Black Man's White Sissy


I nodded, blubbering - "i'll do anything you say" - whap! He belted me across the face with his open hand.

"Anything I say what?" He roared. "Anything I say DADDY!"

"Anything you say, daddy", I replied meekly, cowering on the bed, small and naked under this brutal man, a man to whom I now belonged.

Imagine how I felt, both physically and emotionally, when less than a half hour later, the door lock clicked and Odell let in another trick. Odell had led me to understand in no uncertain terms that I was to act feminine and seductive, and to make every blow job and fuck so that the trick left feeling like a king. So when this guy came into the room and approached the bed I smiled and said, "Hi, handsome!"

The guy was a mexican who looked like he'd done plenty of time in the joint. H was wearing sweat shorts and a sweat shirt with the arms cut off. He was about 5', 10", and built like a weight lifter. His big arms were covered with tattoos, as was his back and chest I saw when he stripped off his clothes. He was built like a bull. He had a very cruel looking face with a thin slash for a mouth - which cracked into a humorless smile - when he saw me up close. "Looks like you been misbehavin', puto", he said.

I smiled. "Yeah, I been a bad girl, so my daddy hadda beat my ass". I reached out and ran my hand over his big muscles. "Ooooh! So BIG!"

He was completely naked now and he got over me on the bed, the springs creaking loudly as he did. He kissed on my neck and tits. "Squeeze my dick, puto," he said.

I obeyed him, encircling the base of his rigid penis with my thumb and forefinger and squeezing. At the same time I felt my own dick getting hard from the feel of his hot kisses on my bare body. His mouth searched out mine and our lips clamped together and I felt his tongue snaking into my throat.

Now I was so horny! His big body moved over me and he was ravishing my neck and tits, kissing my ears and mouth. "Am I like a woman, Papi?" I asked him.

"Just like a woman, beautiful", he answered me huskily. "You are a woman - you are my woman!"

"Oh si, Papi - I am your woman!" I whimpered, reveling in the feel of his sandpaper face as it nuzzled my soft, bare flesh. I felt his fingers working into my ass and I wiggled my hips in pleasure and anticipation. "You gonna fuck me, Papi?" I whispered in his ear.

"Gonna put a baby in you", he whispered back, kissing my belly.

I almost went crazy when I heard those words; they inflamed me. "Oh, honey, yes! Put a baby in me, darling - make me pregnant - pleeeze!" I sobbed.

His big strong hands cupped my buttocks, lifting them as my legs went up over his shoulders, and he mounted me, his hard cock seeking the mouth of my hungry anus. With my free hand I reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding the head to my 18 year old anus.

It hurt as the head ripped in past the tight ring of sphinctre muscles, and I tensed and cried out. This made him crazy horny and he began fucking me hard - like an animal. He had very muscular thighs and he used these to pump his groin into my ass.

I've been fucked a lot since then, but I remember this fuck as one of the best I've ever had. His cock inside of me, his muscley arms around me, his mouth nipping and biting - I felt the way two animals must feel in some cave - mating, savage mating.

When he came inside of me he quickly dressed and knocked on the door for Odell to let him out. A few minutes later Odell entered the room, smiling.

"Now, see, that's more like it", he told me. I smiled back at him. I had just had the best fuck of my young life and it showed.

"You need to take a piss?" he asked me.

"I gotta shit, Daddy", I said.

I thought Odell was gonna give me my clothes for the trip out to the hallway bathroom, but he just cuffed my hands behind my back and took me in a vice like grip by my upper arm and walked me - completely naked - down the long hallway to the toilet. Halfway down the hall a guy came out of a room. He looked at Odell and me briefly before lowering his eyes and walking in the other direction. I wonder what he was thinking: A big black guy, pimp walking a nude white 18 year old punk - a punk who'd obviously been beaten up - down to the toilet. Well, if it bothered him he must have put it out of his mind, because no cops ever came to rescue me.

I took a shit - it was shit and cum both - and Odell stood outside with the door wide open as I defecated. When I was finished I started to come out of the bathroom, but Odell stopped me. "Get in there an' wash that pussy", he pointed at the bathtub.

Obediently I got in the tub and ran the water. It came out rusty, but I took the bar of soap and soap up my ass and ran water over it with a can someone had left there.

When I was finished Odell handcuffed me, took me by my upper arm and walked me back naked to the room. We passed a couple, a man and a woman, both intoxicated. The woman, obviously a prostitute, stopped, and looked at me from head to foot. Then she looked at Odell. "Wassup, Kendra?" Odell said.

"Same ol' shit, 'Dell", she said, staring at me. "I see you gots some new stuff". She took her hand and put it under my chin, raising my head. I felt totally humiliated. "Mmm, MMM!" She said. "She cute! You been seasonin' her, I see".

Odell chuckled. "Yeah, we had to come to a unnastandin', feel me?"

The whore laughed. "Fo' sho', I feel you fo' sho'", she laughed. What's you name, girlfriend?" she said to me.

My eyes turned to Odell. "Steven", I answered in a low voice. I felt Odell's grip on my arm tighten.

"Stevie", he corrected. "This here be Stevie. Right, Stevie?"

I hung my head. "Yes, Daddy", I said. The whore shrieked with coarse laughter.

"Daddy! Ha, ha, ha! Odell you Daddy, sweetie?" she asked. Then to Odell: "Where you keepin' her?" she asked.

"402", he said. "You know anyone lookin' fo' Stevie's type, you let me know, coo'?"

"Oh, fo' sho', she answered, grabbing her trick by the arm and leading him to a nearby room.

Odell kept me locked up for over a month. During that time I had sex with the men he brought to the room , often as many as 20 or more a day. I never knew when, he'd just show up with the trick - could be any time day or night. Most of them were black or latino street types, but occasionally they would be well dressed white men, usually in their 50's or 60's. One told me that he was a judge. But after he fucked me he never offered to help me. I gradually got used to the idea that I belonged to Odell. Sometimes he was very kind and even loving to me. Some nights we would lie in bed together after making love - just like a husband and wife - and the fact is, I fell deeply in love with him and would do anything for him.

That's when he put me out in the street. One day he came to the room and handed me some tight minidresses and high heels. He had lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and hairspray. When I was all dolled up he took me out of the hotel for the first time in almost 2 months. I was male but in drag I looked easily like a 20 year old woman. We got into a beat up old Caddilac and he drove across town to an area with a lot of bars and clubs. He pulled over near a liquor store. "Get out," he said.

I looked at him. "Where am I gonna go?" I asked him.

"You gonna get you ass out on the stroll and hustle you 18 year old ass, that's what you gonna do!" he said.

So there it was - I was a street ho now - hustling to give blow jobs in the back seats of men's cars, in alley ways, behind dumpsters.

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