tagBDSMBlack Women Have Big Dicks Too

Black Women Have Big Dicks Too


My name is Malika Janet Harrison and I'm a black woman living in Boston. I'm a big and tall, fine-looking black chick from the old hood who leads a very tough life. I work as an Adjunct Professor of Engineering at Mattapan College in Boston and I've got two brats, Adam and Lily, to take care of. Yeah, life as a single black mother is tough. Especially in this tough economy. I do whatever I got to in order to provide for my offspring. Their father, that no-good black bastard named Stanley Johnson, keeps dodging his responsibilities. He's always trying to make excuses. Either he doesn't have the money now or some shit like that. I think he's trying to stiff me when it comes time to support them brats. Well, I didn't make them by myself. He had damn well better support them. And to tell you folks the truth, I've had enough of this broke-ass black man's damn excuses.

Lately, people have been messing with me. Especially my friends and family members in the African-American community of Mattapan, Massachusetts. I think it's because I'm way too friendly with people. A friendly woman is always considered to be a weak woman by the world. Sad but true. Playing nice gets you nowhere. I'm a six-foot-eight, 350-pound black woman. I'm big and strong and I don't fear anyone, man or woman. When I was younger, I was involved in everything from high school football to basketball and wrestling. I like contact sports. I'm a violent woman by nature and I love getting physical with people. Fortunately, I've got the physique to match my fantasies of power. When I throw my weight around, pun intended, nobody can stand against me.

I enjoy beating both men and women at their own games. I was once a heavyweight boxer and I won seven out of ten matches against men in the heavyweight boxing division. I got knocked out only once. You name the contact sport, I've done it. I'm the very definition of the strong woman. I've been called a Black Amazon. A black female powerhouse. A modern day Goddess of War. I'm all that and then some.

I've had it with people screwing me over. Everyone is going to pay, starting with that no-good bastard Stanley, a creep I made the mistake of hooking up with ten years ago. He's been a thorn in my side every since. Well, I won't take this anymore. No man or woman has the right to make my life miserable or to make me feel inferior. If they dare, there's going to be hell to pay!

One day, fed up, I showed up at Stanley's house. He was sleeping, in his bed, at noon! Oh, and I forgot to add there was a white slut lying next to him. Who in hell stays home all day? Only a loser. Stanley doesn't have a job. He's always chasing white bitches and smoking dope. That's the black bozo from the hood for you. Well, today, I had a surprise for this black motherfucker. I grabbed a cup full of ice-cold water and threw it on them. That woke them up! That's how we wake up losers in the hood.

Stanley and his white slut, whom I recognized as Candy, the big-titty blonde from down the street, woke up painfully. I laughed. Stanley stared at me. For a moment, he seemed like he just couldn't believe his eyes. Wake up, you black motherfucker! It's your B.M. come to collect some financial support for your needy offspring! As soon as she saw me, Candy began screaming. I smacked the white bitch and told her to shut the fuck up. then, I grabbed her by those fake and decidedly inflatable titties of hers and threw her out of the apartment. She only had on her panties and a nightshirt. I hope the bitch gets seen by a ton of people. I rubbed my hands together and looked at the terrified Stanley. His black male ass was mine!

Stanley got up from the bed. The black bastard smiled at me. He tried to placate me with sweet words. He said that he had fallen on hard times and desperately wanted to help me, but he was barely making enough not to be homeless. I looked around his crummy little apartment. The bastard was probably right but I wasn't letting him off so easily. He would pay for not being a responsible father and being there for his brats. I stood from my lofty height and looked down at Stanley. He was such a lousy, no-good black bastard. I don't know what I ever saw in him.

It's my fault, really. When I met Stanley Johnson, he was a business student at Dorchester Technical College, a four-year private school located in the heart of the city. I was a student there too. I was studying Engineering. Dorchester Technical College wasn't an easy school to attend. In those days, tuition went for twelve grand a year per person. It's a good thing I was a student-athlete. Dorchester Technical College had about ten thousand students and most of us were African-American. The school had a pretty good sports program. They offered Men's Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Pistol, Rugby, Lacrosse, Bowling, Rifle, Football and Wrestling along with Women's Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Bowling. We competed in the NCAA Division Two.

I was the first female to play Division Two College Football at Dorchester Technical College. Yeah, I tried out for the men's team and made it. Stanley was on the Men's Basketball team at the time. We were both athletes. We fell in love. I loved him with all of my heart. Unfortunately, he was always cheating on me with some blonde-haired, blue-eyed, skinny white sluts. That got me laughed at. So, I broke up with him and focused on my studies. I earned myself a Bachelors degree in engineering. Afterwards, I went to MIT and earned my Master's degree there. Stanley earned himself a Bachelors degree in Business but he couldn't keep a job because his habit of sleeping with female co-workers got him in trouble. He got sued for all he was worth, once. That was ten years ago. One night, he came to my house, desperate, because he had lost his in the lawsuit. I still had feelings for him and let him stay at my place. I wanted to help him get back on his feet since he was a good man with potential. We lived together. I got pregnant and I was thrilled. He found a job managing a store. I thought we were going to make it. Then, he cheated on me with some white bitch. I threw him out once and for all.

Please understand that I don't hate black men. My father Henry Harrison is a strong black man. He's a fireman. My brothers, Julius and Caesar are smart, educated black men. One of them is a graduate of Morehouse College and the other graduated from Boston College. They're both happily married to strong, educated and proud black women. I'm the black sheep of the family. The black single mother with the broke-ass punk for an ex. Well, today, I was going to make Stanley pay for what he had done. And I brought my camera to record the whole thing.

I grabbed the no-good black bastard and threw him on his hands and knees. He begged me not to hurt him. His six-foot-one, 160-pound body was no match for my six-foot-eight, 350-pound frame. I completely dominated him. Once I had him subdued, I told him that since he was always acting like a bitch, I would make him my bitch. I withdrew my secret weapon from my handbag. A strap-on dildo. Stanley's eyes widened when he saw it. He understood what I was going to do to him and tried to flee. I grabbed the black bastard and forced him on his hands and knees. Then, I spread his butt cheeks wide open and shoved my dildo up his ass.

To say that Stanley screamed as my dildo went up his ass would be an understatement. The once-tough black man cried like a little bitch as the strong black woman that I am rammed the dildo up his asshole. He begged me to take it out but I ignored his cries. I held his hips with one hand and grabbed his hair with the other. I yanked his head back while plunging my twelve-inch plastic cock into his asshole. I berated him the entire time. I told him that he was my little bitch and his ass belonged to me. I called him a pathetic excuse for a man and buried my dildo into his quivering little ass. I fucked him until he cried, tears flowing from his eyes. Mercilessly, I kept pounding him. Until I was satisfied and pressed a special button on my automated strap-on dildo. A jet of artificial cum spat from the strap-on dildo and flooded Stanley's asshole. The black man screamed in sheer pain and humiliation. I laughed heartily.

Afterwards, Stanley lay on the floor, still stunned. I dropped the ball on him. I let him know that I had the whole thing on camera. What an awesome sight! A black man being fucked in the ass by a big and strong black woman wearing a thick strap-on dildo that was bigger than the black man's dick. What a great symbol of Black Female Empowerment. Stanley gasped in surprise. He begged me not to show anyone the tape. I told him that I would be coming the next day and the money had better be there. He nodded. And surely enough, when I showed up the next day, the money was there. I was pleased with myself. However, I fucked him with my dildo again, just for spite. He was ready to put up a fight but I told him that if he didn't comply, the tape would be released. Swallowing his pride, the black man bent over and took it up the ass like the bitch he was.

The next day, I released the video on the web. I was careful to blur my face, of course. I did leave some contact information, though. I put a message out to all the black women in the ghetto. Those strong black single mothers who were raising brats by themselves while their no-good boyfriends refused to support them and were out bedding white sluts. These black men were the shame of the community and needed to be controlled. I advertised myself as the Strong Black Woman who was willing to hunt down all deadbeat black males and either make them embrace their financial responsibilities or fuck them in the ass and post it on the web. You wouldn't believe the popularity my site achieved. Tons of black women hired me to track down deadbeats and I made tons of money. So much that I didn't need dough from Stanley no more. I did make sure he went to jail and became somebody's plaything, though. Yeah, that's right. Black men always say they got big dicks. Well, I'm a Black Woman and my dick is bigger than theirs! If any of them disagree, you can tell them I said that!

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