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Black Vampire Goddess


My name is Cleopatra. The original one, not an imitation. I am the first woman in history to bear that name. A name which by now should require little to no introduction. That is if you've ever picked up a history book or know Jack about Pop Culture. I am the former Queen of Imperial Egypt. Descended from the Kush Dynasty, the legendary Nubian Pharaohs which ruled the Land of Egypt for centuries. Anyone looking at me would see a five-foot-eleven, athletically built young Black woman with light brown skin, long Black hair and pale green eyes. My features are a unique blend of sub-Saharan African and Egyptian beauty. And I like it like that. My looks reflect both my Nubian and my Egyptian heritage. Few would know that I am more than human by looking at me, and I include my fellow Vampires in that category.

That's what it means to be so long-lived as to be considered effectively Immortal. For I am an Ancient Vampire. One of the oldest and most powerful Vampires alive in our world today. The wonders and horrors that I have seen span the course of more than two thousand years. I have seen empires rise and fall. And I have seen the darkness inside the heart of man. I have also watched the spread of the Vampire race across the globe. In the old days, there weren't that many of us. Only a few thousand Vampires roamed the globe. Now, there are hundreds of thousands. And these increasingly bold and ruthless Young Bloods see themselves as the Masters of the planet Earth. At times I've warred with my own kind. Partly because some of them have threatened the balance of power in this world.

Every once in a while comes a Vampire who believes himself or herself to be a Messiah destined to lead the Undead to total conquest of the planet Earth. I've always hunted these Messiahs, and eliminated them when I could. It's for the good of Humanity as well as the well-being of the Vampire race that I fought these lonely wars. I sincerely doubt the Vampire species could survive a war against all of Humanity. I have seen the savagery of man. Compared to the ruthlessness of Homo Sapiens, the most evil Vampire in history is simply a chump. Seriously. A Vampire might feed on a hundred human beings per year in order to keep himself alive and strong. A powerful human leader at the head of a war-like nation could slaughter millions of people in a single lifetime. My fellow Vampires would do well to remember that we cannot hold a candle to man when it comes to evil. Therefore we shouldn't try. I tire of warring with my own kind. So I effectively disappeared from the scene, in time becoming a legend even to my fellow Vampires. Many of them doubt that I've ever existed. I have become a bedtime story to the race of the Undead. How about that? It suits me just fine, to tell you the truth.

I am enjoying my semi-retirement from global affairs. These days, I live in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario. I am known to the world as Constable Cleopatra Davidson of the Toronto Police Service. Educated at York University. One of the most dedicated officers in law enforcement today. Being one of the oldest and most powerful Vampires in today's world has its advantages. I can do things which other Vampires can only dream of. Sunlight doesn't bother me anymore. I'm impervious to its killing rays as long as I drink lots of blood. I also possess great physical prowess. The strength of fifteen healthy men, plus the speed of a gazelle and the ability to regenerate. Those are but my most basic powers. I can fly through the air by transforming myself into a huge, bat-like creature that is larger than a man and has a twenty-foot wingspan. If there is a means by which I can be killed, I haven't discovered it. I've been burned, stabbed, shot, decapitated, hung, drowned, and even hurled inside a volcano. I have my bones shattered and ground into powder. Yet I always returned. Something inside of me simply refuses to die. For I am truly Immortal, something many Vampires merely claim to be. Drive a stake through the Undead bastard or Undead bitch's heart and they'll explode into dust. So much for their claims of Immortality.

Yeah, I was really enjoying my life in the City of Toronto. I've lived there since the early 1980s. prior to that, I made my home on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean. In the 1950s I lived in the Kingdom of Swaziland, deep in Africa. I spent centuries living in my native Egypt under various names, of course. Now Canada's biggest and most racially diverse City is the place I call home. There are many supernatural entities living in the Confederation of Canada. For example, the City of Toronto has a large population of Werewolves. They come mainly from the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and parts of Latin America. And I'm okay with having them in my town. I've always been one to embrace diversity in all of its forms.

Lately, my ruling passions have taken me to unexpected places. Into the arms of Mitchell Jean-Renard, for example. Six feet two inches tall, slim, with dark brown skin and short hair. Ruggedly handsome as can be. The proud son of Haitian-Canadian immigrants. Born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. And one of the most powerful Werewolves I have ever encountered. I've never been into Wolf-Men but something about Mitchell caught my attention. He was a newcomer to Toronto. I met him while visiting some old friends at my alma mater, York University. Mitchell had recently transferred to Toronto's very own York University from Montreal's famed McGill University. This young superhuman stud looked good enough to eat. Wolf-People and Vampires are respectful of each other though we don't really mix much. Well, Mitchell and I happily crossed that useless barrier. And the handsome stud proved to be an injection of life into my otherwise dreary existence.

To say that we fucked a lot would be an understatement. Prior to meeting Mitchell, I hadn't been with anyone, male or female, in a few years. Well, I ended my self-imposed exile from all things sexual with a bang. I recall a particularly steamy session Mitchell and I had in my apartment basement one Friday night after watching some movies. I lay on the bed while Mitchell knelt before me and gave my pussy a good licking. The young man was really good at eating pussy. His agile tongue flicked over my clitoris as his nimble fingers explored my gentle folds. He had me squealing like there was no tomorrow. Then I returned the favour by sucking the hell out of his long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. I even fingered his asshole while practically sucking the life out of his member with my hungry mouth. He seemed to really like that.

Once we were both ready, I climbed on top of Mitchell and went for a ride. Mitchell placed his thick hands on my hips and thrust into me. I impaled my aching pussy on his eager cock, and began riding him. I took my sweet time as I filled myself with his manhood. I hadn't gotten any in a while. Mitchell really let me have it, slamming his thick cock into me like he was paying for it. A little while later, we tried something else. He took me from behind, face down and ass up. The sexy stud grabbed my hips firmly, and thrust his dick into my cunt from behind. In this position, he made me scream like a madwoman. And I loved every minute of it.

We continued with our raunchy fun. I felt like getting some anal action and Mitchell definitely didn't mind. The sexy young Wolf-Man spread my big ass cheeks wide open and applied lubricant all over my asshole. Then he gently eased his dick into my ass. Throughout my thousands of years upon this planet, I've experienced all kinds of sexual fulfillment. I've done it with men and women, often both at the same time. Anal sex is by far one of my favourite sexual activities. Both giving and receiving. Many times I've worn a strap-on dildo and fucked eager lovers with it. I've known many otherwise macho men who crave this sort of thing. Female domination turns on a lot of men. I've been meaning to ask Mitchell if he'd be willing to try something like that. Not now, though. Right now all I want is the delicious pain I feel deep in my ass as he fills it with his throbbing cock. Nothing as intense as anal sex under the sun, folks. And I simply love it. I gently fingered my wet pussy as Mitchell took me to the edge. It was fun.

Many screams and orgasms later, I lay in Mitchell's arms. The handsome young Wolf-Man had already fully recovered. And ready for round two. Well, I needed a bit of time to recover. Several minutes, in fact. I'm a creature of the night and the rising sun saps my strength. But the sight of Mitchell's gorgeously naked, masculine form arouses me. I feel a wetness between my legs again. Smiling, I pull my lover to me. This Vampire mama can't get enough of her favourite Wolf-Man's dick. I think I'm ready for round two.

Hours later, I finally exhausted Mitchell sexually. The young Wolf-Man is fast asleep. I gaze at him in the darkened room, seeing his ruggedly handsome countenance with perfect clarity. He is so beautiful. Sometimes, I wonder what the mortals who make up the bulk of Metropolitan Toronto would think if they knew that all kinds of creatures lived alongside them. Vampires and Wolf-Men, for example. And all sorts of entities previously thought to be the stuff of myth. We're living in the big city, having fun and searching for love, wealth, adventure and meaning just like the humans. Proof that we're not that different after all.

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