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Black Mistress 4 Black Male Sissy


Sitting in my chair completely naked, I stroked my strap-on dildo as I watched my Black male slut parade in front of me. My name is Veronique Marceau and I am a Dominatrix. Standing five feet eleven inches tall, wiry and muscular with a thick booty, I look damn hot and I know it. My skin is dark brown, shined to perfection with lotion for tonight's performance. My long Black hair is neatly braided. For in this dungeon I am not just Veronique Marceau, Carleton University Law student and new Canadian Citizen of Haitian origin. Here, I am Mistress Abattoir, the Jungle Queen. Nice, eh? I am the only Black professional Dominatrix operating in Ottawa, Ontario, as far as I know. And that suits me just fine, to tell you the truth.

Tonight is a special session for me and my new submissive. For starters, all of my other submissive types are White. Black men are rare in the world of BDSM, and those I meet tend to be dominants obsessed with dominating White women. Black men and Black women segregate themselves from one another in the world of BDSM. I don't know why but that's the way the game is played. We perform with and for other races, never our own. After tonight's session, I think I can really get into Black on Black BDSM. Seriously. Troy Williamson contacted me online three days ago. A six-foot-tall, good-looking Black man in his early thirties. I did my research on him. He's a 2002 graduate of the University of Ottawa's Telfer MBA program. He works for the Canadian government as an economist. He's married to a blonde-haired and green-eyed White woman named Maeve O'Neill. They are the proud parents of Ashley, Joseph and Mitchell. Troy Williamson's wife Maeve is a schoolteacher. They live in a nice, upper-middle-class neighborhood in the Barrhaven sector of Ottawa.

The guy sounds about as White-washed as can be. In my professional life as a Dominatrix, I deal with submissive White men and submissive White women because that's who makes up the bulk of submissive types available in the world of BDSM. In my personal life, I only deal with White people as casual friends. I am as Afro-centric as can be. I am a Deaconess at a certain African Adventist church located in the East End of Ottawa. I'm engaged to a tall, handsome Haitian gentleman named Claude Charpentier. A native of Jacmel, Haiti, he moved to Ontario ten years ago. He's a Civil Engineering student at the University of Ottawa. I love Claude. We're getting married this summer. I'm also Vice President of the African Student Union at Carleton University. And I'm not even African. My parents, Gregoire and Mathilda Marceau moved from the region of Cap-Haitien, Northern Haiti, to metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario, a few years ago. I don't mess with White folks unless I'm getting paid. Besides, as a Black woman living in a racist, mainly White city, I find it satisfying to get paid to beat White folks with a whip in my basement. I've never met a Black man who was into getting beat with a frigging whip for his sexual pleasure. And I had certainly never met any Black Male Sissy types until I met Mr. Troy Williamson of suburban Barrhaven, Province of Ontario.

Anyhow, I decided to treat Troy Williamson, my first Black Male Submissive, just like the others. I am a professional Dominatrix after all and this is what I get paid to do. When he came to me, I asked him to tell me about his fantasies. The sexual fantasies of an educated Black man who's married to a White woman and works for the Canadian government. Why would he seek me out, a Black Dominatrix? I mean, since he's married to a White woman, aren't White women what he prefers? To my surprise, Troy Williamson told me that he was still very much attracted to Black women. And he liked them tall, Black and bossy. I had to chuckle at that one. Tall, Black and bossy. That describes me, Tennis legend Serena Williams and a lot of Black ladies around the world. Well, if he wanted to get dominated by the Black Dominatrix bitch from hell, this submissive Black man definitely came to the right place.

I told Troy to undress, and show me what he got. He stood naked in front of me. The guy was fine-looking and masculine, but the worst Sissies always look manly in their daily attire. I ordered him to kneel before me and suck my toes. The tall Black dude obeyed me, his Black Mistress, just like the Sissy he knew him to be. He sucked my toes ever so gently, putting them into his mouth as if they were sugar cubes. When he finished, I proceeded with the Actual Sissifying. For any Black guy or Black woman reading this, know that I'm smiling down upon you. I applied makeup on Troy's face, and made him wear some nice White panties, and a Tutu! I let him wear my high heels and he paraded around the house for me. From tough-looking Black guy to submissive Sissy. Nice! I told him to serve him and gave him some menial tasks to perform. While he was dressed like this, I called him Miss Tina. Miss Tina cleaned up my house, did my dishes and even folded my laundry. Isn't she lovely Black bitch?

However, while walking around in high heels, my Black Male Sissy left certain marks on my carpeted floor and I had to punish him. I made him get on all fours, face down and ass up. I smacked Troy/Tina's big hairy Black man's ass while spreading his ass cheeks and lubricating him. Then I pressed my strap-on dildo against his asshole and pushed it inside. Just like that, I began fucking my Black Male Sissy Slave roughly. I sodomized him nice and good, sinking the dildo into the depths of his asshole. Troy screamed like a little bitch as I fucked him. I called him every name in the book. Sissy. Bitch. Slut. Whore. Pathetic excuse for a man. Fruitcake. And then some. He seemed to delight in it for he begged me for more. I tore his ass up with my strap-on dildo for a good half hour, then I pulled out of him. Afterwards, I made him clean my dildo with his tongue. He winced as he tasted his ass on my dildo. I smiled. This Black guy makes such a good Black Sissy Slut. Good. I dismissed him with a hard slap to the face, and then he left just like the bitch he is. I can't wait to see him again. This was fun!

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