tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 06

Blackmail Ch. 06


When Mary arrived home from the Road Hogs wet t-shirt contest, she was in no mood for anything except satisfying her urgent sexual needs. It had been all she could do not to stop the car in a lay on the way home, but after her experience the last time in the car and the resulting photos, she could never be sure where her tormentor was going to pop up.

She managed to get herself to bed, and from her selection of sex toys she selected her favorite and latest purchase, her new wonderful Future Tech Rabbit vibrator, which she had named Roger. She would have rather had the real thing, but at that moment beggars couldn't be choosers and Roger was the next best thing.

Sometimes when her needs were urgent, Roger could be described as the best. Unlike some men, it never went soft, and it always did what was required of it. She applied a smear of lubricating cream to the end and set the speed to low. She almost cried out when she felt the head press against her sensitive pussy lips.

Gently parting the lips she eased it slowly inside enjoying the motion as the rotating steel balls located in the shaft stimulated the walls of her vagina.

Now with the full seven inches of Roger inside her and the clitoral stimulator in position to do its job, she slowly increased the speed to the next level and began working the tool slowly in and out. She was breathing heavily, moving the vibrator as gently as possible against every sensitive area. She wanted to prolong the wonderful experience for as long as possible. When she felt the first waves of an orgasm building up inside her, she stopped moving the tool and just lay there letting Roger's vibrations pleasure her. With her free hand she squeezed her nipple tightly between her thumb and finger, enjoying the exquisite pain that coursed through her body.

She now badly needed to cum and flicked the switch to the high position. She moaned loudly as the extra speed stimulated the oncoming orgasm. Then with a cry, it hit her. She gasped, squeezing her thighs, trapping Roger inside her as the wonderful first orgasm burst inside her. She fell back on the pillows gasping, the tool still jerking inside her.

She managed to reach down and switch it off, but she left it in position enjoying the feel of it inside her, and when she managed at last to regain her composure, she repeated the process. That was the first of many orgasms that night until exhaustion and sleep overtook her.

She awoke the following morning to feel Roger still in position. She couldn't resist switching him on for just one more time before reluctantly replacing him in his box. He would need to be cleaned later. She slipped out of bed and dragged herself to the shower.

After the shower, she felt refreshed and hungry. Sunday was usually her day of leisure. She slipped into some fresh undie's and eased on a wrap. She would dress later when she decided what she was going to do. Maybe he would call so she didn't make any plans.

In the kitchen, she cooked herself a full English: bacon, eggs, tomatoes and fried bread, a meal not good for the figure, but it was her weekly treat.

She was on her second cup of coffee when the phone rang. She picked it up; it was him. "Good morning, Mary. How do you feel this morning?"

"Okay, but I was exhausted after last night," she replied. "But I'm feeling better after a sleep."

"You looked as though you were enjoying yourself last night. You put on a very revealing show; everyone loved it."

She smiled to herself. "Well, at least I did win."

"Yes, and with that performance you certainly should have. I did hear that you shared your winnings with Rita for helping you."

Mary gasped. Did this guy know everything? "You went a lot further than I expected. Did you find it stimulating exposing yourself like that?" "Yes, I guess I did. It was okay at the time, but in the cold light of day, I think I went a bit far."

"No, you did everything that I expected of you, and more, and because of that I have a special treat for you next weekend. Have you ever done any promotional work?"

"I've helped out at a few trade shows and exhibitions."

"Good, that's even better. I will send you the information in the post. Oh, by the way, you will need to take Friday off and go down to Midchester on Thursday evening. I've booked you into the Travel Lodge there for two nights. It's a double room so why not ask Bob to go with you? Be some company for you and save you money on batteries." Did this guy know everything about her?

"I might have one more little game night for you before you go, but you can relax for today. You did a great job last night. I took some interesting pictures."

Mary gasped. "You didn't, no."

"Just for my own personal pleasure. I think you have kept your side of the bargain so I will keep mine as long as you continue to do as you are asked. I'll ring you after you get the letter. Enjoy the rest of your day." And with that, the phone went dead.

She rang Bob and found him at home alone. She told him about the show last night.

"Wish I'd been there," he said.

"I couldn't have done it if I'd known you were there." She went on to tell him about the call she had received that morning.

"Sounds interesting. Did he say what Exhibition it was?"

"No, he said he would send everything in the post. Will you be able to get time off? It will be nice to spend a couple of nights together."

"Shouldn't be a problem. I've some days due to me and I'll tell her I'm going to a weekend conference."

They chatted for a while longer before ringing off, and she arranged to contact him when she had the full details.

It was Wednesday before the letter arrived. Well, it was a large parcel actually. It contained a list of instructions on who to contact, the hotel reservation, and two exhibitors passes for the exhibition, but no details on what the event was. It also contained a light weight belted rain coat.

She laid the coat aside when she suddenly had an idea. She went on the internet, typed in a listing for the Midchester Exhibition Center, and when it came up, she clicked on future events. She scrolled down the menu until she came to next weekend's date and clicked. She gasped when the screen came to life.

She read the details: 5th Annual Erotic Fair, Superb Weekend Event featuring all the main suppliers of erotic toys, clothing and fetish gear as well as all the big porno film and DVD production companies. Mary read through it again. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her mind was already racing, thinking about what she might be expected to do.

She went back to the letter and read the instructions. He explained that she would be working for some of the suppliers and companies at the exhibition, and he had decided that who she worked for would be left up to her. There was a list of six companies below from which she had to select three options, one company for each day at the exhibition. But to make it more interesting she had to complete a task. If she completed the task satisfactorily, she could eliminate a company of her choice. If she failed in a task, the company was left on the list and he could then select it for her.

She read through the instructions again. A bit like a TV reality show she thought to herself. Below the instructions was a list of companies.

Magnus Productions, a porno film company.

The Darker Side, a manufacturer of restraining equipment.

Logan Promotions, the company who was hosting the event.

Body Art, a supplier of body painting products

Exotic Creations, fetish fancy dress and party wear.

Intimacy Products, a supplier of massage products, creams and lotions.

She read on through the instructions. "I have set you three tasks to be completed tonight.

Tomorrow, depending on the results, you can tell me which companies you have eliminated. Your tasks are as follows: At one a.m. in the morning you are to go to the Wall Mart store in Petersfield. I know it's a thirty minute drive, but you shouldn't meet anyone you know there. You will be wearing only the coat provided. It has a tie around belt for ease."

"Park up in the car park, and then get out of the car and make your way towards the entrance. There will be two security guards on the door. As you make your way towards them, unfasten the belt and allow the coat to fall open. Walk up to them and ask directions to the dairy products and the dry cleaners. Explain that you urgently need some milk and have an item that needs cleaning. Don't attempt to adjust the coat in any way; just let it remain open."

"When you enter the store, you may refasten the coat. Then take a trolley as you make your way to the dairy products aisle at the far end of the store and pick up a bottle of milk. When you have done this, you must remove the coat and place it in the trolley, then make your way down the aisle. You are not to rush. Stop and examine products as you would if you were shopping. At the bottom of the aisle, you may put the coat back on and make your way over to the check outs. If there is a male assistant on the till, unfasten the coat and let it fall open again as you did when you entered the store. After that, make your way to the dry cleaners. This is located near the entrance."

"Explain to the assistant that you need a coat cleaning and give him the details. When he has taken them down, remove the coat and pass it to him. You may then make your way back to the car.

Complete each of these tasks to my satisfaction and you can then pick the three companies you want to work for at the exhibition."

Mary again read through the letter. She slowly shook her head. Going through with this one was going to be bad enough, but she could also get arrested for this little stunt. She thought about ringing Bob, but decided not too. If she told him, he might turn up at the store or even want to go with her. It might be helpful afterwards, but she would feel happier getting it over on her own.

When she got home, she tried to eat something, but she was feeling nervous and could only manage a small amount. The evening went slowly. She tried to watch some TV, but she could not settle. At eleven o'clock she went up and showered. Afterwards, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and did her hair and make up. If she was going to be on show, she might as well look good.

With the make up complete, she removed the bathrobe and tried on the coat that she had received in the parcel. She hadn't tried it before and she was a little dismayed to find that it was on the small size for her. It was okay fastened, but with the belt undone it gaped open. She shrugged. Well, there was nothing she could do about that now.

She belted the coat, up picked up her purse, and made her way to the car. Thirty minutes later found her pulling into Wall Mart's car park. She glanced around and was pleased to see that there were only a few cars there, and she managed to park fairly close to the entrance.

She looked towards the entrance and saw the two security guards. He certainly had his facts right, she thought to herself. She glanced at her watch. It was just before one a.m.. Well, at least she was on time.

She stepped out of the car, locked it, and began to walk towards the entrance. At about twenty yards away, she unfastened the coat. She shivered slightly as she felt the cool night air on her exposed body. She saw the security men looking at her as she approached. She realized that her pussy was on open display, but at least for the moment her breasts had remained covered.

"I need the dairy section and the dry cleaners," she said, stopping before the guards. She noticed where both pair of eyes were looking and immediately felt the excitement she had began to experience every time she exposed herself to a stranger

"The dairy products are over there," one of the guards said, pointing vaguely in the direction of the dairy aisle after dragging his eyes off her exposed pussy. "And the dry cleaners are by the entrance just inside."

Mary thanked the two men, and with slightly shaking legs, she made her way into the store refastening her coat as she did so. She was pleased to see that the store was almost empty.

Only a few late night customers were pushing trolleys around the aisles. She picked up a small trolley and made her way over towards the dairy section. She smiled at the few customers who glanced up from their shopping at the attractive woman in the tightly belted coat. When she reached the dairy section, she picked up a bottle of milk and placed it in the trolley. She glanced around; there was no one on the aisle. She quickly slipped out of the coat and placed it in the trolley. She felt suddenly exposed now that she was naked under the bright lights of the store.

She wanted to dash down the aisle and get it over with, but she knew the rules. Slowly she began to make her way down the aisle, stopping from time to time to pick up a product and examine it. She was half way down when to her shock a shopper came into view. He was an older guy, around fifty or so. He gave her a cursory glance then looked again when he realized that she was naked. He stopped and watched as she walked towards him. It was quite a while since he had seen such an attractive sight.

"Wonderful, my dear; you look absolutely wonderful." Mary felt herself blushing slightly.

Mary continued on past him knowing that his eyes were still on her. Suddenly another trolley came into view, this time pushed by a middle aged couple. The guy's eyes lit up when he saw her, and the woman looked at him angrily. "I can see why you wanted to come here at this time in the morning. Did you know about this? Is it a stunt?" she heard her say. The guy shook his head trying to make excuses, but not taking his eyes off Mary for a moment.

"Dirty little slut," she heard the woman say as she passed them.

"You should try it yourself; might put some excitement back into our marriage."

The woman huffed. "That's just the sort of comment I expected from you."

At last she reached the end of the aisle without any more incidents. She slipped the coat back on and made her way towards the check out. She saw at once there was a male assistant on the check out. In fact every check out was manned by a guy. She picked the best looking one, a college type who was doing the night job to work his way through college. A small badge on his shirt told her his name was Gavin.

As she stepped up to the check out, she undid the belt; the coat gaped, and so did the guy's mouth. "Fucking hell, you're naked," the young guy gasped. Then he held his hand to his mouth. "I'm sorry, err, Miss. It's just...... Well, it's not every day that you see ...... Well, you know."

Mary smiled, feeling a little sorry for the guy. "It's okay, Gavin. I'm doing it for a bet; my boyfriend put me up to it."

"You are very beautiful, and you have a lot of guts to do something like this."

Gavin at last dragged his eyes away from her body and swiped the milk through the check out. She paid him, smiled, and began to make her way over to where the dry cleaners were located. She glanced back and found him still looking at her.

At the cleaning desk, she followed the instructions. She gave the assistant her details, and then to the obvious amazement and delight of the guy at the desk, she removed the coat and passed it to him.

He took the coat with shaking hands. "Are you sure about this?" he asked with some hesitation in his voice. Mary nodded, took the offered ticket from him, and turned to make her way to the entrance.

Between her and the entrance, several customers had stopped and were looking in her direction. It was not often that you get a completely naked shopper. The two security guards were also just inside the entrance, keeping an eye on things. At the moment it was her things they were keeping an eye on.

She looked down the store towards the check outs. All the staff and customers were watching; she waved to Gavin, smiled at the two guards, and made her way to the car park. She wanted to run, but she knew this was not in the rules. At last, thankfully, she was at her car. She quickly got in, and with another wave towards the security guards, she drove away.

At this stage she couldn't resist pushing her fingers down between her thighs, and she wasn't surprised the find her pussy leaking. She slipped a finger into the warm wetness and groaned. She needed to get home where Roger would be waiting for her.

As she drove naked through the darkened streets, she wondered when he would ring. Hopefully not tonight. She needed time to herself. In the next chapter Bob and Mary go down to Midchester for her next revealing challenge at the Erotic fair.

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