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Birthday Wish


Tucking a stray hair back behind her ear, Lisa checked her watch for the tenth time in five minutes. She tried hard to relax, but this was the first party she had been invited to since she was officially divorced, and she really wanted to make a good impression. She hated to be late for anything, and for some reason, it seemed more important than normal to be on time tonight.

Seven-fifteen, and the baby sitter was late. Taking a deep breath, Lisa tried to relax. She had no real reason to be on time; it was not like she had a date, or even any prospects, but as the sun set below the horizon, she found herself becoming more and more excited. Perhaps it was just that a good night out, with no kids and no husband, was just what the doctor ordered.

A loud knock on the door snapped Lisa back to attention. She had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she hadn’t heard the sitter pull into the drive. Releasing a breath she didn’t even know she’d been holding, she answered the door. Nick had watched the kids for her on a number of occasions, when she had business to deal with and needed to tend to matters that were hard enough without someone hanging off her skirt asking to be taken to the potty.

“Sorry I’m so late, Lisa. My damn car wouldn’t start.” She could see he was genuine in his apology, and having seen his car, it was easy to believe. Nick was twenty-two, ten years Lisa’s junior, and used babysitting as a means to supplement his meagre income while he put himself through college. He was not what most people would consider handsome, but there was something about his eyes that always caught Lisa’s attention. Added to that, he was great with her three young children, and an all round nice guy, Lisa found it almost impossible to be cross with him for being late.

“That’s ok, Nick. Better late than never, right?” She gave him a warm smile, and when he smiled back, she wondered why she had never noticed the dimples in his cheeks before. They made him look almost cute. She shook off the notion of any such ideas. He was much too young for her, and certainly would not be interested in a woman of her age and baggage. Picking up her handbag, and the bottle of wine for the birthday girl, Lisa headed for the door, pausing to give him instructions he already knew, and to take another opportunity to appraise him in a slightly different manner then she had previously.

Before she managed to say a word, he was rattling off all the things he knew she was about to say. “The phone number to reach you is by the phone, the kids are bathed and fed, and can watch television for another half an hour, Kim will need a diaper change, and Brad still has to clean his teeth. You’ll call in a few hours time just to check if they are ok, which you know they will be, and you’ll home before midnight.” He smirked at his own cleverness, and then added: “Now be a good girl and go and have some fun. I don’t want to see you back here before three a.m., and if you’re sober, be prepared for a good lecture. You look terrific, by the way.”

Lisa was a little stunned. It had been quite some time since she had been passed a compliment, and she wasn’t at all comfortable with it. “Thanks, but I really don’t think I will be that late. I’m a little too old to be out partying all night.” She hadn’t realized until then just how low her self-confidence had become.

“Too old, my ass. I bet you could out-party women half your age, and do it with style. You look hot, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Any man with half a brain would be thrilled to show you a good time.”

Lisa had to really laugh at that. “That’s part of the problem Nick, most of the men that want to show me a good time only have a half a brain.” It’s amazing how a laugh can break an awkward moment, and this was one laugh Lisa was grateful for. “I’ll be back before dawn, and I wont call to check. You have my cell phone number if you need me. Goodnight, Nick.” She heard his “Goodnight, Lisa” through the door as she closed it behind herself. He really did have a pleasant voice. Why hadn’t she noticed it before? With a shrug, she headed for her car, and Fiona’s thirty-fifth birthday party.

Lisa was about to apologize for being late when she realized she was one of the first to arrive. After giving Fiona a quick hug and the bottle of wine, Lisa found herself a comfortable chair and a stiff drink. She wasn’t much of a drinker as a rule, but tonight she was in the mood for something a little wild. She felt the need for a little adventure; needed to break a few rules and take a few chances, rebel against all the ties and responsibilities of day-to-day life. As the night progressed, however, and the other guests arrived, she soon realized that if she were looking for a wild night, this party was not going to provide it.

By the time they all sat down to a rather decadent dinner, Lisa realized she was the only one there that was single, and the other women made it more then obvious that their husbands were right off limit. Lisa tried not to take offence at this, as taking another woman’s husband was the last thing she had on her mind. She had been the recipient of such happenings in the past, and would never wish such circumstances upon anyone else. Still, the whole situation did leave her feeling like a spare wheel.

As Fiona blew out the candles on the cake, Lisa made her own wish. Closing her eyes and opening her heart, Lisa wished for all the things that would make her life complete again. When she opened her eyes, she was relieved that Fiona had blown out all of the candles in one breath. Otherwise, the wish would never come true. By nine-thirty, Lisa was bidding Fiona and the other guests goodnight and heading to a video store close to home. Perhaps Nick would overlook her arriving home so early, and sober, if she presented him with a few good movies and some ice cream.

Nick was lying back on the sofa, textbook in hand, and the stereo playing softly in the background. Lisa had snuck in so quietly that when he looked up and saw her leaning over the sofa about to snatch away his book, he quite literally jumped. “Geeze, Lisa! Talk about giving a man a heart attack!” He quickly straightened himself up and restored his good humor. “The party that bad, huh?”

“Well… let’s just say, I got the DVD’s and ice-cream, so you can get the plates and chocolate syrup.” She handed him the tub of ice cream and presented him with her selection of DVD’s.

He ran an appraising eye over them, gave her a nod of approval, and headed for the kitchen, but instead of returning with ice cream, he appeared waving his car keys. “Can’t have dessert without the main course, and I have just what we need at my place. I’ll be right back.” Before Lisa could say a word, he was out the door and backing down the drive.

With Nick gone for a few minutes, Lisa took the opportunity to change out of her party clothing and take a quick shower. As the warm water washed over her body, she could see her reflection in the partly steamed over mirror. Her breasts were still high, and nicely formed, her stomach was a little podgy, but she had a nicely trim waistline. Her ass and thighs could use a little toning up, but on the whole, she didn’t look too bad.

Covering her hand in a creamy lather of soap, she began to wash her body, running her hand slowly down over her shoulder and along the length of her arm. Her hand brushed against her breast in the journey, her dark nipple coming to life sending a message through her entire being that could not be ignored. Turning her back to the shower, the warm water cascading over the back of her head and down the gentle curve of her spine, she re-lathered her hands and brought both of them to her aching breasts. Cupping them full in her palms, she began to knead and massage them, rubbing the sensitive points between her fingers, and then pinching them gently.

The feelings that surged through her body were something she had been denied for far too long, having told herself she could live without such pleasures. With her left hand still caressing her breasts, she slid her right hand down over her stomach, her fingers lingering for a moment in the soft down of her pubic hair. She was in no mood to tease herself, she needed release. With her thighs still pressed together, she slid one soapy finger between them, running it along the length of her pussy lips and shuddering a little at the unexpected intensity of clitoral contact.

Lifting one leg onto the edge of the tub, she opened herself up to her own exploring fingers. The water from the shower had washed away the soapy lather, but she needed no such lubrication now. Her pussy was wet, liberally coated in a silky cream of its own making. She slid her finger deep inside herself, not wanting to linger. Nick would be back soon and she needed her release badly. Still pinching and squeezing her nipples, she slid two fingers deep into her aching pussy, moaning softly at her self-induced pleasure. She could feel her clit hard and pulsing against the palm of her hand as she slid her fingers in and out of herself, her hips rocking gently in time with her probing.

Lisa could feel her climax there, waiting just beyond her reach, and she knew she needed something more. Moving her hand lower, she slid a third finger inside her creamy depths, pushing deeper and harder into herself. Her other hand moved quickly from her nipples and began to inflict the same tender attentions upon her now throbbing clit. It was all she could do to keep her balance in the tub, leaning back against the wall for support, turning to allow the streaming water to beat down upon her breasts and nipples.

Harder and faster, she began to probe herself, her fingers reaching for her G spot while she pinched and rubbed hard against her clit. Faster and faster she worked, plunging and groping, pushing and rubbing, working her body until at last she was there. Biting down on her bottom lip, she tried to stifle the sounds of her long overdue pleasure. Her pussy walls pulsed and contracted about her fingers. The cream of her orgasm ran down over her hand as she slowly withdrew it, letting the fingers of her other hand linger a little longer on her still throbbing clit.

She stood there for a moment, basking in the combined sensations of the warm shower and her intense orgasm. It was then that she remembered Nick. He should have well and truly been back by now, and was probably wondering what was taking her so long in the shower. Would he suspect what she was doing? She found herself blushing a little at the thought, almost hoping that he did know. The thoughts seemed a little wicked, but she was a woman after all, and still very much alive. Stepping from the shower, she dried off, wrapped herself in a towel, and peeked out of the bathroom door.

Nick was nowhere in sight, and she thought perhaps he hadn’t come back after all. The thought left her feeling a little disappointed, until she heard his soft voice singing along with the stereo, and her spirits brightened considerably. Ducking across the hallway and into her bedroom, she was suddenly stuck with a new dilemma. What was she going to wear? She didn’t want to seem too presumptuous, or desperate, and didn’t want to look like a haggard old housewife either, so she settled on her satin pyjamas and matching dressing gown. It was feminine and elegant, without making her look desperate, and was still comfortable. Perfect.

The smell of pizza soon answered the questions as to what Nick had raced home to get, and awoke yet another appetite, this time for food. While Nick finalized the reheating of what were probably the previous night’s leftovers, Lisa put the first movie in the DVD player and scanned through the previews. The pizza arrived just in time for the opening credits, and she was surprised to find it was of the frozen variety, not the leftover kind she was expecting. She took a hungry bite and smiled, “My compliments to the chef.”

Nick just laughed. “Nothing but the best when I’m entertaining my Lady Boss.”

“Hey, hang on a moment! I got the DVD’s and ice cream, and when I am home, I can take care of the kids, so just who is entertaining whom here? I suppose since you got the pizza, and heated it up, it makes us even.” They both laughed, and even though it was meant as a joke, it cleared up where they stood with one another. When she was home, he was off duty, so they could both relax and enjoy one another’s company.

About halfway through the first movie, Lisa found herself becoming a little bored. It was a good movie, but she had had such expectations for the evening, and none of them had even come close to becoming a reality. Nick sat at the other end of the sofa, with enough room between them for another two people, and Lisa was beginning to think it was for the best that they kept that distance. Getting off the sofa, she headed for the kitchen, and the ice cream, but before she had the second scoop in the bowl, Nick was behind her giving her instructions on how he liked his ice cream placed just right in the bowl so that the chocolate sauce didn’t all vanish to the bottom.

Lisa gave him a cheeky look, dipping her spoon into the container and lifting a large scoop of the frozen condiment to her mouth. Slowly she ran it across her lips, sucking a little into her mouth and trying her best to be dramatically sexy and funny. The whole plan backfired, though, when the ice cream fell off the spoon, landing squarely down the front of her pyjamas, leaving trails of white, creamy milk all over her dressing gown, as Lisa squealed from the sudden chill down her shirt. Nick, in his haste to come to her aid, pulled aside her dressing gown and reached for the front of her pyjama top, pulling a little too hard and popping several of the small buttons, leaving Lisa bare-breasted and milk-coated before him.

With startled realization, Lisa blushed red and pulled her top closed. She wished she had been bold enough to stand there and let him feast his eyes on her breasts, but her self-confidence didn’t stretch quite that far.

Nick placed his finger beneath her chin and lifted her face to meet his. Their eyes locked for only a heartbeat before their lips met in a hungry kiss. His hands covered hers; opening the front of her shirt to reveal to his hungry eyes her ice cream covered breasts. Without a word, he set to licking away the sweet cream, the tip of his tongue following the thin streams all the way down her chest to where it melted into the fabric of her pyjama bottoms. Lisa’s hands rested lightly on his shoulders as he followed another trace of ice cream back up her stomach, stopping at the lower edge of her breast, sucking tenderly on the warmth of her flesh.

Lisa felt an involuntary shudder as the sensations raced through her body. The heat of his breath after the chill of the ice cream was turning to fire on her flesh. His hands embraced her thighs, pulling her tight against him as his hungry mouth turned its attention from the ice cream to an even sweeter delight. His tongue toyed with her nipples for just a moment before sucking them into his mouth one at a time, darting back and forward between them, trying to devour them in even amounts. A soft moan escaped Lisa’s lips, and she knew there was a new hunger within her that no amount of ice cream could satisfy.

With a shrug of her shoulders, the dressing gown and pyjama top fell to the floor, leaving the top half of her body exposed to his ravenous lips. On his knees before her, his hands firmly on her ass, he licked and kissed every inch of her chest, breasts and belly. Lisa was helpless in his embrace, all of her senses lost in the passion and heat of the moment. When he moved his hands over her hips and slowly began to slide her pyjama bottoms down her legs, she thought her knees would crumble beneath her.

As if he could read her mind, he pulled the pants free of her legs quickly and tossed the clothing to one side. He pulled her harder against him, pressing his cheek hard against the front of her satin panties as he embraced her. He could smell her, the sweet aroma of her showered orgasm, the subtle scent of lavender soap; it was a combination he could not resist, and hungered to taste.

Standing before her, he led her to the table, pushing the chair out the way and laying her back. His eyes met hers and they knew there was no need for words. Slowly, he ran the backs of his hands over her cheeks, across her shoulders, down over her breast, pausing for a moment to circle her hard, dark nipples. With almost painful slowness, he continued down her body, along her slender waist, until finally he met with the only thing that now stood between him and her fragrant delights: her panties.

Taking the lacy edge in his teeth, he slowly pulled them free of her, stopping to kiss and nibble her thighs every few inches. He took them as far as her knees, and then ran the tip of his tongue back up the path he had just travelled. He wanted to taste her, devour her very essence, but there was no rush. He brushed his face against her soft pubic fur, burying his nose deep in the crevice at the top of her still-closed legs, breathing deep her womanly aroma. He returned to her panties, sliding them the remainder of the way off her legs and tossed them aside.

Kissing his way back up her legs, nipping and licking, he opened her slightly to his gaze. He could see the moisture glistening on her lips and the tops of her thighs. She was a woman, ripe and ready for the taking, but he would not take her yet, not until she was ready to burst with the passion. Sliding her back a little, he lifted her feet to the edge of the table, spreading her knees wide opening her up to him fully.

“Oh God, Lisa, you are so damn beautiful!” The fire in his eyes told her that he meant every word, and there was something in the way he looked at her that made her feel more beautiful then she had in her whole life. Running the tip of his fingers up the inside of her thighs, he brushed them over her fur-covered mound, watching for her reaction. The touch was so light, yet sent shudders racing through her whole body. She was ready, so very ready. With one finger, he parted her glistening lips, feeling her moisture and heat as he slowly slipped it inside her.

Lisa tipped her head back and moaned softly at the penetration of her body, and as he added a second finger, she found herself almost begging his for more. Her back arched, and her pussy reached for him, trying to take more of his fingers into her warm depths. Slowly he worked his fingers in and out, marvelling at the way her body responded to his touch. Taking them slowly from her, she whimpered a little, like a child denied her candy, but he had more to give her, much more.

He worked his fingers over her clit, pinching it between his fingers, stretching it and allowing it to slip back through his fingers. Her hips lifted, gyrated and rolled until he could contain himself no longer. With a low growl, he was upon her, his lips and tongue covering her sweet vagina. Lisa cried out with the suddenness of his lusty attack, digging her fingers deep into his dark hair and pressing his face harder against herself. His tongue pushed deep inside her, lapping and slurping at her creamy offerings, then darted over her clit, sucking it hard between his lips then letting it settle again.

Placing his mouth squarely over her clit, he began to suck hard, rubbing his tongue roughly over her tender nub as he did so. Lisa’s hands clutched for the edges of the table, holding on for support, not wanting to break the breath-taking attachment he had formed with her body. Her mind swam thought the sensations, lingering on the edge of heaven until quite unexpectedly, he slipped two fingers back into her. The impact was instantaneous. Nick sucked harder, pushed his fingers deeper, working her body until there was no chance of return.

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