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Black Man's Cockwhore

bylittle sebastian©

For a long time I had wanted to taste black cock again but had been unable to do anything about it. Finally a night came when I was so horny I had to get some. I dressed in normal clothes, just jeans and a t-shirt, and headed for a bar not far from my house that everyone knew only black guys went to. I didn't have a plan and just hoped that something would come to me.

When I got I there the place was pretty full and judging by how many people stared at me it was clear that I didn't fit in. I went straight to the bar ad ordered a drink, downing it and two more quickly. Feeling a little buzzed, I decided to get up and walk around a bit.

Before I could move away from the bar, however, the bartender called out to me. He said I needed to pay my tab before I left the bar. I reached for my back pocket but my wallet wasn't there. I froze. The bartender looked pissed when I told him and used a phone behind the bar to call the owner out from the back office. A tall black man came out a few minutes later to find me sitting nervously at the bar trying to think of some way out of this. He told me to follow him back to his office.

Once inside we sat down on either side of his desk. He looked me over for a minute almost as though he was sizing me up.

Finally he spoke up, "So I'm guessing you just forgot money, cause no one would be stupid enough to do something like that at my bar on purpose. So I'll make you a deal son. I have a private party coming in tonight that I need some servers for it. So you sign a contract saying that you'll help me out tonight and I'll forget about this little incident.

But if you sign you need to do everything I say. If you agree then there is no need for questions all you have to do is sign this paper. If you disagree then I'll turn you into the police for armed robbery, and I know plenty of people here who would love to send a little white boy like you to jail."

With that he took a piece of paper out of his desk and slid it across to me. Realizing he was serious about turning me into the police I just signed without even reading the contract.

As soon as I signed it his face split into a huge smile and he got up and told me to follow him. he led me down a hall into what looked like a dressing room. As soon as the door closed he turned around and said one word, "strip". Still to stunned to do anything else I just did what he said. While I was undressing he had been going through a closet behind him and as soon as I was finished he just turned and tossed what he had pulled out on the ground in front of me. He told me to get dressed and then come back to his office, and then left.

I started going through what he had given me and grew even more confused. On the ground in front of me was a black, long sleeved, high neck dress. The skirt on it was very short, probably barely covering my ass. There was also a black thong, and a heavily padded bra. Fishnet stockings and 5 inch strap sandal heels finished off the set. I just loved the fact that he wanted me to wear thoseslutty clothes . Getting real horny I just got dressed, and then quickly made my way down to his office to find him holding out a brunette wig. "Get on your knees so I can finish your outfit slut." I dropped to my knees and he walked up right in front of me and put the wig on my head. He towered over me with me on my knees, but right at eye level was his crotch.

I could see a good sized bulge in his pants, and knew that he was turned on. All of a sudden I realized he was looking down on me. He had caught me staring at his cock. Without saying anything he just reached down and pulled down his zipper, and took out his cock.

It was huge, at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. I reached out and gingerly touched it. I slowly leaned in and kissed the head. before I could stop myself I had opened my mouth and was greedily eating his cock.

It was so big that I could only get 3 or 4 inches in. He seemed to have other plans though. Grabbing the back of my head he started pushing his cock in deeper and deeper. I gagged when it hit my throat but he kept pushing it in. I thought my throat was going to rip open it hurt so much, but finally I felt his balls slap against my chin.

I tried to pull away but he held my head there cutting off my breathing. I started to panic and all of fantasies quickly gave way to fear. Just as I thought I was going to black out he started to pull back. Soon he was pumping in and out of my mouth just like it was a pussy.

Every now and then he would push all the way back in and hold it there cutting off my air again. After what had to be almost ten minutes he started picking up his pace and soon he thrust all the way in again and started spraying his seed down my gullet.

He sprayed so much that I thought I would drown in his sperm when he finally pulled out and spoke again, "you're a pretty good little cocksucker. Ill bet those brothers are gonna love fucking your mouth and ass pussy tonight slut. Youre going to go in that room and do whatever they want and let them fuck your holes as hard as they want or else youre going straight to the police. You got it you white cocksucking fag."

I just nodded feeling both apprehensive and excited and scared about what lay ahead of me for the night.

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