tagInterracial LoveBlackballed Ch. 03

Blackballed Ch. 03


"What's the matter, Jimmy?"

His eyes were blurring more and more by the second and he rubbed at them furiously, not understanding what was happening to him. "Ally, something's wrong with my eyes! Help me!"

Alabama's laughter sounded as if it was coming from a far away place. "There's nothing wrong with your eyes, Jimmy."

"Yes, there is!" He stood, still rubbing them and starting forward. His knee clipped the side of something low and solid and he tumbled to the floor. "Alabama! My eyes! Help me!"

She chuckled, sneering down at the white boy as she walked around him. "My eyes! Help me!" Her mocking tone and his response made her break out in fresh laughter. "You're such an idiot, Jimmy! You arrange to steal nearly a hundred thousand dollars from me and then you think that I want to fuck you?"

Jimmy blinked rapidly, finally closing his eyes when his eyesight didn't get any better. "I didn't steal from you ... "

"No, you didn't!" She hissed angrily. "I didn't give you a chance to."

"Ally ... "

"You didn't know that Edwin was on my payroll, did you?" She smiled. She knew about the whole scheme. Jimmy was really good on the computer. He had arranged for the subtle removal of a few dollars from each transaction and those monies had been directed into an account in Miami. A few days ago, during a drinking session with a new runner named Edwin, he had intimated the details of his scheme to the man and now ... now he was blinded and quickly losing control over his senses. "Edwin told me everything. So I decided to ruin you."

He groaned, rubbing his eyes again and rolling onto his back. "Well, you did a good job, Alabama. I'm definitely ruined."

"When you said you were blackballed, I wanted to laugh." She grabbed his jaw, pinching the skin painfully. "I wondered if you were a psychic."


"Because that was exactly what I had planned for you. Being black balled. Literally and figuratively." She arose and sat down on the couch, taking a sip from her glass as she pressed a button on the console beside her. "I paid off everyone you knew, Jimmy. You are going to just disappear."


A tall black man walked into the room, his fat lips held open by crooked teeth. "You wanted me, miss?"

"Yes, Gordon." Alabama left her drink on the table and stood up, walking over to him and enjoying the fact that his eyes were glued onto her every step. "When was the last time you had sex?"

"Uh ... " He had to think for a long time. "Three weeks ago."

"Would you be interested in having sex right now?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am!"

Alabama stepped back as he advanced. "No, Gordon. Not with me." She turned her eyes toward Jimmy who was almost lifeless on the floor. "With him."

"You want me to fuck a man?"

"If you'd like, Gordon, I'll give him to you."

"Uh, what would I do with a man, Miss Alabama?"

"Fuck him whenever you wanted."

Gordon seemed to ruminate on her words, looking over at Jimmy. "Could I make him suck my dick?"


The big man thought for another moment. "Could I make him eat my asshole out?"

"Absolutely." She smiled, secretly relying on his lack of smarts. His cock was already hardening in his pants; she could see the thick outline and her mouth watered.

Again, another long moment of thought. "All right, Miss Alabama. I'll take him."

"Good." Alabama moved over to her desk, taking a video camera out of the drawer. "Start fucking."

"Right here, Miss Alabama? Right now?"

"Right now, Gordon." She touched him on the shoulder, noticing his reluctance. "Do it for me."

A smile split Gordon's coal-black features. "I'll do anything for you, Miss Alabama."

Jimmy lolled on the floor, hearing the conversation but not quite understanding what was happening. Suddenly, hands were all over him, opening his shirt and jerking his pants down. "No." The word dripped out of his mouth along with a bit of spittle. "Don't."

Alabama smiled, squinting behind the camera and focusing on Gordon's thick cock. "You're going to learn the true meaning of being blackballed, Jimmy."

Jimmy felt his hips being raised and he was pushed against the couch so that his ass was perfectly positioned for Gordon. Something cold and wet slid down his ass crack and it was followed by a thick finger, smearing it all over his pucker. He wanted to move but whatever she'd given him was too strong. Searing pain shot through his body as Gordon's prick ripped his asshole wide open. He lifted his head from the expensive leather cushion and screamed.

Alabama threw her head back and laughed loudly. "Feel his black balls, Jimmy? You'd better get used to it. Those balls will be smacking your ass for a long time."

Her laughter rang in his ears, drowning out the sound of Gordon's grunts and the heat that boiled into his body as the black man came in his ass. He should have killed her.

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