She'd packed for it as he'd 'suggested'. She had a bathing-suit and a couple of outfits suitable for a rough, casual, weekend. Whatever he'd packed had been in the trunk when he'd arrived at her apartment so it wasn't until they reached their destination that she understood the nature of their "sort of" date.

Christy hadn't expected to be outdoors. When they parked at a small lot in the middle of nowhere, she'd had vague concerns that she would end up a statistic, vanished in the middle of the woods. To her surprise, he'd suggested that she call a friend and let them know roughly where they'd be and what they'd be up to. While she made the call, he'd put on a hiking backpack loaded with camping supplies.

There was little surprise that he only had one tent. What did shock her was that he'd thoughtfully provided a second sleeping-bag. If he expected them to sleep together, he'd at least provided the illusion that she would have a choice.

The sight he'd chosen was beautiful! There was a cliff just beyond the trees that surrounded a small clearing. A lake spread out from the base in every direction. While a narrow path led straight from their camping spot to the water, there was even a rope tied to a large tree for anyone adventurous enough to dive.

Once the camp had been set, Dave had proceeded to make them lunch. He was a surprisingly good cook, considering the relative lack of amenities. It wasn't exactly five-star cuisine but it was hearty, with a subtle blend of spices that worked well with the primitive nature of the fire. During the meal, and after, he'd talked amicably and slowly drawn her into the conversation.

When he'd suggested they go for a swim, Christy had been certain he would begin with his demands. He hadn't once hinted, on the car ride or throughout the meal, at the method in which he'd obtained the date. Not once had he made a demand. Even his suggestions had been couched in such a manner that she had felt she could honestly refuse.

Not that she'd felt the need. Everything he'd planned, so far, had been in accord with something she would do with friends, much less on a date. Christy had found it harder and harder to begrudge him the method he'd used to get her out there. Aside from some, apparently unfounded, fear and anxiety, he hadn't hurt her in any way.

Maybe he just hadn't felt confident that she would accept a more legitimate proposition. He probably wasn't wrong, either. After all, even with the that of blackmail hanging over her head, she'd resisted. In the end, however, it seemed the outing really was exactly what she needed.

The swim had been refreshing. The water was cool but not beyond tolerance. The heat in the air had caused a slight mist to rise from the lake that added to the fantastical atmosphere of the day.

If he'd sent quite a bit more than an admiring glance or two at her two-piece bikini, that was only fair. After all, she'd openly admired the way he filled out his trunks. Nor had she missed the smooth muscles of his stomach and chest.

David, in fact, had left the water quite a bit before Christy did. She'd been impressed that he hadn't made a single move and wondered what had caused him to leave when she noticed the sky had begun to darken. She slipped out of the water and only halfway up the path she heard the crackle of a fire in answer to her unspoken question.

The fire was inspired. She didn't know if he had brought a towel, but she certainly hadn't thought about it. When she packed, she'd expected he would take her to some secluded pool, maybe even in the backyard of a house. There had been little doubt in her mind that there would be towels available anywhere they went swimming.

Christy took a seat by the fire while he put the finishing touches on dinner. The night air had cooled quickly but the delicious warmth of the flames kept it at bay. Soon after, another remarkable meal was in her hands and then stomach. Meanwhile, they continued to discuss any variety of subjects.

The most remarkable thing, however, was the amount that the two had in common. True, he had a minor in performing arts but he shared her poly-sci major. Although he was a year older than she was, and about to graduate, they'd actually had a few classes together. That had been the reason he'd looked familiar when she first regarded him.

"...don't get me wrong, I have to respect your path." Dave said during a discussion about their respective futures. "You have dedication and drive. The slow, steady, route is almost guaranteed to get you into office. Only some truly random tragedy could possibly block you.

"Even if it does, however, you still have the legal aspect to fall back on. As a lawmaker, you could just as easily switch tracks and shoot for the Supreme Court. It's admirable, really. Whereas I, on the other hand, will rely entirely on charisma and an ability to read and play crowds in order to get elected. Quicker but much less certain."

Christy nodded, as she thought it over. She knew plenty of mountebanks in office. They were the ones who promised anything, or worse still spouted nothing but rhetoric, in order to get elected. It bothered her a little that he not only admitted to being one of them but seemed proud of it. Of course, the method he'd chosen to get her there didn't speak any more highly of his ethics.

Christy forced back that dark cloud of thought. He'd been nothing but nice to her the entire day. He'd brought her to a beautiful expanse of nature. He'd cooked her not one but two meals. He'd forced her to relax when she wouldn't have allowed her sparse friends to drag her away from what she perceived as the entirety of her world; her future.

He'd also just said something that she'd missed. "Sorry. Lost in a train of thought. What was that?"

Dave smiled that groin-clenching smile of his and waved a hand to indicate her inattention wasn't a problem. "I asked if you were still wet from swimming. You were shivering a little."

The question confused Christy for a moment. Despite the cooling air, she wasn't even remotely cold. The warmth of the fire soaked into her body. She even admitted that the sight across from her, his smooth skin and tight muscles, the delicious bulge in his swimsuit, warmed her from the inside out.

"I'm mostly dry." Christy responded honestly. The stump on which she'd chosen to sit was low enough that she'd been forced to keep her knees locked together or else spread her legs a bit too suggestively wide. She'd chosen the former but that had kept the fire from completely drying the bikini bottoms.

"You should turn around. Let the fire warm up the rest of you."

Christy had begun to move even before she suddenly recognized the subtle edge within his voice. The tone and suggestion all sounded perfectly reasonable but there was no mistake it had been more than simply an idle suggestion. Worse still, she already stood with her back to the fire before she fully realized what had happened.

"You're still too far away for it to effectively warm you up. If you kneel down and bend forward your suit should be dry in minutes." This time, his voice was softer, almost too low to be heard.

Once more, it sounded like a reasonable suggestion. She resisted for a moment, though. What he wanted was pretty clear. From his position, on the other side of the fire, he would have a clear, well lit, view of her ass and crotch. Still, the hint of command had been there. He'd been more than accommodating so far, considering the lengths he could have gone to. Maybe all he wanted was to leer at her.

Much to her surprise, he didn't make a move towards her. She could practically feel his gaze on the white v-shaped bottom, as it hugged her ass, covered her pussy and delved up the front. Still, he seemed content to watch. He even restarted the conversation!

"You really do have to watch yourself more closely than a man would, don't you? Your personal life, I mean. Not just who you date but who you're seen hanging out with."

"Mmmmhmmm." Christy mumbled. She wondered how long she would have to remain in the position. There was no question that it would inspire thoughts of doggy-style for Dave. Hell, it did for her! Together, with the topic of conversation, it reminded her how long it had been since she'd gotten any, much less from behind.

She liked doggy-style. There was something about the way it let her feel like she completely relinquished control to the man. It was something she couldn't afford to do normally. Too many men took it as a sign of dominance and began to think they were more important. That their plans and future was more important.

That particular line of thoughts forced her to notice the warmth that pulsed between her hips. Maybe it was the fire. By now, her bikini would be fully dry. Still, between his subtle command and the delightful, if maddening, heat that pressed against her almost-fully-exposed lust, she wasn't even sure she wanted to move.

"'Family values' are a bit conflicted. On the one hand, a woman in politics has to have a family but at the same time, any wife and mother isn't supposed to put little things like political ambition above her duties at home." Christy responded when he didn't immediately continue the conversation.

"Damn scarlet letter. It takes two to do the deed but it's always the woman who gets blamed and accosted." Dave muttered. Christy wished she could see his face, his reaction. Of course, given that he was a performing arts minor, he could probably school his expression to show whatever he wanted it to.

"How long has it been?"

The voice was closer now. The soft baritone sent a shiver up her body that somehow conflicted with, and complimented, the warmth that radiated outward from her core. The contradiction stole her determination and forced honesty from her traitor mouth in a whisper. "Too long."

Her arms were getting tired. That had to be the reason they started shaking. It had nothing to do with the seductive voice so close by.

"Why haven't you simply found a boyfriend? There are plenty in your classes bland enough to keep from being a political threat."

That was the problem. She was still a woman. She wanted the romance, maybe even the adventure of being a conquest. Unfortunately, she couldn't allow herself to succumb to such base concerns. She couldn't even admit to it, except in the safety of her own mind.

Her elbows shook so heavily that they nearly folded on her. She finally relented to the demands of her body and lowered herself to the ground. Her hips remained high in the air but the new position was comfortable. Almost relaxing. If only she could bring herself to relinquish control to other demands of her body.

"I could help, you know." Dave seemed to respond to her very thoughts. The offer so tempting, delivered in that soft silky baritone. "If you wanted me to."

Of course she did! Or, rather, her body did. It wasn't what she wanted at all. She'd been blackmailed into it. He had those pictures and she would do anything to get them.

Even if it meant she had to pretend to like the way his finger had begun to trace little circles on her bare hip. That finger, deliciously cool compared to the inferno of her loins. A heat entirely caused by the fire and not at all by longing!

Just like the pulse that pounded between her legs didn't keep rhythm with those suggestive circles. She wasn't imagining the finger over four inches and a couple of inches down, right where her swollen clit probably revealed itself pressing through the too-thin, too-tight, fabric of her bikini!

No! It was just...Damn! She couldn't think of a legitimate excuse for it. She could barely think at all!

Tears leaked from her eyes as she tried to resist the call of her body. He hadn't touched her anywhere inappropriate. He hadn't demanded anything of her. He hadn't ripped the low-cut bikini from her bottom and thrust himself ferociously inside of her.

As much as she tried to resist the fact that she wanted him to, her body spoke of the lie that it was. Her nipples scraped the dirt, as hard as diamonds and as sensitive as a candle flame. The breasts which pressed against the ground felt swollen. Her clit throbbed. Her lips were an inferno, trapped by the moist-once-more bathing-suit.


The finger stopped moving. The complete lack of sensation tore a whimper from Christy. The soft touch had driven her body and orchestrated her need all out of proportion with the size and nature of the contact. With it gone, it seemed her body had nothing to control her need. What had been uncomfortable moments before instantly became unbearable.

"What did you say, Christy? I couldn't hear you."

"Please." She managed to growl in response. When his finger didn't return, her voice rose and continued to rise with every word she spoke. "Please. Please! I need it. I need you! Have sex with me. Do me! Fuck me!"

Blessedly, the finger returned. With it came the entire hand. His palm cupped her ass. It was a soothing cool balm across her fevered flesh. Its course slid it over those four inches until her entire nether region was covered. The bikini clung painfully to her engorged lust where he pushed against her.

Face and arms on the ground, Christy braced her body against the gentle pressure. She moaned in appreciation of the way his hand sank slightly into the folds of her body. Her thighs quivered with each soft circle his palm moved over her covered skin. The tip of his fingers began to brush against her swollen clit and lightning exploded within her. It was all too much and too little!

"Don't torture me! Just fuck me!" Her voice echoed over the water. The chuckle that rumbled, unseen behind her, caused her muscles to clench.

His fingers curled around the top of her bikini. With every bit of the force that Christy fantasized about, he yanked them down. They dragged across her round ass. The soaked material clung desperately to mounds already pinched by their tight grip. The sudden release, as the bottoms finally fell to her knees, ripped a scream from her lungs and sent a wracking shudder through every nerve.

When the silky hard form nestled against her, Christy knew she was already at the very precipice. When he pushed experimentally against her, short sharp screams began to issue forth. Her body locked, now braced between the thickness between her legs and the ground.

With her knees together on the ground, she was too tight to accommodate him. His flesh forced its way inside of her, aided only by the abundant slickness her needs produced. Her body clutched at him even as he split her wide open. If she could only spread her legs she could handle the intrusion. Of course, the pressure he poured into her body would never have been as great.

With nowhere to go, the overload of sensation that filled her to the brim, exploded behind her tightly closed eyes. Wildfire burst through her veins. Lightning danced across her flesh and grounded itself at her nipples, her clit, and everywhere that the ridged tip of his cock dragged within her body.

Christy screamed and screamed. Her tight cunt prevented him from pounding into her anywhere near as fast as she wanted. What he lacked in speed, he made up for in sheer force. The need to force his way inside of her, with each and every heavenly thrust, caused him to bury himself until their bodies crashed together.

Obscenities, she wasn't even aware she knew, were swept from her lips. Her body had been given leave to surrender to its darkest needs as euphoria washed away the governors created by ambition and societal expectations. She derided him. She taunted him to do more, to pound her raw, to fuck her until she hurt. To cum inside her so hard she could taste it.

Most of all, she screamed his name, liberally intermingled with that of the Lord.

The taunts, the insults, the coarse language inspired him. Each foul word caused him to swell larger. There was no room for him. There had never been enough room for him! Each pounding thrust caused her muscles to tighten even further. Each time his body crushed her tits unto the ground she came to the next level.

Christy didn't remember how it ended. Dirt gritted inside of her mouth. One of her breasts had slipped out of the triangle of fabric and pressed against the cool earth. Her bikini bottom sat across her thighs, a gap beneath its rightful home. Her legs sprawled out behind her rather than beneath her.

She expected her inner thighs to be sticky. There was no question, however, why those spots trailed up her back, across her neck and clumped in her hair. If not for the thick drip that seeped out of her, and lay pooled within the cup of her bikini, she would have praised him for pulling out. As it was, he'd cum inside of her, over and over if she remembered right, only to pull out afterward and bath her in even more.

For all she could remember, he'd done it multiple times. Surely there was too much for just one session. At least it was only dirt in her mouth. The way she'd lost control, she wouldn't have been surprised to discover that she'd fantasized about deep-throating. After all, her body had been given license to dredge up the darkest secrets of her subconscious.

Christy moaned. Although sore, at least her body had kept them well lubricated enough that she wasn't scraped raw. A soft chuckle sounded nearby, invisible in the dying firelight.

"Are we done, or do you have more yet?"

This time, it was a groan that escaped Christy. Her newly-freed subconscious flashed images of taking the thick cock, which she still had yet to actually see, in her mouth and milking him until he pierced her throat and poured himself down. The image itself almost caused her to gag in sympathetic response. Unfortunately, it also sparked a hint of the heat deep within her core.

"We don't have a shower out here. We should probably go for a swim to clean off."

More inappropriate visions flashed before her eyes before she managed to push them away. She rolled over onto her back and looked up, still too exhausted to do much more. Through the breaks in the trees, the full moon shone brightly. Hours had passed!

She carefully pulled up her swimsuit. She could feel his seed slosh and slip against her but she ignored it. He'd poured even more directly inside of her. If she was going to get pregnant, the extra that leaked through from her clothes wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference.

Finally, she managed to pull herself upright. She couldn't look at him in her embarrassment. Instead, she silently headed for the path to the lake. She needed to feel clean, though she doubted there was enough water in the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He hadn't tried anything else that night. The next morning, after a pittance of sleep, he'd offered to drive her home and she'd jumped at the opportunity. True to his word, as she stepped out of the car, he handed over an envelope with all the pictures and negatives. As soon as she could get away, she'd returned to the scenic campsite and used the very same fire-pit that had gotten her deeper into trouble to burn the entire batch. It wasn't as cathartic as she had hoped.

Over the next couple of weeks, Christy couldn't help but notice him around campus. Every time she spotted him, he had that same look on his face, before she averted her eyes in shame and embarrassment. He had that smirk of a man who knew her every, darkest, secret. That look burned away any hint of compassion she might have felt, even as it drove the embarrassment deeper into her psyche. Too bad her body continued to seize with expectation each and every time.

At least the test had proved she wasn't knocked up. That would have been a major setback in her ambitions.

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