Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 10

bylusty Vamp©

"Shut the fuck up, whore," Angel barked, "you know I don't allow excuses! You had better perform every time I demand it or you'll find yourself replaced as my personal pussy bitch. Now stand the fuck up and assume the position, you useless piece of white fuck meat."

Angel straightened her skirt and walked back to take her seat behind her desk as I wearily got to my feet. As weak as I was it was a chore all in itself. But somehow I managed to stand, spread my high-heel clad feet and cross my arms behind my back.

My stomach rose into my throat as Angel continued mockingly, "Now then, little Miss Barbie, you have earned yourself three demerits." As Angel spoke I lowered my sparkling blue eyes in shame. "Look at me, you dirty cunt, when I'm speaking to you." Instantly I locked my eyes on Angel's beautiful black eyes." My shame increased tenfold. "As I was saying, whore, you have earned three demerits; one for talking back to me, one for failing to pleasure me and one for trying to offer a pathetic excuse. Now you know what that means don't you, cunt?"

I continued to lock eyes with Angel even as dread filled my heart, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress, your pussy bitch knows what it means." It meant that for the next three hours I would be forced to carry Angel's black leather riding crop between my teeth. It meant that each of Angel's black stable girls could use the crop to give me three lashes per hour anywhere on my white body they chose. But, I also knew that as jealous as the black girls were of both me and Suze they would take full advantage of the gift being presented to them. Doing some quick math in my head I realized that none of Angel's other girls stopped by I could receive a minimum of 81 lashes since I knew none would leave once they found out there was white meat to be punished.

Scornfully Angel released me to my fate, "Then take the crop and you may return to your chores."

I had to stifle a laugh at Angel's words as I knew her black girls would keep me far too busy to work for at least the next three hours. Fortunately for me I was able to control any outburst that would have gotten me in even deeper trouble. With a trembling voice I replied, "Of course, my Nigger Mistress."

Leaning over Angel's desk my 38's brushed the top as I used my teeth to pick up the riding crop and clinch it tightly between my teeth. Then I turned on my heel and headed towards the door.

As I opened the door to leave Angel added, "Have that spoiled and pampered southern bell of a cunt report between my thighs at once. Tell her she is not to say a fucking word."

With the riding crop clinched between my teeth I could only mumble, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Then as an after thoughts Angel mused, "That sister cunt of yours always sucks fantastic nigger pussy." While I had come to love Suze dearly Angel's compliment felt like a stab in the heart. To add insult to injury Angel added sarcastically, "Oh, by the way, Barbie Doll, while Suze's hot tongue entertains my nigger pussy you are responsible to seeing that she doesn't fall behind with her chores."

Again I mumbled, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress." And with her words another knife wound painfully stabbed my heart. With that I gritted my teeth and left Angel's office determined to face my destiny as bravely as possible.

Walking down the hall, towards the family room, my sprits brightened a bit as I realized that it could have been much worse. Angel could have made me wear a pair of those brutal alligator style nipple clamps on the nipples.

Just then I heard a door open behind me. "Come here, slut," it was Angel. Turning around my heart fell through the floor as I comprehended that in the palm of right hand lay two chrome plated alligator nipple clamps. An ugly sneer curled Angel's gorgeous lips as she said coldly, "You didn't honestly think I'd forget these did you, Barbie Doll?" It was a question that didn't require an answer.

Tears welled in my blue eyes as I approached Angel and the cruel clamps she held. Honestly I had thought she had forgotten. In my mind I scolded myself for being so stupid. "Put them on yourself, cunt, you know where they go," Angel snapped.

Try as I might I couldn't control one tear from trickling down my left cheek as I gently placed the foul clamps on my rather hard nipples. Gentle or not the powerful spring loaded objects bit ruthlessly into my innocent nipple flesh. The sharp steel teeth of the jaws bite deep into my flesh without mercy. The agony was mind blogging and endless. My body shook in its suffering and what was a single tear was followed by another and yet another. "Now be off with you, whore," Angel sneered me to an ordeal I knew my body would spend days recovering from.

Almost the second I entered the family room, where five of Angel's black girls lazed about chatting and giggling, they began to cackle. "Lordie, as I live and breathe nigger bitches" one started letting another finish with "Oh my god we got us some pearly white flesh to welt." "Oh yea I loves to whip pale bitches" another spat out. Then another yelled, "First" and yet another nearly shrieked "On deck". Only seconds after my entry the "batting order" was being determined. Seconds later five other black girls scurried from other parts of the house to see what the commotion was all about. My worst fear was confirmed as I realized two other girls had arrived while I had been entertaining in Angel's office and that my punishment had thus been increased to a minimum of 90 lashes. Silently I prayed for the strength to endure that which was about to be given.

The black girl who had hollered "First" boldly stepped before me and took Angel's riding crop from its spot between my teeth. I didn't dare resist as she took the crop but did take the opportunity to blurt out, "My Nigger Mistress wants to see Suze in her office right away." Someone yelled loudly "Suze get your fucking white ass down here right now."

At the same time Gina, the black girl holding the riding crop, said, "You know how I want you."

"Of course, Miss Gina," I replied quite politely.

Slowly I put my hands behind my head and pulled my elbows well back while I spread my feet as wide as I possibly could.

About that time Suze scrambled into the room in a bit of a tizzy. "Yes, yes what is it," Suze asked with a bit of a puzzled look on her cute face. Then seeing me her look turned to one of sympathy.

Gina playfully flicked the nipple clamp torturing my left nipple. "Well, tell her what she needs to know," Gina said as she paused to allow me time to give Suze her instructions.

"Our Nigger Mistress wants to see you immediately," I said flatly. A dark cloud of concern suddenly distorted Suze's lovely facial features. "She said not to say a word. Just crawl between her thighs and do what you do best," I added and instantly Suze's face lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

"Ohh thank you so much, Barbara," Suze said with genuine warmth as she quickly crossed the room towards Angel's office. Of course, the bouncing of Suze's full and perfectly shaped titties gave me a momentary distraction from the misery of my suffering.

"Remember to knock, Suze," I cautioned but her head was so consumed by her own thoughts that she ignored my words as if they didn't register.

"Now then," Gina continued, "where were we?"

As Suze passed me I continued to enjoy the sexy wiggle of her ripe and firm ass. Gina's words brought me back face to face with my unenviable plight. "I'm afraid you were about to welt one or both of my defenseless titties, Miss Gina," I answered with all the boldness I dared. And, I was sure to show her the proper respect as Angel demanded that Suze and I both refer to all her black girls as Miss.

The moment Suze's sweet sexy ass disappeared around the corner the riding crop impacted both my naked titties. The whip glanced off the cruel nipple clamps torturing my nipples causing me the most horrific agony of my life. I momentarily staggered as the horrendous pain attacked my defenseless body from what seemed like every angle. My hands flew to cover my injured titties instinctively as my body trembled uncontrollably in its misery. After a full minute I regained a smidgen of control as the black girls giggled their delight at the suffering white bitch. "Position," Gina demanded. Without a word I weakly returned to the submissive pose I had held before; hands behind my head with my feet spread well apart.

Gina rewarded my obedience with a swift and powerful upper cut that landed squarely across the undersides of both my unprotected titties. Thankfully the stroke didn't cause the same level of agony as the first; only extending and amplifying it.

At that moment Suze knocked on the wooden door to Angel's office. In response to the knock Suze heard Angel call out from inside the office, "You will enter." Suze quite properly dropped to her knees opened the door and crawled into the room on her hands and knees. Angel was seated casually in a love seat along one wall. She had removed her short skirt and spread her legs; displaying her flower in all its magnificent glory. Suze closed the door behind her then without a word began to crawl towards Angel. Angel's cleanly shaven gash glistened with her brown sugar. Suze always thanked god each time she was allowed the privilege of viewing Angel's marvelously inviting pussy and she couldn't help but curl her hot tongue seductively around her lips. Suze knew that she could gaze upon the beauty of Angel's charms an eternity but dared not to. Instead she lifted her gaze to lock eyes with Angel allowing Angel access to the core of Suze's very being.

"You're horny for my sweet treasure aren't you, you little pussy sucking white girl?"

It was a question meant to entangle Suze in a web of dark and evil punishments. Suze wisely remained silent. Yet, Suze's sparkling hazel eyes screamed all that needed to be said. 'Damn it, yes, yes I'm horny to suck your sweetness. So fucking horny ... so fucking ready ... please', Suze's stunning eyes gleamed without a doubt.

Suze continued to lock eyes with Angle as she neared her goal. Those stunning black eyes bore into Suze's soul causing such humiliating agony that Suze felt like she was about to cry.

"Little Miss Prim and Proper Southern Bell," Angel mocked as Suze neared, "Little Miss I'm too good to use the "n" word. You will begin with my feet, you honky whore."

Suze took one of Angel's feet in her hands and lifted it to her lips in order to continue making eye contact with the young and vivacious black lady. Slowly Suze brought the black foot up to her lips where she snaked out her long tongue and lovely licked Angel's toes.

"Look at yourself now, just look at your pampered white ass now," Angel continued to mock and humiliate her older white whore Suze. "Your fucking white ass on your knees, kneeling with your fucking honky mouth full of nigger toes, your pale face about to be buried between my nigger thighs. Who's the slut now you piece of nigger fuck meat. Who's the slave now, bitch, look at yourself you old white cow and tell me: just who's the slave now?"

Back in the family room Gina and Natasha had completed their hour one whip lashes, leaving me bruised and battered and praying for a reprieve. My nipples and their cruel nipple clamps became a favorite target and soon they had swollen horribly and turned to an ugly purplish color. My tortured titties quickly became criss-crossed with welts that continued to radiate agony long after they had been made.

Lawanda was up next and as she was short and shout she told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I knew I couldn't expect any mercy from her. In rapid fire fashion Lawanda landed her three strokes directly across the fullest part of my ass cheeks. The powerful strokes nearly drove me to my knees as I stumbled and staggered.

One after the other the ten black girls unleashed a firestorm of agony that ravaged my mind and body. In less than 30 minutes my all but helpless body absorbed 30 lashes of the whip. From my titties, to my thighs, ass and delicate pussy my mind was attacked with horrendous agony. The whip left my creamy soft white flesh covered with 30 blood red welts.

When the arrogant black girls finished the last of my first hour's punishment I had about 30 minutes of relative freedom to actually work on my chores. It was all I could do to walk back to the bathroom where Suze had been working when she had been called away. With what little energy I had I began scrubbing the bath tub where it looked as if Suze had left off.

Meanwhile in Angel's office, after an hour of stimulating toe and foot worship, Suze had been allowed to start working her way towards the succulent treasure that nestled between Angel's ebony thighs. Suze continued to lock her eyes on those of her Owner/Mistress as she kissed, nibbled and licked her way slowly up Angel's shapely leg.

Angel continued to spank Suze's ego with her abusive and humiliating remarks. "Look at yourself Miss Home Coming Queen". "Look at your snow white face between my nigger thighs." "Who's the slave now, Little Miss Southern Bell?"

It was a trap question designed to trick Suze into speaking while under orders to remain silent. But like the others that had come before it didn't entice Suze to speak. Suze wanted to speak up, wanted to defend herself, her heritage but she dared not. She understood full well that Angel wasn't someone to toy with.

Suze's sparkling hazel eyes got bigger and bigger as her hot tongue worked its way up Angel's gorgeous thighs. It was a look of hunger and feverish desire that wasn't lost on Angel.

"Do it you little honky- tonk slut, but before you do Sweet Little Suze, you will say these 12 words "Sweet little southern belle Suze Q loves to tongue fuck nigger pussy."

Without thinking about it, sweet little Suze repeated the words she had been ordered to say as she tried to fight down a blush that threatened to cover her face. With her eyes still locked on those of Angel, Suze repeated the words in her sweet southern accent, "Sweet little southern bell Suze Q loves to tongue fuck nigger pussy."

"Then do it you white trailer trash whore. Do what you do best, cunt, suck nigger pussy."

With her eyes still locked on Angel's, Suze lowered her mouth and tongue to Angel's tempting pussy. Snaking out her long pointed tongue she began to gently tongue whip Angel's engorged clit. Angel groaned with lustful pleasure as she tightened her lovely chocolate thighs around Suze's head. Suze sucked Angel's clit between her full lips and swirled her tongue around it like a hungry puppy dog. In the meantime, Suze couldn't deny that her own sexual engine had come to life and was making its demands squarely between her own creamy white thighs.

Coyly Suze took a free hand and placed it between her thirsty thighs and began to covertly finger her own drenched pussy. To conceal her rashness Suze intensified her lustful assault upon Angel's budding pussy. Angel's youthful body began to tremble with impending sexual joy.

"Do not make me cum yet, whore," Angel demanded. "Ohh, and sweetie my nigger pussy demands your undivided attention unless you wish to share Barbie's fate."

Suze instantly realized she had been busted fingering her own pleasure center and in a flash removed her fingers from her always hungry pussy. She placed her hands behind her back and interlaced her fingers hoping that would thwart any temptation to return to her act of self-gratification. Suze also realized that she had to slow down Angel's sexual energy as it raced towards a toe curling climax. It was a game Angel loved to play with her trashy white whores. They had been trained that whenever they were allowed the honor of pleasuring Angel's nigger pussy they had to keep their tongues in contact with Angel's womanhood at all times. The white sluts must then maintain Angel's sexual high without sending her over the edge until Angel said she was ready to climax. Thus Suze slowed down her efforts gently kissing without the urgency she had displayed earlier. Sensing Angel's urges, slowly Suze went back to flicking her hard clit gently and lovingly. All the time she continued her eye lock with Angel.

"You love my nigger pussy don't you Little Miss Suzanne McKeely?" Angel asked with a sneer.

Knowing she couldn't answer verbally Suze folded her tongue and drove it hard into Angel's love hole.

In the meantime, I was toiling away at scrubbing the shower stall which Suze had left when she had been called to attend to Angel's needs. As I labored I continue to clinch Angel's whip tightly between my teeth. My body was racked by the hellish agony I had endured at the hands of Angel's black girls.

Then ten minutes after resuming my tasks a loud chorus of "Hey, Nigger Meat, your fucking fat white ass is required." I immediately dropped the brush I had been working with and practically run to the family room. Entering the room I quickly understood what the uproar was about; standing there in the middle of the room was Cassandra who had just arrived and wanted to take full advantage of my predicament.

Cassandra was a voluptuous nineteen year old black girl standing 5'7" and tipping the scale at 170 pounds. And she was just as strong and powerful as her build portrayed. To make matters worse Cassandra had a natural hatred for skinny white bitches. With a bright sexy smile Cassandra approached me and took the riding crop from between my teeth. I couldn't help but cringe with fear as she was told me to turn around, bend over, spread my feet and grab my ankles. Tears openly rolled down my cheeks as I obeyed.

Cassandra, with a wicked gleam in her eye, took hold of each end of the black leather riding crop and flexed it in the middle as she contemplated my position. Then without warning the riding crop split the air with its evil swishing noise as Cassandra took a practice swing. I was so dazed with fear and foreboding that I shook violently as the whip impacted nothing but air. The black girls who continued to lounge about lazily in the family room broke into hysterical laughter as they watched me nearly jump out of my white skin with apprehension.

Sudden my ass exploded in horrific, mind wrenching agony. My shriek was ear piercing and unabated. The blistering agony buckled my knees and I stumbled to my knees much to the delight of the young black girls watching. Sobbing I did my best to collect myself and get back to my feet. The second I resumed my submissive, bent over position Cassandra unleashed the whip again upon my upturned ass. The powerful strokes were delivered in rapid fire secession one after the other. The explosion of pain was staggering and I again collapsed to the floor as my knees gave out. For a full 20 seconds I lay withering on the floor unable to grasp reality as my nearly naked body was crushed from every angle by mind numbing agony. The black girls who lounged about the room hooted and hollered with amusement as I thrashed in misery. Slowly I staggered to my feet. Cassandra offered the riding crop and I willingly took it between my teeth.

With a scornful sneer she said, "See you in an hour, whitey."

Still slightly dazed, I stumbled off to return to the chores that had been assigned to my sister in submission, Suze, while my tasks went unattended.

Back in Angel's office Suze continued to service Angel with loving attention to detail. Then with a sexy smile, Angel commanded, "Make me cum, you white gutter whore, make your Nigger Mistress cum NOW."

With renewed energy Suze tongue whipped Angel's engorged clit powerfully, making demands of her own. As her tongue whipped wildly, Angel's toned thighs tightened their grip on Suze's head. At the same time Angel's youthful body shook violently as the first wave of carnal pleasure swept her away into the realm of orgasmic bliss. While Angel's body and soul erupted with joy, Suze drove her hot wet tongue deep into her pussy rocketing Angel's ecstasy to another level. Angel's body shivered with each lustful wave of joy that swept over her. Suze continued to tongue fuck Angel's pussy passionately as Angel surfed from one dazzling orgasm to the next, each wilder than the one that preceded it.

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