Blackmail Ch. 01-02


"Goldie, where are you? Come here, boy," a voice called out.

The dog turned and looked in the direction of the voice. Mary pushed it gently; it did not seem to want to leave her. Through the shelter of the leaves, she saw a figure approaching. What was she to do now? What if he came in for the dog and found her? How was she going to explain things?

"Goldie, come here, boy," the voice commanded again.

This time the dog responded with a last lick of her leg. To Mary's relief it turned and bounded out of the bushes. She saw its owner greet it, patting its head as he secured its lead to its collar. "Let's go home, boy. There's nothing in there for you."

Mary sighed with relief.

"That was a close call," the soft voice in her ear said.

She waited. The dog and its owner had disappeared, and then she continued her walk around to the other gate. She made it back to her clothes without any further events.

"You can get dressed again now, Mary, but don't put on your undie's. Just leave them as a present for Peter Pan."

Thankfully, she quickly slipped back into her clothes, but left her bra and panties dangling from Peter's hands. Then with a quick look back at the fluttering flimsies, she made her way back to the car park. It felt a little strange not wearing any underwear. Soon she was back in the car. She closed the door and slumped back in the seat in relief.

Around her it was now almost dark. She felt secure again. She sensed again the wetness between her thighs. She took a tissue from her glove box, and easing up her skirt, she wiped between her legs. She was wetter than she thought and needed a second tissue. She felt pleasure from the feeling of her fingers on her pussy and could not resist easing her legs apart and sliding two fingers inside her warm wet hole.

This whole thing was beginning to get to her. She shouldn't be enjoying this ordeal, but she knew deep down she was. She lay back in the seat and enjoyed the pleasure of her fingers as they quickly brought her to a much needed orgasm. She lay back, her skirt still up around her hips, her fingers still inside her feeling her juices slowly seep out. Suddenly she jumped as a bright light lit up the car for an instant. She fumbled with her skirt, pushing it down and trying to open the car door at the same time. By the time she got out, the car park was empty. Suddenly realization struck her--it had been a camera flash. He must have been close by all the time. She got back in the car and slowly pulled out of the car park. Her earpiece buzzed; she clicked it on.

"Glad to see you, too, were getting pleasure from our little game. I'll send you a copy of the print tomorrow."

"You bastard," she exclaimed.

"Now, now, that's not a nice way to treat a friend. I might take offence and think up something really bad for tomorrow." The phone clicked off.

The following morning the brown envelope arrived with her post. She recognized the writing. She opened it and pulled out the pictures. The first ones were taken in the rose garden, and even she had to admit that they were good. In fact, it gave her a slight thrill to see herself displayed like that, naked among the roses.

It was the last one that shocked her, the one taken in the car. Her skirt was up around her hips, her fingers pushed deep into her pussy. The expression on her face was a picture of pleasure, and it must have been just at the moment of her orgasm. She stared at it and then thrust it into the shredder and watched as it disappeared. She slipped the others back into the envelope. That was when she saw the note. She pulled it out and read it.

'Hope you liked the pics. I'm sure Bob will want one of those taken in the garden. I love the one in the car. You really were enjoying yourself, weren't you? Tonight I want you to make your way to the lorry (truck) park at Durrel's industrial estate; that's the one by the motorway. I have thought up something that I think you will enjoy. Be there by eight o'clock and don't forget the Blue Tooth. Oh, and by the way, it might be better if you were to wear a dress.'

Later that morning Bob called in and asked her if she had heard anything more from the blackmailer. She passed him the envelope.

"My God, he made you do this?" he gasped as he looked at the pictures. Then he smiled, "You have to admit, you do look attractive."

Mary glared at him "It's alright for you. It isn't you he's targeting. I nearly got caught out there without a stitch on when a bloody dog came sniffing around."

Bob smiled again. "Well, look on the good side. At least we both still have our jobs, and it's you who I have to thank for that. I will make it up to you. Just go along with him for now."

The thought of another evening taking orders from the blackmailer did not seem to affect her today as much as it had over the last two nights. She opened her desk drawer and looked at the pictures again. I wonder what he has in store for me tonight, she thought to herself. She felt an interesting ache deep in her stomach. She pressed her hand against her pussy. What was this man doing to her?

The request for a dress wasn't too much of a problem for her. She kept a few changes of clothes in the office just in case she needed to change for a night out. She looked at the two dresses in the cupboard, a small chic black number and a flowered button through. The black seemed a little too dressy so she decided on the flowered one.

The industrial estate seemed deserted as she drove down towards the lorry park. A few lights were on, but nobody seemed to be working. Even the transport café in the lorry park was closed. A few lorries were parked up, some with their curtains drawn, the drivers obviously getting an early night readying themselves for an early start in the morning. A few meters away over a hedge, lorries and cars passed noisily up and down the busy motorway.

She parked at the far side of the park away from the lorries. She glanced at her watch; it was seven fifty five. She felt a twinge of anxiety. Precisely on eight the earpiece buzzed. She tapped it and it was the voice she was now beginning to recognize.

"Good evening, Mary. I hope you are well."

She acknowledged him but did not say anything more.

"Are we ready for a little fun tonight? I have decided to push you a little further each time we meet. I want to find your limit, but I do not want to rush things because I'm quite enjoying myself. I like having an attractive young woman like you obeying my every wish."

She felt like telling to get on with whatever he intended for her to do.

"Just to the left of the transport café," the voice in her ears said, "you will find steps leading to a foot bridge. It goes up over the motorway; it joins the two parts of the estate together," he explained. Get out of your car, stand beside it, and remove all your clothes."

She was getting used to this request. She pushed open the door and stepped out. She looked around wondering where he could be. She knew from experience he was somewhere near, most likely with his camera poised. She left the car door open, and after removing her jacket, she placed it in the car.

"Glad you found a dress. That one's ideal."

She shook her head. He must be somewhere close by to notice all the details, but where? She continued to undress, and finally was standing naked beside her car and feeling more than a little self conscious.

"As beautiful as ever," the voice said. "Okay, now I want you to put your dress back on: nothing else, just your dress."

Thankfully she slipped back into her dress.

"Now walk towards the café and find the foot bridge." Again she followed his instructions and found herself at the bottom of the steps. "Now I want you to make your way up onto the foot bridge and walk towards the center."

Mary slowly climbed the steps. As she climbed higher, she saw over the edge on the motorway the vehicles flashing by in all the six lanes. She walked slowly towards the center. As she did so, she could feel the rush of air as some of the larger lorries passed under her. When she reached the center, she paused and waited for further instructions. When the earpiece buzzed again, she could hardly hear it because of the roar of the traffic passing under her.

"I want you to face the motorway and slowly unfasten your dress."

Mary stood for a moment not really believing what she had heard. So that was what he was going to make her do: strip where she could be seen by others. She looked around and shrugged. Apart from the traffic on the motorway, there was no one else around to see her so it wasn't so bad.

She slowly began to unfasten the dress starting at the top and working her way down. With the buttons all undone, she held it together with her hand.

"Don't do that." The voice sounded in her ear. She reluctantly let go of the dress and the wind blew it open, displaying her naked body. She was fifteen feet or so above the passing traffic, but she knew anyone looking up would have a clear view of her. There was a blare of a motor horn, and for a brief moment she saw the smiling face of a lorry driver. He gave her the thumbs up as he passed under her.

Now more motorists were seeing her. Lights flashed and horns honked. Mary had mixed emotions. Again she was feeling the excitement of displaying herself naked to unknown strangers as she had on that lakeside years ago, but it was mixed with the worry of someone catching her. The motorists on the road below were not a problem, but what if someone should walk across the bridge?

"Take the dress off all together now and leave it on the floor."

Mary shrugged the dress off her shoulders. Now she had nothing to protect her, and she felt very vulnerable.

"Walk slowly along the bridge and than back," the voice in her ears said.

Again she followed instructions. She found she had lost some of her initial nervousness. It was an interesting sensation being naked out here in the open. Her tormenter had picked an ideal spot for her first public display-- somewhere where she could be seen, but where she was inaccessible to the people who saw her. Strangely, she was now even feeling more daring and waved back at the passing motorists and drivers. When she got back to where she had left her dress, she stopped and waited.

"You did very well, Mary. I think you are beginning to enjoy this as much as I am. Okay, pick up your dress and go back to your car."

She picked up the dress and was just about to slip into it.

"I didn't tell you to put it on, only to pick it up. Now make your way back to the car."

She carried the dress in her hand as she descended the steps and began the short walk across the car park. She looked a little nervously at the parked lorries wondering if there were someone in them maybe watching her, and she was thankful when she reached her car. She slipped into the car still naked as he hadn't told her otherwise, but she now felt a little more secure,

"Are you feeling horny again after your little display?" the voice in her ear asked her. "Is your pussy nice and wet? I bet you would like to dip your fingers in, but I guess you are a little worried after last night, worried that I might be lurking close by to take another picture of you."

Mary sat there listening to the voice. Yes, she was feeling horny. Who wouldn't after displaying themselves like that, and she knew she was wet, but he was right. After last night she dare not touch herself. She would have to wait till she was in the privacy of her own home.

"You can make your way home now, but you can't get dressed. Drive home as you are, and don't forget I might be watching you."

Luckily for Mary it was getting dark. She tried to lower herself down in the seat to make herself less obvious, and kept out of the way of large vehicles whose drivers would have been able to look down into her car. The road where she lived was quiet as she pulled up outside her house, but many of the other houses showed lights. She glanced in the rear view mirror. A car with just side lights on was parked further up the road. Maybe this was him still checking on her.

She searched for her key, and with it clutched tightly in her hand, she scooped up her clothes, and with a quick glance around, she made a dash for her door. Once inside, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was all over for another day. But deep down she knew he was probably at this moment making plans for her.

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