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Black King for Lebanese Queen


Finally, my lady comes home. I've been waiting for her. In case you're wondering who this is, my name is Guillaume LeConte. I'm a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I recently came back to the Capital of Canada from a long trip to the island of Haiti, where I was born. I missed my family terribly and just had to go see them. From December 19, 2012 until January 5, 2013, I was in my hometown of Cap-Haitien, in northern Haiti, basking in the love of my adoring family. My parents, Andre and Marianne LeConte still live over there, as does my grandmother, Granny Lily. They come to visit me in Canada sometimes, especially in the summer. Gone are the days when we all lived under one roof. That's life for you.

I've been missing my family and life on the beautiful isles of the Caribbean, but fortunately I know exactly what it takes to take my mind off them. A very special person. Her name is Maryam Suleiman. The over-six-foot-tall, busty and big-bottomed young Lebanese Canadian woman enters the apartment we share in the Vanier neighborhood of eastern Ottawa. Maryam turns on the light, and gasps when she sees me. I have prepared her favorite meal, omelet with onions, along with Haitian-inspired rice and beans, plus goat meat. Yeah, I know, that sounds like an odd assortment of dishes, to say the least. What can I say? My woman is definitely an eater and at six feet two inches tall and over two hundred and fifty pounds, she's quite a lot of lady but that's okay. I like big girls and I cannot lie. Maryam smiles and shakes her head.

I get up from my chair in the kitchen and walk up to her. I hug her and give her a big kiss on the lips. Her full, succulent lips feel cold. Maryam is still wearing her Securitas Canada uniform. She's a mobile supervisor with the company. I help her take off her security jacket, and she kicks off her Timberland boots. I pull the chair for her and she plops down in it, before wolfing down what I cooked for her. I smile and watch Maryam eat. She's eating like she's never eaten before. It takes her ten minutes to wolf it all down, then she burps. I roll my eyes and tell her that she's a classy lady. Maryam shrugs and says that at least she didn't fart. I laugh and shrug, remembering one incident at the food court of the nearby Saint Laurent Mall. We were eating some Chinese food purchased from Bourbon Street when Maryam just let one rip, man. The chick farted in the middle of a crowded food court. I think everyone heard it. Damn. I looked around, and noticed people staring at us. Maryam just kept on eating, completely ignoring everyone, because that's the kind of woman she is. She's odd for sure but I still love her!

How Maryam and I met is a funny story. Let's see, it happened eight months ago. I was walking around Vanier, looking for this Haitian restaurant that's supposed to be really good. It had snowed that day and since I'd only been in Canada for six months and didn't know much about snow and slipping, I tripped on a patch of ice and fell on my ass. As I lay there, feeling a bit dizzy because my head hit something hard, this tall, simply massive lady reached out and pulled me to my feet. I should mention that I'm five-foot-nine and a half and weigh one hundred and sixty pounds soaking wet. I'm a scrawny Black guy with thick nerdy glasses. I go to Carleton University and major in computer science. I was lucky enough to win an international scholarship to one of the best schools in Canada's capital region. I'm that rare Black guy who sucks at sports but can fix anything mechanical or electronic because I've got the magic touch. You dig? Cool.

Maryam pulled me to my feet, and I stared at her because I had never seen an Arab woman who was that big and tall. Maryam asked me if I was okay and I nodded. I thanked her for her help, and introduced myself. She smiled and shook my hand. I noticed that she had a warm, friendly smile. What do you know? I just ran into a friendly, gentle giant. Or should I say giantess? As it turns out, Maryam Suleiman was heading to The Island Sun restaurant, one of the best Caribbean restaurants in all of metropolitan Ottawa in terms of delicious food but also one of the worst in terms of customer service. You could call them thirty minutes ahead to place your order and they'd still make you wait a while, in line, while they went to get your food. That's Haitians for you. I love my people but still. You know?

Maryam Suleiman and I stood in line, waiting for our food. When our orders finally came, she asked me if I wanted to sit with her. I smiled and nodded. It's not every day that tall, gorgeous exotic women want to sit down and eat with me, you know? And that's how I met the lady who would later turn out to be the love of my life. When most people see Maryam and I walking down the street, they tend to stare. I'm shorter than her, and I'm very dark-skinned, almost charcoal Black. Maryam is tall and curvy, with light bronze skin, long curly Black hair and light brown eyes. Whoever coined the term opposites attract was definitely thinking about us, ladies and gentlemen. Maryam Suleiman and I came from different worlds. Yet we had a lot in common. For starters, we were both devout Christians. When most people think of the Arab world, they think every Arab is a Muslim. According to Maryam, there are millions of Christians in the Arab world, with the largest concentrations in places like the Republic of Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. Like me, Maryam believes in going to church every week and also partying hard when she can afford it. We were destined to meet, I tell you!

Maryam and I exchanged numbers at the restaurant, and I added her on Facebook. I soon found out we were both Carleton University students. She was a Criminology major, aspiring to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force someday. Me? I'm a glorified nerd. I want to design better and faster computers. Maryam loved sports, and she told me she used to play football in high school, on the guys team. Before transferring to Carleton, she attended the University of Guelph, where she got into women's varsity wrestling. Wow. My gal loves sports. Me? The last time I watched a sporting event, Michael Jordan was still in the NBA...as a player. Still, life and love are all about compromising. Maryam and I met each other halfway. I went to basketball and football games with her. And she attended science fiction conventions with me. See? We can make it work!

Our openness to each other's needs and wants helped us in many areas of our relationship, not the least being the bedroom. I'm a very easygoing and friendly guy, and not at all bossy. Maryam is loud, assertive and outgoing, but she's also submissive in bed. Yeah, my lady is into BDSM and she introduced me to it. When Maryam told me she wanted me to dominate her, I was somewhat at a loss for words but since those early days, we've made a lot of progress. After she finished eating, we went to the bedroom and I slipped into my alter ego, Black Master Rex and she became my Playful Snow Bunny. We're into role playing, it's one of the most fun aspects of BDSM.

When she submits to me, Maryam loves it when I go all out. That's okay because I actually enjoy it too. For a meek and laid-back guy like myself, it's fun to be in charge for once. Which is why I sit on the bed, stroking Maryam's beautiful face as she kneels before me, sucking on my long and thick, uncircumcised ebony dick. Maryam's hands are tied up behind her. As she sucks my cock, I smack her ass with my leather belt by way of encouragement. I want her to suck my dick like she means it, and I want her to put her all into it. As usual, my lady doesn't disappoint me. Leaning closer, Maryam engulfs my dick in her mouth, deep-throating me. When she does that, I groan in pleasure because I absolutely love it.

Maryam continues sucking my dick until I warn her that I'm about to cum, and she continues sucking away. I cum in her mouth, and my amazing sexy lady sucks down every last drop of my masculine seed. I sigh in pleasure, and Maryam winks at me. Fuck, I want her so bad. Grabbing her shoulders, I push her and she falls on her back. I jump on her, and she cries out. I laugh, because I know she can take it. With effort, I grab her big legs and raise them in the air. I rub my hard cock against her moist pussy. I look Maryam in the eyes, and ask her if she's ready for me. She nods. I smack her face, and tell her that when I ask a question I expect ANSWERS. Aloud. Maryam blinks, and nods, then tells me that she's ready for me. I smirk, and thrust my dick into her pussy.

Oh, man. The feel of Maryam's tight cunt around my dick is really something. I think big girls got tighter holes than other women but that's just my guess. I leaned over and planted a kiss on Maryam's forehead, then sucked on her big floppy tits while slamming my hard dick into her cunt. Maryam moaned and begged me to fuck her harder. Like I needed any encouragement! I fucked Maryam real good, and then got a deliciously naughty idea. I whispered it into her ear, to see if she was up for it. Her reply was to grin and get on all fours. I admired my gorgeous Lebanese goddess awesome booty, and grinned. Then I excused myself and grabbed some lubricant from the nightstand.

I spread Maryam's big ass cheeks wide open, and smeared lubricant all over her anus. I love a woman with a big butt. A fascination I developed as a young lad in Haiti, where big-bottomed women are quite common. I gently pressed my dick against Maryam's anus, then pushed it inside. As I mentioned before, it is my belief that big girls have tighter holes than other women. Once again, Maryam did not disappoint in that regard. Even though we've had anal sex before, her ass remained tight as ever, which delighted me as I fucked her. I pressed my hands on her back, pushing her down while making her stick her big ass in the air. Her asshole swallowed my dick, gripping it tight like a vise. Maryam whimpered and moaned softly as I pounded my cock into her butt hole. I needed to stop and add more lubricant because her tight asshole was holding my dick hard and we used up the lube fast. I gripped her wide hips and pumped my dick into her ass, going at it for a long time until I came.

As I eased my softening dick out of Maryam's ass, I firmly turned her on her back. Maryam was panting, her beautiful face covered with a fine sheen of sweat. I kissed her full and deep, then removed her bindings. My big sexy Lebanese Amazon picked me up in her arms, lifting me almost two feet above the floor. I laughed as she carried me to bed, and threw me there. I laughed as she playfully wrestled me down and then smothered me by sitting on my face, her big ass filling my vision. I began licking her pussy, doing all I could to pleasure my lady. Even though she likes to submit sometimes, she's got a lot of power and often gets her way. I licked her pussy and fingered her asshole, thrusting my finger into her dirt box. That turned out to be a bad idea because she soon told me that she wanted to play with MY ass. Damn! It's like that?

Maryam can be quite dominant when she wants to be, and I've learned to roll with it because she can take me to a world of pleasure I can scarcely imagine. That's why I let her do her thing as she tied up my arms and legs, then put me on all fours. I can't tell you how vulnerable I felt in this position. Maryam began spanking my ass, and I whimpered because she packs a lot of strength in those big hands of hers. After spanking my ass for a good ten minutes while berating me, Maryam told me that the best was yet to come, then she got up and went to the dresser. Out of a drawer she pulled a shiny green phallus-like object. A dildo! Grinning maliciously, Maryam told me she was going to fuck my ass with it. I nodded nervously.

Maryam got behind me, and spread my ass. Her lubricated fingers poked and prodded me, then she pressed the dildo against my anus. I closed my eyes and braced myself for what was to come. Maryam whispered into my ear that she was going to pay me back for fucking her ass earlier. Then she pushed the dildo up my ass. Now, we've engaged in anal play before but I've never had a dildo up my ass before. Maryam has mostly used her fingers and once, a slim candle, when playing with my ass. Her dildo was something else altogether. While fucking me, she grabbed my cock and squeezed my balls, causing me to scream. I begged for mercy and she relaxed her squeeze on my balls without letting go, while continuing to thrust the dildo up my ass. I felt her dildo going deep up my ass, deeper than I thought anything could go. And I screamed. You got that right, people. I screamed my brains out. Maryam laughed sadistically and continued sodomizing me until I cried tears of pain mixed with pleasure and told her I couldn't take anymore. Maryam removed the dildo from my ass, and I slumped on the bed. It was quite a while before I could move again.

Maryam wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back, and thanked her for taking me to the edge. Grinning, she nodded and hugged me tightly. Thus we fell asleep. We're just an ordinary couple living in Ottawa, taking things as they come, one day at a time. People often stare at us because we're so different. I'm Haitian and she's Arab, of Lebanese descent. I'm a foreigner and she's a natural-born citizen. I'm of average height and she's decidedly tall and statuesque. If people looked a bit deeper, they'd see that for all of our obvious differences, Maryam and I are kindred spirits. She's the only woman I've ever met whom I feel I can truly be myself around, without fear of judgment. I'm there for her and she's there for me. What more could a man ask for?

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