tagFetishBlack Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 02

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 02

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -


Miss Simons continued to lie on the dirty ground for some time, struggling to regain her strength. She had just barely finished the "Lap Run" and had remained immobilized for some time, completely forgetting that her large breasts and ass where freely exposed to anyone who could just happen to walk by.

To her luck, nobody did. As the coach look around, she noticed that the black cheerleaders who had been tormenting and humiliating her where nowhere to be seen. They had left their former coach practically naked in a cheerleading skirt alone on the practice field.

Miss Simons could still hear Trish's final words before leaving: "Congratulations Coach, your on the squad." This caused a mixture of feelings to course through her mind. Every time she recalled the words, she felt proud, but also sick.

Why had she submitted so easily to Trish, her cheerleading squad captain? Why did she dress up as a 13 year old cheerleader, running around like an idiot, breasts bouncing and flying, exposed ass jiggling, all for the honor of being Trish's cheerleader?

Because she wanted to.

Shame filled the coach as she realized how much she wanted to submit to the black girls. How she was so willing to make a fool of herself just so she wouldn't disappoint Trish.

Trish must have been right after all. White girls where naturally submissive to black girls. How else could she explain her desire to be Trish's "Little white cheerleader"?

As Miss Simons sat up, evidence of her submission was painfully obvious as she watched her tits spill over the tiny top. She didn't know whether to cry or laugh at how ridicules she looked.

She did neither.

Instead she got angry. She was the coach damit, she controlled this squad. So what if she felt the desire to kiss the feet of half the squad? She had a reputation to protect, not to mention her self respect as person or adult.

Quickly making sure there still wasn't anyone around, Miss Simons finally rose from the dirty ground, stuffed her breasts into the too small top, and lowered her micro skirt below the cheeks of her ass.

She was going to take back her cheerleading squad tomorrow, natural dominance or not.


Trish smiled to herself as she allowed her mind to wonder, remembering the fool her coach had made of herself not 4 hours ago. It still amazed the young black girl at how easy it was, no matter how tough they thought they were, white women always seemed to want, even beg to submit to her.

"Ugh....23...tthank you my Queen!"

She could still remember the day when her mother showed her all about the facts of life. It happened as a little girl, when Trish came home crying from a bad grade her mean old white teacher gave her.

Furious, her mother confronted the teacher the very next day after school. Before her eyes, Trish watched as the once snobbish, strict teacher was reduced to nothing more than a submissive animal by her mother.

Trish got the first oral sex of her young life that day, and received an 'A' for the rest of the school year.

Since then, Trish has enjoyed dominating countless white girls, using them for her satisfaction. But today, Miss Simons had become the oldest woman she had ever attempted to control.

"..aaahhh....24....thank you my Queen!"

Yet as her mother had once told her, no matter how young or old they are, a white woman will always submit to the power and sexuality of a black woman. And it was true. She herself had reduced her proud, strict coach practically into her very own cheerleader. Trish just couldn't wait until tomorrow when she would make good use of Miss Simons.

"..ohhhh...ahhhh...25.....thank you my Queen!"

Sitting on her sofa, Trish looked down at the smooth, red ass bent before her. She really enjoyed these tension relieving sessions with Amber. She really took these whippings well. Hardly ever making a fuss, except for the incessant grunting.

If her parents only knew this is what she meant when she told them "I'm staying the night at friends place", they'd go nuts. Or at least her father would. Her mother would probably take her place right beside her.

"owe owe owe.......26.....thank you my Queen!"

Tomorrow would be a great day indeed.


Miss Simons hardly slept that night. Just thinking about confronting Trish was filling her with anxiety. But it was something she had to do. This was her job. She couldn't just give it away to one of her own cheerleaders.

That afternoon, the coach watched as her girls filed into the locker room after school. As the girls began to change, she notice all the black girls, and especially Trish eyeing her. Most likely wondering if she was going to change into a cheerleading uniform as well.

But she didn't.

When all the girls had finished getting dress, Miss Simons finally spoke: "I want all you girls to go out to the field and stretch. Trish, please meet me in my office."

As the girls went out to the fields, Trish followed her coach into the office with a hint of humor on her face. Seemed her newest toy was going to put up a fight after all.

Miss Simons sat in her chair and motioned her captain to take the seat in front of the desk.

"But Miss Simons, aren't I the one who should be sitting in that chair?"

"Trish please, just sit down."

Trish sat.

"Now I am not really sure why I did what I did yesterday, but I want you to know that what you saw was not really me. I have no desire to become a cheerleader. I have worked for many years to become a well respected cheerleading coach and I want to make it clear to you that I will be the only one coaching this squad. Is that understood?"

The coach held her breath.

"Yes I understand Miss Simons."

Miss Simons blinked several times. Did she just hear correctly?

"Are you sure you understand Trish?"

"Perfectly. I have no desire to force you to do anything Miss Simons. If you want to be the coach of the squad, than that is your choice. Just like yesterday, you wanted to be my little white cheerleader. It was your choice."

"She's right" Miss Simons thought to herself. "It was I who so willingly put on the uniform. It was I who ran like a fool to become a cheerleader."

"So tell me Miss Simons, just so that we are both clear. Which do you want to be, a coach or a cheerleader?"

The coach paused. She wasn't sure what to answer. She was sure she wanted to be a coach. To be in control of the girls....but.....but it would be so wonderful to be a cheerleader to. To jump and twirl like all the other girls.

"Miss Simons, I'm waiting. Which do you want to be? My coach or my cheerleader?"

"Your....your...c..c...." The blushing, confused coach lowered her eyes.

"Let me make it simpler for your white girl brain. Do you want to order me around, or do you want I to order you around?"

Miss Simons didn't know what to say any more. In the back of her mind she knew, but her moist cunt had a different thought all together. To take orders from Trish. To dress up like a teenage cheerleader and submit to a black girl. Suddenly she felt Trish holding her chin and lifting her head up.

"Tell me sweaty, what do you want to be?"

Miss Simons whispered "Your cheerleader"!

Miss Simons felt her nipples harden at the admittens. Trish simply smiled at her conquest. They always submitted.

"Very well Miss Simons, than perhaps its time we inform the rest of the squad of your decision. I'm sure you'll fit right in with the rest of the white cheerleaders."

The adult felt her knees suddenly grow weak. She just couldn't admit it in front of her white girls. They had always looked up to her, admired her. How could she admit such a thing in front of them?

"Come Miss Simons, on we go."

The former coach couldn't help but obey. Trish was the coach now. She was the one giving commands. She sheepishly followed the black girl out of the locker room and into the open field. The sun still high above as she meekly followed behind the young girl. Her eyes quickly finding the backs of Trish's strong dark calves.

Within moments, the two females arrived at the group of stretching girls. The black girls seemingly knowing what to expect. The white girls with the look of beautiful innocence.

"Listen every one. There are going to be a few small changes here. It seems to me that our coach wants to change something. Go ahead Miss Simons, tell the girls what you want to change."

Everyone was looking at Miss Simons, her face blushing deeply, her eyes downcast.

"I....I want to.....be a....cheerleader!"

All the black girls roared up in laughter while the white girls inhaled in shock.

"What did you say coach?"

With a small tear of humiliation "I want to be a cheerleader!"

"But Miss Simons, wont that be just so silly, running around, jumping like a little teenage girl?"

Miss Simons shook her head yes.

But who would replace you as head coach? Who would you want to coach you?

"Miss Simons, practically crying announced to the crowd "Trish....I want Trish to be the head coach!"

The coach finally looked at the faces of her white cheerleaders. They looked upset, betrayed.

"Very well Miss Simons, I accept. But to be a cheerleader, you need the proper uniform. Strip!"

Miss Simons froze. Did Trish just tell her to get naked here? In front of all her girls? Looking around, she noticed the school football team practicing as well, off in the distance. She would die if they say her, naked.

Miss Simons looked pleadingly into her new coaches eyes.

"Come on young lady, we are all waiting."

In complete fear, Miss Simons began raising her sweater above her head. The black girls giggling as the former coach's bra became visible. Next she removed her shoes, followed be her sweat pants. The blushing adult stood now before all her former cheerleaders, in just a bra and panties.

"Miss Simons you must hurry, before there is no more time left to practice."

With a audible sigh, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her large breasts. Then she hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed down them down as well, feeling the cools breeze flow between her moist inner legs.

Now the humiliated coach stood completely naked before her girls. She just prayed that the young boys at the football field were too busy hitting each other to notice a fully nude adult on the other side. In a feeble attempt, she covered her breasts and vagina with her hands.

"Very good Miss Simons. Now to get you a uniform. Katty, you and the coach seem to have matching dress sizes. Why don't you be a good sport and let Miss Simons try it on."

The young girl trembled at the words. She didn't want to remove her cloths out here. But her mind was made up for her as one of the black girls moved behind her and lifted her top off, revealing her pert little breasts. Quickly she covered her chest as well. Next went down her skirt, leaving the 14 year old teen in nothing but her panties and sneakers.

Within moments, Miss Simons found herself once again fitting her curvy body into the tight cheerleading outfit.

"Good girl, you look like the perfect white cheerleader. Ok Katty, now you can gather up Miss Simons' and your cloths and take them back to the locker room. Oh and by the way, since Miss Simons will be taking your spot on the squad, your no longer needed, so goodbye."

The poor girl's eyes watered as she looked at her fellow cheerleaders for support, but none was given. Then she flashed an angry look at Miss Simons before running off, crying. Her cute little panty covered butt shaking behind her.

The rest of the afternoon Miss Simons practiced with the team just like she was a regular teenage cheerleader. Trish made sure of that. Despite not wearing any panties, she almost forgot about her humiliating appearance while doing routines she hadn't done in years. Even some of the white girls were starting to giggle at her.

By the end of practice, Miss Simons was tired and sweaty. All she wanted to do was shower and go home. As the squad entered the locker room, the girls began undressing and heading off towards the showers. Miss Simons felt very uneasy getting undressed with her girls, but one look from Trish had her nude in no time.

As she began walking towards the showers, the former coach suddenly felt a slight tug on her hand from behind. Turning around, Miss Simons noticed it was Sasha. Sasha was the black "friend" of Katty last time she had looked. Now the young girl was looking at her expectantly.

"Yes Sasha?" The coach tentatively ask.

"You can wash me today Miss Simons"

"Excuse me?"

"Since you caused Katty to get kicked off the squad, you can take her place. Now come on, I need to get cleaned. My daddy is waiting to pick me up."

Sasha took her by the hand and led the dazed coach into the showers, where they joined the rest of the girls. Quickly Miss Simons was reminded of what was now expected of her. She watched as each white girl delicately began lathering and washing their fellow black cheerleader.

A quick slap to her inner thigh brought the coach's attention back to the little girl before her.

"Miss Simons get to work."

Lowering herself to her knees, Miss Simons took the bar of soap next to her and, under the warm spray of the shower, slowly began washing Sasha feet. Soon she was up to her knees, then her lower thighs, and then to her upper thighs. As she neared the young girls vagina, she became very unsure of herself. "Was she suppose to actually clean Sasha's cunt?" she wondered.

Looking around to see what some of the other white girls were doing, she quickly caught the sight of Amber washing Trish. Oh what a sight those two made. The beautiful, athletic white body of Amber kneeling before the equally impressive black body of Trish was amazing to the coach. Oh how she wished she could take Amber's place before Trish, washing her gorgeous body.

But something Amber was doing broke the temporary spell Miss Simons was having. The coach watched as Amber was delicately washing the inner folds of Trish's pussy lips. With her head in close between Trish's legs, Amber was thoroughly cleaning the black girls cunt while Trish simple stood with her legs slightly apart with a look of complete uninterest of the white girl beneath her.

Miss Simons felt her cunt pulse at the sight, momentarily before feeling both her nipples being cruelly twisted.

Quickly Miss Simons resumed her attention to the young girl before her. But this time, she found herself staring directly at Sasha's puffy black pussy.

"Its ok Miss Simons, you can touch it if you want to."

Miss Simons looked up in surprise at the young girl.

"Doesn't my pussy look pretty?"

The coach couldn't help but nod her head, it did look nice. Hardly any hair covering the cute little thing.

"Don't worry, I wont tell my daddy."

Miss Simons remained staring at the girl's pussy, hardly able to breath. This was going somewhere terribly wrong. She should not be staring at this girl like that. Not to a teenager whose daddy was expecting to pick her up any moment.

Sasha began moving forward, catching the coach slightly off guard. Before she knew it, Sasha's cunt was only an inch in front of her face. By now Miss Simons was breathing. In fact, she was breathing heavily. However she remained kneeling, frozen with growing confusion and arousal.

Again Sasha slowly moved forward, until the tips of the folds were lightly touching her coach's nose. Again she paused, seemingly daring the adult to stop it, or even take it to the next step. But Miss Simons did neither. She simply knelt there passively, allowing the young teen to practically straddle her face.

Now Sasha began brushing up against the woman's nose, teasing it, pushing it ever so slightly further into the dark pink lips, nudging it in deeper.

"Miss Simons, get that face out of Sasha's vagina this instant!" Yelled Trish, surprising the coach and causing her to quickly pull her head out from between the black girl's legs.

"Miss Simons, this is not one of your white lesbian whore house's. I will not be having any of my cheerleaders engaging in this sort of nonsense at school. Is that understood?"

Miss Simons lowered her eyes and shook her head. Her face red with embarrassment at being told not to lick another girl's vagina. She felt like a little girl who had just been caught experimenting with another female friend and told she was a very bad girl.

Over the next ten minutes Miss Simons continued to wash a clearly frustrated Sasha. The coach avoided making much contact with the girl's cunt or even her budding breasts as she washed the rest of her body.

When they were done, she followed Sasha out of the showers, and to the table where the towels were waiting. As Miss Simons reached out to grab one for herself, she felt a sharp slap to her butt as Sasha scolded her.

"No no no, you silly girl. You have to wait for me to finish."

Naked, and dripping wet, Miss Simons watched as Sasha dried and covered herself with two towels and followed her back to the benches were several other naked and wet cheerleaders were sitting on the floor waiting as well. Miss Simons joined them on the floor and patiently waited for Sasha to finished drying up and getting dressed.

As she sat there amongst the other white girls, she observed them chatting away just like normal, as if nothing were out of the ordinary. The fact that they sitting their wet naked butts on the dusty floor, with their breasts swaying free did not seem to bother them as they waited.

Finally when Sasha was finished, she absent mindedly threw her wet towel at the shivering woman. Grateful, Miss Simons took the towels and made the best with them.


Over the course of the week, Trish very quickly fell into the role of coach, working the girls hard and making sure they did exactly as they were suppose to do. Trish was especially hard on Miss Simons. She was constantly criticizing her in front of the girls, berating her for being out of shape, being slightly over weight, even that her tits were too big.

By the end of each practice, Miss Simons was thoroughly exhausted, mentally and physically. But as if it were part of her daily routine, she'd always follow little Sasha into the showers.

Sasha would constantly try to get her former coach to touch her cunt, but Miss Simons just couldn't.......no matter how much she may have wanted to. Her morals were just strong enough to resist this young girl's advances, for now.

But the real focus of Miss Simons' attention was on Trish and Amber. Every day she'd watch the former head cheerleader perform her duties flawlessly, washing and cleaning every inch of the black Goddess. They looked just so sensual that Miss Simons wished she could take a picture and frame it. But what she really wanted more was for her to be the one serving Trish.

Wasn't it enough that Trish had taken her coaching job and made her into an over grown cheerleader? Now she was relegating her to serving the youngest of the black girls as well.

Where would this humiliation end?

Fortunately for Miss Simons their wouldn't be another home game for a week. She just prayed that no parents would come visit during any of the practices.

It also didn't take too long for Trish to re-instate the no panties rule on all the white cheerleaders. Pretty soon there was quite of bit of pink flesh being flashed around between jumping white legs.

Miss Simons actually felt glad that she wasn't the only girl being put on display during jumping cheers, even though her bouncing tits were the only one's constantly threatening to pop out at any moment. She just didn't know how she would contain them in her top on game day.

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