tagIncest/TabooBisexual Honeymoon

Bisexual Honeymoon


My twin brother Vic and I were close. Much closer than two brothers should be in a normal sense of meaning. We were both bisexual swingers and did not feel a bit guilty about our close relationship. We shared the men and women in our lives whenever it was possible...until one day he moved out of the country to accept a high paying job. I stayed in touch with Vic through letters, phone and e-mail.

A few years passed and one day I received a phone call from my brother:

"Hey bro. Guess what, I'm getting married!" he said sounding very excited and happy,

"Wow! Congratulations!" I replied. "Do I know the chick?"

"Yeah it's Lela. I sent you her photos a couple of months ago. Remember?"

"Fuck man. She's hot! Good job brother."

"She is absolutely hot and wild. There will be good times, best of times. And you are my best man. The wedding is next month."

"You know I'll be there," I said happily. He then gave me more details about the wedding.

The wedding ceremony was absolutely amazing. Lela was indeed a very hot girl. She was tall, had long golden blond hair, blue eyes, big breasts and a perfectly tanned skin. Her beautiful smile revealed her perfect white teeth. She shined with youthful energy. They were planning to fly directly to Jamaica for their honeymoon after the ceremony.

As the Limo was waiting to take them to the airport I shook Vic's hand firmly and wished him luck and a great time on their honeymoon.

"You bet we'll have a great time," Vic said to me smiling, "because you're coming with us!"

"What? What did you just say?" I asked him surprised.

"You heard him Gil," Lela said softly. "Vic has promised me that I can watch you two fuck each other's brains out."

"See that Limo parked over there bro?" said Vic. "We are going to a swingers' resort. After we leave here you catch that Limo and come to the airport. We'll meet you there."

I had no idea what to say to them. I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. I was also aroused by Lela's bluntness.

A few hours later we arrived at the resort. The place was first rate and the weather wonderful. Our cottage was very close to the ocean and the interior was luxurious. There was a queen size bed and a large hot tub in the middle of the room.

"Wow! I love this," said Lela ecstatically. "Now boys go take a shower together. Don't draw the curtain because I want to watch you."

Vic and I undressed and entered the shower. It was strange that I had forgotten how Vic's naked body looked like, because it looked exactly like mine. He was blonde, very muscular and lean. His eyes were brown, but mine were blue. That was about the only difference between us two.

We stood under the showerhead facing each other, holding our hard cocks in our hands. Lela entered the bathroom. She was wearing a white lace garter belt and white stockings, no panties or bra. Her nipples were large and erect. Her blonde bush looked wet with beads of moisture.

My hot brother moved closer to me, put is hand on the back of my head and pulled my face onto his. He kissed me deeply on my mouth, his tongue twirling around and licking my tongue.

"Oh I missed you so fucking much Gil," he said and found my right nipple with his mouth. With his right hand he cupped my swollen balls and fondled them.

"I missed you too bro," I said and grabbed his big cock with my right hand.

"Oh shit," Said Lela from near the sink "you two look so adorable together." She then put her hand on her erect clit and started rubbing it with two fingers.

Vic lathered my cock with a bar of soap and then started stroking my hard shaft. I kissed Vic again and started sucking on one of his erect nipples.

"Wash my asshole for me please," my brother asked me nicely and turned around.

I put some soap on my middle finger and inserted it into his tight asshole. I squeezed his muscular butt cheeks with my other hand. Then it was my turn to get my asshole cleaned. Vic slapped my butt cheeks with his strong cock a few times before he inserted two fingers up my asshole.

"Oh fuck boys, that's enough," said Lela. "I'll be on the bed waiting for you two studs. Don't keep me waiting too long!"

Vic and I entered the bedroom after we dried each other's bodies with a towel. Lela lay on the bed fucking her pussy with a vibrator. Vic and I lay on each side of her and started kissing her passionately. Our three tongues met, twirled and played with each other lustfully.

"Vic come and straddle your brother's face," Lela ordered my brother. "I want you to fuck your brothers mouth baby."

Vic did as he was ordered and as he fucked my mouth his balls slapped against my chin. Lela stroked my big shaft as she watched us intently.

"Your turn Gil," said Lela. "Fuck my husband's mouth for me baby."

Vic and I switched places. I started fucking his hot mouth as deeply as I could. I started moaning when I felt Lela's hot tongue entering and probing my asshole. I stopped moving to let her have easier access to my tight asshole. She stretched my butt cheeks with both hands and spat into my hot and eager hole, and then she licked me again.

"Gil move your butt and come sit on your brother's cock," Lela ordered me. "I want to watch you ride his big cock for me!"

I straddled Vic's big cock. Lela held his cock upright and waited for me to lower myself on it. Once I felt the wide tip of my brother's cock push through past my anus, I pushed my asshole down harder and took his entire shaft up my asshole.

"Wow!" exclaimed Lela. "That was so fucking cool Gil. My fucking husband's cock is all he way up your asshole. Now ride it Gil. Ride your brother's big cock!"

She started spanking my butt and sucking my right nipple as I rode her husband's thick and hard shaft. I clenched his cock with my asshole every time I pulled up, and relaxed my anus each time I pushed down on his shaft.

"Oh God damn bro!" Vic exclaimed. "I love the way you're riding me. Where the hell did you learn to do that? It feels so wonderful."

"Oh Vic. Your big cock is filling up my fucking asshole so good. I love your cock. I love you!"

"I love you too Gil. I'm so glad that you came with us. This is so much fun. Ride my damn cock harder!"

"Get up Gil," Lela ordered me. "It's my turn now. I want you to fuck my pussy while I ride his cock with my asshole."

I let Vic's cock slide out of me reluctantly. I held my brother's cock upright and waited for his sexy wife to lower her asshole on it. She took his big cock up her asshole and started riding him. Then she leaned backwards and lay on top of Vic's body. I slipped my cock into her hot pussy and started fucking her nice and hard.

"Ooh shit! Oh yeah, two fucking big cocks inside me, two fucking hot brothers. Oh Jesus fucking Christ! I love this so fucking much!" Lela's face was flushed and her eyes were dreamy with pure lust.

"Ah fuck! I'm gonna shoot my cum up your asshole baby!" Vic announced from under his hot wife.

"Oh yeah honey! I'm fucking cumming too. Shit!" Lela shouted as she came.

A few more pumps and I was ready to shoot my hot cum into my sister-in-law's wet and hot pussy. I came with a loud grunt. I filled Lela's pussy with my hot cum. The three of us collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Lela ran her soft hand up and down my stomach and chest from my right side and my brother started kissing my mouth deeply from my left.

Later on that evening Lela went to get a massage at the resort's spa center while Vic and I went to the bar for a couple of beers. We then went to explore the resort and its surroundings and made plans for the next day. When we went back to our cottage we found Lela in bed with two handsome and well built black men.

She was leaning her back on one of them as he played with her nipples and kissed her neck. The other guy was sitting in front of her with his legs spread white open. Lela was fucking his asshole with a vibrator and stroking his absolutely huge cock.

"Hey guys," She said to us. "Look what I found at the spa. This is Carlos and Mr. Monster Cock here is Lorenzo. They came here to give me a private massage."

My brother jumped on the bed and grabbed Lorenzo's huge cock with his hand. He started stroking it passionately before putting it in his mouth. I knelt down behind Vic's gorgeous butt and started licking his asshole, getting him ready to take Lorenzo's huge cock up his ass.

"Oh honey yeah!" Lela exclaimed. "Suck that big cock. It looks so good in your pretty mouth."

I felt that I should stretch my brother's asshole a bit more to get him ready for the asshole busting he was going to receive later. I slid my cock up his asshole and started fucking him hard from behind. Carlos got off the bed and came over to stand behind my back. He lubricated two fingers and inserted them up my tight asshole. I was pounding my brother's asshole with full force, looking straight into his wife's beautiful and approving eyes.

"Jesus Vic," said Lela, "you love sucking that big black cock, don't you? You know I was lucky to come across Lorenzo today. It's his last day here. He is moving to Spain tomorrow."

"Hmm!" Vic managed to reply, his voice muffled by the big chocolate-colored cock filling his cock-hungry mouth.

Lela ordered us to change positions. Vic got on all fours on the bed with Carlos fucking his mouth and Lorenzo fucking his asshole. I got behind Lela and started fucking her hot pussy. Lorenzo held on to my brother's hips firmly as he pounded his asshole with his huge cock.

"Oh Vic baby," Lela said, "you look so God damn cute being stuffed with those two big black cocks. Your brother is fucking me so good honey. Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum so hard soon!"

I grabbed Lela's golden hair and pulled her head back as I pounded her steaming hot pussy. Lorenzo looked at us with a satisfied smile on his face. He then grunted, pulled his cock out of Vic's asshole and came all over his butt and back.

Carlos came shortly after Lorenzo, covering my brother's handsome face with his hot and creamy cum.

"Oh shit!" Lela shouted. "Gil, you son of a bitch, I'm fucking cumming so hard! Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Please!"

I came really hard inside my sister-in-law's pussy. After I was done cumming, Lela and I went over to Gil and started kissing and licking his cum covered face. I saw that Lorenzo's big cock looked hard and ready for more action. He lifted my butt and inserted the wide tip of his cock into my asshole.

"Relax man," he said to me. "Don't be scared of it. It's gonna be a piece of cake after I push the tip of it past through your anus."

He kissed me as he pushed his big cock further up my asshole. The big cock filled me up so completely that I forgot to breathe. He started fucking me slowly at first but eventually picked up his pace as my asshole gave way to his monster cock.

Lela and Vic kissed me and played with my nipples as Lorenzo started pounding my poor asshole forcefully.

"Ah God damn it!" exclaimed Lorenzo. "I'm gonna cum again. Shit!"

He shot a huge amount of cum all over our faces. The three of us started kissing again and swapping Lorenzo's cum in between our horny mouths.

"Guys let me know when you're ready," said Lela with a smile. "I want you four studs to fuck my brains out!"

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