tagErotic PoetryBlack Lust 2

Black Lust 2


His massive hand turned the showers on,
Soaking our enterwined bodies,
My Long dark lustrous hair flying around me,
As his long ebony shaft consummed me so deeply.

"What is your name? I ask"
His deep chocolate brown eyes bore into my soul,
As he whispered " Call me Master", little one,
Cause I have you now, and there's no where to run.

My thoughts are so filled with you,
As your deep, silken voice enraptures me completely,
Surrounding my very being,
Melting together what are my fantasies and what is true.

You suddenly turn me around, on the wet shower wall,
One big hand on my full breasts, the other under my thigh,
As you thrust deep inside my womb from behind,
Causing my body to tremble, spasm, mixed with my passioned cry.

My long dark lustrous hair whips down my back,
In strands of wet locks from the water's downpour,
As a mighty dark fist grips it tightly,
Pulling my head back, as you mark me as yours.

My smaller hands lay flat upon the shower wall,
Water dripping down , coating our silken bodies.
I feel your thick, long shaft pulsating deep inside me.
Stretching, filling me, branding me.

I now offer him my vulnerable neck,
As our release is nearly upon us,
He takes my offer, his strong teeth biting upon my flesh,
As his seed floods my womb, offering me his BLACK LUST.

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