tagBDSMBlack Slavery On The Plantation

Black Slavery On The Plantation


My name is Eli Pierre. I'm a six-foot-three, kind of good-looking white guy of Irish and French descent in his early forties with short black hair and pale green eyes. I live in the city of Brockton in the state of Massachusetts with my family. My wife Denise Jacobson Pierre is an executive with an engineering company. Our son Jay is a freshman at Boston College. Our daughter Jennifer attends the nearby University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus. Since they moved out of the house, my wife and I and I have been getting into all kinds of wonderfully kinky situations as we explored our newfound freedom. This is our story of getting by in the big city. We're swingers, you see.

Today, my wife Denise Jacobson Pierre and I get to play Master and Mistress in the historical sense with some black male and black female sex workers we've hired and paid two grand each for specifically that purpose. They play the part of our sexually submissive slaves. Denise and I have been wanting this for a while. We're both bisexual, which should make this evening's sexual encounters quite interesting. Strap yourselves in because it's going to be a rocky ride in here. This isn't the kind of story you read every day. We don't believe in limiting ourselves. Lots of couples become boring and tedious as they get older. Not us. You'll soon find out why.

Right now, I'm sitting on the couch, getting my eight-inch, uncircumcised Irish dick sucked by a chubby, big-bottomed black woman named Jezebel and a tall black guy named Tom. They've both got collars around their necks, and these collars are fixed to a leash which rests in my hands. All to maintain the illusion, you know. It's more fun that way. While Jezebel sucks my cock, Tom licks my balls as if they were the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted. I am having the time of my life. This is so much fun. Having my dick and balls sucked by a handsome man and a sexy woman at the same time. A bisexual man's dream come true.

Nearby, my wife was having some fun with a big black guy named Jamal. He was kneeling before her, licking her pussy while she tugged on his leash and collar. Denise winks at me and I can tell that she's having a great time. I love my wife. This six-foot-one, blonde-haired and green-eyed, somewhat heavyset but still pretty Englishwoman is the love of my life. She is bossing Jamal around, telling the big black dude to lick her pussy like he truly means it. The black guy does as he is told. My wife smiles wickedly. I know she is enjoying this immensely. Is she cool or what?

When we met twenty years ago, I was a criminal justice student at the prestigious Boston College. Denise Jacobson was a free-spirited and openly bisexual gal and I was a closet case when we met. Oh, I wasn't ashamed of being bisexual. It's just that I was a lineman on the football team at my college and in those days, gay and bisexual men who played college and professional sports kept it to themselves. I think any guy who plays NCAA football and basketball and comes out as gay or bisexual is downright suicidal. His teammates and coaches will never accept him for who he is. And the college sport fan base will most likely reject him as well. So I kept my bisexuality to myself.

Denise Jacobson was really open-minded. This firebrand was the adopted daughter of two openly gay men. Male bisexuality didn't bother her one bit. She was an outspoken supporter of gay and lesbian rights. I had never met anyone like her. She was hot, and really smart too. Denise majored in civil engineering. We had a whirlwind romance. Three years after I graduated with my bachelors, we got married. She was present the first time I had a sexual encounter with a man. In fact, we have threesomes with bisexual guys and bisexual chicks regularly. We're not a couple of prudes. I'm a Massachusetts state trooper and my wife is the vice president of new projects at a top notch civil engineering firm. We lead very fulfilling lives professionally, romantically and sexually. Life is good.

Tonight's events were my idea. I'm a man with some unusual fetishes. Sometimes, I like for my wife to don a strap-on dildo and fuck me with it. She's not really into that kind of stuff but she does it to make me happy. I've always wanted to play Master and Slave in the historical sense with willing black men and black women as the submissive partners while my wife and I played the part of the white dominants. Unfortunately, there aren't that many black men and black women in the swinger scene of Boston. And even fewer of them in the BDSM scene. My wife and I have many black friends but we can't exactly walk up to the usually straight-laced black couples we befriend and invite them into our bedrooms.

Denise was cool with the idea of playing Master and Slave in the historical sense. She's really into role playing. However, since we couldn't find black folks among our friends who were willing to play with us, we hired black male and black female sex workers as part of the evening's entertainment. We paid them two grand each, and explained in great detail what we expected of them. They were okay with it. And so we began to have some fun together. After Jezebel and Tom got done sucking my cock, I began fucking them.

I put Jezebel on all fours and ordered the big black woman to spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her asshole, and pushed. Jezebel winced as I buried my cock deep into her asshole. I shut the big black woman up by ordering her to suck on Tom's cock. The black man looked grateful. Jezebel obediently sucked on Tom's cock while I pounded her ass. I tugged on Tom's leash to remind him who was the Master here. He only experienced pleasure because I allowed it. End of story.

While I fucked the big black woman known as Jezebel in the ass, I noticed my wife going at it with Jamal, her own personal slave. Denise had the big black man on all fours, face down and ass up. She held him by the hips while slamming a thick dildo deep into his ass. The big black man screamed as the big white woman sodomized him with her strap-on dildo. Denise was really into it, calling Jamal all kinds of names while thrusting the dildo deep into his ass. Yes! Man, the sight of my wife slamming a black man with her dildo turned this white dude on like you would not believe! She was completely dominating her black slave just like a real white mistress should!

Meanwhile, I thrust my cock into the forbidden depths of Jezebel's asshole. The big black woman had a really big butt but a really tight asshole. I've fucked many big women in the ass over the years, including my wife, and in my experience, big women have really tight assholes. I don't know why. Someone should do a study on that someday. But where will they find volunteers? I think it will be difficult, not impossible. These days, there's no shortage of men and women willing to do just about anything for a quick buck. Anyhow, back on topic. Jezebel busied herself sucking Tom's cock like a frigging lollipop. The black guy grinned. I whacked him upside the head, and told him I'd fuck him later.

Shortly afterwards I came, flooding Jezebel's tight asshole with my cum. Jezebel opened her mouth wide and screamed. At the same time, Tom pulled his dick out of her mouth and came all over the big black woman's face. It was hilarious. I took a moment to recover, and looked at Jezebel's bottom. The big black woman's huge butt was something else. Her formerly tight asshole was now a gaping hole. Nice! I was ready for more. This time, I wanted some male ass. So I made Tom get on all fours and shoved my cock up his already lubricated ass. Tom screamed. Tugging on his leash, I ordered him to shut the fuck up unless he wanted to get whipped. Jezebel sat on her fat ass and watched me as I sodomized Tom. She was smirking. With the leash, I whacked her hard across the face. The big black woman yelped in surprise. I smiled. That will teach her to mock the pain of others.

Tom had a nice ass that was firm to the touch and felt tight around my cock as I fucked him. He was a real screamer. While fucking him, I looked at my wife Denise. She was done fucking Jamal and the big black guy lay exhausted on the floor, catching his breath while patting his sore ass. Still hungry for more rough interracial domination, Denise was looking for new prey. Her gaze settled on Jezebel. A predatory light shone in Denise's eyes and she pounced on Jezebel. Watching my big sexy blonde wife tackling the big black woman and wrestle her on the floor turned me on so much it's not even funny. Denise wrestled Jezebel into submission, then mounted her. Jezebel lay face down and fat black ass up as Denise spread her plump ass cheeks and eased the thick dildo into her booty hole. Denise rammed the dildo into the big black woman's asshole with all of her might. Jezebel's scream could probably be heard across the street. It was music to my ears.

I happily sodomized Tom, sliding my white cock into the depths of the black man's ass. Thus, my wife and I fucked our slaves in sync, thrusting deep into their asses. Tom and Jezebel screamed in unison. Denise got Jamal to add his song to the melody by lashing at him with her previously unused whip, and he yelped. Yeah, we had a lot of fun. A good time was had by us. Afterwards, we paid the trio of black sex workers and sent them on their way. Denise and I kissed passionately, then went to bed thrilled beyond belief after such a memorable evening. Life was good.

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