Bishop Ch. 01


He began caressing my breasts again with his thumb, occasionally stroking my shoulder. I realized he was pushing down the straps to my top. Barely stifling a giggle, I thought it was endearing how he was just not ripping stuff off.

I pushed his thumb back and slipped my arms out of my straps. "Does this help?" He didn't reply but ran his thumb across the top of my breasts, slowly pushing my top down. Giggling, I said, "It probably pulls up faster than it does down." I lifted just enough material for him to grab a hold of it between finger and thumb and lifted my arms as he lifted it off of me.

"Oh, Amber, you are so lovely," he whispered as he gazed down on me. One finger brushed my hair behind my back as he continued to gaze.

At this point I thought I knew what pleasure was. I was so wrong! He ran a finger underneath my breasts and lifted them; then as they fell, drew his finger across both of my hardened nipples. I thought pure electricity shot from my nipples straight to between my legs.

He continued exploring me and delighting us both. I almost moaned in disappointment when he set me down on the table until I realized he wanted to free both his thumbs so they could massage both breasts simultaneously. I was in Paradise.

He again picked me up in his hand and I wondered what new ecstasy awaited me. He moved me toward his mouth and I started struggling. "Amber, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want...a taste." I nodded and relaxed. I shouldn't have worried. His tongue darted out, delicately across my chest, licking my right breast then my left before he brought me to his lips. He took both my breasts between them and gently suckled them. One wave of pleasure after another overtook me.

He moved me away from his mouth and started trying to tug on my panties. I didn't know if I could take much more but I thought I can't stop now! I pushed my panties down far enough so he could hook them with his finger and pull then down the rest of the way. Again he stared, and hoarsely whispered. "Amber, you are so perfect." He placed a fingertip between my legs and started rubbing in small circles. I gasped at the effect. "You have such a pretty pussy."

Breathing heavily, I replied, "I---don't---really like---that word."

"Is kitty better?"

I nodded, not having the energy to reply, and in fact losing all focus except for his finger between my legs. "A little faster---please! And harder! Not much, just---a little!"

He responded and I felt another orgasm building. When this one came I felt as if my entire body had exploded and my last memory was drifting into a blissful deep slumber, curling up in the warmth of his hand.


I looked down at the slumbering little nude body of Amber and ran my finger down her side. She smiled in her sleep and pushed into my fingertip. I snapped my head back then, shaking my head and looking around. If the super mage had been setting a trap I would have been helpless. Closing my eyes, I detected no magic, save for the ensorcelled Amber in my palm. Guiltily, I gathered Amber's clothing with my empty hand, putting it in my jacket pocket. I then took another look at Amber, sleeping in my palm. My finger, with a mind of its own, slid from the side of one her breasts down to her hip. She moaned happily in her sleep and rolled onto her back. Okay, Bishop, I thought to myself, you have got to snap out of this. What was my fascination with her breasts, anyway?

Let me say for the record that what had just happened was uncharacteristic of me. At least on the job. Somehow, though, acting on the physical attraction between us just seemed the most natural thing in the world. Maybe it has something to do with our ubermage. Something to consider, anyway.

I looked around for somewhere to set her down and/or carry her. An idea struck me. I touched my shirt pocket. It instantly elongated into a diagonally placed down filled sleeping bag attached to the front of my shirt. (Tailoring magic is fairly easy and really useful for those on a tight clothing budget. After all, you're not altering reality, just channeling it in specific courses.) Sliding Amber's unconscious body into my "pocket", I buttoned her safely in and then took a final look around. Other than a few samples from the aquarium and the used scroll, there really was nothing of interest. Except maybe the velvet Elvis hanging on the wall. But nothing of interest to me in my investigation.

I stepped outside and turned on my cell phone, calling my boss. I started filling him in on everything that had happened to me, leaving out my more...ahem, intimate interactions with Amber. He started to chew me out for coming out here without backup, but his heart wasn't in it. He was too interested in what had happened. He also was fairly confident the Bureau had the resources to reverse the spell. He told me to take her to Dr. Kat, whom he was briefing on the other line.

Dr. Kat. Short for Dr. Kathryn Ellis. She looked like everyone's favorite old maid aunt. A brilliant researcher who had rows of military ribbons from earlier in her life as a mage for the U.S. Marines. And by all accounts a wild woman in her early years. Now, it was "Be a dear" and "put that there, Dear." She always had a plate of homemade cookies in her office to offer visitors. Mind you, if you crossed her (which I never did but had seen some unfortunates do), she could come down on you like a load of steel bricks. But her everyday persona was everyone's favorite, kindly old Aunt Dr. Kat.

Dr. Kat's offices were located in the same complex as mine, so all I had to do was drive back to West Virginia. After a few more exchanges, I ended the call and got into my car. I hadn't been driving more than ten minutes when my passenger in my pocket woke up.

The road was empty as I pulled off to the shoulder and looked down. "Sleep well?" With a happily sleepy smile, she answered, "Very well. But I seemed to have misplaced my clothes," she added with a giggle.

I patted my jacket pocket. "Right here. Want them?"

"Eventually, but not any time soon. Help me out?"

I helped her out of my pocket and into my palm, lifting her up to my face. She had her legs tucked beneath and behind her. She clasped her hands behind her head and arched her back, jutting her breasts toward me. I couldn't help but stare. She giggled. "See anything you like?"

I didn't answer but pulled her up to my mouth, taking her beautiful breasts between my lips, gently sucking on them. She was a absolutely delicious. I could hear little moans as her arms grasped my face, pushing her chest forward.

I moved her away just far enough to nudge her on her back and spread her legs. I let my tongue start exploring between her legs. Almost immediately her back was arching and she let out a long low moan before collapsing.

She laid back on my palm and panted and giggled again. "I don't think I can take much more. But I'll die happy, at least." My finger was stroking her hair and then moved down to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I could just feel them underneath my fingertip. She laughed, "You really like my breasts, don't you?"

I blushed but kept on caressing them. "Yes I do. Mind?"

"No. Exhausted as I am, it still feels wonderful." She got a thoughtful look on her face. "It's odd, but it never felt this good when I was normal size. Do you think it's because maybe my nerve endings are super concentrated or something? It doesn't feel that...well, sensitive, anywhere else."

I moved my finger tip down between her legs. "Not even here?" I chuckled.

She laughed and pushed my finger away. "Please, I have to get a little break."

"Well, we need to get you dressed, Amber. I have an associate of mine, Dr. Kathryn Ellis, who's going to reverse the spell."

Amber nodded and almost reluctantly got dressed. As I lifted her into my shirt pocket (now back to its original shape), she asked. "By the way, I probably ought to know your name by now, all things considered," she added with a giggle.

"Bishop. My name's Bishop."


I could tell Amber was nervous as she stood on Dr. Kat's desk, but Dr. Kat put her at ease almost instantly. It's really hard to be intimidated by someone who's serving up oatmeal raisin cookies.

"Now if you'll excuse me, dear, I need to have a word with Agent Bishop in private." Amber just nodded as she happily chewed on a crumb from one of Dr. Kat's cookies.

Dr. Kat led me into the hallway outside of her office. "Bishop, have you ever met this young woman before today?"

I shook my head. "Are you sure, dear? Your Aunt Kat can keep a secret, you know."

"Yes ma'am. I'm sure. Until today, I never met her before."

Dr. Kat scratched her chin. "That's very odd. There's a very strong psychic cord connecting you two. And there's some very odd nuances that I just can't put my finger on. Well, never you mind, dear. Your Aunt Kat will take care of everything." She patted my cheek. "You just go sit in your office and make sure you relax. Nothing more strenuous than turning the page of a book."

"Dr. Kat, don't you won't me to come help you with Amber?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Amber, is it? Not Ms. Wades?" I turned beet red. "No, dear, there's too much psychic interaction between you two. I don't need the interference while I cast the counter spell. By the by, can you give me any hints on the spell caster? I don't recognize the style at all, and there aren't that many mages who can craft a spell of this caliber."

"No, ma'am, no leads at all. The MCSI unit is going over the trailer with a fine tooth comb, before the Disinformation guys do their thing."

"Very, very strange. Well, go find somewhere to sit down while I attend to your young lady friend." With that dismissal I returned to my office.

I was reading a book on Descartian Magical Theorems when a strange thing happened. As I said earlier, one of the key factors of a mage is his ability to comprehend complex spells. For example, one of the signs that a mage is of a superior caliber is his ability to grasp the dual nature of matter and energy. I can understand the theory, but the innate ability to juxtapose their dual natures in my mind while spell crafting is beyond me.

Or it used to be. For some reason, I had felt my reasoning to be especially clear for the last hour or so. And I felt maybe a tiny bit more powerful, like I had discovered a previously untapped mental reserve.

I started reading Descartes Dual Nature Theorem, and thinking I should call my old professor/advisor, Dr. Putnam, when I felt something snap in my mind. Not painfully, but enough to get my attention, like being abruptly awaken during a very vivid dream.

The minor euphoric high I had been riding was gone. My thinking was back to its old fuzzy self. But I still thought I could understand Descartes Dual Nature Theorem on a practical level. I would definitely give Dr. Putnam a call. There was a knock on the door and Dr. Kat stuck her head in the door.

"Okay, dear? Anything amiss?" I assured her that I was fine but she insisted on peeling back my eyelids and staring down my throat. "Well, you seem okay, but let your Aunt Kat know if you have any side effects. I told your young lady friend the same thing." With that Amber walked into the office, fully restored to her normal size. I had been right about my guess from the picture. She stood five foot two in her bare feet.

"Now I've given young Amber a plausible lie about where she's been that she can tell her roommates. And very strict instructions about being discreet on what we do here." She gave Amber a very stern look and Amber solemnly nodded. "Now I'll let Agent Bishop take you home, young lady." With that Dr. Kat left the room, leaving the two of us in awkward silence.

"I want to thank you for rescuing me, Agent Bishop," Amber quietly said, looking down at her feet. "I hope you don't have a bad opinion of me from the, well, you know, stuff, we did. I'm not usually that way."

"It was a unique position for both of us, Amber."

She looked up at me and smiled bashfully. "I don't know what happened. When I was in Dr. Kat's lab with her assistants, they had to pick me up occasionally, but it was nothing like your touch. It was just, you know, like a doctor examining you. A little embarrassing, but nothing exciting, like your touch was." She blushed again and stared down at her feet.

Trying to lighten the mood, I added, "Well, you don't look the worse for wear."

She giggled again, and added, "I actually think I lost some weight and got a little firmer in some places. But I wouldn't suggest it as a weight loss plan to anyone." We both laughed, if a little awkwardly.

The ride to her house was silent, both of us lost in our own thoughts. She did tentatively taken my hand and held it for the entire trip.

As we got to her house, I started opening up the door to get out. She put her hand on my chest. "That's okay, I'll walk myself to the door. It's better that way." I knew there was a team observing the house and I hadn't gotten notified of any magic being directed toward the house, so I didn't object.

She started to open the door and then turned in her seat and gave me a tight hug. "I have to confess to you, Bishop, that if I had been stuck at five inches, I wouldn't have minded it, if I had gotten to stay with you. I might have even preferred it to returning to normal." She gave me a quick peck on my lips and got out of the car, quickly running into the house.

I thought about what she said all the way back to my office.

VII: I sat in my office lost in my thoughts when I decided that it was time to call my old advisor, Dr. Putnam, on this matter. I called the Security Division to make sure he still had his green hexagon clearance and a secure line, then called him up.

"Dr. Joseph Putnam speaking."

"Dr. Putnam, this is Agent Bishop. I was your student at one time and was hoping you could help me out on a current case."

"Ahhh, Hephaestus, my dear boy, it's been simply ages since you've called. Pity it took business to accomplish the task. How can I assist you?"

Yes, Hephaestus is my given first name. Another reason why I was happy to take a code name from the bureau. You don't even want to know what my middle name is. Suffice to say my name made me the toughest kid in my neighborhood, since I was in the most fights.

"I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you earlier, Dr. Putnam, but work has kept me busy."

"Quite, quite. Duty first and all that. Well, tell me about your latest dust-up."

I reviewed the latest case with all its details, making sure to use euphemisms when describing more intimate details. Dr. Putnam was English and expected euphemisms. I once heard him describe a marital infidelity by a colleague with a reference to Anna Karenina.

He listened intently. There was a studied silence when I finished. "This is nasty business you've gotten yourself into, Hephaestus. I have a suspicion that this spell is a monochromatic one."

That...was not pleasant news. Most magic is grey. That is to say, magic is like, say, dropping a penny. The magic itself is neutral. If you drop a penny into a wishing well where the proceeds go to a charity, the end result is good. Drop it from a ten story building on the head of a pedestrian, the end result is not so good. But in both cases, you dropped a penny. The penny itself is neutral. The same with magic. At least all the magic I can do.

At the higher level, there are spells that are of a dual nature, depending on the caster. These are called monochromatic, being either "white" magic or "black" magic, depending on how it's cast. I know the theory of such spells, which include such things as summoning demons and transforming human beings. A spell that sacrificed a human being could grant its caster enormous power or save a village from destruction. It would be basically be the same spell, but nuances in the spell would divide it between "black" and "white" (an involuntary sacrificial victim vs. a voluntary one, for example). It may seem as if I'm arguing semantics, but there is a vital difference between neutral and monochromatic. The effects on the caster and his karma, both immediate and in the long term, are very real.

Dr. Putnam theorized that the original crafter of the spell didn't care to "show his hand", as it were. So he used an agent, a fairly powerless one, who would be incapable of double crossing him. The fact that I acted so fast probably saved Amber's life. Whatever rewards super mage planned to reap, me interceding negated and turned them toward me. Because I acted with kindness toward Amber, and I was the one who removed the shielding keeping her captive, I seemed to have inadvertently activated the "white" aspects of the spell and suppressed the "black" ones. At this point Dr. Putnam went into euphemism overdrive. What I could deduce from the conversation that was embarrassing us both was that the connection that was established between Amber and me fed our own desires back and forth between us.

Case in point: I've always been something of a "breast" man (like Jerry Seinfeld said, why would I be a leg man? I've got legs). Because that was my preference, Amber's sensitivity was enhanced in that area. And because she was enjoying it, her emotions made me more inclined to dwell in that area. A very enjoyable loop that I wouldn't mind exploring more if the opportunity presented itself again.

Another side effect seemed to be enhancing my mental ability and psychic reserves. The last was temporary, the first seemed to be minor, but permanent, as my mastery of the Dual Nature Theorem seemed to indicated. Dr. Putnam agreed with me on this point. And it gave him some facts to start speculating on what benefits the super mage would have gained if he had succeeded. He promised to get back to me as soon as he did some more research.

As soon as I got off the phone, my boss called.

"We got another disappearance that looks identical to the first, Bishop. I need you to move on it now."


When my boss said fast, he meant fast. I was getting jurisdiction to jurisdiction escort all the way to a tony section of Richmond, Virginia. As I pulled up, the head of the local FBI office walked up to me as I got out of the car. "So you must be Bishop. Special Agent in Charge Walker. You must rate. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to assist you in anyway I can, but otherwise stay out of your way and don't ask questions. So here's the situation. Part of the house is missing. No explosions, no bright lights, no anything. Just part of the house goes missing. Nobody notices it until the local landscaping company comes in. And we have a missing person along with the missing portion of the house. A Ms. Tiffany Jennifer Lee; father's a fairly successful lawyer and the mother's an owner of a successful catering company. Both with connections in the local and national political arena, just so you'll know where the pressure to get this solved fastest is coming from. Here's a picture of Tiffany."

I caught myself from making an audible gasp. Tiffany wasn't an exact duplicate of Amber, but the two could have been sisters. One more piece in the puzzle, but I still didn't know what the final picture was.

"OK, Agent Walker, I'm going to need a hairbrush, toothbrush, anything with DNA on it. And clear the scene of your people, I want to walk around it alone."

I did a quick magical once over and my fears were confirmed. The same spell that kidnapped Amber was used to kidnap this Tiffany girl. But now that I knew what I was working with, I wouldn't need to go back to the office to hunt her down. If she was within range, I should be able to track her down from here.

Agent Walker brought back a styling brush and I nodded my head in thanks. Climbing back into my car, I made a call, telling my boss it would be best that I wasn't escorted or tailed.

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