tagInterracial LoveBlack Eye Ch. 03

Black Eye Ch. 03


The sun shone brightly the next morning and I was slow to get up and it was all Michael's fault. He had worked me steadily from when I'd arrived home to when we finally got to sleep at four and my entire body was sore from his attentions. But when I blinked my eyes against the sunlight, I knew I was loved and that was what he had whispered to me every time I came. I love you, Tarynn. No matter what they say, I love you.

"Good morning."

He started sucking on my earlobe and my pussy awoke with a roar of hot cream. "You are insatiable!"

"No. Actually, your ear tastes like bacon." I giggled as he nibbled. "I'm sorry, baby. I just can't help myself." When I didn't immediately reply, he gave me a gentle squeeze. "Are you worried?"

I shook my head. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. Are you sure you still want to do this?"

"Of course." He nuzzled my neck. "'Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of your family … " We laughed together for a few moments. "Seriously, Tare, I'm worried, too. Everyone's going to hate me."

"Not everyone. Just most."


We parked on the street because I didn't want us to be blocked in. There was no knowing what was going to happen today and I wanted to make sure that we could escape if that was necessary. I truly didn't know what was going to happen but I hoped that my cousins would help me out since we were all like brothers and sisters. I mentally checked the names that matched the cars that were already choking the driveway.

Auntie Tywrell and Uncle Revis' cars were at the head of the double line, followed by my mother's Cadillac Brougham, cousin Lintrella's Volkswagen bus, cousin Mackie's pink Camry, Uncle Teater's Chevy Stationwagon and finally, cousin Armand's Explorer that was parked across the end of the apron. That meant that the entire clan was present, all here no doubt, to view the drama that would be occurring when I walked in with Michael.

We hugged before we entered and I gave Michael permission to defend himself, both verbally and physically, if that was to happen. I knew that the abuse would be verbal and I was so glad that he was well-versed in the dozens. If he hadn't been, I would never have brought him. We left the car at the curb and walked up the driveway, pushing the gate open to enter Auntie T's backyard.

"Tarynn!" Christie flew across the grass, flinging herself in my arms and I hugged my twelve-year old cousin, laughing gaily. "Mama told me that you were back from school." She turned her wide-eyed stare to Michael, whispering as if he was a criminal. "And she told me that you were going to bring a white boy here."

I laughed. "His name is Michael, Christie, and he doesn't bite."

She held her hand out and shook his, giggling the entire time. "Hi, Mike!" With another mischievous laugh, she dashed away, leaving us alone. I looked out across the yard, taking a tally of who was present. Uncle Revis was at the grill and my mother was at his side, no doubt giving him instruction as to when to remove the burgers and steaks from the grill. Christie had gone straight to her mother, Lintrella and my cousin and her husband, Bernaius, were staring at us.

Bern's brother, Dallas, was sleeping on a chair next to them and Lintrella's other daughter, Sirius, was clinging to her sister, her eyes intent on us. Revis saw us and gave my mother the nod, drawing her attention to our entrance and the look said anything but welcome. I looked up at Michael, wondering what the effect of all this was having on him and was pleased to see that he was smiling as usual. He was smarter than that; he wasn't going to let them know that they were getting to him, even if they weren't.

My closest cousin, Yvette, came sailing over, putting her arms around me and whispering, "Did you really have to bring him here?"

"He's my boyfriend." I replied, pulling back. "Michael, this is my cousin, Yvette. Yvette, this is Michael."

"Nice to meet you." She gave him a mischievous smile. "I sure hope you brought your balls with you 'cause you're gonna need 'em."

"I never leave home without them." He joked, giving my arm a gentle squeeze.

I grinned up at him, the grin freezing into place when I saw my mother heading over. I elbowed him, interrupting his conversation with Yvette. "Better check those balls. It's on."

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