tagErotic PoetryBlack Lace on Pale Satin

Black Lace on Pale Satin


Hearts beat together, deep exaggerated breaths
Scalloped black lace against pale satin skin
Hands fingering the delicate pattern
Finger traces the graceful curve of the collar bone
Hands cupping a gentle arc of soft skin
Palms running over tiny blond hairs on the stomach
Over naked hips to small of the back
Tender lips, damp, anticipating
Tongues dancing to the wild drumbeat of hearts
As a rough hand caresses, roves
While fingers grapple protruding shoulder blades
Lips trailing slowly down a swan-like neck
Breaths ragged, kisses fervent
Tingling, reeling, pounding, ringing
Traveling through the veins from fingers to hips
From hips to toes; quivering with anticipation
And lust; soft beads of perspiration reflect candle light
Frantic now, gasping, gulping, diving, exploring
Rising and falling with each heavy stroke
Until there is nothing left
but a heart beat

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