Black Poker Party


Robert reached in and worked his index finger into Liz's bobbing rectum, as Shawn spanked her widely flaring butt cheeks.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Nate yelled as Liz came on his black cock and he returned fire with a load of black cum in her cheating, white womb.

Liz was starting to look wore out, as she slid off of Nate and onto her face. But she surprised me by pulling her knees up under her and sticking her bodacious ass straight in the air. My wife reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, "All I need now is a big black cock to fuck my married white ass!" she moaned loudly.

"How about three black cocks to fuck your cheating white ass?" Robert countered.

Liz laughed, "The more the merrier!"

Robert pulled the married white slut to the edge of the bed. He smacked her a couple of times across the ass and spat on her rectum. Robert then lined up his newly hardened cock with my wife's horny asshole. I just shook my head. Liz never even let me stick my finger in her little butt. The black man pressed the head of his pecker against Liz's tight butt hole. I watched in fascination as my wife's anus opened up and Robert's huge black cock slid up inside of her married white ass.

Both Robert and Liz were moaning loudly as that long black snake pumped furiously in and out of my wife's horny, white asshole. Once again, I thought Liz would be turned inside out, as her bowels were brutally plundered and her pink rectum clung to his thick black cock and was pulled into the open on each out stroke. The other two black men started smacking Liz's ass again and pulling on her huge tits, which were swinging back and forth. Every so often, Robert would stop thrusting and Liz would fuck herself on his big, black dick by shoving her widespread ass back on his black log as fast and hard as she could.

The three black men soon started taking turns. One would fuck my wife's tight white asshole, as fast and hard as he could, while one would spank her butt cheeks, and the third would maul and abuse her big, swaying boobs. The three studs sodomized my sweet wife's cheating, white ass for a good hour and a half.

The whole time Liz was moaning loudly and yelling obscenities, "Fuck my white ass with those black cocks!" she screamed, "Oh god! Their black dicks are so big! I can't believe how good it feels to have my asshole fucked by a bunch of horse-dicked black men!"

Eventually, all three men came in my wife's asshole and flooded her white bowels with their black seed. As each man would finish and pull out of Liz's well fucked ass, they would force me to watch as her widely gaping anus took longer and longer to close up.

Liz lay face down on the bed and was only half conscious, as our party guests got dressed and prepared to leave. Robert smirked at me as he slapped my wife on her upturned butt cheek. "You're a black cock loving whore, aren't you?" he asked.

I saw Liz grin sheepishly, "Yes."

"Say it!" Robert demanded.

Liz lifted her head up and spoke louder, "I'm a black cock loving whore!"

"You want more, don't you?"

My wife grinned from ear to ear, "As much as I can get," she looked at me, "My tight white ass can take as many big, black cocks as I can get a hold of."

Robert smiled at both Liz and me, "I'm having a party at my house next Friday," he informed us, "You're both invited."

"I'll be there," Liz replied, "As long as there's plenty of black cock."


That was a week ago and today is Friday. Of course, things have not been the same between Liz and me. She says she still loves me, but she needs black cock to satisfy her sexual needs. As hurt as I am about this, I can't help but be incredibly turned on. Every time I think about what I saw those big, black peckers do to my wife, I want to jerk off. Liz is in the bedroom now, putting on a special outfit for tonight's party at Robert's. I think I'm going to take our video camera and see what happens.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/05/15

Good for her

Your wife is paying you back for being useless. If you had given her the cock she wanted this might not have happened now you are on the way to becoming a slave to BBC yourself. I won't be surprised tomore...

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by Anonymous07/29/15

Nigger cock craving WhoreWife !

That slutty white wife has been turned into a big nigger cock craving whore and if her CuckHubby was me I'd have told them $450 each nigger cock and they'd get he dusk to dawn to WhoreFuck her anyway theymore...

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by Anonymous07/09/15


Well, in my house, in my world, I would have evened the odds and played my Dessert Eagle. That would have ended the story on an upbeat note...

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by Anonymous05/21/15

I think the author needs to "enjoy the pleasure" of having a BBC suddenly inserted where none has been before and maybe he could write his stories a little more realistically. I know drinking can helpmore...

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by Anonymous05/07/15

Too Much

...belittling the white husband...too much; otherwise, great interracial fuck scene!

As to hubby, his wife was/is a closet BBC slut and if I were him, I would have left for work on Monday with a suitcase...amore...

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