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Bitch-Boy Trained

byEnglish Bob©

I never was very much with the ladies. More a beer and skittles man really. My wife, Alison is much different, though. Considerably younger than me and standing more than four inches taller, she has a voracious appetite for life and that includes sex. Personally, I have never really seen the fascination with sex that Alison has. I have a reasonable collection of porn movies that I keep at home and much prefer to watch them than actually indulge in the real thing. That was until recently when my wife became my Mistress and my whole life changed quite dramatically.

It all started a few weeks ago. It was a Tuesday evening and I had been enjoying a quiet few drinks and a game of pool with some friends at a local bar. As usual, Alison had refused to accompany me, claiming that it would be just another very tedious evening and that, frankly, she would prefer to watch paint dry! I was quite pleased that I was going by myself, things between my wife and I had not been good recently and I knew that if she had come, she would have spent the entire time ridiculing me and annoying my friends.

The evening went well and at about 10:00pm I decided that it was time for me to leave. I hadn't consumed many drinks, so I thought it would be safe for me to drive my car home. As I approached my house, I saw the familiar sight of Alison's new sports car pulling out of the drive. As usual she was revving the engine hard and the tyres screeched noisily on the tarmac as she sped off down the road. I wondered where the hell she was going at this time of night. I was used to her following her own pursuits, but at this hour? Mt curiosity piqued, I slipped my Volvo into gear and pulled out into the main road. I didn't know why I was following her, only that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Alison's Porsche wove in and out of the light, evening traffic. The streets in our part of town are well lit so it wasn't difficult for me to keep track of her. I knew that she wasn't looking out for me, but I hung well back. For some reason I didn't want her to see me at all. Eventually I followed the red sports car into the East side of town. This area is quite different to where we live: hookers hang out on the street corners often accompanied by their pimps or minders and every other store is either a fast food joint or a sex shop. I was quite concerned when I saw Alison's car pull over to the side of the road about a hundred yards in front of me. I quickly found my own parking space and climbed out making sure to lock all the doors as I went. I kept an eye on my wife and my curiosity increased further as I looked at what she was wearing. Gone were the usual seats she wore around the house. The had been replaced by a slinky, off the shoulder dress in red and black tights or stockings (I was a little too far away to tell the difference. She'd also had her hair done: The golden, blonde locks piled high on her head and her make-up looked thick and gaudy. I watched as she walked though one of the shop doorways. I made a mental note of which doorway and wandered, as casually as my pounding heart would allow, towards the store.

The shop front was brightly lit and called "Pussy's". Even if the name hadn't given away what sort of trade they did, the photograph's of semi-naked women that adorned the windows left the idle browser in no doubt. A Large, suited man stood on the door, barring my entrance with his muscular body and pointing to a hand written sign indicating the price of admission.

"It's a good show, man" he said in a gruff, growling voice, "all private cubicles and you can watch the girls. They do everything, man. They fuck, they suck, they finger themselves. Great show, come on in." I had little choice. A few other guys had formed behind me, blocking any escape. I handed over the admission price and entered. It was dark and gloomy inside. The desk clerk looked me up and down quickly and smiled a smirky kind of grin. He pointed towards a corridor with locked doors and handed me a key with a number on it. It didn't take me long to locate the corresponding door number, and opening the lock I entered a small dimly lit cubicle. There was a window against one wall and, once I had re-locked the door behind me, a light above the window came on automatically so that I could see through the glass. I'm not sure exactly what I expected to see, but the sight of my wife and another semi-nude woman cavorting around the floor, certainly wasn't it!

My heart leapt in my chest as I took in the scene. Alison and the other woman were almost naked. My wife's companion was also tall with striking features and long, flame red hair that fell in curls over her shoulders. I had seen strip shows before but nothing on this scale and certainly not with my wife as one of the main attractions! As I began to watch, Alison and her new friend were engaged in a long, wet kiss. Their hands roamed each others bodies with enthusiasm; every inch of flesh seemed to be touched, squeezed or caressed as the two women became more aroused. There was a bench seat in the cubicle and I sat down heavily.

I knew that Alison was highly sexual, but never dreamed in a million years that she was bisexual. My gaze wandered around the brightly lit room where the two women were performing. It seemed to be almost circular and I could see windows, presumably from other, occupied cubicles, surrounding the girls. I gasped slightly as I realised that, below each window was a small hole. I could see cocks protruding from some of these openings and noted that some were already erect and hard. I looked down at my own window. Sure enough, a small hole padded with some sort of soft, felt-like fabric had been placed in a perfect position.

The two women were now lying on a strip of carpet on the floor. They were head to toe in a classic "sixty-nine" position and I watched with further fascination as the red-head lowered her head between my wife's thighs and swiped a long, pink tongue over Alison's slit. It was just like watching one of my porn movies (two women together was always one of my favourites), and I could feel the tension in my loins as I began to develop an erection. Gently I squeezed myself through my pants, still not happy about releasing my cock for a full masturbation session, as the girls began to writhe and twist in front of me as they tongued each others vagina's. Alison was wailing loudly, her legs spread wide open and her pussy on show for all to see as she humped her hips up towards her lovers lips in an obvious attempt to maintain as much contact with the red-heads lips and tongue as possible. It was clear that this was not at all faked, and as both girls came in a screaming orgasm, I could see more pricks protruding through the holes in the surrounding wall.

Alison and the red-head were now touring round past the occupied windows, stopping every now and then to stroke or briefly suck on of the cocks that poked through. It was obvious that the cubicles were not sound proofed as I could hear moans of satisfaction coming from the occupants. I was so excited, I couldn't resist it. As I watched the red-head approach my area, I quickly unzipped my pants and without thinking, stuck my erect cock through the hole. The build up of anticipation was almost electric. She had stopped at the cubicle next to mine and was sucking the guys cock for all she was worth. My cock twitched as I waited for her to finish with my neighbour.

I was so busy watching the red-head that I had lost sight of Alison. My heart jumped out of my chest and into my mouth as the familiar figure of my wife suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of my window. The glass was smoked and so it was difficult for the girls to see their audience, but I tried to pull away quickly all the same. But it was too late. Alison's hand gripped my hard tool in a vice like hold and began jerking me back and forth. She was so close to the window that I could see the slopes of her naked breasts and the full pink nipples that adorned them. She was jerking me off with expert strokes and I knew that I was about to cum. The seed was boiling in my testicles and preparing for the quick journey up through my shaft. I felt my knees go weak and my thighs tremble. This is it I thought, I'm going to cum in my wife's hand without her even knowing it's me.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss" I couldn't stifle my cry of ecstasy as my semen shot from my dick and filled her hand.

My eyes were closed, but I could tell something was not quite right. Alison's touch on my penis had disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw that my wife had cupped her hands to her face and was peering in through my window. Her eyes widened as she recognised me. I heard her call to the red-head and then disappear herself. I wondered what I should do. My brain ticked over frighteningly slowly before the decision to run occurred to me. By that time it was too late. The red-head had scooped up my softening cock in her hand and was holding on to it tightly; disallowing any form of escape. I tried to pull away, but it was too painful. She held me too tightly. A second later my worst fears came true when I heard the door to my cubicle open and the familiar voice of my wife ringing in my ears.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she screamed at me "How dare you follow me!"

"I..I..I'm sorry, Ali," I stammered as I felt the hold on my cock being released and I turned to face my wife. "I just wanted to -"

"Shut up. I don't want to hear any of your pathetic excuses." She grabbed my arm and began pulling me towards the open door. "If you want to be involved, then I'm gonna make sure you are. Come with me you little shit!"

Everything happened so quickly then. I was dragged by my arm, still fully clothed but with my soft and abused cock still hanging from my fly, out of my cubicle, along the corridor and into the main room where the red-head was waiting for me. Once inside, I was virtually thrown towards the second woman. Both her and my wife were dressed only in black stockings and high heeled shoes. Their breasts swung as they moved and I could see the moisture on their pussies glisten. I am a slightly built man, and was no match for the two tall women as I felt hands on my shoulders forcing me to my knees in front of the red-head. Now in a direct line with her well trimmed vagina, I could smell the aroma of her orgasm still fresh on her labia. I knew what she wanted and what was expected of me and slowly bent my head towards her pussy.

"Come on, eat her out!" cried my wife as I began to lick gingerly at the light red pubes of her friend. "Faster, come on eat her you weasel!"

I felt my head pushed firmly into the woman's vagina and began to sweep my tongue up and over her engorged clitoris. I could hear her moaning out above me and felt her heat as she ground her cunt against my now very wet face. I continued for another five or six minutes before the hands behind my head tightened on me and I felt a warm flow of liquid oozing out onto my face as she orgasmed loudly.

"Don't think you're finished yet!" cried Alison as I sank back onto the floor, my face dripping with juice. "You can help me and Jade with all these hungry customers!" I looked around me at the windows. The amount of cocks that were now thrust through the holes had increased as their owners watched the unplanned part of the performance.

"W..W..What do you mean?" I said weakly.

"We're gonna pop your cherry!" said Jade, quickly joining in the conversation. "Your gonna get your ass fucked good, boy!"

"The words stuck in my throat and my limbs went numb as I was practically carried towards an angry looking erection protruding from one of the holes. Again I was pushed to my knees in front of the cock and forced to look at it in all its glory. I'd never been this close to a penis before and at first felt completely revolted. The male scent permeated my nostrils and the veins bulged as I looked at them.

"Suck on it bitch-boy!" cried Jade as she pushed my head towards the penis. I resisted at first but with the force of her hands on my head, the tip of the cock was soon touching my tightly closed lips.

"Open up!" demanded Alison as she reached down and squeezed my balls painfully. It was an involuntary reaction. The pain from my groin automatically caused my lips to past in a silent scream. Jade took her opportunity and pushed my head quickly forwards. I felt my first taste of another man's cock a that point. I wanted to gag as I was thrust further forward, the head penetrating my lips and slipping obscenely in to invade my mouth. I was surprised at the texture; the cock was fully erect and throbbing, the foreskin pulled well back over the glans to expose the soft, shiny knob. It began to slide in and out of my mouth with comparative ease as I became used to the shape and I could hear the animal grunts of its owner as her began to face fuck me from the other side of the hole. After a short while, I not only became more comfortable with the new sensations, I was actually beginning to enjoy them. Yes, a little more than just beginning, I was really starting to enjoy the feeling of sucking off this unseen man.

"Hey, look!" cried Jade, "He's actually liking it! He's starting to give head like a pro!"

It was true. I was loving this all of a sudden. I used my fingers around the base of his balls, tickling and stroking as I guided the throbbing head into my mouth. I tried to swallow the glans into my throat as I had seen on my porn movies when one of the actresses gave deep head, but it suddenly swelled and lodged in my windpipe. I wasn't prepared for what happened next and, to cheers and laughs from the two women, The unseen man started to cum in my mouth. I thought that I would be revolted be the thick liquid, but after the first spurt trickled down my throat, I knew I was hooked.

For the next hour and a half I scurried around after my two new Mistresses (they now both demanded that I referred to them in such revered terms) helping them relieve cock after erect cock with my mouth or my fingers. They taught me well, showing me how to suck properly to achieve the best result and how to use my fingers on solid shafts and twitching balls until the cum started flowing. All this must have been turning them on as well, because every now and then they would stop and sit down spreading their pink pussy's and ordering me to service them to climax. This I did gratefully and with enthusiasm, happy to satisfy them in any way they demanded.

"Okay, just one guy left," said Jade as she wiped her fingers of the last issue of semen. "Who's gonna do him, Ali?"

"Well, I think that Jeff should, don't you? You promised he would lose his cherry today, and he has been quite a good boy hasn't he?"

I was being spoken about without being spoken to; just how a new submissive should be, I thought. I was quite tired and my hands and face were covered with cum. Bizzarly, I was still fully dressed, but my cock that was so flaccid earlier had long since become a raging, throbbing erection. I knew what was to happen now and this did nothing to soften me; I was looking forward to becoming a true submissive for my wife and her lover. I would do whatever they asked of me. I would obey them completely and without question.

"Drop them!" came the order from Jade that I had been expecting. Immediately I complied and removed my trousers and underwear. My cock was standing out ramrod straight and slapping against by hairless belly. With Jade taking one arm and Alison the other, I was led towards the last waiting erection. I could hear the guy moaning and groaning in frustration from behind the wall and watched his cock throb and twitch as Jade slowly stroked her fingers along its length. I was relieved that it didn't look too huge for my first attempt and licked my lips tentatively as the girls turned be around so that I faced away from it. Jade stood in front of me and held my hands as I bent slightly towards her.

My wife was behind me, her hands on my buttocks spreading them and I shivered as I felt a cold creamy lotion dripped down the crack of my ass and then vigorously massaged into my anus. I looked up and into Jades eyes as Alison guided me backwards towards the waiting phallus. She smiled at me and winked. I screamed out as I felt the initial penetration. It was as if my ass was on fire, but there was no escape. Jade gripped my arms and Alison forced me further back. Another shooting pain as a further three or four inches sank into my asshole. God, he felt huge inside me, much bigger than he looked.

Alison was massaging and spreading me open and Jade had reached between my open legs and was gently stroking my own solid erection. This felt much better and as the unseen man began to move himself in and out of my butt, a glorious warm feeling descended over me. Jade and Alison could sense my acceptance now and both began fondling my cock and balls. Their hands and fingers moved in time with the man's thrusts and it was not long before I was about to cum for the second time that night. In fact both the man and I came at the same time. As he thrust deeply into me for the last time, his glans swelled inside my ass. My cock contracted quickly and I lost control. I cried out as my seed sprayed from the tip of my penis and into the girls waiting hands. As the guy came in my ass he thrust up into me time and time again, taunting me with his guttural tones.

"Ahhhh...yessss......take it my little slut..." he moaned at me. "Open your ass to me bitch-boy....let me tear you up with my cock...aaaahhhhhh....I'm cumming in your assssssss....."

He did try to tear me, I think. He shafted me so hear and fast I thought I would never be able to sit down again, and when he eventually pulled out of my abused hole, I felt the last drops of his hot cum splash onto my upturned buttocks where the jism was soundly slapped into my skin by Alison and Jade's hands.

All this happened only two weeks ago, but it seems like I have always been a slave to my Mistress and her lover. Jade has moved in with us now (or rather in with Alison) and the two of them occupy the master bedroom. I have been moved to the small guest bedroom. I am rarely allowed to wear clothes around the house and am duty bound to pleasure either of my Mistresses as and when they wish. This usually involves a long sensuous tongue bath of their clits, or a session of me using one of their many vibrators or dildo's to satisfy them. I have quit my job now and become a virtual full time slave.

They refer to me as "bitch-boy" most of the time and last week I was presented with my very own butt plug. I'm ordered to wear it constantly so that their friends or customers will have easy access to my back passage. It does seem to work too. Last week I was made available to a big black stud. Danny, apparently was not gay, but just curious to see if another man's ass would accommodate his eleven inches of meat. It was my pleasure to lay out on the floor of our lounge, face down and spread my own buttocks for his, Jade's and Alison's amusement. He commented how wide my ass looked when Jade removed the plug, but still used (for his own benefit more than for mine) a generous application of cool lubricant before stuffing his entire length into me. He thrust around for ages in my ass and I was beginning to think that perhaps I was now too loose and would displease him and therefore my Mistress also.

But I need not have worried. With a deep groan he yanked his huge black cock out of my bowel and, flipping my over thrust the fist six inches between my lips. Jade and Alison sat on either side of him and massaged his massive hanging balls until he released his semen over my face. He came and came, great bucketfuls of cum splashing my skin as he jerked his cock over my face and hair.

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