Blackmail Ch. 09


This time she did not stay on the small dance floor, but moved in among the audience, twisting and turning as she made her way between the tables. Behind her mask she was smiling at faces she knew, but who had no idea who she was.

Before the first piece of music ended, she made her way back on the dance floor. She stayed there while she slowly and suggestively removed her small jacket and skirt.

With the outer items removed, she again moved in among the tables, now dressed only in her brief bra and panties. She experienced the thrill as some of the guests casually began to stroke her legs and touch her bottom as she danced past them. She made her way over to the table where Phil Green was located. She put her hand on the table and leaned forward displaying her exciting cleavage. She lifted his hand and pressed it against the clasp at the front of her bra. She saw the look in his eyes as he realized what she wanted him to do.

He struggled slightly, his fingers fumbling with the catch, but at last it came undone and the cups fell away from her breasts. Her awesome breasts and erect nipples were only inches from his face. He could see every slight detail: the deep brown areolas and the puckered nipples. Mary lifted his hand again and placed it over her breast. She could feel him shaking.

She allowed him the pleasure of her breast for a few moments, then pulled away, slipped out of her bra, and draped it over his head. Others in the audience wanted their turn. She willingly allowed them to caress her. It was exciting to feel the hands of so many men on her body.

She was now standing before the table where Brian and Simon were seated. Brian tried to reach out and touch her breasts, but she pulled away, turned around, and offered him her rear instead. She indicated the waistband of her brief panties and bent over, her bottom protruding towards him.

He didn't need a second invitation. He gripped the waist band in both hands and slowly drew the panties down over her inviting rear. Free of her hips, they fell to the floor. She stayed in position exposing the twin creamy spheres of firm flesh. She did not have to wait long as she felt his hands stroke over them, squeezing gently. She stooped down, picked up the discarded panties, and pressed them into his hand before dancing away wearing nothing but the miniscule G string.

She knew where she was heading next: BJ's table. She guessed she had to let the top man claim the ultimate prize. She smiled as she saw the expression on his face as she moved in beside him. She stroked her hand around his head, then pulled it to her, pressing his face against her breasts. There was applause around the room. She pushed back the glasses on the table and eased herself up on it, kneeling on her haunches in front of BJ. She reached for his hands and pressed them to her breasts, rubbing herself against them. Then she slowly moved them down her body until they were on the thin cord that secured her G string.

She looked into the now sweating face of her Managing Director, and nodding slowly, raised herself on to her knees in front of him. He was now looking directly at the small triangle of material that just covered her pussy. He hooked a finger in the cord and looked up at her. She nodded again, and with a sharp pull, he ripped it away. She saw the look on his face as he was presented with the sight of her bare pussy. She knew it was already moist; she could feel herself juicing up. The others on the table were looking as well. The young guy sitting beside BJ's side was smiling, and she saw him raise his hand to signal to somebody.

Suddenly the music stopped. She looked over at the DJ and was about to get off the table when the young guy grabbed her wrist and stopped her. "We now have a surprise present for you, my dear." His voice: she seemed to recognize it, but could not place it. She looked around as she heard the door of the anti room open and someone step out wearing a hooded cloak. The figure walked to the centre of the room and stood there.

Suddenly the music started again: a deep thudding beat, slowly rising. Then abruptly the figure tore off the cloak and Mary gasped. For there standing before her in all his naked glory was Jerome. There were gasps from the audience as he ran his hand along the length of his already hard cock. With his other hand he beckoned her.

By this point in the proceedings, Mary was excited, and was also extremely horny, but she was still enough in control of her senses to realize what they were expecting of her now. The signs were obvious. They wanted to see her fucked by the black guy with the huge cock. The whole scene almost sobered her up. The throbbing music continued. She looked at Jerome and then around the room. All eyes were on her. She had no objection to being fucked again by Jerome, not after last time, but this wasn't the place.

Stripping in front of them had been exciting. Allowing them to touch her and undress her--that too had excited her, but was she willing to go this far?

She thought for a moment, then slowly slid down off the table. Why the hell not? She had enjoyed the feel of that huge cock inside her, and they still didn't know who she was so what did it matter? She had been fucked in public at the erotic show. This was no different.

She made her way slowly over to where Jerome was standing. When she moved close, she ran her hands over his chest and down around his waist pulling him toward her, feeling his hardness pressing against her.

Slowly she slid down onto her knees in front of him. She took his cock in her hands and slowly worked them up and down along its length. Then she bent forward and there was a gasp from the audience as she took him deep into her mouth, her lips wrapping around him.

She sucked on him hungrily as he rocked slowly to and fro to the beat of the music, forcing himself up against the back of her throat. When the music began to quicken, the crowd began to urge him on until at last, with a cry, he came.

Mary eagerly swallowed all she could, but it still ran down her chin in streams and dripped onto her breasts.

He pulled her to her feet. He rubbed his hands over her breasts and body, spreading his juices over her. He turned to where the DJ was and nodded. The guy walked out with a chair and placed it before him. "Rest your hands on the seat and spread your legs," he said speaking quietly into her ear. She followed his instructions.

He ran his hands between her thighs and she felt a finger push up inside her. She gasped! "You like it, don't you? You like these guys seeing you take my cock." Mary nodded urgently. "Tell me you like it,"

"I like it," she replied in a quite voice,

"Tell me how much you like it," he said, thrusting his finger further in.

"I like it a lot and I want to feel you inside me,"

He grinned and withdrew his finger. She now felt the head of his cock pressing up against her entrance. She pressed herself against him wanting to feel him inside her.

"You are one hot babe," he said, and her body tensed and she cried out as he thrust himself inside her. She had now lost all sense of decency; she didn't care who was watching; she just wanted to be satisfied, to feel the monster cock invading her: the feel, the tightness, and the power. Soon she was gasping, gripping on to the chair and crying out, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, make me come."

Jerome obliged amid cheers from the amazed audience, most of whom had never before seen such a performance. The cheers continued as she collapsed on to the floor, her legs no longer being able to support her. She lay there gasping, her legs wide apart, giving everyone a view of the juices seeping out of her and running down between her thighs on to the dance floor. She lay there for a while before Jerome helped her to her feet and assisted her from the room. In the anti room, he sat her down. There was still some champagne left. He poured her a glass and she drank it down greedily. Then he passed her a towel to clean herself up with.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It opened and there was BJ with the young guy who had been sitting by his side. They came in. The young guy had Jerome's cloak over his arm. He handed it too him along with an envelope. "I think this is what you were quoted," he said. Again, Mary had that nagging sensation about the voice. Where had she heard it before?

Jerome felt the envelope and nodded. "I guess I don't need to check it," he said. Then he slipped his cloak around his naked body and left.

The pair turned and looked at Mary. She sat there still naked. There was no point in covering up now. She had nothing more to show.

"I want to thank you for making this such a memorable evening even though it has cost me a lot of money."

Mary looked at him not really understanding.

BJ smiled. "I guess I ought to introduce you to my son, Rodger. He has just arrived back from his gap year after getting very good results from University, and he will now be taking his place with me at Burtondales." He turned and looked at him.

"He's a very resourceful young man, and I gave him the job of organizing this evening, and especially the entertainment. I said I wanted something special, and when he told me what he had in mind, I didn't believe him, so we had a wager, and now I have to buy him a new sports car. It's all because of you, young lady."

Both men were smiling now. BJ looked at his son and shook his head. "As I said, he's one very resourceful man and will do very well at Burtondales. The wager was that I could select one member of my staff and he would get her to put on a performance for us here tonight."

Mary almost fainted on hearing those words. They knew who she was. And now she knew why the voice was familiar. Rodger was obviously the guy on the phone, the one who had been giving her assignments. Her mind was in a whirl. How many of the other men in the room knew.

BJ saw the state she was in. He smiled. "It's alright. Calm down. Know one else knows; it will be our little secret. You still have your job, but I'm afraid Bob will have to go. He won't be fired, just moved on to a better position in another division well away from here. There will be a price to pay. We can't have one of our executives going around exposing herself to everyone, now can we?

Mary shook her head and began to unfasten the mask. There was no point in keeping it on now. She pulled it off and shook out her hair. She looked up at BJ and Rodger. BJ looked her over. "You are a very attractive and obliging young lady, with a most exciting body," he said. "So I'm promoting you to the job as Rodger's PA. Of course, there will be a raise in salary. I'm sure Rodger will find you a very willing assistant, and, of course, from time to time, there might be other little favors you can do for the company."

Mary looked at the two of them. So it was over at last? Was this really the end or just the beginning?

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