tagNonHumanBlack Rose ch. 5

Black Rose ch. 5


"He was crying Luis, he is scared." She looked at the lifeless form sitting over the roof as he looked down at the nightlife that went on under them like traffic of cattle being herded into the building they were above. She looked down without anything else to say. A glimmer of anger showing in her tone as she took a step forward and then called out once more now.

"Luis? Are you even listening to me? Do you even care about Travis?" she looked at the back of his head and wondered what he was thinking about. Wondering if he was even there to care anymore, wondering if he was or at least still had a hint of humanity left inside him. But he remained motionless as he watched a kid try and get passed the bouncers.

Like a gargoyle, he watched them, under him like flies to a spider's web he had created. Sasha looked at him as she stepped back. "Do I need to remind you that Travis has helped us get where we are?" she spat that out quickly to try and bring life into the vampire before her. "Shut up" he spoke softly as he turned his head and glared at her with green eyes. He moved now and stood in front of her, she felt the shadow tendrils start to move around him as he floated to her.

He was wearing his black training pants and sandals. He had no shirt on, which showed his scars from numerous battles from his mortal life, staining his perfect body as it did. He moved to her slowly, his glare still emanating as he came about an inch from her face.

"Do you realize that he has gone AWOL? He isn't what he was like before" she gulped down as he spoke. "He is a nut job, honestly I would feel better if he was put down, but I know you wouldn't want that now would you?" he spoke clearly.

She stepped back and took a breath, a breath she didn't need, but she did anyway as the shadows moved around her. One tentacle of the shadow began to slowly climb up her side and wrap itself around her neck. She didn't move nor did she show any fear about that now. She stared him down as he looked down to her clothing for tonight.

Sporting her white tank top and black skirt, she looked like a little sixteen-year-old. Luis tilted his head as he sniffed her softly, holding his arms out around her and wrapping her in his embrace. He pulled her close and let her soft breasts get softly pressed under his closeness to her.

His hand roaming down her back as the tentacle hardened and slowly slit down her back, cutting off her clothing down to her legs. "What are you doing?" she asked softly as she felt his hand rub against her left butt cheek now. His fingers feeling her soft white flesh before she felt him rubbing her front now.

"A test for you my dear child" he spoke softly back to her. But in the city that was loud and noisy they could hear each other perfectly, it was in the blood and her training and martial arts skills had been honed fully. She closed her eyes as his fingers traced over her labia now, feeling her cold cunt as he smiled now.

"Your losing the truth now aren't you? Your becoming what you were trained not to be anymore" he whispered as he felt the warmth start to grow in her, he felt her nipples begin to harden at his slight touch and fondle. Hints of disgust in his tone now as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to fully delve into her. He heard it like an explosion of firearms; he felt her breath and he felt her shiver under his touch.

"What are you going to do to me Luis?" she spoke softly trying now harder to hide her fear as he stepped back and watched her clothes fall to her ankles like drapes being taken down. "I'm going to let you go, but your going to not talk to me again about this matter with Travis." A hint of pure anger in his tone now as he looked away, a shadow tentacle gripping her throat now and lifting her up.

Fangs ripped out and she clenched at the tentacle trying to break from the iron grip it had, she kicked now as she couldn't scream from it tightening around her. She looked down as Luis turned to look back to her now; his smiled reminded her of the day he found her. A child now, she looked up to him as she held her father and mother in her arms.

He ripped her from her family and killed them for fun, he raised her like a ghoul, and feeding her blood and letting her eat the scraps of rotting flesh to survive. She remembered his ways of torture to her, the times when he would take her and force himself in her. A body of sixteen, a mind of a woman who is over four thousand years old, a deadly killer.

She growled now as she kicked harder, trying to launch at him with her own shadow a simple trick that Lasombra could use. But she couldn't do it fully; she felt a tightening in her gut as he sent a parasite into her. Blood lifted up and she belched it up from her throat as he let the parasite grow in her. Growling as the pain began to settle in now, he dropped her and she fell to the ground hard, coughing up blood as the parasite was now forcing itself out of her.

She held her gut as he began to rip at her insides now, thrashing inside her; she let out a loud scream for help as she looked to Luis. He smiled as he watched it leave her like a newborn child. A whip and she was on her back screaming as more blood sprayed up from her throat. She was gagging as it was turning inside her now; the parasite was and is a deadly assassination tactic the Lasombra had developed.

Controlling a shadow on a target and hardening it, letting it flow into the shadows inside them, through the throat the parasite begins to grow as more of the shadows in the body are found. When it finally hits the stomach, it has collected and gained control of all the shadows in the target; it then can rip through the target by the creator.

She fell back and cried now as she felt the pain of birth, gripping her stomach as it thrashed madly inside her. She turned onto her side as blood trickled out from her closed eyes.

"A gift for you my child, since you could never feel childbirth… ill give you this chance to feel it, make it a reminder never to cross me again, or to bother me with petty little problems you have." He laughed as he walked away now, moving to the door and opening it to enter the club and enjoy the nightlife now.

She began to crawl as pain filled every inch of her body; she felt her muscles tense and then rip from the inside. Her vagina was being torn open as the parasite forced its hellish way out from her. Trying to crawl as the pain began to encompass her thoughts, she fell flat onto the floor as blood began to spread from her like a wet sponge being pressed down of water. Her eyes opened, as she had to push it out of her like a mortal woman giving birth.

It ripped into her ovaries now tearing them from where they should be as it ripped down into her rectum now. Adding more blood as it began to seep out of her like sap from her clit. A moan of horror now as thoughts came flooding into her mind.

This is death, she thought as she lay there feeling it spread her lips open wide and force itself out of her. She recoiled in pain now as a shadow lifted up from the side of the roof and landed in front of her. She couldn't see well as she was becoming numb from the pain and feeling the grip of final death taking her now. Blood began to come out of her like drool as the shadow parasite had turned itself into a blender.

She felt her lips open up as the parasite came out of her quickly and evaporated into the night. The figure moved over to her quickly, blurred words telling her to stay alive for him just a bit longer so he could help her. She looked up as green eyes like Luis looked down to her. Her hand lifted up but she was too weak to do anything else now, as her hand fell to the ground Travis stood up from his bed and screamed her name.

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