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My name is Amritha.

I had an incredible experience last summer. It was incredible because it was something that could never happen to me. Yet it did! Its true!! It has been on my mind constantly. There is no one I can tell - not my best friend, not my sister and certainly not my husband. I hope that my telling it here, I can come to terms with it and find a solution.

First I will tell a little about me. I am 24 years old. In all honesty I am an extremely attractive female. My height is 5' 9"; my weight varies between 123-125 lb. and my measurements are approximately 36C - 24 - 35. I am very athletic and work out on a regular basis. My overall look is sophisticated, classy and sensuous. But my best features are my long, curly red hair, my full sensual lips and my very long, shapely legs.

It is very normal for men to "fall all over" me. They are constantly hitting on me, flattering me, and in general doing anything they can to please me. I am not a conceited person but do get off on all the attention that I receive. It is a great sense of power to know that I could literally have anyone I want whenever I want. I always control the situation and it is a great feeling. I never actually do anything. I guess I am sort of a tease.

I have been married for two years. My husband travels extensively, so we have agreed that is OK for me to have fun at nights with my friends. He knows that I am pretty conservative sexually and would never cheat on him. The truth is that I have only had intercourse with three men in my whole life and have been completely faithful since we first started dating.

One evening, while my husband was gone, I went to an upscale restaurant/bar with my best friend Christie. I wore a short, flippy rayon dress. Underneath all I had on was a black thong. Dressing sexy was something that I always did. I liked the attention. It was a Thursday night and the place was very busy. We sat at a table in the bar area and spent several hours drinking and talking. It was around 11:00 and the placed had really emptied out. There was a table of four guys sitting about 20 feet across the room from us. They were staring at us and appeared to be talking about the two of us.

Finally I excused myself to go to the ladies room. As I neared their table, all eyes were on me. My breasts jiggled as I walked and I could see them undressing me with their eyes. As I passed their table I could almost feel the heat of their lust.

I returned to the table. We had one more drink and decided that it was time to leave. The place was now empty except for our two tables, the manager and the bartender. We passed by their table and the stares were getting more intense. I was relieved when Christie and I got outside. It was then that I noticed that I had left my cell phone on the table. Christie had to work early the next day, so I told her just to go on home.

I returned to the bar and the four guys were still there. Again as I passed their table they continued to stare at me and make crude comments to each other. I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. But the strangest thing happened, I was starting to get turned on by the effect that I was having on them. I must have had way too much to drink! I was dizzy and very light-headed and could not really collect my thoughts or control my reactions.

The phone was still at the table. I picked it up and turned to walk out. As I walked, my head was down, since I did not wish to make eye contact. All of a sudden I was startled by a loud voice. HEY YOU! I turned to the voice and heard YES, YOU! I said nothing. I froze. COME OVER HERE! For some reason that I don't understand, I did as he said. My legs just carried me in their direction. As I neared the table, I could see their faces were hot with excitement.

*Why was I doing this?* When I got a couple of steps from him I stopped. What is you name he said? Amritha I replied. Amritha, what do you have on underneath that dress he asked. Nothing but a thong, I blurted out. * My God, what did I just say? Why did I do that? Was I trying to turn them on?* *Why is my body starting to tingle?*

Come closer he commanded and again I followed his instruction. *What am I doing?* I watched as his hand reached up and grabbed the side tie to my dress. I stood there motionless. With one quick yank, my dress fell open. My breasts were now partially visible, as was the front of my thong. *Run I thought. Get out now!* But I did not move.

He now instructed to put my hands on my shoulders and slowly remove my dress. My hands did exactly as he said. It was like I had no control over them. My hands now slid the dress slowly over my shoulders. As it went down my breasts became fully exposed. My nipples were very erect. The dress slid over my butt and then it dropped to the floor. *WHAT AM I DOING?* *I HAVE TO RUN!* It was like some other person had taken over my body.

I was now standing in front of the four guys in just my thong. The manger and bartender now came over. All eyes were now staring at my naked fully exposed breasts. I could see several cocks rising up under their pants.

There were many remarks about my breasts. Who was going to suck on them first? How great they would be to squeeze and eat and so on. I just stood motionless and listened. It was a scary situation, but I was enjoying it.

TURN AROUND the voiced commanded. I did as I was told. They had a full view of my butt. This seemed to excite a number of them. NOW SLIP OFF YOUR THONG! Again my hands did as instructed. I could not control them. My hands slowly removed the thong and little by little my butt became completely bare. I was very scared but was getting very turned in my new submissive role. My thong dropped to the floor. I was told to face them. My pussy was now fully exposed! I was now completely naked. I was standing in a bar with six fully clothed strangers. I was doing exactly as I was told and had no idea why. I was starting to have feelings of passion and lust that were not known to me

The one who was giving all the commands stood up. He moved his chair about five feet from the table. He then sat down. COME OVER HERE he yelled! LIE ACROSS MY LAP! Again my body did as it was told. I was now spread across his lap, totally naked with five other guys watching intently.

You have been a bad girl he said. You are very hot looking and you know it. You dress sexy just to tease guys. I am going to teach you a lesson. I said nothing. My mind was panicking* Why am I in this position? What is he going to do?*

Suddenly I felt a stinging sensation on my butt and heard a loud smacking sound. OUCH! I screamed. Again I felt the stinging pain and yelled out again. I saw some flashing light but did not have time to look up to see what it was; again and again I felt that stinging pain on my butt. Again and again I heard SMACK SMACK SMACK. I was beginning to sob. My butt really hurt. I was extremely humiliated. He spoke. Have you learned you lesson yet? YES! I said Please let me go. We have not even started yet he countered. I was lying completely limp over his lap. I felt like a rag doll. Next he started to rub my butt. He spread my legs and worked his way to my pussy. Despite the pain and embarrassment, I was getting extremely turned on. I did not understand it, but I was. When he reached it, he found it was quite wet. Guys, she is sopping wet he said. She must love this abuse. His hand worked its way into my pussy. One finger, then two, then three fingers were now inside me. Waves of excitement were shooting through my body. My body was squirming and my butt was moving more rapidly.

Suddenly he removed his fingers. He motioned to two of the other guys. They came over. Each one stood behind one of his shoulders and grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up over the leader's shoulders. I was now upside down; face down with my butt up in the air. I was yanked up so my pussy was now in his face. I felt a wet, hungry tongue starting to explore my pussy. I tried to break free, but their hold was too strong. I kept trying but suddenly it was getting to me. His tongue was rapidly exploring every inch of my pussy. I kept seeing a flashing light but could not look up. I was getting very hot. I grabbed onto two chair legs and starting pushing myself up into his face. I wanted to get his tongue deeper inside of me. The others were making lots of comments. Look at that gorgeous ass! I want to eat it. I want to fuck it someone else said. Look at it bucking up and down. She must really want it now. My breathing was rapid and heavy. Oooohhh. I whispered. Ohhh. OoooOHHH. OOOOHHH. I started groaning loudly. My body was squirming with incredible pleasure. As I was about to come he pulled away. SHE IS READY FOR US, he exclaimed!

With that several guys picked me up and carried to the table. Hands were all over me - squeezing my breasts, feeling my pussy and probing my butt. I could see now that they were all naked I saw more erect cocks at that moment than I had seen in my lifetime.

They put me onto a table. I was positioned on all fours. I was getting less and less scared and more and more turned on. *I was the one who was always in control. I was the one who told the men what to do. Why was this so exiting to me? I was being crudely taken and I was hot!* My body was now tingling. My pussy was getting very wet. My legs were now being spread wide open. Someone's hands spread my pussy wide open. It was stretched beyond belief. I felt a wet tongue penetrate my pussy. All of a sudden my hair was yanked up. As my mouth opened, a cock quickly slid inside. One of them was standing on a chair and started furiously pumping away at my mouth with his cock. I heard him say something about having those sexy lips sucking on him. Suddenly I felt a cock enter my pussy. My body started reacting in a way that was unknown to me. I did not even see or know who it was, but it felt great! I was rocking back and forth as fast as I could, driving both cocks deep inside me. I continued to see flashing lights but was too enveloped with excitement to see what they were. I felt two loads of cum shoot deep inside of me. Then suddenly two new cocks replaced the original ones. Two more loads of cum. Then two more cocks. When they had finished I collapsed in exhaustion. I thought that they were done.....Little did I know.

After a few minutes, I heard a familiar commanding voice. STAND UP! I crawled up off the table and stood naked and dripping in front of the six men that had just cum in my pussy and my mouth. GET ON YOUR KNEES! CRAWL OVER TO THE BAR! I obeyed once again. GET ONTO TO THE BAR ON YOUR STOMACH! I WANT THAT INCREDIBLE ASS OF YOURS STICKING UP FOR US TO LOOK AT! I did as I was told. I crawled up over the bar. My head was hanging over one side. My butt was on the edge of it facing them. NOW SPREAD YOUR CHEEKS! I reached back and spread my butt. My butt hole was in full view of everyone in the room. NOW STAY THERE!

It seemed like an eternity. Once again I was extremely humiliated, even more than before. I heard some one moving closer to me. Suddenly I felt a cool liquid being poured over my butt hole. LETS SEE HOW YOU TASTE WITH A LITTLE BEER ADDED. His mouth started sucking the beer from my hole.

This had always been an off limits area, even for my husband. Now a stranger's mouth was enveloping it. His tongue now was probing deep inside my butt hole. I was revolted but shock waves of pleasure shoot through my body. Who else wants to tongue fuck her he asked? They lined up behind me and one after another started sucking on and penetrating into my butt hole with their tongues. The pleasure I felt was beyond belief. My butt was bouncing up and down on the bar. The sensation was incredible. It was like nothing I ever felt. They were taking great pleasure in my reactions. I could hear the comments. They were now all being humiliating and mocking. But I did not care. All that mattered was that they continue to stick their tongues up my butt.

At some point during the procession to my butt, my hair was pulled up and a cock shoved into my mouth. I devoured it. I was desperate to satisfy my now insatiable desires. One cock after another, one load after another filled my mouth. The whole time tongues were penetrating deep into my butt hole. My body never stopped undulating, squirming and bouncing to their actions.

Finally they again picked me up and carried me again to the table. This time I was put on my stomach with some cushions under me to prop up my butt. My head dangled over the edge of the table. Suddenly they were blindfolding me. Next they tied my hands and feet to the table. I was now spread eagle, unable to see, unable to move and with my butt stuck high in the air. I was helpless. I visualized myself if I were one of them. I had an orgasm just thinking about it.

They again started commenting on how great my butt was and how it turned them on to see it just waiting for them. It turned me on too. I expected that they would again finger and tongue my hole. I was right. Someone's finger with something slippery on it, slid in and out of my butt hole. The sensations were incredible. They shot throughout my body. The finger was removed and I expected another. Instead I felt the tip of a huge cock starting to penetrate me. I screamed to stop. I kept yelling, but the cock went in deeper and deeper. It really hurt. Once all the way in, he started pumping it in and out quickly. I pleaded for him to stop but he just went faster and faster. After a few minutes the pain started to subside and the pleasure started to fill my body. My humiliation, embarrassment and revulsion were at enormous levels, but so was my intense pleasure. That revolted and humiliated me, more which in turn just made me hotter. My body was reacting explosively to what was now happening to me. I was now screaming in pleasure. He told me to beg him to continue. I said I beg you to continue. Continue what? Say continue to fuck me in my ass. At first I would not respond. He yanked my hair up. I felt like I was being ridden like a horse. He was pulling on my hair and pumping me in my bottom. CONTINUE WHAT? He screamed. Finally I yelled I BEG YOU TO FUCK ME IN MY ASS. PLEASE FUCK ME IN MY ASS! PLEASE! PLEASE! All the other guys were laughing. While my hair was still being pulled, someone stuck his cock in my mouth. The person on top of me kept yanking my hair back and forth over the cock while continuing to fuck me. I heard someone say, make sure you get plenty of this scene. But I was not paying attention. I was so excited. I was delirious!

I visualized what was happening to me.* I could see myself blindfolded and tied to the table. I was completely spread out and my butt propped high in the air by some cushions. Someone was on top on me screwing me in my butt hole. He was pulling on my hair like the reins on a horse. The whole time a cock was being pumped furiously in and out of my mouth. I was begging to be fucked and I meant it. My butt was bucking up and down trying to shove his cock deeper inside me. I was devouring the cock like it was my last meal. I could not possibly imagine a more humiliating and degrading situation. I was being completely be taken in every way by a group of strangers and I was turned on beyond my wildest dreams.*

Finally I felt a warm sensation shooting deep inside my butt. It was really a different feeling. My body pushed up as hard as it could to get it in deeper. About the same time another load was shot into my mouth. It was making a slurping sound trying to get it all.

I collapsed in exhaustion. I felt my hands and feet being untied. Still blindfolded, I was now stood up. My hands were put behind me and loosely tied together. I was now being led somewhere. Suddenly the front of my naked body felt a blast of cool air and then I was pushed forward toward the air. I heard traffic passing. Horns were sounding and I could hear people yelling.

Finally I untied my hands and removed the blindfold. They had pushed me outside. Cars were passing and many people were seeing me completely naked. I looked around in a panic! I saw my dress and purse. I picked them up and ran as fast as I could to my car. I got in and drove off.

The next thing I knew, I was in my apartment. The alcohol had worn off and the sexual excitement was gone. I started sobbing uncontrollably.* How could I let that happen? How could I get so turned on that I let six strangers take every part of me? But the worst thing is that I was in an absolute state of ecstasy while it was happening. WHY? WHY? WHY?*

At least they did not know anything about me. They did not even know my name. I would never return to that restaurant. It would all go away. I would have to wipe the whole experience from my mind. Time would take care of everything. It would all be over and no one would ever know.

After a long, warm shower, I fell into a deep sleep. A ringing in my head woke me up. It was the phone. As I went to grab it, I noticed that it was dark. I must have slept all day.

Hello? Hello Amritha? Yes. How are you today? Who is this? This is Garret. Who? I don't know any Garret. Yes you do! In fact your mouth, tits, cunt and ass hole know me very well. WHAT? Now Amritha, if you keep this up, I will just have to give you another good spanking. I was speechless! *OH MY GOD! HOW DID HE FIND ME?* Finally I stuttered How did yoouu.. FIND YOU? He interrupted. You have lots of information in your purse. We had lots of time to go through it. What do you want? Well Amritha, I have always imagined what it would be like to be seen with a beautiful model. You are a model aren't you? Well I .., again he interrupted. Now Amritha, did you forget all of the information that is in your purse? The name of your agency, the appointment book with your past and future bookings... ENOUGH I screamed. WHAT DO YOU WANT? As I started to say I, like most men, can only fantasize about models. You are going to go places with me. I want people to see us together. More than that I am going to have my very own model that will do whatever I want whenever I want. WHAT? That is right and I expect no arguments or I will have to punish you. Why would I do as you say? Well I guess you would do it because you enjoy being taken so much. You know how much it turns you on and I have the pictures to prove it *Pictures? Pictures?* The flashes must have been the bursts of light I kept seeing!* I have lots of them Amritha. But my very favorite set is the grand finale. It's great! You are in the middle of a restaurant. You are completely naked and spread across a table. You are bound and blindfolded. Your ass is propped up high into the air. On top of you is a big naked guy named Jim. His cock is deep inside you asshole. With both his hands his is pulling back on your hair. It sort of reminds of riding a bucking bronco. You are pushing your ass high in the air to drive his cock deeper into your ass hole. At the same time you are furiously sucking my cock. I LOVE THIS SET! There are lots of others. I like looking at them to relieve the experience. I can still hear you moaning with pleasure and begging to be fucked in the ass. I can see things in the pictures that I did not even realize at the time. After the spanking and you were upside down with your pussy in my face, I did not know about the chair legs. The picture shows it great. You look like a gymnast pushing yourself upward. It pleases me that you wanted my tongue sooo badly.

Anyway if you don't do exactly what I want when and where I want it and without a word of complaint, I will have to distribute these pictures. Your husband will probably like to see his beautiful wife having fun while he is gone. Your agency would surely like to see all of them. I could make lots of copies and just leave them all around your neighborhood. Naturally I will post them all over the Internet. Any questions?

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