Black Cat


"What... what would you like to try?" Margaret said, equally breathlessly.

Cathryn's throat had gone dry. She no longer knew what to say or do. She was horrified at he position she found herself in, yet incredibly aroused. The cat told her what to say and she merely repeated it to Margaret, without really comprehending what she was saying.

"I would like to try anything that you would like me to try."

Margaret stood, open-mouthed for a few seconds, and then slowly sank to her knees in front of Cathryn. She took her eyes from Cathryn's and looked straight at her pubic triangle. Cathryn watched as though her body wasn't her own – until she felt Margaret's breath, followed by her hands sliding round to caress and hold her buttocks. Margaret then swiftly flicked her tongue across Cathryn's clitoris.

She couldn't prevent herself from emitting a loud moan, at which Margaret began press harder with her tongue, sliding along the length of her pussy lips. Her tongue slid back to the engorged clitoris, which she then began sucking and nibbling. The tongue slid back over the vagina lips and then with increased pressure began to enter.

Margaret must have sense that she was still a virgin and didn't push her tongue in too hard. It was enough though and Cathryn had to hang onto hooks at either side of the cubicle in order to prevent her knees buckling as she came. And she did come, violently, and without the ability to cover her mouth she was unable to prevent the sounds of ecstasy from being yelled out, "Yes. Yes. Oh yes. I'm coming. Ohhhh....."

When Cathryn opened her eyes again, Margaret was still kneeling in front of her, smiling. Lipstick was smeared around her mouth, mixed with Cathryn's juices. She looked like a grateful puppy, looking up at her mistress. Cathryn wasn't sure what to do next. She was still turned-on (she understood what that phrase meant now), but she wasn't sure how to act.

"Well, she licked your cunt until you came. Now you have to do the same for her," said the cat, helpfully. "Undress her. Everything. Every stitch. Get the bitch completely naked and then give her the best orgasm of her miserable life!"

Cathryn pulled Margaret up off of the cubicle floor, pushed her against the wall and the kissed her, as she had kissed Tom the night before. Leaving Margaret gasping for breath, she then swiftly undid her blouse and bra and removed them. To her surprise, when she removed Margaret's skirt, she discovered that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

"Oh very nice. Leave them on, but rip the knickers off."

Cathryn wasn't sure; they looked expensive.


She grabbed both sides of the lacy panties and ripped first one side, then the other, before pulling the material up and out from between Margaret's legs.

Margaret came! The eroticism of going down on Cathryn, of being undressed by her and then having her matching panties dragged across her soaking pussy and clitoris was too much. Cathryn understood that she had orgasmed, but wondered if she should now stop.

"Do it. Go down on her. Give her head. Finger fuck her while you tongue her."

Cathryn was beyond resistance. She knelt and looked at Margaret's hairless pussy. She had never seen anything like it. It was red, puffy, and slick with excretions and the vaginal hole was gaping at her. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating.

"Two fingers. Straight in. She'll enjoy that!"

Cathryn pushed her index and middle fingers in right up to the knuckle. Margaret gasped and slid sideways across the wall. She collapsed on the chair in the corner, legs apart, still with Cathryn's fingers inside her.

"She took that too easily! Push the other two fingers in, and start sucking on her clit".

Cathryn looked at the cunt in front of her. The two fingers did, indeed, seem to have gone in easily. As she finger fucked Margaret, she slipped her third finger in as well. Slipping the fourth finger in was a bit tight, but by now Margaret had her legs spread as wide as they could go and was making what sounded like animal noises.

Cathryn took a deep breath and opened her mouth, planting it firmly over Margaret's clitoral area. She had to fight with her fingers for room to do what she wanted, but she sucked and sucked and licked and licked. Margaret started to come again. She grabbed Cathryn's hair and pulled her closer. Cathryn had to remove her fingers as Margaret was now rubbing her face over the whole area. Cathryn was almost drowning by the time that Margaret let go of her head.

Completely exhausted, they both stood up and gazed at each other. Margaret stepped forward and began kissing Cathryn.

"I can taste me on you,." she smiled. "We'd better go through here and wash quickly. I haven't got much time left before I have to open the shop again."

Once Margaret had unlocked the door again, she continued to serve Cathryn for some time. Apart from the evening dress, she also bought two blouses, three skirts, two everyday dresses, a pair of trousers, four sets of underwear – including suspenders at Margaret's insistence and a selection of stockings in different shades.


Chapter 7

Cathryn felt too ashamed and embarrassed to go to church the next morning. To make matters worse, her period started just after she got out of bed. This Sunday was not a good one.

Monday morning dawned and she got ready for work, dressed in her usually staid apparel. She dreaded the thought of going into work, because she would have to face Tom. However, shortly after arriving, she was told that Tom had been called - at short notice - to visit the company's HQ in Switzerland. Nobody was sure when he would be back.

The rest of the week seemed to go – for her - fairly normally, ending with a rush to get things finished by 5pm on Friday. She didn't, in fact it took a further ninety minutes before she could get away.

Arriving home Cathryn started the washing machine and then ran herself a deep bath. She lay in the soapy water for almost an hour before it became to cool to remain in the tub. She got out and towelled herself down. Taking the baby oil from the shelf she rubbed it into her arms and legs, then breasts, stomach and bottom. She tried not to dwell on these areas for too long, lest she start to become aroused again.

She finished the washing and ironing, cooked herself a simple meal and then went to bed early. She fell asleep quickly.

Cathryn awoke sweating. The bed covers had been thrown off and her nightdress was around her waist. Her hand was between her legs and she felt out of breath. It was only when she tried to move her hand that she became aware that her finger wash pushed fully into her vagina and that her hand was moist.

She had been masturbating in her sleep. She had wanked herself. Had she orgasmed? Yes she must have. But what had she been dreaming about that made her lose control in such a way?

She slept only fitfully for the rest of the night and eventually got up at about 6am. She breakfasted and then switched on the TV to try and occupy her mind.


Chapter 8

The doorbell rang. She crossed to the doorway and pressed the intercom button. "Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me, Tom. Can I come in? I want to explain and apologise."

She was confused. Why would he want to apologise? She said ,"Oh, OK." And then pushed the button to release the entrance door. She was still puzzling why he had come and how he had got hold of her address, when he arrived at her doorway.

He saw her standing in her bathrobe and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. You aren't up yet. Shall I come back later?"

"No, no you're here now. Come on in." Fortunately, she had put some make-up on earlier, but was now acutely aware of the fact that she was naked beneath her bathrobe. "Can I get you a coffee?"

"I'd love one. I need some caffeine to keep me awake. I've had a mad week!"

She told him to sit on the sofa and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. She thought that she should go and get dressed while it boiled, but the cat told her not to bother, as Tom had already seen her in her robe. What was the point of shutting the door after the horse has bolted? She was still trying to understand the cat's meaning as she walked back into the lounge with the coffees. She cleared her throat before asking, "So, how did you get my address?"

"Ah. Yeah, Sorry about that." He gave a rueful smile and continued, "I arrived back at the office late last night and as I walked past your desk I noticed that you had left your telephone bill propped by your phone. I assumed that you wanted to make sure that you paid it on Monday, but, of course, it had your address on. I simply couldn't wait until Monday to see you and, well, explain."

"Go on," said Cathryn.

"Well, on Friday, when we got to the restaurant, I switched my mobile off. I completely forgot about it until I got home that night." He continued, "When I switched it back on there was an urgent message from Zurich. They wanted me to fly out to HQ early on Saturday morning.

"I had to get up at 4am to get packed and get to the airport for the 7am flight. I was met at the other end and whisked to HQ in a chauffer-driven limo. When I got there I was taken straight up to the boardroom."

He opened his eyes wide in emphasis, "You wouldn't believe how many people were in there! And all of them faces that you would recognise from the Annual Report! Anyway, it turns out that they were absolutely delighted with the deal we just clinched. The big man himself told me that they had been keeping tabs on how the negotiations had been going and had been impressed with my performance."

Grinning, he said, "They told me that they had been keeping an eye on me for some time and that this deal had proven their suspicions correct – that I was a high-flyer (not his words exactly, but its what he meant). They told me that I was being promoted to Associate Director with immediate effect!"

"Wow," said Cathryn.

"And although they wanted me to stay on top of the new account for the next six months, they would like me to consider taking on the management of a completely new arm of the company – with the possibility that I might eventually become a full Director!"

He looked proud of himself, "You wouldn't think it could get any better than that would you? But it did! One of the board (who didn't speak very good English) was struggling to ask a question and turned to one of the others to ask for the translation of a German word. Without thinking, I answered his question – in German.

"There was a sudden shuffling of papers as they all seemed to be searching through folders that they had in front of them. He said (in German) 'I didn't realise that you could speak German, Tom!' I told him that I had completed a Beginners and then an Intermediate language course and that I was currently doing an Advanced course.

"After that, everything was a whirl. They took me round the whole of the Company in Switzerland, introducing me to all of the big cheeses and holding me up as the model employee. After that it became a 'social' whirl and I was being invited to all of the Director's houses for lunch or dinner.

"By the time I had a chance to think and time to make any phone calls, I figured that you would probably be upset with me for not contacting you sooner. I figured it would be better to see you personally to explain."

"Oh, wow! That's marvellous. You must be so thrilled, but you deserve it. You spent a lot of time and effort bringing that deal in. I'm not surprised that they are giving you such a big pat on the back. And as for speaking German – I had no idea that you had been doing courses!"

"Yeah, for about a year now. I didn't want to tell anybody in the office in case they thought that I was sucking up."

"But weren't you really nervous, sitting in the boardroom with all those people?"

"A bit. But only a bit. You see; I have never in my life had an experience such as last Friday with you. I was on such a high afterwards that it made me feel like a King. When I shook hands with those people I felt as though I was an equal. It was amazing!

"Anyway, I wanted to thank you (as well as apologise and explain) and that's why I bought you this."

Cathryn hadn't even noticed the box sitting behind him on the sofa. He handed it to her and said, "This is to say 'thank you' for such a wonderful evening and for giving me the confidence to rub shoulders with the great and mighty.

"Go on then, open it. I hope you like it."

Cathryn pulled the lid off of the box and then pushed the tissue paper aside, before picking up the garment inside and holding it up to look at. It was a beautiful silk dressing gown in burgundy, decorated with delicate hand sewn flowers.

"Oh Tom! It's beautiful! But it must have cost a fortune, you shouldn't have!"

"A modest raise, coupled with share options means that I can afford it. And besides, I really think you deserve something as pretty as this."

"Oh, but it really is beautiful. I've never owned anything like it in my life. How can I ever thank you?"

"Tell you what Cat, why don't you go and try it on for me. See how it looks. That will be reward enough," he said, with a boyish grin.

As she walked away, Cathryn thought about his use of the name 'Cat'. She had never, ever been called that before, but she thought she liked it. She wasn't sure what Tom had in mind by asking her to try the gown on. She assumed that he meant that he would like to see it. But did he have something else on his mind? "Only one way to find out," she thought naughtily.

She closed the bedroom door behind her and threw her bathrobe onto the bed. She held the silk dressing gown up to get a better look at it. With the window behind, it wasn't exactly transparent, but it was so fine that she began to wonder if it might be a bit too revealing. She put it on and tied the contrasting belt around her waist. She moved in front of the mirror. It looked beautiful in her hands, but on her body the effect was stunning and as she moved the silk brushed across her skin sensuously.

The neckline was wide and, as a consequence, revealed quite a lot of cleavage. She opened the bedroom door again and walked out in front of Tom. Cathryn didn't realise that the gown was making her walk seductively, but Tom had certainly noticed. She could see that the bulge was back at the front of his trousers again, although he was trying to hide it with his arm across his lap.

"Well, what do you think? Does it suit me?" she asked, then pirouetted on the spot.

The effect on Tom was dramatic. His mouth opened, yet he appeared to have lost the ability to speak – or move. His face began to look strained as his arms fell loosely by his sides, revealing a massive bulge in the front of his trousers that were stretching and threatening to burst.

"Oh my goodness!" she said. "Did I cause that? I'm ever so sorry."

"Ask him if he would like you to release that monster," said the cat.

"That must be hurting you so much. Would it help if I released the tension? Would you like me to unzip you?"

"Yes please," he groaned.

So, she knelt down in front of him and pulled down his flies. It seemed only natural to release his belt and the button at the top of his trousers. After all, these would still be restricting him. She moved his shirt up out of the way and stared as the seemingly enormous object in front of her throbbed beneath the material of his pants. He wasn't wearing boxer shorts as she had expected, but they weren't Y-fronts or slips either.

The cat told her what to say next.

"Would you like me to get it out?" she asked.

"Oh, yes please."

She wasn't quite sure how to achieve this, as the material was really pulled tight, but she managed to slip her fingertips under the side and gently ease the head of his penis out into the open. Most of his rock hard cock followed and the pants became looser allowing her to ease them carefully over his testicles. It was at that point that she realised that he was wearing a thong! She had never even imagined that men wore them. Let alone somebody that she knew!

"What would you like me to do now?" she absent-mindedly asked the cat, but Tom answered instead.

"Anything you like. Its yours to do with as you wish," he whispered.

She took hold of it and marvelled at the veins upon it, at its smoothness and hardness. She looked at the head which was so, so shiny and she touched it with her fingertip. He gasped out loud and his cock jerked.

"You liked that didn't you?" she said smiling – and did it again, and again. The reaction was the same each time.

But the cat was growing impatient. "Stop teasing the poor bastard and start rubbing him!"

So she did, looking interestedly at the way the skin moved beneath her hand and fingers.

"Ask him if he wants a blowjob!" Cathryn wasn't entirely sure what this meant, but she had a rough idea.

"You'd like me to give you a blowjob, wouldn't you?"

Tom didn't answer straight away, but after a few seconds gasped, "Yessss."

Cathryn hadn't a clue how to proceed.

"Kiss the tip," said the cat. She did so.

"Now take your tongue and lick all the way up his shaft from the base to the tip".

As she licked, Tom's back arched in ecstasy. She reached the head and found that as she did so, she got some stickiness on her tongue, which seemed to have oozed from the hole at the top. It was warm and salty, but not entirely unpleasant.

She wondered what would happen if she poked her tongue into the 'eye' of Tom's penis, so she did. Her actions had an immediate impact on Tom.

"Oh, you wicked, wicked girl. What are you doing to me? Suck me now! Please! I need to come!"

Cathryn was surprised at his outburst, but decided to use her initiative and, opening her mouth, placed it on the head of Tom's cock. Tom roughly grabbed the back of her head and shoved her mouth further down onto his shaft. The head hit the back of her throat and she started to gag, but just at that moment Tom's penis exploded.

He let go of her head a little, so that she was no longer in danger of choking, but continued rubbing his cock as he spurted his come into her mouth. So much fluid was washing over her tongue that, having been relieved of suffocation; she was now in danger of drowning. She had no choice but to swallow, and swallow, until Tom finally withdrew his dripping lump of meat from between her lips. A last tiny spurt dribbled down her chin and she caught it on her fingers. Without thinking, she licked it off.

Tom was staring in amazement.

"Where on earth did you learn to do that? I mean; you're still a virgin aren't you? But you're doing things that a bloke would only expect from somebody with a lot of experience."

Cathryn just shrugged. She didn't know what to say. What could she say?

"Well," said cat. "Its your turn now. And I suggest that you be as forceful as he was just then".

Tom was sitting exhausted; his cock slumped, leaking, on top of his black thong. His eyes didn't seem to be focussed very well and he had slumped down until he was almost in a prone position. Cathryn stood, pushed the robe to either side of her legs and swiftly sat astride his head. She took it gently between her hands before ramming his mouth hard against her pussy.

"Eat me!" she demanded. "Lick me out. Make me come as well!"

Tom did his best. It was difficult though, as Cathryn in her passion kept smothering him. When she finally came, she almost held his head for too long and he nearly passed out. Releasing him to let his head fall back upon the cushion, she saw that his whole face was smothered with her excretions.

The cat laughed with glee, "Now kiss him. Taste your own juices on him."

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