Birthday RSVP


Hey Stranger,

I can not believe it has been so long since we have seen each other. You can not imagine how surprised I was to receive an invitation to your party. Thank you for thinking of me. Time has not erased the erotic memories I have of the time we spent together. Over the years I have often thought about stealing a moment of the past, just one night in your arms, your mouth exploring my body, just one night of passionate pleasures.

Well, with that said, I just wanted to let you know, I will be driving in for your party. The idea of having it at a hotel was perfect. I was able to get a reservation, so I will actually be staying the weekend. I do apologize however; I will miss most of the actual party on Friday night. Work will keep me a little late, but I will be there.

I have tried to think of a gift for you, but I have no idea what you might need or want. After thinking it over, I have come up with an idea. Without ruining too many surprises, I would like to tell you about my fantasy gift to you...

I arrive late on Friday night. Your party only has about an hour left. You are having a wonderful time with your friends, none of which I know. I arrive wearing my long dress coat, under which I have on nothing except a black peek-a --boo teddy with black thigh-high stockings with a garter and my "come fuck me" high heels. My hair is up, in that naughty secretary look you always liked. I am wearing the body lotion that you said would always be unique to me and remind you of pure passion sex.

There is a booth back in the dark corner of the bar open, I will be seated there. The waiter comes over and I order a drink. I send the waiter over to you with a note and my room key. As I sip on my drink, you slip away from your guests to come say hello to me. I watch as you stroll over so casually. Are you excited to see me? I have been fantasizing all day about this moment.

I can tell by the look in your eyes, you are pleased. You slip into the booth beside me. No need for small talk, I just want you to say yes. Yes, that you are willing for a little after party with me. You lean over and whisper, "I can't wait, darling!" I take your hand and slide it under my coat, all the way up to my bare crotch. My pussy is hot and moist, just from thinking about you. Your middle finger slowly parts my lips as you slowly slide it up inside of me. I pull your hand out. We should wait, your guests are wondering where you are. I urge you to go back to them until the party is over. Your hand now has my scent, every time you take a drink, you will inhale my special blend of vanilla, coconut and my pussy juices.

As I sit in the booth and have another drink, your guests are starting to leave. My heart is racing, my body is tingling, and my mind is filled with lust. I notice you taking quite a few sips of your drink. Are you enjoying my scent? You lick your finger and I notice a look of hunger on your face as you glance in my direction. I smile, believe me; I want to be tasted as much as you want to taste.

I pay my tab and proceed to my room. My room is on the second floor with a balcony facing the parking lot. I step onto the balcony and watch as you say goodbye to your friends. You look over and see me. Slowly, I remove my coat and let it drop to the floor. There I stand in the dim light, my breasts exposed to the chill in the air. My nipples fully erect, I can not resist reaching up to play with my tits. You are watching, and I know how much you enjoy watching me fondle my tits. As I lift each one, to run my tongue over my stiff peaks, I imagine it is your tongue. The cold air is almost torture in conjunction with my saliva. I need your warm mouth to ease my ache.

I watch you walk back inside the hotel. The methodical rhythm to your stride tells me you are on your way to my room. My pussy is getting wetter, I have anticipated this moment for so long. I reach down between my legs to rub my clit. My fingers are no substitution for your hands, your lips or your cock, but I need to touch myself to try to relieve some of my pent up anxiety. As you let yourself into my room, you stop to watch me from behind. My fingers are now gliding in and out of my dripping cunt at a quick and steady pace. I am so close to orgasm, standing on my balcony in the cool night air. As you approach, I turn around and remove my fingers with a sigh. You quickly grab my hand and place my fingers into your warm, awaiting mouth, licking every drop of my wetness from my fingers.

Our eyes lock, you lean over and cup your hands around my face. Gently your lips brush across mine. The heat is searing, the kiss quickly becomes hard and passionate, as our mouths open and our tongues explore each other. You step back and close the balcony door, as you pull me inside. Our mouths once again join, but this time in a slow passionate kiss.

I step back and remove your shirt, one button at a time, as my lips trail kisses to your waist. I remove the shirt from your shoulders and place it on the chair. My hands are now unbuckling your belt and unzipping your slacks. I stop briefly to rub your manhood through the thick cotton fabric. As I slide your pants down, I am delighted that you are not wearing underwear, for some reason that makes my nipples twitch. You take a seat at the end of the bed while I squat down to remove your shoes, socks and pants. Not wasting any time, I wrap both of my hands around your cock. I run my fingertips lightly up and down its full length. Looking into your eyes, I can tell you want more.

Licking my lips, I slowly rub the head of your cock across my lips. My tongue darts out to lick it as it passes back and forth. I slowly stand up from my squatting position and bend over from the waist. The mirror behind me gives you a full view of my ass and my bare pussy. I lower my mouth and slide your cock in as far as it will go. My mouth starts to water. I love the smooth texture of your cock in my mouth.

I want you to set the pace. Your hands are now on both sides of my head, slowly moving my mouth up and down very gently. As you guide my mouth, I rub my breast. My nipples are so stiff that the painful pleasure is almost too much. I let out a deep moan as your cock is now pushing deeper into my throat. I tug at my nipples trying to subside my aching. You increase the speed, my head now bobbing faster. You look into the mirror to see I have reached my hand under my body to rub my pussy. As I part the lips, you can see I am very wet. Your cock jerks in my mouth. I insert my index and ring finger into my wet canal and start to feverishly finger myself as you watch.

Your hips start to thrust off of the bed, as you are now frantically fucking my mouth. I have never seen you like this. I am now rubbing my clit so hard my knees are getting weak. My body starts to shudder. I am shaking so hard, the vibrations set you off, and you can not hold out any longer. As I climax, I feel your hot release spray the back of my throat. I frantically start to swallow, causing another shot of your cum to run down my throat. I drop to my knees to savor and lick every last drop of cum from your cock.

I guess I should stop there. I want there to be some element of surprise for your birthday, assuming that you are willing to indulge me in my fantasy gift for you. Did I mention that I will be there all weekend? Please feel free to add any ideas or fantasies that you might have. After all, it is your birthday!

See you in a couple of weeks,


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