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My name is Monica and I am a 45 year old white women with blonde hair and green eyes who owns one of the biggest companies in the country and one of the richest women in town and my height is 168 cm. My husband who had a share in this company died 5 years ago from and illness.

I managed to keep the company going after his death and nowadays it actually doing better than I would have imagined, all the employees working on my floor were all white women, we haven't hired anyone for 10 years now because there was no need to, everyone of them on my floor had a salary minimum to 20,000 dollars a month. They are all satisfied with there work and they all know how to work with each other.

No one would ask for a better life, I had everything I needed and felt very powerful as I can buy anything i want, it all felt so simple and easy, until one day everything changed thanks to a girl called Beth, she was 22 years old a student who had just finished her studies and was going to start her job career, she had studied business for 4 years and was a very confident young girl. My life started changing on the day my sectary came to my office to talk to me about something that has been troubling her, her name was Barbra and she was a 36 year old women with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, she was very attractive even at her age, she was 165 cm of height.

Barbra came to my office asking if she can have someone working for her as an assistant because the job was too much on her lately and she couldn't keep up, I couldn't blame her because i have been putting a lot of pressure on her since the company was doing so well, I told her she can hire someone she finds fit for the job and let me know, before she left the office I informed her of the starting salary which would be 1,500 dollars per month, Barbra was happy about the starting salary and left the office.

At the end of the day I rushed back home due to a long day at the company, everything was taking care of now and all I could think about was lay on my bed and sleep.

It has been a two weeks since then as I saw so many people apply for the job threw the week, I hopped that Barbra would choose the best person for the job because this company needed hard workers, most of the people applying for the job seemed to be young people around the age 20-28 and a lot of them seemed to be attractive.

Three days later, Barbra informed me that she had hired a girl named Beth and she was 22 years old and today was the day to meet her. I heard someone knocking on the door and when I looked it was Barbra.

"Barbra you may come in" I said as I smiled suddenly the smile on my face was gone as I saw someone enter behind her.

"Hello Mam" That person said with a smile on her face.

"This would be Beth Mrs Monica, she is the one I hired for the job" Barbra said and smiled.

I was still shocked looking at this young girl, she was a black girl who seemed very attractive with her beautiful hair and beautiful perfect body, she seemed around 155 cm which was short compared to my height.

"Hello" I finally managed to say as I looked at Barbra and tried to focus at the situation they were in.

"Welcome to the company" I said and started to get serious as I looked at her "This company only takes hard workers, if your not one of them then I suggest you walk back home" I said with a serious look on my face.

"I am prepared for anything" Beth said as she kept the smile on her face, even though it was a smile i still felt intimidate by this girl but I made sure i kept the serious look on my face.

"Well then I wish you all the luck" I said and gave her a smile as I saw them both leave my office, as soon as they stepped out of the office I felt relieved and took a deep breath, I couldn't stop thinking about Beth, she seemed so confident so strong and so beautiful and attractive. I decided to leave early today as I left and told Barbra to start training and teaching Beth how things work here and left.

When I arrived at my house I rushed to my room and lay down on my bed still thinking of Beth, I took a shower trying to clear my head, after the shower i dried myself off and put my head on the pillow and fell asleep not waking up till the next day.

It has been a month since Beth had joined and the company was doing even better than before as Barbra did not feel much pressure as before and Beth seemed to do well keeping up, actually she seemed to do better than I had imagined, but every time I think about it I just can't seem but realize everyone showing Beth complete respect, everyone on the floor did not dare to look her in the eyes not even once, I have been noticing this for two weeks now, I just pretended to ignore what was happening since everything was going so well and no one seemed to complain.

Two weeks later I noticed all the employees on the floor bowing there heads as they saw Beth passing by, that was quite shocking because the best 5 employees I had also bowed there heads to her, when they had enough power to destroy her from this company, Sally, Victoria, Katie, Sandra and even Barbra. This was all too shocking to me and decided that Today would be the day I would spy the office she was working in, which would be the office that belonged to Barbra.

Of course not to be obvious I checked on all the employees on the floor making sure everyone was doing there job, the floor had 25 employees and each were working under 4 people, either Sally, Victoria, Katie or Sandra and only one working under Barbra which was Beth.

I checked on everyone except for Barbra and Beth, Barbra's office was next to mine and as I slowly approached it I found Beth and Barbra doing there jobs and there was nothing to suspect, I was glad that there was nothing going on and decided that it was just my imagination.

I went to my office and finished the work I had then I suddenly heard my phone ring, I answered it and it was one of my agents who looks for great business deals and offers them to me, I choose weather to accept it not, so I heard the deal and thought about it and decided to accept, but this meant taking a vacation for 2 weeks in order to complete this deal, I ordered a staff meeting as Barbra, Sally, Katie, Victoria and Sandra entered, I informed them of the business deal and that i will be away for 2 weeks, they all agreed and I smiled and left to my house to prepare for the flight as I had informed Barbra to book me a flight tomorrow.

The 2 weeks had passed and the business deal was great and all went well, as I arrived at the airport I had Barbra send me a driver from the company to pick me up, I went to the company after arriving and as soon as i reached the floor everyone seemed to be working hard and they all greeted me, I decided to go to Barbra's office to inform her that I have arrived and was shocked at what I saw and quickly looked away before I had been seen, I decided to look again and was shocked, there she was Beth sitting on Barbra's chair and Barbra was on her knees massaging Beth black feet in stockings, there it was a 36 year old attractive women on her knees rubbing the foot of a 22 year old black girl, it was all too shocking as i entered her office with a serious look on my face.

"Whats going on here?!" I said with a serious loud voice "You two are to be at my office in 5 mins!" I said still keeping my serious loud voice, as I was going to leave I noticed Barbra was so embareced as her face was all red, I didn't bother looking at Beth and I walked to my office and chat at my chair preparing what to tell them.

Soon I heard a knock on the door and it was Barbra and Beth "You may come in" they both enter as Barbra was looking at the ground and Beth had a wicked smile on her face.

I gave both of them a serious look and said "This will be your first and last warning, if I see something like that again your both fired, end of discussion your both dismissed" I said with a serious calm voice. Barbra was still embraced and rushed out of the office as she nodded but Beth did not seem to move from her position, I gave her a serious look "Did you hear something you do not like?" I said as she still gave me that wicked smile and approached me slowly.

"I believe I did Mrs Monica" she said as she came so close to me and sat on my desk looking at me with a very serious look, looking me in the eye it felt very intimidating and I felt very weak in front of this young attractive black girl

"I bet your wondering how I managed to make Barbra do what she was doing, by the way its not just Barbra" she said and kept her look, I couldn't speak I just felt too weak to say anything "I just fill my role in life, and that would be dominating white women, its natural Mrs Monica" she said as she put her hands on my cheek and rubbed my cheek gently as she still kept her look, I felt weaker than before as soon as she touched my cheeks and suddenly I was slapped so hard I couldn't even see it coming, I got up from my chair and backed up to the wall keeping distance from her, Beth walked slowly towards me knowing I had no where to go, she was just 155 cm tall but why did I feel so weak? it was all very confusing and I did not know what to do, I just felt my knees were so weak but I tried to hold on trying to do a come back "Get out of my office now or you are fired!" I managed to say finally but she didn't seem to care as she finally reached me and put her hands on my cheeks and rubbed it till my lips and looked at me with her wicked smile.

"You must be feeling weak now aren't you? its only Natural Mrs Monica, all you need to do now is go on your knees"

She said still with that wicked smile on her face as she used her other hand and slowly pushed me down on my knees and what was shocking it that I did not resist! This was all too exciting from the inside but from outside it was horrible, I was finally on my knees and shockingly i felt more relaxed being on my knees in front of this beautiful black beauty.

Monica the strong rich white women in town is on her knees right now in front of this beautiful black girl, she put her hands in front of my face and I held her hands without being able to control myself, I kissed her hands gently five times and even when I tried to resist I just couldn't, it was all too exciting and she could not stop herself "Good girl, now was that so hard Monica?" Beth said with a satisfied voice as she kept her wicked smile, I was shocked when she called me Monica, who did she think she was?! I want to resist but I just can't my pussy was taking over as I was getting too wet too excited, Beth slowly took her hands away and smiled "This will be enough for today" she petted my head and left the office, suddenly I felt like I had control over my body again and stood up as I left the office and went home, hopping this was all a dream and that I would wake up soon enough, sadly it was no dream and it was all reality, I felt weak toward that black beauty and I loved it! I quickly took a shower pretending this never happened and went to sleep knowing tomorrow I will fire her the instant I see her.

To be continued.........

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