Before I launch into my story, let me introduce you to the main characters.

First there is Andrew. Andrew is about forty, quite fit, good health, reasonable looking and with a friendly disposition. He is slightly introverted but good company once you get to know him, with a wicked sense of humour. He has a good job and is financially comfortable. He's computer literate and knows his way around the internet.

Then there is Melody. Melody is in her early twenties, fit, healthy and very good looking. She has hazel eyes that turn green in some circumstances, and red hair, or auburn as she prefers to call it. She is currently working in what she considers a dead-end job and has ambitions.

Melody is an extrovert, and considers herself to be the instant friend of anyone she meets. She is also computer literate and knows her way around the internet.

It was the internet that brought Andrew and Melody together.

Andrew was checking out some dating sites. He found that for an introvert, the anonymity of the net was a good way to meet people and get to know them without having to openly come out of his shell.

Melody was trolling the dating sites looking for potential suitors. Being the extrovert of the pair she made the first advances, setting up some chat sessions with Andrew.

Over the next few months they had quite a few chat sessions, exchanged photos, genuine on Melody's part but slightly touched up by Andrew, and swapped personal information, some real, some with the truth shaded and some outright lies. Just typical internet chit-chat.

Naturally, over the months sexual innuendo and flirting developed. Andrew was interested and was screwing up his nerve to invite her out when Melody beat him to the punch.

Melody suggested to Andrew that they meet up for a date. To protect her immediate privacy she would book into a hotel and he could pick her up there. It seemed to Andrew just what he had hoped for, so time and date were arranged.

Andrew picked up Melody at the appointed time, half expecting to be stood-up, but delighted to find her there, ready and waiting for him.

Andrew escorted Melody to dinner and found her to be a vivacious partner, quite willing to carry the burden of conversation. Melody in her turn found Andrew to a thoughtful and considerate date with a keen intelligence that more than matched her own. She had, she decided, struck it lucky.

After dinner they took in a show and then Andrew escorted Melody back to her hotel. It was then that the night started to vary slightly from the path that Andrew had assumed they would follow. He had thought, seeing it was only a first genuine date, that Melody would say goodbye in the lobby, after possibly arranging to meet again.

Not so. At the hotel Melody simply smiled and suggested he escort her to her room, the implication quite blatant that a sexual encounter was now on her agenda. As far as Andrew was concerned, what could a gentleman do?

Please don't think that Andrew was an old roué, eager to jump any young maiden that came his way. Nor was he a besotted lover, eager to follow his heart's desire. He was a healthy male in the prime of life who saw no reason to knock back a friendly encounter with no strings attached.

Andrew was also a highly intelligent individual who knew that if something looked too good to be true, then it probably was. However, he thought himself capable of handling anything that might crop up, be it a variation of the badger game, a request for payment for services rendered or just a night spent with an interesting woman.

On entering her suite Melody prepared a drink for them both and then asked Andrew to excuse her for a moment while she changed into something more comfortable. Andrew looked after her thoughtfully as she disappeared and then took a little precaution. He opened her bag and took a photo of her driver's license. Just in case.

After a few moments Melody called out to Andrew, so he crossed to the door she had gone through to see what she wanted. He found out that Melody was very comfortable in her skin, so she hadn't actually bothered to change into other clothes. Just out of the ones she had been wearing.

Andrew stood at the door, examining her as she stood there. Red hair (that tuft was definitely red, not auburn), green eyes, which he could have sworn were hazel earlier, and a magnificent figure on display. It was obvious that when she went swimming she wore a small bikini. Very small if those little white triangles were any indication. The white triangles made the pink of her areola look even pinker, and her nipples were rosy and pointing.

Stripping of his clothes as he moved, Andrew crossed to meet her. He noticed that a condom packet had been opened and was on the table next to the bed. Reaching Melody, Andrew found her helping him off with the remainder of his clothes, helping him put the condom on, and then they were both falling back onto the bed.

They came together quickly, fiercely. There was no bothering with foreplay. Melody was insistent, wanting Andrew and wanting him now. Andrew had no objection, entering Melody quickly and smoothly, finding her wet, warm and willing.

They danced the mating dance. Andrew tried to draw it out but Melody would have none of that, driving him towards a climax as quickly as she could, thrusting herself against him, eager to have him come.

All too soon Andrew ejaculated, disappointed in himself that he wasn't able to last until Melody could climax as well. Melody, however, didn't seem to mind in the least. She seemed what Andrew considered to be inordinately pleased about the whole affair, and was eager to arrange another date in a couple of weeks time.

Departing, Andrew couldn't help but feel something was not quite right, but he was damned if he could tell what it was.

Something was wrong, as Andrew discovered the following Saturday. He received a phone call from Melody, which surprised him as he hadn't known she had his number.

"Andrew, I need to see you," she told him. "Will you be home alone this afternoon?"

"I will be, but what's this about?" Andrew asked.

"I'll tell you when I see you," replied Melody, hanging up before he could say anything else.

"Curious," he thought. "Apparently she knows my address as well."

At about two o'clock Andrew's doorbell rang and, answering, he found Melody standing there, smiling happily.

Inviting Melody in, Andrew asked how she got his address. She smiled.

"You're in the phone book," Melody said. "I also picked up information about you from your Facebook page and your sons' Facebook pages. It's easy to find out about people if you really want to, and I learnt a lot about you before I actually went out with you. A girl has to be careful you know."

Digging into her purse, Melody produced a memory stick.

"Could you plug this into your PC or TV, please? There's something on it I think you should see."

Shrugging mentally, Andrew took the memory stick and plugged it into his PC. There was a single file there, a movie.

"Press play," Melody urged, taking a seat and leaning back comfortably.

Pressing play, Andrew watched as the movie played. It opened with a shot of him standing in the hotel bedroom doorway, then followed him across the room as he undressed. It was plain to him that there had probably been three cameras hidden in the room, as the movie gave an excellent view of his entire session with Melody.

Andrew looked at Melody, eyebrow raised quizzically.

"If you don't pay me five thousand dollars, your wife will get a copy of that video," Melody told him. "I know you can afford it, as I also researched your financial situation. This won't be an ongoing thing. A single payment will keep me satisfied."

Andrew was not amused. Actually, he was quietly furious, although you couldn't tell that by his demeanour.

"You shouldn't believe everything you're find on the net, Melody. I have no wife," Andrew told her.

"Yes, you do. I said I did my research and that includes your wife's details and the details of both your boys." Melody proceeded to give Andrew the date of the wedding, his wife's name and his son's names.

"Helen was my wife. She no longer is. I suggest you drop this whole thing now before I do or say something that we will both regret."

"Nice try, Andrew, but I checked for divorce and you haven't had one. Your wife is not recorded as living anywhere else and your entry in the phonebook is in the name of you and your wife," Melody said cheerfully, quite certain that she had Andrew cold.

"The phonebook entry is in joint names because I've never gone to the effort of getting it changed," said Andrew. "You should have checked the obits. Helen died of an aneurism, three years ago. And I'd like to congratulate you. You've got me thoroughly pissed off, and that hasn't happened in a long time. You should have dropped the whole idea when I warned you."

Melody paled, finally realising that she had made a mistake. She hurriedly rose to her feet, intending to leave and to not linger while she did so.

Andrew was faster, catching her arm before she was even out of the chair properly.

"Isn't it fortunate that you made sure I was home alone before you came around?" he said silkily. "This lets us have some privacy while I explain what I think of your attempts at blackmail."

Holding Melody firmly by the arm, Andrew took her to the main bedroom. Melody was protesting and struggling, both of which Andrew ignored. Once in the bedroom he turned to her.

"I," he said, "am going to put you across my knee and beat some repentance into you. When I think you're suitably repentant and apologetic I'll cease."

"You wouldn't dare," stated Melody nervously. "That'd be assault. I could have you charged."

Andrew laughed, admiring her gall.

"You don't think attempted blackmail is against the law?" he asked. "And if you did complain to the police I'd explain that it was just a lover's quarrel, that you like getting spanked before you have sex."

"We're not lovers," protested Melody, "and I'll tell them that."

Andrew laughed again.

"I think you may find that they may not believe you when I shown them your little video," he pointed out, to Melody's chagrin. She had forgotten that little detail.

"I don't care," she spat. "You're not beating me. I'll scream if you try."

"Scream away," said Andrew, sitting on the bed and jerking Melody towards him. "You're the one who wanted no-one else to be home, remember."

Melody swore and tried to pull away, uselessly. Andrew calmly pulled her between his legs and forced her to bend over one, his legs holding her firmly and a hand on her back holding her down in a nice spankable position.

Melody swore again as she felt him pulling her skirt up and away from her bottom, leaving it bare in front of him except for the thong she was wearing.

"What are you doing, you bastard," she screamed when she felt Andrew pulling her thong down. "There's no need to take them off! They're just thongs."

"I know, but I prefer it this way," said Andrew. "Consider yourself luck I'm not stripping you completely."

A hand came down, hard and fast, raising a large red handprint and a panicked scream from Melody.

"All right, all right," she said, babbling in her haste. "I'm sorry. Don't do this."

"I'm sure you're sorry right now," agreed Andrew, delivering a second hard wallop. "But you're only sorry that you didn't get away with it."

Melody screamed and struggled, swearing bitterly at Andrew as he commenced to deliver a good hard spanking, rapidly turning her bottom a rosy red.

Melody quickly found that calling Andrew a bastard seemed to result in a harder spank. Trying to apologise had no effect. Tears and screams were ignored. Andrew was seriously angry with her, and intent on demonstrating that face.

After ten minutes that seemed an eternity to Melody, Andrew suddenly jerked her back upright. Looking at Melody's tear-stained face, he nodded.

"You seem to be starting to get the message," he said, his voice icy. "I've decided to finish this with you naked. Strip, and make it fast."

Desperate to appease him now, willing to do anything that might cut the beating short, Melody hastily took off her top and bra and let her skirt drop.

Andrew slowly ran his eye over her, appreciating her lovely figure.

"We'll continue this with you leaning over the bed," he told her. "Place you weight on your hands and lean there with your legs apart."

Hastily and reluctantly Melody obeyed, her nerves quivering as she waited for the beating to continue. Then she screamed in protest.

"Stop that! This is rape, you swine," she shrieked.

Andrew had reached between her legs, moved her lips apart and penetrated her with one fast thrust.

"I'm just continuing your beating," he informed her. "The external beating is over, and now you're getting an internal one."

"You bastard. This is not a beating. It's rape. Stop it. Stop it now," wailed Melody.

Andrew's reply was purely physical, thrusting hard into her. For a few minutes while Melody squealed, swore and protested, Andrew thrust into her, demonstrating a total lack of finesse, watching for her reaction.

Finally seeing, and feeling, the signs he was waiting for, Andrew changed what he was doing. His hands reached around and closed upon Melody's breasts. He changed his rhythm from the rough thrusting he'd been doing to a slower and deeper movement, feeling Melody moving in unison with him.

This time, Andrew was in control of the sex, and he took his time, driving Melody relentlessly towards a climax. Melody knew what he was doing but felt helpless to resist him. The collapse of her little scheme followed by the spanking and the unexpected sex had temporarily defeated her, and she just wanted to move with him and please him. For now, anyway.

Noting that Melody was no longer abusing him but gasping in time to their mutual rhythm, Andrew took his time, holding back on his own climax while letting Melody's build. Listening to her gasps, he noted when they changed to little squeals of anticipation, and started thrusting hard and fast, willing to let his own climax come now, as he could tell that Melody was ready.

Melody screamed, swept away by her climax, hearing Andrew gasp as her internal muscles clamped upon him, and then feeling him ejaculate deep within her, flooding her. She stayed bent over the bed, not speaking or moving, just breathing heavily and waiting for Andrew to move away.

For a few moments Andrew stood there, remaining in her while he gently stroked her breasts. Finally he pulled back, letting her go.

Melody slowly stood and turned around to face Andrew. What did you say to someone you'd tried to blackmail and who had then beaten you and raped you? Melody had a good idea. All injured innocence she started on him.

"You fucking pig," she snapped. "You had no right to do that. You could have afforded the five thousand. It wouldn't have hurt you. All you had to do was tell me no. I'm going to get you for this, you moron. I'm going to make your life a misery."

Melody continued in this vein for a while, so full of her own injured innocence that she didn't notice the hardening of the look on Andrew's face.

Finally cutting in to her tirade, Andrew spoke.

"You don't learn very fast, do you?" he said quietly. "You deliberately set me up and attempted to blackmail me, apparently quite happy to wreck my marriage if I didn't pay you. And you're blaming me because you got caught short?"

Melody's mouth snapped shut, suddenly realising that she'd screwed up, again.

"Let me explain this to you again," said Andrew, his voice a silky blade that sliced through her nerves.

Taking Melody's arm, Andrew turned her around to face the bed again while he sat down. Melody had time for a single squawk of protest before she found herself lying back across Andrew's knee.

"Andrew, no, please," she shrieked, and then screamed again as his hand came back down on her already tender bottom.

"You should have quit while you were in a position to," said Andrew affably, "but it seems we're back to square one. "Do let me know when you're suitably repentant, wont you."

Melody struggled and squealed, but the spanking she thought over and done with resumed. She cried, she swore, she wept, she apologised, all of which Andrew seemed to ignore as he gave her bottom another good tanning.

The spanking only took about ten minutes, but from Melody's point of view they were ten, long, long minutes. She was crying helplessly when Andrew finally stopped and stood her on her feet again.

She stood there, tears running down her cheeks while Andrew regarded her.

"Isn't it fortunate that you didn't have time to get dressed," Andrew told her with a smile. "You're now ready to lie down on the bed for the rest of the beating."

Melody went white. "You can't," she protested. "Not again."

"Oddly enough I believe I can," said Andrew. Something about paddling your bottom has inspired me."

Appalled, Melody first sat, then lay on the bed. She shuddered as Andrew dropped his trousers and she could see that he was truly inspired. While Melody watched him, Andrew climbed up onto the bed, easing her legs apart and settling between them.

"OK, Melody," said Andrew, "this time I expect better co-operation. Why don't you reach down and move your lips apart and guide me in."

Shocked, Melody looked at him. "He's serious," she thought. "He really expects me to help him rape me."

Melody was even more shocked to find that she was following his instructions. One of her hands was spreading her lips while the other had closed around Andrew's erection and was guiding it into place.

With the head of his erection pressing between Melody's lips, Andrew paused, waiting. Melody stared up at him in confusion. What was he waiting for? Then she realised, and her face went scarlet with baffled fury. Did he really expect her to do more?

Apparently he did, and Melody was horrified to find his expectations were correct. She was pressing up onto him, lifting herself up as a sacrificial offering. She wanted to swear, but wasn't sure at who, Andrew or herself.

Satisfied that Melody was accepting him, Andrew took over again, driving down into her with a hard thrust that raised a small scream from Melody. As far as Andrew was concerned, this session would be longer and slower than the first. He expected it would take him some time to climax, where Melody was probably so sensitive right now that she'd probably explode like a string of firecrackers.

Pressing eagerly forward, Andrew quickly built up a satisfactory rhythm, taking his time taking his pleasure. He grinned down at Melody when she gasped and screamed, taken by surprise at the speed at which she climaxed.

Melody writhed. Somehow, Andrew had made her come almost immediately, the swine, but hadn't even slowed down his assault on her body. He was still plunging in and out of her, moving slower than the first time but still plunging deep, seeming to completely fill her with each lunge. She found herself gasping, unable to do anything but go along with the ride.

Ten minutes later. Melody was swearing quietly, and sometimes not so quietly. She'd just come again, damn him, and he'd laughed at her and was still pounding her pussy. Wouldn't he ever come?

Eventually, he did, of course. Melody was gasping from the advent of a third climax when Andrew finally let loose, relieving himself in her.

With him lying heavily on her afterwards, Melody ventured to warn him.

"You're going to have a heart attack if you do this sort of think very often. Do you?" she asked hopefully.

Andrew laughed at her, again.

"I'll survive," he said. "Would you like to shower and dress now, or are you going to take time to abuse me again."

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