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My first attempt at erotica so it may be a bit flawed. As an avid fan of World of Warcraft, I just decided to write this based on an idea that came to me. The two main characters are of my own creation, however, the setting and much of the background is from Warcraft. Those said elements are property of Blizzard Entertainment, not me.

Critique is welcome, as long as there are no rants about how "unrealistic" certain concepts of the story are. It's Sci-fi...of course it's unrealistic. Anyways, thanks for reading.

Damien and Kallia limped their way across the shattered landscape that was the Eastern Plaguelands. As they moved, Kallia had been bracing her arm around Damien's shoulder for support. The effects of the holy fire that had afflicted her an hour prior hadn't quite worn off yet, and she still needed the aid of her husband just to trek the miles of wasteland.

"Where are we-, agh!" Kallia began to speak before clutching her abdomen momentarily. One of the more severe burns had done moderate damage to her lower stomach and any quick movements amplified the pain there. "Where are we going?" she asked again. "We can't just wander aimlessly. Not with Scourge and Scarlet zealots scrambling about."

"Westward; I can't get into specifics but I know that we must head west to the Thondroril River to be out of this place. After that we go southward; the Hillsbrad Foothills is the closest region I can think of with relative safety from the Scourge," Damien replied.

Kallia breathed an exasperated sigh in response. "That's a lengthy trip, especially without mounts. But I suppose anything is better than remaining in this hellish place any longer," she said, hefting herself over a fallen log.

Damien nodded grimly, staring down at his bloodstained hands as he continued to support his wife's labored movements along the broken westward road. In his mind he didn't relish the trip that lay ahead of them, but she had certainly been right; he had seen enough of this barren place for one lifetime.

Damien had been a holy paladin of the zealous Scarlet Crusade for the past four years. He had formerly been an initiate of the order of the Silver Hand years before that; however, after the undead Scourge outbreak and the fall of the human kingdom of Lordaeron, he was forced to turn to the Scarlets because of their numbers...and their unfaltering hatred of the undead.

Only the day before had Damien realized just how cruel and barbaric the Crusade's methods were when his former master had declared Damien a heretic and attempted to slay him and his wife Kallia. Despite his years of pious devotion to that order of paladins, he could not stand idly by while his wife suffers and dies (again) at the hands of his ruthless master; thus, he was forced to kill him and several of his former compatriots.

The story was a bit more complicated than just that brief encounter however. Kallia was not entirely human...not an entirely living human anyway. For the past four years since Lordaeron's downfall to the ravenous undead, Damien had thought Kallia dead, and in truth, she had been. She had been slain by the undead hordes during the attempted evacuation of Lordaeron refugees. However, like so many other unfortunate souls, her body was raised and her will was bound to the icy service of the Lich King, the dark master of the undead Scourge. That was until her fateful encounter with her beloved husband two days prior.

Damien's master had dispatched him from their stronghold to use an attained scourge artifact to indoctrinate one of the Lich King's own agents for the purpose of gaining access to the scourge base of operations in the Plaguelands: Naxxramas. Little did Damien know that the one undead minion that he would encounter would evidently be his long lost beloved...his dear Kallia.

Their initial reunion was not a joyous one. Kallia's mind and soul were enslaved to the Lich King and thus she had no free will. She did not hesitate to attempt to kill Damien as soon as she saw him. However, Damien had an ace up his sleeve in the form of the artifact he had been given. Using its unnatural energy, he directed the power of the artifact at the twisted figure of his wife...and with success.

The outcome of using the weapon was one that Damien would never have expected to come to fruition. Kallia's free will and memory of her life had been returned to her. At that point, a tearful reunion unfolded between the two lovers; a reunion that fate had seen fit to rekindle. Damien's entire world was completely overturned after that; for years prior, he had sought utter vengeance against the undead for what they had done to his wife. And yet, here she was, clearly no longer human and clearly possessing the menacing appearance that all death knights are infamous for, but also having the very same aura of majestic kindness that she had once had in life.

Damien had never felt so rejuvenated in his entire life.

That was, until the eventual encounter with his master, who was less than pleased with Damien's lack of results from his mission. More than that, he was furious that Damien was now harboring a friendship with a death knight, regardless of the fact that it was his wife. He and his cohorts attempted to slay the two, beginning by attempting to burn Kallia with holy fire and exorcisms. The two eventually won the battle however, Damien himself personally ending the confrontation by beheading his former mentor.

And so here they were now, treading the broken wasteland that was their former homeland; avoiding not only the mindless undead, but now Damien's former Scarlet comrades. Kallia had sustained several burns from the duel with Damien's master, thus was the reason for her delayed movement. Damien was more than happy to aid her though, so long as she was by his side again.

After several more minutes of travel, Kallia suddenly motioned for him to halt momentarily. "Wait, I think the burns are healing finally. I think I can carry my own weight from here," she said, retracting herself from his shoulder to examine her pale skin and the charred wounds that were miraculously disappearing on their own. Damien could guess that it was some form of necromantic magic that was the source of the healing.

"If you say so," he said, peering into her face, captivated by her deep blue eyes; eyes that he never thought that he would have the privilege of looking into ever again.

Kallia looked back at him, meeting his watchful gaze, who abruptly turned away quickly. "Well in that case, you can go back to carrying me. I think my feet are getting tired anyway," she chuckled, her joyful laugh colored with a resonant, supernatural undertone.

Damien crossed his arms and smiled. "Getting tired, is that so? I wasn't aware you could feel physical stress being, well, what you are now," he candidly replied. The way that they joked to each other just then was as if there had never been years of war, famine and strife that they had endured. Now that they were together again, it was as if all of that took place in a different life and they were now picking up where they left off.

Kallia smiled and brushed a lock of her silky blonde hair out of her eye. She rubbed her arm and stared at her husband, biting her lip as if she wanted to say something but was hesitant to at first. "I've been feeling a lot of physical stress since seeing you again," she said before practically biting her tongue after the words left her mouth.

Damien's eyebrow rose and his mouth parted, not believing what he had heard for a second. He cleared his throat and quickly turned away, looking off to the road ahead of them as if to break the awkwardness of the moment. "It's getting late and it would be best if we made camp somewhere before continuing," he said, gulping and feeling the redness on his cheeks subsiding.

Kallia nodded quickly and her eyes darted around, she herself pretending to scan the landscape to escape awkwardness. "Well," she began, losing herself in his hazel eyes again, "We'd better get off the main road then. Scourge use these highways to ferry their troops anywhere between Stratholme and Andorhal."

He nodded in agreement, "Yes, and no doubt Tyr's Hand will dispatch troops to go after us when they learn what we've done to Brant and his men." He replied, his former grin frowning at remembrance of him killing his long-time mentor. As much as Brant deserved what happened to him, Damien certainly didn't relish in the victory of slaying a fellow paladin.

The two moved off the broken cobblestone road and began trekking along the more rugged terrain. As they walked, Kallia grew concerned when she noted the frown on his face and the serious tone of his voice. "He deserved it didn't he? I may not have known him, but from the anger that I saw on your face when you killed him...he mustn't have been a mentor worth keeping," she said.

Damien shook his head, "His methods were far too reckless. He didn't hesitate to kill innocents if doing so would destroy undead in the process. That's not the paladin way," he explained with distaste. "Still though, part of me sympathized with him. He lost his whole family when the Scourge broke out. But, that doesn't excuse the atrocities he committed for the sake of 'victory.' The Scourge certainly don't deserve mercy, but if we start becoming what they are, then what the hell is the point?"

Kallia said nothing; the comment he made about the scourge not deserving mercy made her cringe slightly. She knew that she was no longer scourge; her possession of free will was evidence enough of that. But when she peered down at her pale white skin, macabre armor and sheathed runeblade; realization of what she actually was hit her deep.

She suddenly gripped his muscled arm with her gauntlet, causing him to jerk to a halt. He looked up at her questioningly and was met with a sorrowful glance in those deep azure orbs.

"Damien, I want you to be completely honest; what do you really think of me now?" she asked.

Damien's brow furrowed. "You are who you've always been, Kallia. I can hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes. I know the woman who I married, and it'll take more than a runeblade and some Scourge armor to make me forget that," he replied, his voice filled with absolute certainty.

She shook her head. "But how can it really be that easy for you? You're a paladin; and no one despises undead more than a paladin. What compelled you to just embrace a death knight with open arms?"

His tone grew a bit more serious at this. "You didn't choose to be a death knight. It happened against your will. And besides, that's not who you are anymore, just as I'm evidently no longer a paladin."

"I wish it were that simple Damien. I may have my free will back and the haunting voice of the Lich King may not be rattling my skull anymore, but I still feel as cold as I have been since I...died. I am physically something different now, and wishful thinking isn't going to change that. What happens to me now? What place is there in this world for someone, something like me?"

Words alone could not answer that question, Damien thought. Without saying a thing, he approached her and, without a second's hesitation, slid his hands behind her. Drawing her slender yet powerful figure gently toward him, Damien brought his face close to hers. If Kallia biologically had a beating heart, it was on overdrive at the moment, particularly when their noses briefly touched. Her pale cheeks flared with a blue tone as she felt Damien's strong hand snake around her waist, pulling her into the coming kiss. He hesitated a moment, staring into her eyes with a fire...a wanting, that she recognized from so long ago. Then, the intimate embrace culminated in Damien's lips locking onto hers with passionate vigor.

She moaned into the kiss, instinctively running her hands through the curly brown tresses of his hair. Her heightened hearing picked up Damien's quickened heartbeat even through his breastplate. Their lips danced together in perfect synchronization, occasionally retreating to let each other breath for a moment before mashing back together with unbridled passion.

After several more moments, they pulled back from the kiss, both of their chests rising and falling in deep strokes. They looked back at each other with unmistakable hunger in their eyes; their forgotten desires for each other having resurfaced from their intimate connection. She was still pressed up against him, her arms hooked around the back of his neck while his hands lingered on her upper back. Then, Damien broke the gaze by lowering his lips down to where her pale skin met with her black armor chestplate, and kissed at her exposed collarbone.

Kallia's mouth drew open but no sound came out. She shuddered quickly from her husband's gentle stimulations and suddenly grew pleasantly shocked when she felt her most intimate of areas grow moist from the treatment. Given her...affliction, Kallia didn't think that her undead body could even become aroused. Yet she could feel the growing arousal overtake her and serene inner warmth resonate through her body.

Damien alternated between kissing her collarbone to gently nipping at her neck; Kallia continued to vocally react to this, her moans amplified by the supernatural tone of her voice. She glanced down to where their bodies were intimately pressed against each other and her eyes were drawn to the area between his legs. The object of her curiosity was hidden from her view because of his plate leggings, much to her disappointment. However, she could imagine him growing stiff and erect as he gently teased her pale, delicate skin. The thought alone sent her head swimming in a haze of euphoria.

He brought his head up to come face to face with her again; a loving smile dotting his features as his eyes honed in on hers. Damien's chestplate was pressed to hers; thus was the extent of how close they were to each other. Kallia reached her hand down to intertwine her slender fingers in his, resting her head on his shoulder. He stroked her blond hair, cradling her head in his hands as Kallia brought her lips near his ear and said the first words that had been spoken in some time.

"We've got four years to make up for," she whispered into his ear. Bringing her head back, she prepared to move in for another impassioned kiss with him before...

An ear-piercing shriek broke their isolated moment of passion. Both darting their heads up into the sky, they spotted a grey, winged figure passing overhead. It was a gargoyle, an undead scout in service to the Lich King. Both Damien and Kallia ducked their heads down and made for the hilts of their respective swords, each expecting confrontation. Fortunately, the gargoyle didn't take notice of their presence, instead continuing north in the direction of Naxxramas, likely having been called back to the unholy fortress by its Scourge masters.

Damien let out sigh of relief and sheathed his greatsword again, laughing under his breath momentarily. "Close one, agreed?" he asked her.

Kallia nodded, letting out a slight grin of her own. Only after almost being detected by a servant of the enemy did they realize how reckless they had just been; sensually caressing each other right out in the open within occupied scourge territory. Kallia brushed her hair away from her face and smoothed out her armor plate in an attempt to make herself look more serious. Damien too cleared his throat and scanned the area for enemies...or at least pretended to. When their gazes met again, Kallia made a motion of her head to keep moving south along the rugged terrain in order to find a more secluded place to set up camp, and, they both subconsciously knew, to continue what they had just been doing moments ago.

They nodded to each other, both of them trying to keep their faces as serious as they could. They continued moving, Kallia going in a quickened pace while Damien trailed closely behind her. Despite her attempts to maintain her composure and keep her wits about her lest they be unexpectedly ambushed by Scarlets or Scourge, she couldn't help but blush at thinking back to the intimacy that they had just experienced.

During their marriage, before Kallia's "death," Damien and Kallia had been frequent, lively love-makers. Even through hardship and separation due to Damien's service as a paladin, the two seemed to never lose emotional or physical attraction to each other. And regardless of the mood between the two, happy or sad, the end result was almost always the same: tender, blissful coupling within their large feather bed.

It had felt so long, like a lifetime ago, since they had exchanged such passion with each other. Sure, she had briefly thought about it when she was watching over his unconscious form within the underbrush, after he had used Brant's artifact on her. But now however, these thoughts of intimacy and fornication with her husband were running rampant through her mind. The more she thought about it as she trekked, the more she also began to realize that she would not settle for just a kiss this time, she was planning on reliving the entire experience the way she remembered it.

After a rather anxious, impatient trek southward, both of their eyes suddenly lit up as they took note of a small cave mouth securely tucked away within the southern hills of the wasteland. Drawing their weapons, they eagerly made for the cave entrance, prepared for whatever undead or corrupted beasts had taken refuge within already. Despite the slight darkness, Kallia's heightened senses and Damien's natural ability as a paladin to detect undead lit their way easy enough. As soon as they stepped inside, they could both see the back end of the cave right from the entrance, which was a welcome reassurance, as the world of Azeroth was known for having caves that could stretch on for miles.

After they surveyed the small yet accommodating alcove that they had discovered, they quickly surmised that no other creatures were currently dwelling there. They lowered their guards but kept their swords handy in the event that they were discovered. Damien collected himself and moved to the back wall of the cave, setting down his greatsword against it so that it could be easily obtained if he needed it. Rising back to his feet again, he turned to Kallia and began to speak.

"We should be safe here for a few hours but maybe we should-," he began before he was abruptly caught off guard by the form of Kallia practically plummeting into him and pressing him against the back wall. He almost cried out in surprise but was cut off when a familiar set of lips found his and fused them together in an unbreakable mouth to mouth embrace. This time, their feverous kiss was enhanced by Kallia diligently slipping her tongue into his mouth.

"Mmm," Damien moaned into Kallia's mouth as his tongue found hers and wrestled with it. After only seconds into the kiss, Damien could already feel a certain part of him rising to full attention within his leggings. After what seemed like an eternity, they withdrew from the intense kiss, a thin strand of saliva stretching between their open mouths as they pulled away.

"By...the...light," Damien gasped, trying to catch his breath, "Amazing," he continued, wrapping his arms around her.

She was smiling from ear to ear in response, her captivating blue eyes resonating through the cave. "I'm just getting started my love; as I recall, we once had quite a few midnight trysts. I'm hoping that we could spend some time...recollecting those fond memories," she playfully hissed into his ear before gently nibbling on his earlobe, simultaneously caressing the back of his neck with the fingertips of her gauntlets, making his neck-hairs stand up on end. "That's assuming, of course, that this proud paladin has no problem with frolicking with an undead?" she asked grinning.

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