Bitten Ch. 01


The soft silk teased her nipples lightly as she moved. Lily tried to ignore the sensation as her chemise danced across her naked breasts and reminded her how she was feeling.

"I just don't like them," her Mother sniffed, looking out through the window, across the yard at the neighbours' house.

"You've never met them Momma," Lily chimed, "No one has."

"Exactly," she squinted, trying to see through the walls of the home opposite, "It's not right. It ain't neighbourly."

Lily couldn't be bothered to respond, it was difficult enough avoiding her arousal, and her mother's presence was giving her conflicting feelings now. The warm air made her skin sticky, and she could feel the silk clinging to her back. She'd awoken from a very vivid dream that had left her body aching for something real.

Lily stared longingly at her laptop, a stare her mother noticed as she finally turned from the window. That disapproving look on her face bore into Lily with an almost physical force.

"Don't let me keep you."

"Don't," Lily rolled her eyes and immediately regretted it.

"You're not even dressed," she scolded.

"I work night's momma," maybe the sigh was too much, "You forget that when you call in every morning."

"It's midday."

"It's morning for me."

"Fine. It's not like I pay your rent."

"Momma, please."

"I know when to leave," she sniffed, gathering up her purse and hat.

Lily wasn't upset as the door swung shut behind her. But she would have to call her later and feign an apology. That wasn't something to look forward to.

But there was something she could anticipate. Something wonderful. Something sensual. Something arousing.

She slipped on to the couch and put her feet up on the leather. Her naked thighs tingled as the cool material pressed into her flesh, while the warmth of the laptop embraced her as she settled it on herself.

She wasn't online.

She sighed and closed her eyes, focusing on the sensations throughout her body. Her nipples had been hard since she awoke, and she'd been trying to ignore the gentle throbbing insistence of her clitoris for over an hour. The silk chemise tickled her skin, heightening her arousal each and every time she moved -- even the gentle rise and fall of her breathing meant the material danced on her breasts.

The dream had been exquisite. Vivid. She had genuinely felt her tongue dancing lightly on her button, felt her hands slide under her and massage her pert buttocks, and heard her own moans escape her lips. It was those moans that had betrayed her and awoken her from the fantasy.

She longed for it all to be real.

Her laptop chimed and she opened her eyes eagerly,

The small window in the corner of the screen told her what she had wanted to know. Amy had logged on.

Lily felt herself lick her lips in anticipation. They were full and pouting, the blood already gathering in her erogenous zones. In the mirror she saw her blond locks cascading down her chest, tracing the shape of her bosom, framing those erect nipples trapped beneath the soft smooth silk.

She waited. She didn't want to be the first to type, but her fingers hovered on the keyboard ready to reply when needed.


Lily shifted, feeling the chemise ruffle up under her buttocks.

Still nothing.

But she wasn't going to type first. Not today.

The computer chirruped, and Amy said 'hello'.

Just then her avatar faded up next to the chat window, her big brown eyes staring at Lily with such seeming longing, her brown curls framing her full cheeks -- that mouth; pouting wantonly.

In her dream, that mouth had felt so wonderful on hers. She wasn't sure she would tell her about the dream though. For now, she simply replied with an equally mundane 'hello'.

"Did you put it on for me?" the screen asked.

Her fingers tapped away at the keys, telling Amy how her new chemise felt against her naked skin.

"Will you show me today?"

Lily stopped. Amy sometimes asked to have the webcam switched on, but never normally so soon. A part of Lily desperately wanted to turn it on for the first time ever, but another part urged caution.

"Maybe," she replied coyly.

"I hope so, I've been daydreaming about you all morning. I needed to play with myself in the shower earlier."

"Really?" Lily ran her tongue around her lips, and sighed out loud. The thought of Amy's body in a cascade of warm water was too much to ignore, and the image burnt deep in to her thoughts.

"Yes really. I came so hard I think I scared the cat."

A message popped up under the last line; the program informed Lily that Amy would like to view her webcam, and was asking her to Accept or Decline.

Lily caught her breath.

Amy had never been so insistent before. She only ever asked once each chat, and not again. Never had she initiated an actual request like this.

Her finger moved the mouse cursor over the Decline choice, but her clitoris began to sing loudly, and she shocked herself by quickly clicking Accept.

Excitement coursed through her body as she watched the window enlarge to accommodate the new video stream. An icon whirled and looped on the screen as she tried to calm herself down.

And then she was on the monitor, looking back at herself. Christ she looked horny. Her hair covered one eye, and her lips were so red she looked like she was wearing lipstick. The spaghetti thin strap of her peach chemise hung from her shapely shoulder, and Lily was amazed at how big her nipples looked poking through it.

She watched herself lick her lips.

A message appeared, "You look stunning."

"Thank you," she typed in response.

"No need for you to type now, I can hear you."

This startled Lily somewhat, and did nothing to dampen her arousal. "Okay," she whispered shyly.

She read the next message self-consciously, "How are you feeling?"

"Honestly?" Lily heard her own voice ask.

"Yes, always."

"Horny as fuck," Lily couldn't believe how forthright she was being. A part of her feared Amy wouldn't like her being so forward.

"Good," Amy typed, "Me too."

Lily closed her eyes for a moment and heard herself sigh again. The arrival of another message pulled them open.

"Thank you for turning it on sweetie," Amy had typed, "You can turn it off if you feel self-conscious. Just seeing you once is enough."

Lily said nothing, typed nothing. Instead, she licked her lips again and lifted a hand to her left breast. She watched herself cup it gently and massage its shape through the silk. The stiffness of her nipple was surprising, and she found it with her thumb and let Amy see her push it back in to the flesh of her pert tit. Then she pinched it through the material, and heard herself moan wantonly as she rolled it from side to side.

"How hard is it?" the screen asked.

"Very," she gasped breathlessly, unable to take her eyes off of herself. Her other hand joined in eagerly now, and together they squeezed and caressed her breasts. It felt delicious; being so wanton and whore-like for her online lover.

A chirrup made her eyes dart to the text box, and her lust rose as she read. "I wish I was there with you right now honey. So close you can feel my warm breath dancing on the soft skin of your cheek. Feel my hands on you now, massaging those curvaceous tits, feel the silk caressing them, feel my fingers find each nipple and pinch at it, feel my mouth press on to yours and kiss you eagerly. Feel my tongue dancing inside your mouth and tell me how this is making you feel right now."

"Amazing," she managed to gasp, "I'm so wet."

Lily couldn't believe her own mouth was betraying her like this. But she was wet. Wetter than she had ever been. Another long, very contented moan escaped her lips, and the noise vibrated down her spine and through her clit.

"Me too," Amy admitted in type, "But maybe we should calm down."

Lily flicked her hair free from her face before gently sliding a strap from her shoulder. She let it fall softly down her arm, and felt the air on her breast as the silk dropped away from her chest. On the screen, she watched herself push that silk to one side, and with the balls of two fingers, she massaged that aching nipple. She swore through a moan.

Then her fingers snaked around the shape of her breast, and she lifted it upwards, squeezing it with her digits and circling her rock hard nipple with her thumb.

The computer dinged to inform her of a new message, but she was too far gone to read it now. Her eyes were locked on the video of her own body, writhing with desire on the screen. She closed them, and focussed on the sensations instead.

Sinking down in to the couch, she opened her legs and let the laptop slip on to the cushion. This movement had pulled the chemise up her body, and she could feel herself exposed down there. Her hand snaked down and through her soft pubic hair, her middle finger pressed between her juicy lips. She had never felt so wet.

She opened her eye for a brief moment to make sure she was in frame, then let the darkness engulf her once more as she used two fingertips to circle and massage her throbbing clit. It was too much to suppress; the moans louder and more wanton now.

Amy's name danced with those gasped breathless exhales, and there was more swearing than normal. The juices made it easy to push her fingers deep inside, and she began to rock her hips, fucking herself with loud and whore-like abandon.

Lily came.

The orgasm swelled through her, making her body writhe and throb, as she swore to the heavens.

Slowly, she came down from the high, breathless and drenched in sweat. She finally opened her eyes to see her pussy pouting and glistening in the light from the screen. She sat up, and adjusted her chemise.

"One day," Amy typed, "We'll do that for real."

Lily smiled, but dared not hope.

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