tagIncest/TabooBirthday Trip Ch. 01

Birthday Trip Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The Journey is The Reward

My name is Tom. This summer my Mom (41) and Dad (46) took me to a trip to Europe for my 18th birthday. I wanted to visit Europe for a long time, so my parents knew how much it meant to me. Although I wasn't thrilled that they bought three tickets. I wanted to go alone. Spending the summer with my parents didn't sound all that exciting. But they bought the tickets... and it was still a trip to Europe, so I couldn't say no to that.

Although, the timing of the trip could have been better, because about five weeks before the trip started, I had a minor knee surgery. I twisted and hurt my knee playing basketball. But the surgery went well, my knee was already feeling a lot better. I didn't need my crutches anymore, but I still brought my knee immobilizer, just as a precaution.

We planned on spending a month in Europe, go to different countries and places, do some sightseeing, but we started off with an ordinary summer vacation. Which meant that we spent the first five days in a hotel at the beach.

We didn't really sleep in the main building though. The hotel also had ten small huts. They were made entirely out of wood and were surrounded by trees and palms so that each hut had it's private area. These huts were also located far away from were all the other guests spent their time.

My parent's bed was located right in the living room, but I had my own little room. There was a bathroom in there, so we had anything we needed.

Of course, the beach was overcrowded with people, so we spent the entire first day at the pool. In the evening we walked into town, looked at the stores went to have dinner... we did pretty much the same thing all the other tourists did.

When we were walking back to the hotel, a guy on the street handed me a flyer. There were a lot of these guys trying to promote all kinds of things. But this one guy, told me about a trip to a private beach, which, apparently was the most beautiful beach in the area. He told me, that they would get you there by boat and that you could spend the entire day there on the beach and they would bring you back in the evening. He also told me that they were the only ones who were allowed to get people there, so it's never too crowded there. He handed me the flyer, which had a view of the beach on it. It looked amazing. I had to go there.

So, when we got back to our hut, I told my parents that I wanted to go there the next day.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? Going on a boat..."

"Your Mom is right, I don't think your knee would enjoy that all that much."

I held up my knee immobilizer.

"That's why I brought this thing. Come on. I have to go there."

After discussing the pros and cons for another ten minutes, I persuaded my parents. But of course, they planned on going with me. They didn't want me to go to a secluded island, on a boat, with my slowly recovering knee, all by myself. So I did what I had to do: I accepted the fact that they would come along, as long as I could spend the day at the beautiful beach.

So the next morning, I was wearing my swimming trunks, carrying my knee immobilizer and was ready to go. But when I came into the living room, I found out that my Dad didn't feel so good. He had a really bad stomach ache, apparently from something he ate the night before.

So I thought: "That's my chance!"

"Look, if Dad isn't feeling so good, I'm going alone."

"What? No way, Mister. We can go tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that."

"Look, Mom, we are only here four more days. What if Dad's sick for more than one day, and we can't go at all. I really wanna go today. Nothing is going to happen. I can go by myself."

It didn't look like Mom was about to agree.

"I'm sorry Tom, but I don't want you to go on that boat alone."

Mom had always been overly protective.

But then all of a sudden, Dad got in on the conversation.

"Look, honey, why don't you go with him. He obviously doesn't take no for an answer. Plus, it's HIS birthday trip. We said we wanted to give him a trip to remember..."


"I'm fine. I'm just sick. Maybe I need to puke, or go to the bathroom, but other than that, I'm fine. I've got food and water. And I've got my meds. I'll be alright."

"I don't know honey..."

"Don't argue with me, Babe... I want you two to go. Have a great time, okay!?"

Wow. Okay. Now, even I felt bad. Leaving my sick father all by himself to go to the most beautiful beach ever... But Mom just said:

"Okay, honey."

So she got a big beach bag and threw in some clothes, sun cream, a few books and stuff like that. The she took two huge beach towels and put them on top of everything. And then she changed into her bathing suit while I waited in front of the hut. I was putting on my knee immobilizer when Mom came out. She was wearing her dark purple bathing suite and had a pink silky cloth tied around her waist.

"Come on, Mister. This has to be one hell of a beach. This day has to be amazing. After all, we are leaving your sick father behind."

I felt a little bad, but I wanted it that way. I wanted to go there.

So, after a ten minute walk, we got to the dock where the boat was set to take off. And as soon as I saw the boat, I was a bit confused. There were no seats.

We were a little early, so I walked up to the guy who was apparently responsible for the trip.

"Hello. I'm Tom. I'll take two tickets."

"Okay. No problem."

"But... is this the boat we're using?"


"Oh. Okay. Look, I kind of expected the boat to have seats."

I nodded down to my knee and the knee immobilizer.

"So apparently everybody's standing the entire ride... but as you can see... I might have a slight problem with that. Does that mean I can't go?"

"Oh yeah. I saw. What happened?"

"I was playing basketball. Long story."

"Look... it's no problem. We do have two seats in the back. In each corner of the boat. You need to unlock it and take it down. Just choose one."

"Oh that's great. Thank's a lot, man."

"No problem."

He handed me the tickets and I waved Mom over.

"Oh, but make sure you'll be the first one back at the boat this evening."

"Yeah. I will. Thanks."

So when Mom came over, we were the first one's to get on the boat. To get on the boat, from the dock, was the hardest part. But I managed to pull it off.

"There is a seat in the back."

So, Mom and I walked to the back of the boat. Of course the boat rocked back and forth, so Mom took my hand and tried to support me as best as she could.

When we got to the back, I put down the seat and sat down. Mom put the beach bag down next to me. She stood in front of me and grabbed one of the handles which were mounted on the sunshine roof. And then we had to wait...

As time passed, more and more people entered the boat. A large, over-weight guy took the second seat, in the other corner of the boat. Twenty minutes later, fifty or sixty people were already on the boat. It got more and more crowded. So I took my knee immobilizer off. I realized that there would be no room for me to have my legs stretched out.

There were another fifteen or so people on the dock. Mom came closer and closer. She had to. There was no room on the boat anymore. And then finally, the engine started and the last guys got on the boat. Mom was so close to me, that her feet were actually between mine. She was wearing her big sun hat and she was already looking pissed off.

And then the boat started to move and everything got even more tense. I saw that a large, unattractive man with a beer belly hit Mom in the back with his elbow a number of times. Mom bent forward and over me as best as she could, but it was clearly very uncomfortable for her.


She didn't hear me. The engine was pretty loud. Plus, there was the noise the motor boat made when it hit the waves and there was the sound of the wind. So I tipped her on the outside of her thigh.

Mom looked down on me.

"Sit down. It's too crowded in here."

But she just shook her head. But about five minutes later the unappealing beer drinker had hit her in the side three more times, so I tipped her on her thigh again.

It was my fault she was on this boat. We left Dad at the hotel. And now Mom was clearly pissed off.

"Come on. Sit down. I don't mind... You don't have enough room to stand..."

With my head I nodded to the guy who was hitting her constantly.

"You're right."

So Mom gave in, and sat down on my lap. Of course, naturally, I expected her to sit down on the edge of my right knee, but she couldn't, because of my injury. So she sat down, not on my thighs, but on my lap. She had her left leg between my legs and her right leg on the outside of my right leg.

But now everything seemed easier. The unattractive guy turned around for an instance, to check what was going on behind him. He smiled at us and then turned back around.

Mom looked back at me. She smiled, too.

"Thanks honey."

So now, Mom was sitting on my lap, and we could have a quiet an uneventful trip to the beach. Or so I thought.

Because, as time went by, I felt Mom's weight on me. But I didn't feel it on my thighs, but on my dick. My penis was lying to one side... on my right thigh... and that's exactly where Mom was sitting on. I had a bad feeling.

The guy I bought the tickets from, told me it would take up to forty-five minutes to get to the beach, which meant that it would probably take another half an hour to get there. Oh boy.

I tried to think of something else. But I couldn't. The rocking motions of the boat didn't help. Every second Mom's and my ass was lifted off the seat for a split second. And when the boat hit the wave, both our asses were slammed down back into the seat... Well my ass was slammed down into the seat. Mom's ass was slammed onto me. Onto my dick.

It was a strange feeling. The fabric of my swimming trunks was stroking and fondling my dick, and Mom's ass was massaging it. If it hadn't been Mom sitting on top of me, it would have been an amazing feeling. Strip clubs should build their establishments on motor boats, because the rocking motions of the boat would make any lap dance a hundred times better.

I needed to concentrate on something else. But how could I?

And then I felt it. I felt my dick move. Oh fuck. I was starting to get hard.

Without my intention my leg twitched. It was my way of my brain telling my dick not to get hard. But Mom obviously didn't feel my dick, because she misinterpreted the twitching of my leg.

"Does your knee hurt honey?"

I could barely hear her. It was so loud on the boat.

"A little."

"Do you want me to stand up again?"

Oh boy. What now? I didn't want Mom to sit on my dick the entire ride, but I definitely didn't want Mom to be pissed off.

"No. But could you maybe shift your weight around a little bit?"

Mom didn't say anything. She just nodded and lifted her pelvis slightly and sat back down. For a moment I thought that everything was okay now, but it turned out, now my dick was exactly between Mom's cheeks. Before, she was sitting on it, with her cheek and thigh, but now my dick was placed between her ass cheeks.

And as soon as she sat back down, the rocking motions of the boat were taking effect again. Mom's ass was now sliding up and down on my dick. And every wave ensured that the position of my dick changed a little bit and that Mom's ass would land on it.

Plus, it was weird, the soft, ripped material on the inside of my swimming shorts felt absolutely amazing on my naked skin. By now, my dick was already semi-erect. I tried to see Mom's face. She was looking out of the boat and onto the ocean. She was looking calm and normal, like nothing was happening. Maybe she didn't feel me? Oh boy, I hoped so.

But the longer the ride lasted, the harder my dick got. By now, it was pointing up. And then, the boat hit the next wave and all of a sudden Mom froze. It lasted just a split second. Then she looked up at the guy in front of her and to her side. And then she unclenched and turned her head again. She continued to look to the left... out to the ocean.

I didn't know what to do. Mom must have felt my dick between her legs. But she didn't say anything. She didn't stand up. I was freaking out. My heart was beating so fast. I tried to find a clear thought. But I couldn't. Every two seconds the boat hit another wave and Mom's ass cheeks were massaging my dick again. It was a nice rhythm, too. Which resulted in enormous pleasure. My dick got even harder.

And then something weird happened. The rhythm of the boat pretty much stayed the same... Hitting a new wave every two seconds or so, but then all of a sudden I felt Mom's pelvis press down, when I didn't expect it. It must have been between two waves... What happened?

It felt like Mom didn't want to wait for the next wave. Was that possible? I didn't know. All I knew was, my dick was now hard as a rock. There is no way Mom didn't feel it. My shaft was placed right between her cheeks.

Very thin swimming trunks and Mom's bikini panties were the only things between my hard dick and her pussy. I looked around. Nobody noticed anything. Most of the people on the boat were facing away from us. Pretty much everybody was looking out onto the ocean. I saw some lips move, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Nobody looked in our direction. Plus, our heads were at the same level as everybody else's groins. Nobody could really see us.

And I don't think anybody would have noticed anything, even if they were looking in our direction. We didn't really move. Our upper bodies remained pretty still during all of this. They only parts of our bodies that moved, were our hips.

I was so ashamed and at the same time, turned on. Mom was basically dry humping me. I didn't know if she really pushed down, but it didn't matter. It felt absolutely amazing, having my dick massaged by her ass cheeks. She was sliding up and down. And with every wave, her pelvis was pushed onto my hard dick. And since it was detained by my swimming shorts, it slid between Mom's legs, poking her. Mom must have felt my dick between her cheeks, on her pussy and between her legs. She didn't say anything. She just looked out of the boat.

The pleasure was overwhelming. I thought I might cum soon. I tried not to gasp. I didn't want to make any noise. Mom's ass was sliding down my shaft and I thought I couldn't hold back any longer. But then all of a sudden, the boat slowed down. I looked up, and saw the beach approach.

I was so fucking relieved. But now I had a new problem. I had a raging hard on. How could I possibly get off the boat? I had no idea. I panicked.

And then the boat had reached its place at the dock and stopped. I saw that some people were already moving, getting off the boat. I had to think. But then all of a sudden Mom, without standing up, or turning around, said:

"Could you take the beach towels, honey. The bag is too heavy for me."

I mumbled something which sounded like: "Yeah."

And then more and more people got off the boat and Mom finally stood up. Slowly. She didn't turn around. And while she stood up, I took the beach towels and placed them on my lap to hide my erection.

I put on my knee immobilizer and somehow, while waiting for everybody to get off the boat, my dick got limp again. As soon as everybody got off the boat, Mom took my elbow and helped me to get off the boat as well. It was a strange feeling to feel her fingers on me, after what just happened.

Mom didn't say anything. We just quietly followed all the other people. And then we saw the beach. It looked amazing. The water was bluish-green and the sand was almost white. It looked beautiful. Mom and I walked on the beach for a while, to find a nice spot for us and then we put our beach towels down on the sand and lay down.

We didn't do much, the entire day. We just enjoyed the sun and the view. Mom spent most of her day reading a book, while I was listening to music on my ipod. From time to time we cooled off in the ocean. The water was absolutely perfect. But I couldn't really relax. I thought about the ride on the boat. I knew it was sick to get a hard on with your mother on your lap. But it felt too good to be true. My dick didn't care who it was giving him the lap dance. But I did. Mom must think that I'm sick. I was so embarrassed. And what was even worse: we had to get back on the boat again. Oh god, I hoped that Mom wouldn't sit on my lap again. I couldn't think about anything else the entire day.

Plus, I was so close to an orgasm that morning, that I was extremely horny the entire day. I needed another dip in the ocean to cool off.

At some point Mom got us sandwiches from the beach bar, that was located right there at the edge of the beach.

"Here you go honey."


"You were right... It is really beautiful here."

"Too bad Dad couldn't come. I hope he's alright."

Mom didn't respond. All she said was:

"Just enjoy your day. It's your birthday surprise. We wanna make you happy."

She didn't really look at me. And I couldn't look at her either. So we just lay on the beach next to each other the entire afternoon. On the evening Mom went into a changing booth. She came out wearing a white tank top and a pair of pink, wide hot pants. After that, we went to the beach bar to have dinner. After we finished, we headed back to the dock. The guy told me we had to be the first ones there, so we got there early.

Again, Mom helped me to get on the boat and to the seat I had in the morning. I sat down and took off my knee immobilizer. Mom placed the beach bag next to me and remained standing. She didn't sit down.

I was relieved. Or was I? The entire day I hoped that Mom wouldn't sit on my lap again. But now... as I was sitting there again, horny as I was, I was wishing she would sit down on my lap again. But she didn't.

By the time we got to the boat, it was already getting dark. And while we were waiting for everybody to get on board, it got darker and darker. Everybody seemed to be really tired from their day in the sun, because I saw nobody talking or anything. Everybody moved very slowly.

But about twenty minutes later, everybody was back on the boat. This time, Mom was standing next to two other women. The unattractive guy with the beer belly was nowhere to be seen. So I guess this time nobody would hit Mom in the back. I realized that Mom wasn't going to sit down this time.

When the engine started, the noise seemed even louder than this morning. And then the boat slowly started to move away from the dock. As before, everybody was facing to the inside of the boat, with their heads turned, looking out onto the ocean.

And then slowly, the dock disappeared and with it, the light of the bulb, which was mounted on the dock. And soon we were surrounded by darkness. We did see the dark waves and the lights coming from the shore, but on the inside of the boat, it was pretty dark.

Like everybody else, I was pretty tired. I thought about closing my eyes, but then I saw that Mom was moving.

"I have to sit down again, okay?"

I didn't know what to say.

"Yeah, sure."

I quickly rolled up the legs of my bathing shorts. I thought, if there was more material between Mom and me, I wouldn't feel all that much. And then I leaned back.

Mom slightly turned and then sat down on my lap. Nobody around us cared. And then Mom took off her huge sun hat, it was dark, so she didn't need it anymore, and put it down on her lap.

And then, the boat picked up speed.

That morning, almost fifteen minutes passed until Mom sat down on my lap. This time, it didn't even take two minutes. So we pretty much had the entire ride ahead of us.

And this time, it was even harder to think about anything else. It was so dark, that I couldn't watch the other people. There was only one thing I could concentrate on: Mom's ass on my lap. And what can I say... I was horny all day... it was completely dark out... and I had all day to think about what happened that morning... so within three minutes, my dick got hard.

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