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Black Love In Somalia


Looking into Laban Suleiman's eyes, Khadija Osman gently stroked his face, then asked him if he was ready. The big and tall Somali man nodded, and inhaled sharply. With effort, Khadija raised Laban's legs in the air and told him to spread his cheeks. The bed shook as the six-foot-four, burly Black man complied with his diminutive mistress orders. He obeyed her as expected, and she proceeded to apply the cold lubricant all over his anus. Only then did she roll the condom on her strap-on dildo. Next, she lubricated the strap-on dildo itself, for one could never have too much lubricant in these situations. Locking eyes with her sub once more, the sexy Somali dominatrix told him she was going to take his anal cherry. Laban nodded, and Khadija smiled as she pushed the strap-on dildo into his ass...

Six months ago...Laban Suleiman sat at a computer terminal inside the Algonquin College library. In three months he would graduate with his bachelor's degree in business administration. He'd already gotten acceptance letters from various MBA programs at schools like the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, York University and the University of Toronto. The twenty-three-year-old Somali man sighed, and yawned. So many decisions to make, so little time. Ever since his parents, Omar and Aisha Suleiman along with his sister Amina moved to the City of Calgary, province of Alberta, he'd felt more alone than ever. It wasn't every day that a forty-four-year-old Somali immigrant got a job offer from one of the largest textiles companies in the country. His father would have been a fool not to go. Deep down, Laban understood why his parents and sister moved away. He didn't have to like it, though...

Omar Suleiman came to the province of Ontario, Canada, as a young man fleeing war-torn Somaliland. He worked menial jobs while studying at the University of Ottawa and earned his MBA before working for various companies once he had his Canadian citizenship. While at the University of Ottawa, he met a lovely young Somali woman named Aisha Khaled, and sparks flew. They got married eight months later. They had two sons, Laban and Ishmail, and a daughter, little Amina. Aisha Khaled-Suleiman worked as a nurse at the Ottawa General Hospital, and the family led a decent life. They had a nice house in Nepean, not too far from Baseline Station. Their eldest son Ishmail was the first to leave the nest. He won an academic scholarship to Boston University and moved to the U.S. Laban missed his older brother, but nothing prepared him for the shock of his parents and sister moving to Alberta because of his father's new job.

Although his parents asked him to come with them, Laban flat out refused. He was close to finishing his studies at Algonquin College in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and he'd miss his friends and his hometown too much, that was his reasoning. Laban was honestly starting to regret his decision. Now, a lot of young men his age would have felt different in such a situation. He had the family house to himself. The two-story, four-bedroom house in which he and his siblings grew up suddenly felt too big. In his parents absence, Laban rented two of the bedrooms to students he met at Algonquin College. He was a fair landlord, all he expected was to collect his rent money on time. With the rent money, he paid the bills. His scholarship at Algonquin College provided for his studies along with three square meals a day at the campus cafeteria while school was in session, so he didn't have much to worry about. No, the only things that worried Laban Suleiman were boredom and loneliness.

Laban often communicated with his family members on his cellphone or via Skype. That's how he was introduced to Anisah Abdullah, the gorgeous Lebanese-American woman his older brother Ishmail met at Boston University in Massachusetts. The bronze-skinned, raven-haired beauty was simply breathtaking. Laban could definitely see what his older brother Ishmail saw in her. He could hear the excitement in Ishmail's voice when he spoke about Anisah, the young woman he considered the love of his life. In the land of opportunity, Ishmail found the right woman. Imagine that. In Canada, Laban saw lots of Arab men with Black girlfriends and wives, with Somali women among them, but he rarely saw Arab women with Black men.

For a Lebanese woman to be with a Somali man, this was unprecedented. He'd never dreamed of such a thing happening. Only in the United States of America, a country with a Black president, could such a union occur. When Laban cautioned him about Anisah's family, Ishmail assured him that Arab American women were far more liberated and westernized than their Canadian counterparts. They did whatever they wanted, just like other American women. Laban had to smile at that. The United States of America did sound like a wonderful country indeed. In Canada, the racist Arabs would never let one of their daughters be with a Black man, that's for sure. A lot of Black Muslims, especially Somalis, looked up to the Arabs and considered them their brothers in Islam. Laban didn't feel the same way. Ever since an Arab guy called him the N-word in a Lebanese restaurant, he avoided these racist pigs like the plague. He'd always been a progressive and open-minded person, and couldn't stand bigots. When Canada held a referendum on gay marriage, Laban Suleiman stunned his family by supporting marriage equality. When they questioned his sexual orientation, he assured them he was straight, he just wasn't bigoted. Muslim men like Laban Suleiman were rare among the Ummah, that's for sure.

Laban Suleiman sighed and got up. He'd been at the computer too long, browsing through Facebook profiles while listening to Good Charlotte music videos on YouTube. It was Friday, and he had nothing to do. He didn't feel like going to mosque. He found the preachers at his parents old masjid to be very narrow-minded in their views of western society, women's rights and human sexuality. That's why he prayed at home. Allah is for everyone, Laban Suleiman was fond of saying to his fellow Muslims. Allah made the black and the white, the Christian, the Jew and the Muslim, the straight and the gay. As Creator of All, only Allah could judge anyone and everyone. Naturally, his progressive views didn't sit right with many Muslims, who considered themselves superior to others and wouldn't budge from their ironclad convictions. Oh, well.

Laban Suleiman walked from the Algonquin College campus to his house on Canter boulevard. He went directly to his room, and went straight to bed. This wasn't right, he told himself. He was in his twenties, and still a virgin. He'd never even had a girlfriend. He was weird wherever he went. To the Black Muslims his own age, he was strange because he listened to "white" music, dressed preppy, and read romance novels. He was kind of private when it came to his religion, and he was painfully shy around strangers. At school, he was brilliant but had few friends. Oh, and he had a dog. A loveable mutt named Marquis. He named the dog after a funny old French guy who was his family's neighbor for many years before he died of colorectal cancer. Laban got up and went to walk his dog. As usual, Marquis was happy, and they took a long walk down Merivale Avenue, one of Ottawa's busiest streets.

While walking through Merivale with Marquis, Laban ran into a vision of beauty. A tall, gorgeous young Black woman in a black leather jacket, red tank top, black leather miniskirt and black leather boots. When he saw her, he gawked, and his abrupt stop caused his dog to bark. As the lady came closer, Laban realized with a start that she looked Somali. Hello, she said, and he waved weakly. Smiling, the Somali-looking young woman asked him if he knew where Algonquin College was. Apparently she was headed to a party there. Laban smiled, and told her he knew exactly where it was. Ever the gentleman, he offered to show her the way. Grinning, she shook his hand and introduced herself as Khadija Osman, a newcomer to Ottawa from the City of Minneapolis, State of Minnesota. Thus Laban Suleiman met the Somali-American diva destined to change his life.

Laban and Khadija talked for a while as they made their way to Algonquin College. Along the way, he learned a bit about her. Khadija was born in the City of Woodbury, Minnesota, and recently transferred to Carleton University in Ottawa from Rasmussen College. She was excited about being in a new place. Laban watched her, fascinated. This gorgeous, scantily clad Somali-American chick was decidedly different from any of the Black Muslim women he'd met in Ottawa. In a moment of uncharacteristic boldness, he asked her for her phone number as they neared the school. Smiling, she gave it to him. Then she went inside. He could tell by the noise coming from the building and all the cars in the lot that a party was under way. How about that?

That night, Laban Suleiman went home, and thought about Khadija Osman, the sexy Somali-American chick who took his breath away. He called her the next day, and added her on Facebook. When she invited him to come chill with her and some friends at Oliver's Pub on the Carleton University campus, he happily went, wearing a red silk shirt, black silk pants and black Timberland boots. Got to look fly for the ladies, he told himself as he sprayed on some Cologne and left his house. He hopped on the ninety five bus heading downtown, then caught the number four heading to Carleton at Rideau Center. Forty five minutes later, he was at Carleton, asking people where Oliver's Pub was. A bored-looking Hispanic dude was kind enough to point him to the University Center. Laban thanked him, then went to the pub.

Once inside, he looked for Khadija. He had no problem locating her. She sat at a table in the back, near the video game machines, chatting loudly with her friends. Laban approached them cautiously. He counted four chicks and two guys at the table. All of them Black. Khadija spotted him as he approached, and got up to greet him. Instead of nodding politely in the Somali manner, she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Laban smiled at that, and she took his arm before introducing him to her friends. Thus Laban met Warsame, Kasim, Samirah, Mona and Atifah. All of them were Somali, but born and raised in the States, not Canada. None of the Somali-American chicks wore hijab, and they were louder and more outgoing than the Somali chicks he grew up with in Canada. He found that refreshing, for some reason.

Khadija's friends were really cool, and he found them friendlier than he thought Americans would be. Indeed, he found them more welcoming than many of the Somalis he knew in Ottawa. They came to Canada from the U.S. to spend a semester at Carleton University, and to experience Canada as Americans of Somali descent. Laban warned them that most Somali Canadians were far more religious and traditional than Somali Americans, and far less tolerant than him, and they laughed, telling them that they already noticed. Sitting with Khadija and her friends, Laban laughed and joked around. He felt...right, for the first time in ages. They ate sandwiches and fries, and drank Pepsi and beer. He had a good time for the first time in forever. When a really cool song came on, Khadija asked him to dance. Laban smiled and took her arm. He didn't really know how to dance, but damn it, he wouldn't pass up a chance to get close to her.

The two of them danced, and Khadija leaned into his shoulder. As the night ended, her friends went back to their dormitories. Khadija and Laban walked through the Carleton University campus, which she knew fairly well in spite of only having moved in a couple months before. Laban smiled at her as she shared with him details of her life back in the States. He told her how he dreamed of moving there once he was done with his university studies. He always felt out of place among conservative Somalis in Canada. With his liberal mindset, he felt he'd be happier in the States. Khadija laughed at that. He noticed she had a lovely smile and told her. Grinning, Khadija asked him if he was hitting on her. Laban nodded, smiling with more confidence than he would normally feel in such situations. Then he kissed her.

Thus it began between them. Laban's first kiss with his first girlfriend, a gorgeous Somali chick born and raised in America. Khadija changed his life. This wild, outgoing and fearless young Somali-American introduced him to a world of adventure and romance he never dreamed existed. With her by his side, he felt like he could do anything. The night when they finally made love, after coming home from the movies, he would never forget that one until the day he died. Khadija introduced him to other forms of sex he never knew existed. She introduced him to the world of BDSM. The first time she bent him over her knee and spanked his ass, he was hooked. BDSM was definitely something he could get into!

Little by little, Khadija Osman introduced Laban Suleiman to the pleasures of BDSM. She'd gotten into the lifestyle a couple of years before they met, and had become an expert by the time she started dating him. Laban Suleiman was mesmerized by this gorgeous, absolutely amazing young Black Muslim woman. He loved her and told her. Khadija told him she cared for him deeply too, though she felt he wasn't ready for the kind of commitment she required. A lot men, especially Muslim men, couldn't handle all the things she was into. And she long ago vowed she would never give up her passions for a man. Laban promised her that he wasn't like the others. To prove himself to her, he offered her...his everything. That's how Laban Suleiman ended up on his back, his ass in the air, with Khadija working a strap-on dildo into his ass. Laban looked at Khadija, and told her to fuck him in the ass. Grinning mischievously, Khadija grabbed his dick as she thrust her well-lubricated dildo into his ass. This was one for the ages, she thought as she fucked the young Black Muslim man she'd recently fallen for.

Laban looked at Khadija as she fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Hot damn, she looked absolutely fucking gorgeous while fucking him. He told her as much, and she grinned. Khadija leaned over and planted a kiss on his sweet lips and he wrapped his arms around her. He whispered into her ear that he loved her without reservation, and told her to fuck him HARD. Khadija looked into Laban's eyes, and saw that he meant what he said. At long last she found the Black Muslim man who wasn't too insecure, too traditional and too controlling to love her for who she was, a naturally dominant Black Muslim woman. Laban wasn't one of those fools who hid their insecurities behind religion and tradition. She could be herself around him, in and out of bed. Happily she plowed the dildo into his ass, and his screams of passion mingled with her own. They made love like this for hours, until exhaustion claimed their gorgeous Black bodies.

A few months later, Laban Suleiman and his new lady Khadija Osman flew from Ottawa, Ontario, to Calgary, Alberta. The young Somali-Canadian happily introduced his parents to the young woman he intended to spend the rest of his life with. The Suleiman parents were surprised, to say the least. Khadija Osman was definitely not a traditional Somali chick, with her short skirts, tight shirts and her absolute hatred of hijabs and burkas. Nevertheless, she was Somali and she made their son happy, so they had to accept her. The pair were married a few months later, then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Laban Suleiman decided to study at Saint Paul University with his darling wife Khadija Osman-Suleiman by his side. He'd had enough of Ottawa, though Canada would always be dear to his heart. He loved Khadija and wanted to be with her always. With her by his side, he felt strong enough to take on the good old U.S. of A.

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