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Black Coffee In Bed


Wow! Look at her!

She was stunning. There were no other words to describe the gorgeous black woman that was striding across the lawn towards me. Her slim hips moved gently in the faded Lee jeans and her heavy breasts bobbed beneath the silk shirt. She held her sandals in one hand and a computer bag in the other.

“Excuse me. Are you Greg?”

I was so surprised that she had spoken to me that it took my brain a few moments to process the words. “Uh, er, yes.”

“Great! My name is Simona, Simona Anders. You called for computer help?”

“Oh!” Now my brain kicked into gear. I had made a call to the Student Union earlier, asking if they knew of someone that could help me learn Excel and Access. Their recommendation had been Anders Computer Services and I called, got an answering machine and left a message. Someone called back to say that one of the associates would meet me outside my PoliSci 101 class at 11:00am. And here she was, a gorgeous chunk of tasty milk chocolate.

“Yes, I did.” I smiled, wondering if she could tell how nervous I was. “I need to learn Excel and Access.”

“Any particular time schedule?”

“Not really. Just before this year end.”

“Well, that gives us some time.” Simona smiled at me and I gasped at the beauty of her white teeth against that dark skin. “Are you hungry?”

“Always!” I laughed and she did, too.

“Good. Why don’t we hit Maxie’s and start a lesson plan for you?”

Pass up lunch with this beautiful creature? You must be kidding!!! “Sure!”

Over club sandwiches and cold beer, we talked. She turned out to be one of the most interesting girls I’d ever met. I loved hearing her voice and watching her animated face. And she had the loveliest hands, short, manicured nails and thick, muscled fingers, no doubt from working on the computer. Our conversation flowed easily from software to music to student activities and I loved that she was so knowledgable. We finished the meal with slices of strawberry-laced cheesecake and black Colombian coffee.

“Mmm.” I sighed, setting my mug down. “I love black coffee.”

“Oh, yeah?”

We both laughed. I didn’t realize what I’d said and certainly didn’t think of how it might be interpreted. “Simona, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but are you busy tonight?”

She laughed. “Greg, you must be desperate if you’re hitting on a computer geek!”

“You’re not a ‘geek’ by any stretch of the imagination, Simona. My roommate’s a Theatre major and he gave me tickets to tonight’s performance. I thought that if you weren’t busy, you’d like to join me.”

Simona closed her laptop, stowing it carefully in her bag. “I’ve always wanted to see Les Miserables.”

“Then it’s a date?” I watched the war going on in her face, wondering why it was such a problem for her. “You can say no, Simona.”

“I don’t want to say no, Greg.” I didn’t expect to see the tears in her eyes. “It just that … “


“It’s been a long time since I was asked on a date.”

“Are you kidding? A knockout like you?” When she didn’t respond to my attempt at humor, I moved in close and whispered, “How long has it been?”

“Almost three years.” She laughed shakily. “I guess when I came to college and fell in love with computers, everything else was secondary.”

“So how about it?” I boldly stroked her hand, loving the feeling of her silken skin under my fingertips. “We can have dinner after … “



We parted with a hug and I felt like an Olympic runner as I sprinted to my house. I spent the next hour going through every article of clothing that I owned, trying to find a perfect outfit. My roommate, John, came in and stood in the doorway, laughing his ass off.

“A date?” I nodded and he laughed even harder, putting an arm around my shoulders. “Come and check out my closet. We both know how much you’ve shopped these last few years.”

I hated him at that moment, but he was right. My extra money had been spent on the one gigabyte tower in the corner of my room and its accessories: larger hard drive, lighted keyboard, plasma monitor … I guess that was why I clicked so well with Simona. I had always had plenty of girlfriends in high school. My Swedish white-blond hair and blue eyes coupled with a soccer player’s physique had taken care of that. But my love affair with college had killed my dating. Between language labs and research papers, I had no time.

“Okay. How do I look?” John gave me a thumbs-up and I sighed in relief.

“She must be something for you to take this much trouble to get all ‘gussied up’.” While I laughed, John hefted his bag. “I’ve got to get going. Will you bring her backstage?”

“Sure.” I rubbed my chin, pretending to be a Rodin statue. “That is, is she’s not scared off because of my duds!”

“My friend,” He laughed, closing the door. “You are a dud!”

I had nearly two hours to wait and I spent the last hour in front of a fan, desperately trying to make sure that I didn’t soak the armpits of my dusty blue buttondown. I was so nervous! Finally, I locked up and made my way to Groton Hall, her dorm and stumbled into the reception area as I saw her waiting.

If I had thought that she was beautiful before, I was convinced now. Thick, waves of luxuriant black hair framed her soft face, the eyes dramatically accented and her lips some shade of coral. The color matched her frock, a dressmaker’s dream of brushed silk that slid alluringly over her hidden curves and rested on her graceful shoulders with spaghetti straps. She clutched a light gauzy wrap in her hands along with a gold pillbox purse and looked up at me with fearful eyes.

“Wow.” It was the only word I could breathe as I moved to her side. She arose and I saw tears brimming in her lovely eyes.

“Thank you.”

I kissed her cheek, hesitating a moment to savor the warmth of her skin and the scent she was wearing, an exotic mixture of floral and spicy tones that sent chills traveling over my flesh. “You are absolutely lovely, Simona.” I pulled back to look into her eyes. “I am completely speechless.”

“Greg, you don’t have to … “

“Don’t have to what? Speak the truth?” I cupped her chin and turned her face back to mine. “I can’t believe that you’re my date!” She smiled and I handed her the carnation I’d bought at the store. “Sorry it isn’t more. I’m still waiting for a check from my parents.”

“You don’t have to apologize, Greg. This means more to me than dozens of roses.”

“Good.” I stood up, offering my hand. “Now, I suggest we get going before someone grabs our seats.”

I helped her pull the wrap around those beautiful shoulders, resisting the urge to drop a kiss on her soft nape and we enjoyed the cool spring evening as we walked to the McIntosh Theatre Building. I silently promised to kiss John when I found that our seats were in the third row, center and we settled in for what was a wonderful production. I watched Simona’s face out of the corner of my eye and my heart quivered at the emotion I saw her express. Confusion, fear, love, sadness. I had seen Les Miz before but it was as if I was seeing it for the first time, through her eyes.

When the lights came up and the cast took bows, she leapt up, giving a teary standing ovation, clapping madly. “Come on.” I grabbed her hand. “Let’s go see my roomie.”

We made a brief stop at the ladies’ restroom so that she could freshen up and headed to the backstage area. John welcomed me with a bear hug and a smile, then peeked over my shoulder to see my sweet Simona.

“Is this the lady?”

“It is indeed. John Gardner, meet Simona Anders, computer whiz extraordinaire. Simona, meet my roommate, John.”

I watch John’s reaction as she thrust a hand forward to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Same here.” He grinned. “Boy, Greg, you weren’t kidding when you said that she was beautiful. The only question is why’s she with you?”

We laughed and the breath froze in my throat at the brilliance of her smile. “I’m hoping he has a big cock.”

John brayed with laughter and gathered her in a brotherly hug. “I like you, Simona.” He kissed her cheek. “Come on. I’ve got Cabo in my dressing room.”

The three of us went to John’s dressing room, one that he shared with two other guys: Andy Park who played Javert and Paul Johanssen who had played Marius. While I helped John pour the iced tequila, I watched Simona talk with the actors, gushing over their performances and talking about John’s portrayal of Valjean and a strange feeling burbled in my chest. It was pride. She had stepped up to the plate and had left ‘geekdom’ behind.

“Here, baby.” I slipped the shot glass into her hand, letting my fingers linger as they stroked her chocolate skin. She noticed and moved her body closer to me.

“What should we toast to?” She said breathily.

“To my being an idiot.” I clinked my glass with hers. “Otherwise, I would never have met you.”

We gazed into each other’s eyes for a mesmerizing moment, then tossed the liquor back, following with a slice of sugared lemon. Simona surprised me by pulling me forward for a kiss whose passion sucked the breath out of my lungs. My cock swelled in the tight confines of my Dockers, then twitched as her hand gave it a quick, but gentle squeeze.

“Mmm.” She whispered. “Guess I don’t have to hope any more.”

We did another couple of shots with John before Anders suggested that we go to a cast party that was being held at his friend’s house. Simona and I went outside in the cool night to have a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. My arms went around her waist and I pulled her back against me, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck. She hummed in appreciation.

“This has been the best night of my life.”

“Is it over already?” I asked, pulling her tighter against me.

“No, not at all.” Simona turned in my arms. “Atleast I hope not.”

“Not by a long shot.” My mouth swooped down on hers and I crushed her luscious body against mine, devouring, wanting to become part of her.

She shuddered, moving closer, looping her arms around my neck, sucking my tongue into her mouth. “Oh, Greg.”

“We don’t have to go to this party, you know.” I bent to kiss her again, getting lost in the softness of her lips and the dance of her tongue against mine. “I can have my black coffee in bed.” Something in what I’d said iced the atmosphere. She ended the kiss, taking a step back from me, her eyes questioning.

“I know.” Her response was quiet and I felt some kind of wall rise between us. I wondered what the problem was. I never got to ask because just then, John, Andy and Paul showed up and we went on to the party. And when I thought about asking her again, she had disappeared.


I didn’t have her address or phone number so I couldn’t call her the next day and when I called Anders Computer Services, a nice voice that wasn’t hers said that she wasn’t in. I left a message, doubting that she would return it. I was scheduled to have a lesson with her on Wednesday and wondered if she would show for it.

For the next four days, I went to classes in a fog, wondering what went wrong and the nights fantasizing about her supple brown skin and the curve of her tantalizing neck. When Wednesday arrived, I was at the library a full hour early and sat with my back to the entrance so she wouldn’t see how nervous I was about seeing her again.

“Hi, Greg.”

I looked up into her uncertain eyes, my gaze sliding down to those delectable lips. “Hello, Simona.”

She slid into the chair, setting her backpack and computer bag on the table. “Are you mad at me?”

“Gee, Simona, no, I guess it’s okay to disappear on a date!” I hissed, trying to maintain my composure. “Naw, I’m as pleased as punch to see you!”

Simona was quiet for a long moment. “I’m sorry, Greg.” Neither of us spoke for long uncomfortable moments, then she stood. “If you’re still interested in learning the software, I’ll have Christine give you a call and you can arrange a meeting with her.”

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna leave with no explanation?” She hung her head in silence. “I think I MU deserve that!” When she didn’t respond, he quietly continued, grabbing her hand. “We were having such a good time, weren’t we?”

Her tears were a soft accompaniment to her whisper. “Yes.” She sniffed. “It was too good to be true.”

Her choice of words struck me. Too good to be true? I stood up and grabbed her hand. “Come with me.” She balked at first but I forced her to meet my eyes. “Trust me, Simona. I would never ever hurt you.”

Simona seemed to deflate at my words and followed me out of the library. Outside, I put my arms around her and we walked in silence to my apartment. John wasn’t home so we had the whole place to ourselves thankfully. I didn’t know what to do but I sensed that she needed something. Perhaps my attention would help.

I slid the computer bag and backpack from her shoulder and stashed them in my room. She moved like a person in shock, stiffly perching on the edge of the couch, her hands folded on her lap. I fetched two Michelobs from the refrigerator and handed one to her, kneeling at her feet. She took a long pull, tears streaking her perfect skin.

“What is it, honey? Tell me.”

The tears pooled faster and she sucked on the beer bottle again. I set mine down and slipped her tennis shoes and socks off, gently massaging her foot, taking extra time to run the balls of my thumbs over her instep. I looked up and was delighted to see an expression of bliss on her face. Good. We’re getting somewhere. I kept my fingers going, moving to the other foot. Her upper body relaxed a bit and she slumped back onto the couch, eyes still closed.

I continued up her delicate ankles to her strong calves. There, I had to stop because her jeans blocked my progression but I was not daunted. I reached for her hand and began to massage the stubby fingers, working the tension out. She took another long drink, then set the bottle down. With haunted eyes, she offered me her other hand. I took it gently, firmly and silently massaging, all the while looking into her eyes.

“He said the same thing to me the night he raped me.”

My blood ran cold. I took both of her hands in mine and moved up beside her on the couch. I remained silent as the story spilled out. Her first freshman dance, she had met a guy, a senior. She couldn’t even bring herself to say his name. I felt my cheeks heat in anger. He told her about this great party across campus and asked her to go with him. She had been so excited. She eagerly said that she’d love to go but she wanted to get some coffee because she was a little on the drunk side.

Halfway there, he pulled her into a deep thicket of bushes and brutally raped her. She wasn’t found until the next day. His father was an important man in the community and the whole incident was buried, much as it had been emotionally buried for her. Part of me felt extremely angry but the other part was happy that she had been able to share this with me. If I hadn’t been sure, I knew immediately that I loved her.

“That’s why I ran away.” She finished, her bottom lips trembling as another onslaught of tears threatened. “It felt so good with you. So right, that I was afraid.” She paused. “And then you said what he said … and I just … I just … “

I pulled her into my arms as three years of tears came flooding out of her. She sobbed in earnest, her entire body quaking. I cooed to her, smoothing her hair and giving her a gentle squeeze every few minutes. Finally, ten minutes later, the storm had subsided and she laid limply in my embrace, hiccupping every few minutes. It took her another ten to compose herself and sit up, wiping her face with a tissue I’d given her, avoiding my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Greg. I didn’t mean to unload on you like that.”

“It’s okay.” I rubbed her back gently. “It needed to come out.”

“Yeah, but not like that!” She laughed nervously, then turned those beautiful eyes to me. “I’d better get going.”

“Simona,” I touched her hand. “Would you stay here with me?” She gazed at me blankly. “You can have the bed. I’ll sleep here on the couch.” I touched her cheek. “I just can’t fathom the thought of you alone tonight. Not after this.”

“That’s very nice of you, Greg, but I’ll be just fine.”

My heart thumped in my chest. I kept thinking about what she’d told me. About my sweet Simona being brutalized. About my lovely Simona being left in a crick for dead. About my gentle Simona living a half-life, her soul torn in shreds. “You might be, but I won’t.”

I hoped that she saw the sincerity in my eyes. “Okay. I’ll stay.” She gave me a shaky smile. “But could we watch TV for awhile?”


I put my arm around her and she laid back against me. Hours later, when she’d fallen asleep, I finally allowed myself to cry.


Simona had looked so peaceful on the couch that I tucked my comforter around her and left her sleeping. John wandered in and I had a few words with him, nothing much, but he said that he was happy to see Simona here. I stripped off my clothes and slid into my bed, falling into a dreamless sleep until I felt a soft hand on my shoulder.

Simona didn’t have to say a word. I lifted the covers and she slid right in, moving close to me and clinging tightly. As I turned to hold her, the breath left my lungs. She was completely naked.

“Simona … “

She pulled my head down and I lost myself in the warmth of her wet mouth. I couldn’t see her eyes but I knew that they were sparkling. “I want this, Greg. Please.”

I felt incredible because I knew what she was asking. She wanted me to wipe those awful memories away. She wanted to replace them with good memories. She wanted me. I leaned back down again and kissed her again, letting my hand slowly roam down the length of her body. I couldn’t help myself, squeezing the muscled flesh of her thigh. She moaned against my lips, pressing closer and rubbing her triangle of soft pubic hair against my aching dick. Her hand moved down to encircle it but I pushed her away. I wanted this to be all for her.

I let my mouth move over her features, nibbling up the line of her jaw to her earlobe, which I swabbed wetly. She arched with another moan. I think I’d found a turn-on point. I licked again and again, tracing the shell of her ear and sucking on the fat lobe. Simona became unhinged, her hands pulling me closer. I moved away now, kissing along the underside of her jaw, across the expanse of her throat and over her collarbones.

Her breasts were round and heavy, the nipples tight like chocolate raspberries. I mouthed the soft flesh, rubbing my nose around the pendulous bottoms and licking down to her armpits. I was surprised to find hair there but for some reason, it really turned me on. I buried my nose in it, inhaling her fresh scent and flattened my tongue, licking. She groaned and shuddered. I moved back to her breasts and licked a circular pattern around one breast, beginning on the outside and zeroing in on the nipple.

When I put my lips on her nipple, her body went stiff and she gasped loudly. I pushed my hand under her back and ground my face into her breast, sucking the hard bud and flicking my tongue over its sensitive crown. “Oh, Greg.” She whispered. I did it over and over, repeating the actions on her other breasts until she was shaking with pleasure, her breathing labored. Just when she thought I was done, I raised up, pushed her globes together and tongued both nipples, swinging my head back and forth. She came up off the bed, her body arching yet again. “Oh, shit, Greg! Oh, shit!”

I caressed them with my hands as I slid down, my mouth now following the line of her ribs, crossing her diaphragm and stopping at her belly button. I slipped my tongue into that deep well, pinching a nipple at the same time and she gasped again. My hands moved down her sides, resting on her hips and I paused at the top of her pubic hair, reveling in the sweet musky smell of her sex. I knew that I would find her wet and ready.

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