Birthday Wish


His efforts we soon rewarded as sweet orgasm swept through her body, forcing her to writhe and convulse on the table before him. Never had he seen a more spectacular vision. Lisa was lost to the most intense release she had ever experienced. It seemed as though the pleasure would never end, and just when it began to subside, a new pleasure exploded within her. Nick had opened the front of his jeans, spread her legs wide, and thrust his ample length of manhood deep into her with a single thrust, holding it deep inside her until she had a moment to catch her breath. But a moment was all he would allow before he was thrusting into her, driving into her without mercy, filling every wondrous inch of her womanhood with all the ferocity of a rutting bull.

His hands hooked beneath her knees as he pulled her closer to the edge of the table, driving himself into her again and again. Lisa held tight to the table top, pulling herself down to meet his thrusts, urging him to greater heights of passion and heat. She could feel him swelling within her, feel his need growing for his own release, and without warning, she was there again, wave after wave of sexual ecstasy pulsing through every cell in her body. Over and over, he thrust into her, his cock exploding, pumping deep within her, filling her with the pure essence of his manhood.

Slowly, he lay down against her, spent and panting, his head cradled by her breasts as she stroked his sweat-covered brow. She had always looked upon Nick as a boy, but tonight he had proven just how much of a man he truly was.

Wrapped together in a blanket, they watched the movies and ate the ice cream, delighting in one another’s company and the new closeness they had discovered. It was then that Lisa remembered the wish she had made at Fiona’s party. Perhaps this was not exactly what she’d had in mind when she made her wish, but then, one should always be careful what they wish for, because they might just get it……. If they are very lucky.

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