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Bisexual Black Man's Paradise


The name is T.J. Brown. I'm an engineer working at Walpole, the toughest correctional facility in the state of Massachusetts. My days are spent reading books, exercising and occasionally tussling with other workers. The facility is undergoing some expansion and I'm the lead engineer on this gig, working closely with the architect. Such is my life these days. I get paid lots of money to do a job I don't like with people who don't like me. I hate every second of it. It wasn't always like that, though. Once, I led a very different kind of life. Once, I had vision of a bright future and a fun-filled present. Yeah, I still remember it all too well.

Back in 2003, I was a student at the prestigious Woburn Institute of Technology in Woburn, Massachusetts. I had recently graduated from Hyde Park High School in Boston and Woburn Tech was offering me a full student-athlete scholarship. I was so happy I could have cried when I got the letter in the mail. I rushed to show my father, Edmond Brown. Dad was very happy for me. He works as a police officer in Dorchester and always wanted me to have a better life than he did. He accomplished a lot in his time. He was the first black man appointed Chief of Police in Bean Town. However, he felt that I could do much better. He always supported me in all my endeavors. We went to visit Woburn Tech during Orientation day.

Man, the place looked nice. Woburn was a really nice town. You needed money to buy property there. Woburn Tech was a really nice school. One of the top private technical schools in the state. It had very strong programs in computer science, engineering and various other technical fields. Woburn Tech had recently gone through a period of expansion. The school had eleven thousand students, most of whom were commuters. There were seventeen dorm buildings, each capable of housing about three hundred students or so. Demographically, the campus was promising. Fifty eight percent of the student body was male, and forty two percent were female. A whopping thirty two percent of the student body was of African-American descent, with twelve percent of the student population being Hispanic and twenty percent being Asian. Thirty six percent of the student body was Caucasian. This was considered to be the most diverse technical school in the country. I liked it on sight!

My father and I were given a tour of the various buildings on campus. We visited the Department of Athletics and the nearby Athletic Complex. Everything looked pretty cool. State of the art, in fact. From the Basketball courts to the Tennis courts, the Track course, the Football stadium and the Baseball diamond. Academics were important at Woburn Tech, but athleticism was not considered a distant second. The city of Woburn was proud of the school's various sports teams. The Woburn Institute of Technology Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling, Volleyball and Water Polo along with Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Fencing, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling, Volleyball and Water Polo.

The Woburn Institute of Technology was a century-old academic institution which had recently been accepted into the NCAA Division One. For decades, Woburn Tech was a member of the NCAA Division Two. After a massive fundraiser, various upgrades and much expansion, it had risen to the top. I joined the Baseball team. I've always been a good hitter. It was pretty cool to play Division One Baseball. When August of 2003 came, I got settled in the men's dorms. I quickly adjusted to my new life. Life at Woburn Tech was alright. I enrolled in the undergraduate civil engineering program. I wanted to have my own company someday.

My father was proud of me. He often came by to visit. He wouldn't stop going on and on about his son, the future engineer, or so his pals from the precinct told me. I quickly proved myself to be a dominant player on the Baseball team. The other guys were pretty decent athletes from high schools around the country. We took on schools like Boston College, Alabama University and Harvard University. We soon proved ourselves to be a dominant power in the NCAA Division One Baseball world. In a league full of outstanding teams, we made our mark and our name inspired fear in the hearts and minds of our opponents. Yeah, I was having the time of my life.

I was doing alright in all of my classes. And my social life was going pretty good too. Back at Hyde Park High School, I was the shy guy who only went to class and played Baseball. At Woburn Tech, I became a player. Both on and off the field. I was intent on making up for lost time. It was easy. I attracted lots of people. As a six-foot-two, 220-pound black stud, I practically had to fight amorous people off. There was this plump, busty and big-bottomed Dominican chick named Wendy Chavez in one of my classes. She was always checking me out. I flirted with her sometimes. We even shared a few meals in the cafeteria. Man, this gal loved to eat! And she loved talking dirty. One day, she flat-out told me she wanted to suck my dick. I saw this as an opportunity and went back to her dormitory to consummate our midday lust. I did not regret it.

Wendy was a hungry young woman, in more ways than one. She just pushed me onto her bed, and undressed me. I had never seen a woman rush so much. I liked it. I dropped my shorts, and stroked my dick. Wendy gasped when she saw it. Yeah, I have a jaw-dropping dick. It's nine inches long and quite thick. Also, it's all natural. By that, I mean uncircumcised. In the Brown family, the men are all natural. We don't believe in genital mutilation of innocent men based on outdated religious or cultural practices. Wendy grabbed hold of my cock and began sucking on it greedily. I thrust my dick down her throat. She deep-throated me and also sucked on my balls. Hell, she even fingered my ass. Now, that's what I call a kinky slut! She continued to suck my cock and balls until I came. Man, I shot my cum all over her rather plain face. Wendy didn't seem to care. She greedily gobbled up every last drop of my cum. I was impressed!

After she got done licking me, I laid her on the bed and spread her plump thighs. I dipped one finger into her pussy and licked it. Not bad. Not all women taste the same down there. Some of them taste good, otherwise are downright foul. Lucky for me, Wendy's pussy smelled good and tasted delicious. I began fingering her, and she moaned, urging me on. Oh, yeah. She was getting excited. She told me to stick it in. I did. I thrust my nine inches of hard black dick into the plump Latina's tight pussy. Wendy squealed, and I began pounding into her. I fucked the hell out of that pussy. I can't tell you how many times I came or how loudly Wendy screamed but you can guess. I rocked her world. Afterwards, she and I became regular fuck buddies.

Wendy was a crazy slut who would do anything. Sometimes, we would go into her dorm in the middle of the day just to fuck. We tried all kinds of funky stuff together. One time, I fucked her in the ass. I'd never fucked a woman in the ass before I met Wendy. She turned me onto it. She just got on all fours one day and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. When I asked her what she was doing, she just told me to fuck her in the ass and tossed me a can of lube. I only hesitated for a second. I took the lube and greased up both my dick and Wendy's asshole. Then, I pressed my cock against her asshole and pushed it inside. Man, Wendy's asshole felt so warm and tight that first time. I put my hands on the big woman's wide hips and pushed my cock inside. I began to fuck her slowly, letting my dick get used to the feeling of her tight ass. Wendy urged me to fuck her harder. I did. I grabbed her hair and fucked her in the ass. Her plump body shook under the force of my thrusts. I slammed my cock up her ass like anal sex was going out of style. She screamed in several different languages. I tapped that fat ass until I came, flooding Wendy's booty hole with my manly seed. Yeah!

Wendy and I had fun together. But she wasn't my only partner. I sometimes hooked up with my roommate Sergio Montello. He was a tall, good-looking Latino hunk. The star of the Men's Wrestling team. He had gone undefeated in the NCAA Division One Wrestling circuit last year. This sexy stud was going out with Eileen O'Shea, a hot white chick from the Women's Soccer team. I had no idea he was bisexual until he put the moves on me one night. I've always fancied him but since I didn't know he was into guys, I kept my feelings to myself. That night, Sergio and I hooked up.

We just got naked, and began doing it. Sergio liked to get right down to business. No kissing or foreplay. In many ways, he was like Wendy. Well, the rush to sex was where their similarities ended. Sergio was a six-foot-three, 230-pound Latino stud with a rock-hard body and a twelve-inch, uncut dick. Wendy was a five-foot-nine, 250-pound plump Latina with a sixty-inch booty. Oh, and both of them sucked my dick. Sergio was the superior cock sucker. He knew how to work my dick. In no time, he had me hard as steel. Then, he turned around, offering me his ass. I bent him over and slid my cock into his ass. I was amazed at how tight Sergio's ass was. The Latino stud was alright. I gripped his hips and pumped my cock into his ass. He screamed as I fucked him, bucking wildly and begging for more. I tapped that ass.

Afterwards, Sergio had a go with my ass. He took me roughly. He just bent me over and stuffed my ass full of his big Latin dick. I screamed as he fucked me. His cock felt impossibly huge in my ass. I simply couldn't get enough of it. He rammed his cock deep into my ass, making me sing like a bird. I stroked my hardened dick as Sergio pounded his cock into my asshole. Hot damn, he knew how to fuck. He drilled his cock into my asshole until he came, flooding my asshole with his cum. Afterwards, we both hit the showers. We also became fuck buddies. Nobody knew that the star of the Wrestling team and the Baseball stud were fuck buddies. No one could even suspect us. We were too good-looking, masculine and popular with women for anyone to suspect us of being gay or bisexual. We went on with our lives, hooking up with women, playing sports and also fucking each other's brains out.

My sex life was becoming very interesting. I had both male and female lovers. Wendy was by far my favorite. There was nothing she wouldn't do. Once, Wendy introduced me to one of her lady friends, a plump black chick named Sandra Odoms who fancied me. We had a steamy threesome in Wendy's dorm one night. Man, it was awesome. I sat on the bed, watching as two hot plump women, one Latin and one Black, stripped before me. Wendy and Sandra looked hot. They had plain faces, thick bodies, wide hips, thick legs, wide hips and big ghetto asses. Just the way I liked my women. They knelt before me and began sucking on my cock. It felt so damn good I couldn't stand it. After a few minutes I came, bathing Wendy and Sandra's faces with my manly cum. They licked me dry. Then, the fun began.

Sandra got on all fours and I took her from behind. I slid my cock into her pussy and began pumping into her. She squealed in delight. Meanwhile, Wendy sat nearby, smiling at us as she drilled her own pussy with a big strap-on dildo attached to a leather harness. I winked at her as I fucked Sandra. The big black woman was a real screamer. Her pussy was so tight, you would have thought she was a virgin until recently. Later, I would find out that she used to be a virgin until she came to Woburn Tech from Pine Manor College. How about that? I even had a go with her ass. I spread her plump brown butt cheeks and slid my cock into her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Sandra howled as I began to fuck her in the ass. At one point, she got so loud that I had to clamp my hand over her mouth. She could have woken up the entire dorm. Wendy laughed as Sandra screamed. I slammed my dick into Sandra's asshole, filling it with my cock. I've never fucked an ass this tight before. When I finally came, it was glorious. Sandra's piercing scream at the end could have woken up the dead.

Next, Wendy joined me for some fun. She had a naughty look on her face. She told me what she wanted to do to me. I was down with it. I had just fucked Sandra, so it would take me a few moments to regain my composure. In the meantime, Wendy offered to pleasure me in a most unusual way. First, she sucked my cock and licked my asshole, then ordered Sandra to do the same. Both of these plump beauties worked me over. Soon, I was hard again. That's when Wendy slid a finger into my asshole. Then another. She fingered me. I kind of liked it. When she deemed me ready, she slowly pushed her dildo into my ass. Wow! Talk about surprising!

Wendy gently bent me over, then pushed the dildo deeper into me. Meanwhile, Sandra sucked my cock. Man, I can't tell you how good it felt. Weird, but good. Wendy gripped my hips and fucked my ass with the dildo. I'll be the first to say that it kind of hurt, but also began to feel good after a while. I craved more and told her so. We had fun. So much that I came violently, squirting loads of hot cum into Sandra's mouth. The big black woman drank it all, obeying Wendy's strict instructions. Yeah, it was fun. Afterwards, Wendy regaled me with the sight of some steamy lesbian action between Sandra and herself. Wendy got on all fours and spread her ass while Sandra put on the strap-on dildo. She put her hands on Wendy's wide hips, then pushed the dildo into the big Latin woman's ass. I watched, stroking my cock. Watching two plump beauties fucking each other's brains out turned me on like you would not believe. Wendy squealed as Sandra fucked her, slamming the dildo deep into her asshole. Man, Wendy really loved anal sex. Both giving and receiving. Sandra fucked her until Wendy couldn't take it anymore and begged for mercy, countless orgasms later.

Then, the two of them licked each other's pussies like lesbian lick-downs were going out of style. That's hot!

I continued my sexual escapades with my fellow Woburn Tech students. Once, I had a steamy encounter with a rather unusual faculty member. There was one woman on the faculty whom everyone couldn't stop talking about. Professor Jasmine Saint Hill. A tall, lean and sexy, blonde-haired and blue-eyed lady with an athletic body, big boobs and a big ass. I wanted a piece of her, as did most men on campus and quite a few women. Yet she never got involved with anyone. One day, I ran into her at a Boston bar which catered to gays and bisexuals. I introduced myself. She was happy to meet me. I noticed that she was a lot more relaxed at the bar. Not like the uptight bitch we all knew from campus. We talked for hours. I learned a lot about her. Jasmine Saint Hill was a French expatriate living in America. She was also a very lively dame who seemed to be into me. After many drinks and much flirting, we ended up in a motel near the bar.

While we were making out, Jasmine asked me if I liked women who were odd or different. I thought of Wendy and Sandra. Yeah, I liked odd women. Hell, I told her I liked odd men too, thinking of Sergio. Jasmine told me she liked bisexual men. Especially bisexual black men. I was glad to hear that. I sat on the motel room bed while she undressed before me. As expected, she had a banging body that Olympic athletes would envy. Yet when she dropped her panties, I was in for a surprise. Jasmine had a dick! I gasped. She smiled, and told me to relax. I looked at her, and found myself turned on. I wanted to touch her dick. She let me. I stroked it. She stroked my cock and kissed me. We tumbled on the bed and thus began my weirdest sexual adventure to date.

I had heard of Chicks With Dicks. When I scoured the Internet for porn, I watched everything from Black Porn to Interracial, Bisexual Erotica and also Shemale Videos. I found chicks with dicks to be hot and sexy. Especially Jasmine Saint Hill. We rolled around on the bed and I was soon naked. I busied myself sucking on Jasmine's tits while stroking her cock. This sexy transsexual lady had a big dick. It was at least eight inches long, wonderfully thick and also uncircumcised, like me. I began sucking on it. Jasmine moaned as I sucked on her big cock and balls. I worked my magic until she came, squirting her hot shemale cum all over me. I liked it!

Next, Jasmine took me. She put me on all fours, spread my ass cheeks and shoved her cock into my asshole. I grunted as her dick invaded my ass. She wasn't as long as Sergio but she was thicker. Jasmine the sexy transsexual gripped my hips and slammed her dick into her asshole. I screamed and felt my cock harden. I love getting my ass filled with cock. Jasmine reached under me and stroked my cock while fucking me. She fucked me hard until she finally came, flooding my ass with her cum. I screamed in pleasure. We lay side by side on the bed. Jasmine told me that she had never fucked a black man in the ass before. I told her that I had never fucked a sexy transsexual before. She smiled, and told me that it was time I lost my final virginity. I had no idea what she meant, until she got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. Grinning, I quickly got behind her.

I pressed my dick against the sexy transsexual's asshole, and pushed it inside. I found myself amazed at how tight Jasmine's asshole was. She told me that she was usually a top. She rarely took it up the ass but I was such a hot stud that she had to try me. I grinned, and began drilling my cock into her booty hole. The sexy transsexual bucked wildly as I slammed my dick into her asshole. I reached under Jasmine's sexy body and caught her dick. I stroked her cock while fucking her. She screamed in pleasure as my cock filled her ass and told me to go harder and faster. I didn't need to be told twice. I fucked that ass like anal sex was about to become illegal. Jasmine squealed as I slammed her. I enjoyed every moment of it. In the end, I came, flooding her tight ass with my manly seed. We both shouted in sheer pleasure.

Afterwards, Jasmine and I hit the showers. She gave me her cell phone number. We became fuck buddies. Man, I was getting so much booty during my freshman year at Woburn Tech that I could have starred in my own porn DVD. I had two female lovers, one black and one Latin. I had a sexy Latin male as my own personal stud. And now, I had a sexy white transsexual to add to my harem. How about that? I was leading the kind of life that most men could only dream of. Playing America's favorite sport while attending a top notch school for free and also sexing up half the campus. I had it made!

Once, Sergio and I had a very steamy session on his bed. I was slamming my cock in and out of his tight ass when his girlfriend Eileen walked in on us. I gasped as we were both busted. Eileen stood before us, hands on her hips. I looked at her. She was a tall, skinny white woman with long red hair and pale green eyes. Pretty, but not my type. What did Sergio and I had to say for ourselves? Before either of us could say anything, Eileen smiled and told us that she'd love to join us. Sergio and I stared at each other, stunned. Eileen laughed, and said that she knew Sergio and I were fuck buddies. She didn't care. She just wanted to join in on the fun. What do you think our answer was?

I resumed pounding my cock into Sergio's ass. This time, though, Eileen sucked on Sergio's cock. Man, this was hot. Fucking a sexy Latino guy while his lusty white girlfriend sucked his dick. This was fun. I pounded Sergio's cock, making him scream my name. He ended up shooting his cum all over Eileen's face. She was a good sport and chugged it all down. Next, Sergio fucked me while I licked Eileen's pussy. The white chick's pussy tasted different from Wendy's, but she was sweet under my tongue. Sergio drilled his cock into my ass with a passion he had never displayed before. I liked it. I fingered and poked Eileen's snatch under her orgasmic screams filled the air, mingling with Sergio's manly grunts. He came inside me, then squeezed himself out. We tried something new, a few moments later.

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