tagIncest/TabooBirthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise


ike checked himself in the mirror to make sure his hair was perfect for his up coming date with his girlfriend Teri. This was the night he planned to finally have sex with her. She had been pretty hot the last few times they had been playing around in his van. He had bought this Chevy van with it's bed in the back, with the sole purpose of getting some from her. But every time he thought she'd finally give in, she'd stop him short.

"Mike, you know I want to wait till I'm married to finally have sex," Teri pleaded. "Please understand, I want my first time to be perfect." She kissed him softly and adjusted her shirt, covering her pert C-size breasts.

He had conceded for the last time, finally tired of going home with his balls aching only to jack off in his room with fantasies of her writhing under his strong 21 year old body.

Today was Teri's 18th-birthday and he planned on giving her a present her lithe little body would never forget. He almost moaned out loud when the vision of her semi nude body entered her brain. "Oh yes baby, tonight you will be mine." Mike thought confidently to himself as he picked up the bottle of pills off the dresser. It was his father's prescription, medication to relax the muscles in his back. Thinking of slipping one or two in Terri's drink, Mike was certain that she'd be too relaxed to fight him off this time.

Mike knew it would work on Terri because he had saw his father slip one to his mother last week. Closing his eyes, he began to get hard remembering what he saw.


Mike sat back in the shadow of the stairway, wondering why his father was sneaking pills in his mother's drink. He had heard many fights between his parents about sex. Mike's mother was never in the mood for sex, which made his dad very angry when she kept refusing him.

Mike watched as his mother put down her crocheting about ten minutes later and said how tired she was. Her head leaned back on the edge of the couch, but she didn't fall asleep, just kind of relaxed. Smiling, his father stood up and walked over to his wife and took her feet and swung her body around till she was laying on her back, placing her feet on the couch. Dad then removed his shirt and jeans, taking his jockey shorts off at the same time. With a huge hard on, his father placed on knee on the edge of the couch as he begun to lift his wife's shirt over her head. Then sitting her up, he unclasped the bra's hooks and removed that as well. Father then laid her back on her back and removed the slacks and panties from his mother's inert form.

Mike was surprised to see how really sexy his mother was, her breasts full with tan nipples were erect and hard. Her tummy almost flat, her rounded hips down to shapely thighs and calves. He felt himself growing hard in his jeans, seeing her beautiful nude body.

Father then opened his mother's legs by placing one leg on the back of the couch and one foot on the floor. Father then took mom's nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard with a lot of tugging on the nub. This must have hurt a bit, cause he heard his mother whimper as he squeezed and sucked each breast. Then Mike watched as his father as he kissed down her tummy to her exposed mound. His father moaned and slurped as he ate the women before him.

The illicit excitement caused Mike to free his painful cock from his jeans and stoke it slowly as he watched his parents. His mother's hands went into his father's hair as she started grinding her pussy against his expert mouth. Placing two fingers deep inside her, he began to finger her while sucking her clit, forcing her to cum on his mouth and face. Mike's mother bucked and twitched, closing her thighs tight around his head as the orgasm racked her drugged body, while making gutter sounds of lustful pleasure.

As she began to calm, his father positioned himself between her now gaping thighs, and rubbed his thick 8 inch cock against her dripping pussy. With a forceful thrust he entered her to the hilt, smacking his balls against her ass. Taking both her ankles he places her legs over his shoulders and began to pound her with his cock. Loud slapping sounds accompanied each time his body slammed into hers. It was like he was angry for her withholding sex from him, he was taking what was rightfully his.

Mike continued to watch his father fuck his mother for what seemed like an hour, amazed at his father's stamina. Although in his late forties he had stayed athletic, his father ran five miles twice a week. Suddenly his father stopped and pulled out from her and grabbed her hips, turning her onto her stomach. With a painful slap on his mother's ass cheek his father order's her to get up on her knees.

Obeying, Mike watched as his mother got up on her knees and then offers herself to his father. "It's time you start realizing who's Master in the house!" His father said loudly accompanied with another swift slap on her upturned ass cheek. With his hands gripping her hips, he rams his cock once more into her pussy and once again he fucks her with fierce punishing thrusts. Along with the deep fucking he continues to slap her on her reddened ass, repeating over and over, "I AM YOUR MASTER!" till Mike's mother finally said, "Yes, you are my Master." In little sobs.

Satisfied that he has finally broke her spirit, his father pushes her off him and stood, walked up to her face and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair. "Now my little slave, time to serve me, open your mouth and suck me!" He ordered.

Mike sort of felt bad for his mother, but excited at the way his father was getting what he wanted. His cock throbbed in his hand, huge drops of pre-cum were running over his fingers. He slowed his hand to keep from cumming too fast, he wanted to see his father being sucked by his new slave of a mother.

His mother opened her mouth and excepted the dripping cock into her mouth. "That's it my little slut, suck your cum off of my cock!" He said, "Your mouth and your body are mine to enjoy. Mmm...if you do a good job, I may let you swallow my cum, would you like that slave?" His father asked.

His mother moaned and seemed to suck him harder. "That's it baby, uh yes, I feel it coming, get ready slave...Uh yes!" His father exclaimed as he sprayed her mouth full of streams of cum. Mike watched as his father's ass clenched as he moved in and out of her stretched mouth. Long streams of cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Mike felt his balls swell and laid back on the stair, his hips copied the pumping movement his father used on his mother. Mike saw himself using his mother's mouth, feeling her hot tongue lather the head of his cock. With a force he'd never felt before, he came shooting high onto his chest, streams of creamy cum soon covered his hand, chest and abs.

Having finished with Mike's mother, his father had kissed her then picked her up and carried her to their bedroom just off the living room, closing the door behind them.


Again, Mike had his cock in his hand, he liked the way it throbbed just before he would cum. This time, it was Teri's mouth he envisioned sucking him, wrapping her virginal tongue around his 8 inch cock. Seconds later cum shoots from his cock and onto the floor. "Yes," He thought to himself, "tonight you are mine sweet Teri." Mike cleaned himself up and finished getting ready, then left the house and headed over to Teri's house to pick her up for her birthday, whistling, "Happy Birthday to you."

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