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Birthday Surprise


Please, give me feedback...this is my first erotica story. :)

She walked in, small beads of sweat forming on her forehead from the mid-July heat outside. Even the white blouse and skirt she wore was too much for the almost 100 degree weather.

"Hey sexy...did you get the ice cream?" Her boyfriend was waiting in the living room of their apartment on the futon. It was late afternoon, just in time for the talk shows on TV -- he was listening to a Tori Amos CD.

"Yeah, I did. Chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup, just like you wanted. Now are you going to give me my birthday present or what? It's my birthday today, and you're the one who's done all the ordering around today. Shouldn't I get to order you around today?"

"Don't worry...you'll get your birthday present soon enough. Actually, I think now is the time. Go into the bedroom, the first part is on the bed. Put it on -- and put the ice cream and the syrup in the freezer on your way there." A grin creeped across his face, trying to conceal the plans that laid within.

"Don't you mean, put the syrup in the refrigerator?"

"No. Put both in the freezer."

"Okay...whatever you say, love. I'd better have a big surprise in store for my present!" She walked off, slightly annoyed that she had yet to receive anything for her birthday. At work, she got a call from her boyfriend asking to stop and buy the ice cream and syrup on the way back from work. She didn't think much of it at the time, but something in his voice sounded different...it reminded her of the first time they talked about sex, when they were first going out. His voice had the same almost nervous, but very excited twinge that it had before.

As she walked through the kitchen on the way to the bedroom, she stopped to put the ice cream and syrup in the freezer as ordered. A blast of cold air hit her in the chest as she opened the freezer. She sucked in a breath as the chill swept over her body -- after running around in the heat in the afternoon, the sweat made her entire blouse damp. The icy blast felt like it would freeze her skin.

She stepped into the bedroom, and saw a small cardboard box on the center of the bed. "Not another sweater," she thought to herself, remembering one of the gifts she received a year ago -- everytime she wore it, she would start sweating uncontrollably because it was too hot. She opened the box and lifted aside the tissue paper. There were plain red satin panties -- thankfully not a G-string -- a red lace corset, and red thigh-high stockings. For the second time in as many minutes, she gasped -- he had never bought any underwear for her before, let alone something like this. She took her gift out of the box, peeled her damp clothes off, and slipped into the new panties. The satin slid across her skin, from her ankles, along her knees, softly across her inner thighs, and finally to its rightful place on her body. She slowly put on the corset, then the stockings. After she was done, she stood up and looked in the mirror at herself.

She felt the satin and lace against her skin, and saw her body, draped with the deep red underwear, in the mirror. She shuddered as the sweat all along her flesh met the cool air in the bedroom. As she turned to look at her sides, the red satin of her panties shimmered along the curves of her ass. The stockings felt snug along her legs, and the tops of the stockings were just lacy enough to caress her thighs. As she admired herself in the mirror, she felt increasingly excited -- she had never worn lingerie like this before. She felt urged on by adrenaline -- the feeling of trying something new, and finding that it was enjoyable. She couldn't wait until her boyfriend saw her like this -- she was ready to pounce him!

He stepped into the bedroom, pausing once he saw her posing at the foot of the bed. "Mmmmmm...you look beautiful in that. I knew it would look perfect." A grin spread across his face, like the grin he had before. "And that's only the beginning. I promise, it only gets better from here."

"Oh really? Does that mean I get laid?" She laughed quietly -- she knew it was only a formality to ask. Of course she would have sex -- it was her birthday!

"Yes it does...but we play by my rules. And if you follow the rules, you get your reward."

"Okay. I'm yours!" She felt that tingle of excitement again. She felt like she was being ordered around, and frankly, it was fun.

"Sit on the bed." He slowly walked around the bedroom, drinking in the sight of her, clothed in only red lace and satin. The stockings looked soft and smooth along her legs, begging to be touched. Her panties stretched slightly, smoothly following the perfect contour of her ass, and around her hips, and over her pussy. Her corset held onto her waist just as tightly, and held her breasts up in two soft, rounded, full clouds on her chest. "From now on, you must do exactly as I say. If you follow my instructions, I promise that your good behavior will be rewarded."

The tingles of excitement before turned into full-on electric shocks running along her spine. She couldn't help but become sexually aroused by being treated like she was -- it was so new, and intriguing. She didn't know why it made her feel so, but she wanted more. She felt her pulse racing, and her blood coursing through her body. "So what shall I do for you...master?" She spontaneously thought of calling her boyfriend "master" as an offhand remark, considering the circumstances -- but saying it gave her an unexpected rush.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his smooth chest. He bent down, slipped off his socks, and threw them to the far corner of the room, along with his shirt. He undid his belt, then the button on his pants. He tugged on the zipper, and in a moment, his pants were on the floor. As he reached down for his pants, he slid off his boxers, then stepped out of them and threw them aside in one fluid motion. He took two steps towards her, sitting on the bed anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. He reached down with both hands, and began to caress her breasts. Harder, and harder, he fondled her. She could see his cock beginning to grow in front of her face.

She reached up to his cock, desperate to hold it and lick it as it got bigger every second.

"No!" He stepped back, chastising her. "I told you that you must obey my orders, slave."

Another shock of ecstasy ran down her spine. She felt herself getting wet as she realized what was happening. She began to melt in passion as her control of the situation slipped from her fingers. She, almost as a reflex, heard herself say "Yes, master."

"Good. Now that you know who you are, you will let me enjoy myself with your body, slave." He stepped forward again, and reached around her body. She felt his cock, which had become almost completely hard, pressing against her throat as he found the zipper to her corset. He gently pulled down on the zipper, releasing her body from the restraint of the corset. As he pulled the corset away, she felt her breasts slide along the satin of the bra cups, then away. He stepped back, and stood up again. "Mmmm...I shall enjoy playing with you, slave. I think I'll start with your breasts. Lay back on the bed. Now."

She almost fell back on the bed, loving being ordered by him. Each second, she felt more control sliding from her fingers. He jumped on the bed and on top of her, his cock laying on her panties, and his thighs on either side of hers, squeezing them and holding her immobile. His hands reached down, and slowly began kneading her breasts. His index fingers found her nipples, and the traced slow soft circles along her areolas. She moaned softly in enjoyment, as pulse after pulse of pleasure flew along her spine. As her moaning got louder, he suddenly grabbed her wrists from her sides, threw them down to the bed above her head, and began to lick her right nipple. His teeth gently found her nipple, then started pulling on her nipple. Each time he pulled on her nipple with his teeth, he bit harder, and harder, and harder. She moaned even louder, almost protesting the pain -- but each bit harder sent more pleasure through her breast, and quickened her pulse. Her pulse got even quicker as his fingernails began to dig into her wrists as he restrained her.

He moved forward on the bed, and raised his his hips so that his erect cock dangled just above her face. Coupled with the increased pressure on her wrists while he moved, she felt ready to burst. She strained against his grasp, but each strain dug his fingernails deeper. "I bet you like the sight of my dick right now."

"Yes, I love it...master."

He thrust his hips downward, sending his cock straight into her already open mouth. She had no choice but to take his dangling cock into her mouth as he straddled her body, still squeezing her sides with his legs, and his fingers dug into her wrists. As she licked and sucked, he moaned softly, and let his hips dip even lower, letting her take even more of his dick into her mouth. The slurping sounds that she was forced to make alone made him hotter. Just as he was about to completely fall into her mouth, he sat up and took his hands from her wrists.

As she moved her hands on her own for the first time since she fell back on the bed, she felt the bruises that his fingernails left on her wrists. Normally they would have caused pain, but now, with her adrenaline pulsing and the blood rushing to her genitals, they only served as another source of pleasure.

As he sat up, he smelled her wetness through her panties. When he got off the bed, he saw a tiny dot of her wetness that had soaked throughthe red satin, still shimmering and clinging to her skin. "Mmmm...you look a bit exhausted, dear. Perhaps you shouldn't move around so much. Wait right here."

He walked to the closet, and rummaged around. Every second, the thoughts raced through her head -- what was he looking for? What else was he going to do to her -- she was on the edge of climaxing, ready to fall into the ecstatic spasms that he could so quickly bring. Each thought made herself wetter -- the combination of the blood finding her labia and the cool air across her panties made her pulse race.

He tossed a pair of restraints onto the bed -- black leather straps to go around the wrists, with three feet of heavy black rope on the end. "Lie in the middle of the bed, slave. I'm going to tie your arms up, so I can play with you. I've had enough of you just licking me."

She scurried to the middle of the bed and laid down, her legs straight and arms to her sides. He slowly stepped to the foot of the bed, looking up and down her body as he walked. The underwear looked even better on her than he thought it would -- his fingers itched to tear what was left of the red satin of her body and have his way with her, pounding into her, grabbing her, digging his hands into her back, until they both screamed in passion. But he would make the most of the time she was left vulnerable and at his command.

"You're liking this, aren't you, slave?"

"Yes, master. I love it."

"You love the excitement. You love that I control you, don't you, slave?"

When he said the word "control," she felt her juices almost gush from her cunt in anticipation. He said exactly what she was feeling -- why she felt such a rush when she was ordered around. She itched for his fingernails to dig into her skin again, for his hands to grab her as hard as he could. She yearned to get more.

He rushed towards her, jumping on the bed. His hands grabbed her left thigh, digging into her skin. He ripped the stocking from her leg, tearing it down to the foot. He threw it to the side of the bed. He jumped on her right leg, letting his cock rub against her foot. As his hands reached under the edge of her stocking, his hips started thrusting, making his still hard cock rub on her foot. He thrusted faster and faster, while his hands ripped her stocking slowly. After her stocking ripped to her knee, he stopeed thrusting. "I've always wanted to rub my cock on satin," he gasped. He got off her leg, and ripped the rest of her stocking off.

As he went to her side, he almost tore the soft satin panties from her body as he yanked them off of her body. He grabbed her ankles, and shoved them apart, staring at her cunt. The juices were starting to drip from her pulsating lips.

"Spread your arms and legs out, spreadeagled. NOW." His voice was as rough as his hands on her ankles. She felt as she was about to burst, desperate to come to orgasm.

"Yes, master." Her voice was quieter, almost a whisper. She knew that if she didn't, he would probably do something unpleasant -- at this point, anything other than touching her would be unbearable.

He jumped to the closet, reached in -- bending over in the process, which allowed her a peek at his naked ass -- and brought out another pair of restraints. He threw them on the bed. He reached back in, and pulled out something black and shiny -- it was a blindfold. She couldn't believe it -- not only would she be tied up, but she wouldn't be able to see a thing.

After he tied her hands back to the restraints on the bed, he put her ankles in the new restraints. He yanked the left to the corner of the bed, and tied it down to the bedframe. He took the right ankle, pulled it to the other side until she couldn't stretch anymore, and he tied that down to the bed. She was stretched as far as she could, the restraints pulling and cutting into her skin, with her cunt open to the air. Every breeze sent a shock through her body.

He straddled her body, his legs pressing on her sides, his cock laying on her chest, right between her breasts. He had the blindfold in his hand. "Now, I'm going to get something. Don't go anywhere." His smirk was the last thing she saw before the blindfold slipped over her eyes.

He leaped off the bed and ran to the kitchen. By now, the ice cream and syrup would have gotten nice and cold. Perfect for dropping on her skin...and she was annoyed when she had to pick it up. She had no idea what pleasure it would bring to her...

He grabbed the two, which had become ice cold, and a spoon, and rushed back to the bedroom. He stayed as quiet as he could, opened the bottle of cold chocolate syrup, reached over, and let one drip fall on her clit. She gasped, as the chill flashed through her cunt. "It's time for me to have a chocolate sundae."

He straddled her again, with his cock laying on her neck, and his face buried in her cunt. He lapped up the drop of chocolate syrup, tasting the sweet chocolate and her juices. He began putting small spoonfuls of the ice cream on her clit, her cunt, and her pubic hair, licking it up every time. The melting ice cream mingled with her taste, making every lick full of both. As he put more of the freezing ice cream and chocolate syrup on her cunt and licking it up, the shocks of pleasure made her even wetter. His hips began to move, sending his cock back into her mouth. He pushed his cock further into her mouth, making her lap up more and more of his length, as he feasted on his homemade chocolate sundae.

She was breathing so quickly that she gasped again when he sat up and pulled his cock out of her mouth. His taste was left behind in her mouth, leaving her to wish for more. He turned around, so that he was facing her again. He yanked the blindfold off her eyes.

"That chocolate sundae was wonderful...but you haven't gotten your sundae yet."

He took the chocolate syrup and dripped it along the entire length of his cock, gasping as the still cold syrup flowed over his completely erect cock, sitting just in front of her face. He dripped so much syrup over his cock that it began falling on her neck and her face, leaving her helpless to clean off the sweet drops. "Here's your sundae. Eat it. All of it."

He grabbed her hair by the roots in two handfuls, and thrust her head onto his waiting cock. She took a few inches of his cock into her mouth, and began licking and sucking, slurping the syrup off his cock, letting his juices join with the syrup as they just started to emanate. Grabbing onto her hair even harder, he threw her head back.

"Do you like your sundae, slave?"

"Yes master. I love it -- please...more..." Her ecstasy was starting to get the better of her.

He shoved her head back onto his cock, pushing even more into her mouth. She had no choice but to lap up his cock as far as he wished. He began to pump her head on his cock, being rougher and rougher. Finally, he took her head and slowly pushed her head inch by inch up his cock, until his entire cock was in her mouth. He could feel his cock down her throat, her tongue massaging his shaft.

After holding it there for a moment, his fingers digging into her scalp, he dragged her head from his cock. "You did well...you ate it all. Now, you get your reward."

He jumped off her chest, slid his cock into her dripping cunt, and thrusted himself into her over and over. As he thrusted, his pelvis slapping her skin, he bent over and wrapped his arms around her, his fingernails digging into her back, leaving deep red lines. She could feel a trickle of blood forming around his fingers as his cock slid, slamming into her, filling her up completely, pulsating her clit, sending wave after wave of pleasure across her skin.

He slammed harder, and faster -- he screamed as he came, blasting semen from his dick inside her cunt. She beganto scream as the spasms of orgasm exploded inside her, feeling her cunt tighten around his dick, squeezing every bit of cum from his dick.

As the spasms subsided, and he slipped out of her cunt, he crawled to the feet of the bed. He undid the shackles which had held her. He moved beside her, undid her wrists, and turned her to him. The restraints had left their red marks on her wrists and ankles from the intense orgasm.

As they held each other, catching their breath after the intense orgasm, they felt each other's pulse on their chests.

"So, did you enjoy it? Was it a worthy birthday present?"

"Do you have to ask? Really?"

"Yeah...I know. I knew you'd love it. After all, what do you get for the woman who has everything? Being dominated!"

They giggled, and held each other closer.

"I just have one question..."

"Sure, what is it?"

She held up one of the restraints. "When do I get to use these on you?"


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