over the sink and spread my legs. I stand there, wondering what I was missing, no sooner had I thought this than you placed a finger into my slightly damp pussy. "Good, this should slide in nicely" you say and removing your finger you replace it with what seems to be a small plastic object. Not sure of what to say as you turn me around, I just smile.

Suddenly, and without warning, the object begins to vibrate, making me jump. You smile, and as quickly as it started it stops. You take the small remote out of your pocket, and show me how it activates the vibrator in my pussy. "Now be a good girl and don't jump," you warn, "I don't want to have to spank my little slut in public.." My thighs are suddenly wet, and I realize that without panties I am going to have to hold the vibe in with just my pussy.. "Yes Master." I reply in response to your threat. I can't help but hope that I jump once or twice..

As you hook the leash to my collar, and lead me to the front door, I become more excited. We haven't used the leash and collar out of the house before. My whole body begins to flush as you lead me to the car, and as my pussy opens to the cold air as I climb into the car, I am glad that there is no one around. We drive for a while, and when we stop we are at a place I've never been before. There are about twenty cars in the lot, and I am not sure what to make of the place. I can hear the music from where we parked, so I assume that it is a club.

You lead my in holding the leash instead of my hand, and tell the door person we have a reservation. He doesn't seem at all phased by the leash and collar as he leads us to a curtained area and holds it back for us. As we enter I realize why he wasn't shocked by the leash, you have taken us to a fetish club, and from the private booth you reserved for us we can see most the club. There are subs dancing while their master's watch and several displays of dominance being played out.

The booth is set up so that there is only one chair, leaving me to kneel on a cushion beside you. You're petting my hair as the server comes to take our drink and food orders. I try to order, but you turn on the vibrator causing me to jump again as I had forgotten it was there. While I recover from my embarrassment, you order for the both of us, reminding me that this evening is all about you taking care of me, and that I am to let you lead.

When the waitress leaves you pull me to my feet by the collar and bending me over, place my hands on the arms of the chair. "I am sorry my pet" you say, "but I have to spank you because you jumped." I can feel myself flushing red even before you begin. I am sure that at this angle many of the other patrons have noticed my ass in the air and that my swollen pussy is not covered by panties. As you spank my ass I can feel myself getting redder as the humiliation washes over me.

It is all too much and I start to shake with my first orgasm of the night. After you carefully wash my thighs with a sponge from a bowl of warm water that I hadn't noticed before. We are sitting back down just as the food arrives. As we eat we talk just as if it were a normal evening out, only now you are touching me in a much more intimate fashion than usual. You play with my hair, and caress my skin in all the places it is bare. Dipping your hands between my breasts, and up and down my arms.

After the food is cleared away, you pull the curtain closed around our booth, and allow me to touch you for the first time that night. I kneel in front of you and nuzzle your lap, caressing my cheek up and down your growing erection. I wonder if we are going to do something here, or if we'll go home first. My questions are answered as you slowly unzip your pants freeing your hard cock. I take great joy in giving you some small relief as I slowly take it into my mouth. I want so badly to please you.

"Oh yes!" you say, "You are such a little slut tonight. Does my slut want her master to touch her?" I nod my head, but that isn't enough.

"I can't hear you slut."

"Yes please, Master"

You slowly untie the halter and release my titties. My rock hard nipples are erect, and begging for attention. you slowly and gently start to play with them. every now and again I can feel the vibe going on and off. It doesn't startle me as it was because I am already starting to loose control. you move me to my earlier position over the chair and caress my ass. You pull my skirt up to reveal my whole ass, and start to slowly rub lower into my pussy.

As you take the vibrator out my cunt aches with the sudden loss and my body reacts by trying to get closer to your hand as it spreads my pussy lips and plays with my clit.

"Please" I say, a bit breathlessly..

"What do you want" you ask.

"Mmm," I moan, "Please, master, please!" I say a little bit louder.

"Please what?" You reply in that tone you get that implies that you know what I want, but you aren't going to give it to me unless I say it.

"Unmm..." I wimper, "Please, don't make me say it here, someone might hear me.." I say.

"Well SLUT, if you want it, you have to say it.."

"Oh.." I seem to think about it for a moment, "Please Master, Please! Fuck me..."

"Where?" you ask, as if you don't already know."

"Fuck my cunt master, please fill me with your cock!" I say a bit too loud, and suddenly I blush so hard that I can feel the scarlet shade of my skin crawl all over me. Before I have time to think about how humiliated I am, you enter my soaking pussy with your rock hard cock and begin to fuck me from behind.

"Yes!" I cry out in relief. I start to moan so heavily that you have to hold your hand over my mouth to quiet me. "Please!" I whisper in a frantic state, "Please I have to cum!"

"Not yet slut!" You whisper back. "We'll come together" you say as you start to fuck me harder, and faster.

"I... I... Oh, Master I can't hold it much longer, PLEASE!" I plead knowing that release is just one word away.

"Not yet baby," you say, "Almost" you begin to slow, leaving your cock in me all the way just a moment longer, and I know that you aren't far off. "Now baby!" you cry giving me my permission and I bite my lip to keep from screaming as my body releases and your cum flows into me. My pleasure so great that I am shaking uncontrollably as you lower us both to the floor and hold me while my body releases....

To be continued?

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