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Black Girl Punished


You may be wandering what a cute black girl was doing sleeping in a bed with five skinheads with swastikas but I have to say that I don't honestly know either.

One week ago my best friend caught me giving her latest boyfriend at a party. I was very drunk and he was a little curious about black women. I teased him a little and then we stole a moment in a bathroom. Unfortunately the door was open and Shirley walked in. Although Shirley remained entirely calm she demanded that I spent a week with her out of town so we could talk about what happened. I felt so guilty and couldn't say no. We checked into a hotel in up state New York.

On the first night we went to this local bar which Shirley seemed to be familiar with. The bar seemed to be a stereotypical redneck bar. I felt uncomfortable but nevertheless didn't complain as I remembered why I was here. Shirley started the talk off.

'Look Ellie, the reason why I took you out here is because I think you need to be taught a lesson…'

'Come on Shirley I apologized several times already… It will never happen again.'

'You see Ellie, I remember you telling my Bill something about sucking white dick'

'I was only…'

'Ellie, come on now! You sucked him off because you wanted to try a white cock! I am just doing this because I think you need to be taught a lesson'

'W-What do you mean?'

Shirley ignored her questioned and left the table. She looked at a group of five guys sitting along the bar and then looked at me and nodded. Following the nod they stood up and walked over to me.

I was sitting in the corner and had no direction to run to. Five thugs were walking towards me. Just before I could make a run out of the corner they grabbed me and pulled me onto the pool table. The pool table light dazzled my eyes whilst all I could feel were hands pinning me down and voices talking to each other and me;

'I hear you like white cock bitch? Well you will love this'

'Hey see if she is wide enough for two cocks'

'Get some rope or something to tie her'

'Just take her panties off Jake'

Before I knew it a thick cock was pushing into my pussy followed by two cocks pushing against my lips and entering my mouth. With one free hand I managed to regulate the thrusting to allow for me to breathe. I was still just so shocked that I didn't scream. My priority was simply to breathe. I couldn't think straight.

'Hey I think we can untie her guys, she's a helpful little slut'

'Who's doing her pussy with me? Bobby? That's fine I will go underneath her.

As one the guys moved under me and then entered my pussy from behind the other climbed on top and slid inside. Oh fuck this was too intense to even react to. Then yet another cock from a guy I guess must have been standing at the edge of the pool table tried to enter my hole. This brought me to my senses with a bang!

'Arrrrggghhh!!!! Shit!!!!'

'Oh yes three cocks in this black slut pussy'

'Fuck man she is dripping already'

'She loves white cock'

This was too surreal, somewhere in the background I heard Shirley talking to the barman while these men grunted over me. Now five sexy white cocks were using me. These guys were all so hard and were moaning about my black pussy. I started to feel the pleasure from down my pussy after getting used to being stretched so wide. I took some hesitantly jerked off the two cocks higher up on my body while talking back to the dirty talking skinheads;

'Oh fuck… yes… your white cocks feel so good…. Oh oh come one don't come yet!'

'Yeah she loves this I knew she would!!!'

'I'm gonna cum! Fuck!'

'Me too a no oh God!'

With that two of the cocks in my hot wet pussy shot their loads inside me. They slid outside as the bottom cock ploughed away at me. The mixture of their spunk poured out and over my ass. The two cocks being jerked off were starting to spew their load over my blouse while hands spanked and slapped me. This free for all at my expense was getting me very aroused and soon I came to my climax. My lips tightened around the remaining fifth cock forcing him to shoot what he had inside me before being popped out. My orgasm was too intense I dug my fingernails into my palms almost drawing blood. Afterwards I felt so faint and overcome by fatigue that I rolled over onto my side facing the bar in a vain attempt to find my so-called friend.

I noticed that Shirley was still sitting drinking her wine. She grinned at me as she walked towards the pool table.

'I hope this has got it out of your system'

'Oh Shirley why…'

Shirley took the fat end of a pool cue and inserted it in my still quivering pussy. She twisted in as if she was knew how tender I felt right then. She held onto my hair and hitched my spunk damp skirt up to my thighs. A ball of spit dropped from her mouth and landed on my lips. I allowed her salty humiliation to slide into my mouth and down my throat just like it was sperm.

'Shirley please I didn't…'

'You see I just you punish you. I am leaving you here with these boys they will drop you home tomorrow. '

Shirley left the pool table, wrote my hotel room number on a napkin at the bar and ordered them to return her tomorrow. They took me in the back where there was a large bed and that night rode me for hours without stopping. Every one of those five men took me in all combinations.

This morning I woke up covered in dried cum. They didn't allow me to shower but just left me outside my hotel after forcing a blowjob out of me for the driver. I stood in front of the mirror smirked as I saw the dried globules of spunk in my hair. The marks all over my skirt and my ripped blouse showed that I had a few rough cocks the night before. Shirley came by to my room and helped me into bed. She worked herself off twice looking at her cum stained black friend. I was spent and motionless as she gently used me with her strap-on.

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