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Black Man's Sexy Girlfriend


Greetings, citizens of the world. My name is Jameson Lycos Brandeis. A tall, good-looking young black man with a rather unique story to tell. I'm a young Haitian man who lives in the state of Massachusetts. Currently, I attend the Massachusetts Military Institute or MMI. It's the largest military college in the state. Actually, it's one of the few remaining private military institutions of higher education in the country. In the same tradition as West Point, the Naval Academy, the Virginia Military Institute and Annapolis. Strong military tradition blending with rigorous education and sheer athleticism. An old-fashioned military school. The Massachusetts Military Institute has three campuses, one in Boston, another one in Plymouth and the last one in Cape Cod. For me, it has become home away from home. Also, it's my new playground.

I live on the Boston Campus, and it's alright, I guess. The entire school has about twenty five thousand students. Young men and women who want to serve the United States in a military capacity. Me, I joined the Massachusetts Military Institute mostly because they offered me a scholarship. I lived in Brockton prior to moving to Boston. I attended Brockton High School and played Division One High School Football. I wanted to continue playing football in college. Well, the Massachusetts Military Institute is the biggest athletic powerhouse in the state. They've got more sports than most colleges or universities. Thirty two sports, sixteen for men and sixteen for women. That's wonderful, especially in an age where many colleges cut men's sports to cooperate with Title IX, the unfair and outdated federal mandate.

The Massachusetts Military Institute currently sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Sailing, Water Polo, Wrestling, Football, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Rifle, and Archery. They also sponsor Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Sailing, Water Polo, Wrestling, Rugby, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Rifle, and Archery. See, I told you we were an athletic powerhouse. All of these sports teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One. We've taken on other athletic powerhouses like Harvard University, UMass-Amherst and Boston College. So far, our athletes are among the best in the state. I think we've got a shot at winning the Division One College Football Championships this year. Anyhow, I just wanted you to get an idea of who you're dealing with.

These days, college life was boring. I was a young black man on a campus filled with white guys and white girls. I've got nothing against them but damn, I just wish there were more minorities around. Having a few black men and Puerto Rican men on the student body wouldn't hurt anyone. Whatever. I'm not the school president. I'm not an administrator. I'm not an Admissions Representative. I'm just a student. These matters are over my head. Anyhow, I had a four-day vacation coming up. It was late September and a Thursday, no less. I was only taking three classes this semester. Criminology, Social Psychology and an online course, Sociology of Deviance. The Criminology professor, Mr. Hardwick told us he'd be gone for a few days. He assigned us some work we had to get done then email to him. I only had Criminology on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Social Psychology was a class I had on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. So, I decided to have myself a small vacation. Why not ditch Boston for a few days? I'll return Friday. I'll only miss a couple days of school and I'll just email my Social Psychology teacher the homework. The online course I can take wherever. I was free. Where would I go?

I picked up my cellphone and dialed up my friend Dalyana a call. Dalyana is a twenty-eight-year-old black nurse from Long Island whom I happen to be friends with. She's a cheerfully sociopathic slut housed in the body of a tall, thick-bodied, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black woman. My kind of bitch. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm a rather psychopathic sort and sleeping with male and female friends and acquaintances is really nothing new. That's something I keep to myself while I am at the Massachusetts Military Institute. Wouldn't want to give my fellow soldier boys and girls nightmares, you know? I think some things are better left unsaid by certain parties and unknown by others. That's a good rule. Unfortunately, I love to brag. I need to engage in risky behavior almost constantly and I act out on pure impulse. That's why I have so many damn wickedly erotic adventures. You dig? Cool.

I dialed up Dalyanna and asked her if I could come over. She was surprised but said it was okay. We've had some wicked fun together in the past. There are a lot of psychopaths, both male and female, both in my family and my circle of friends. We're a horny, twisted bunch in my community. Dalyanna was the same way. She came from a family of freaks too. I knew she couldn't resist. Dalyanna is a horny bitch and exactly what I needed. I left my dorm and locked my door. Then, I took my backpack, along with three hundred bucks and took a cab from the Massachusetts Military Institute Campus to South Station in Boston. I took one of them Chinese Buses which will take you straight from South Station in Boston to Chinatown in New York City. All for thirty bucks, round trip. How about that? I thought about taking a Greyhound bus but ditched the idea. The Chinese buses were cheaper. I had plenty of time to kill. It was ten A.M. The bus was leaving at eleven thirty. What's a guy to do between now and then?

I was sitting inside South Station's Food Court, reading a book and watching people go by when someone caught my attention. There was this young guy looking at me. A tall, slim young man with light brown hair and pale blue eyes. He wore a shirt that said Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I knew him. He was Dylan Syler, a College Basketball player from Notre Dame, Indiana. His school had recently beaten UMass-Amherst in Basketball. On their own turf. I noticed that he was not alone. There were lots of other young men also sporting jerseys and jackets from his team. That's not what grabbed my attention, though. I noticed him giving me the look. And I knew what it meant. So I went for it. We met inside the men's room for a little bit of fun. Like I said, I'm down with the fellas.

I love men. They're not complicated. They know what they want and they go for it. Especially when it comes to sexual relationships. I wish women would get with the program. Sex is fun. Drop the emotional baggage and start having fun. Stop asking for emotional and sexual commitment. Commit only to having fun. And to hell with consequences. Unfortunately they don't. A clear sign of their sexual inferiority. So, as we were. Dylan and I hooked up in the men's room. I went down on the stud. He was packing a pretty big dick. Ten inches long and quite thick. Uncut. I like what I see. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. When he came, I drank his manly seed. Afterwards, I bent him over the toilet seat for a little anal action. I spread the white boy's butt cheeks wide open and shoved my dick up his ass. He screamed in pleasure. I held him by the hips and thrust into him. We humped happily for a few minutes. Just a little happy fucking in the men's room. Afterwards, we readjusted our clothes and went our separate ways.

I got on the bus and began reading my favorite comic book. This month's copy of Marvel Comics Wolverine. Oh, yeah. All was cool. I looked out the window for a little while, then I went to get my sleep on. I listened to Powerman 5000's When Worlds Collide music video from my laptop. I also looked at some porn. All kinds of freaky shit. Men fucking men. Men fucking women. Women fucking women. Women fucking men with strap on dildos. Hey, it's all good with me. Sex is natural, folks. I don't get what the big fuss is all about. I'm a bisexual black man. That's what I am. I'm also a sexual libertine. I don't apologize for it. Not one bit. Having my fun, whenever and wherever I happen to be, that's how I roll. You dig? Cool. I'll tell you about my New York City adventures some other time. Right now, I need to catch my beauty sleep.

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