tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmail of a Raver Girl

Blackmail of a Raver Girl


This is my first story and I know it probably is in desperate need of some editing. I do plan to write the other 4 chapters and have some fun stories to tell if I can just find a style. Comments appreciated, and if anyone wants to edit my stories and tweak them let me know.


It was about 4am on saturday night, and I was working the night shift as a security guard for for a couple buildings downtown and a parking garage. The day started out as just another boring night when I noticed two teenagers in the stairwell for our parking garage. The first thing I noticed was how hot the girl was so instead of chasing them away I decided to watch hoping he would get lucky and I would get a show.

As I watched my monitor I was fascinated by just how hot and slutty looking this girl really was she was about 5'5" couldn't' have been more than 100 pounds, had small firm breasts under the skimpiest tube top girls would wear to raves. She had an amazing flat stomach and long dirty blond hair. She had one of those tribal tramp stamps on her lower back i noticed as she started making out with the guy. She had his back against a wall and started rubbing her hands over his crotch by now he and I were both very hard when she suddenly stopped and said something to him, he kept trying to start again but couldn't and he finally gave in and I saw him pull out a glass pipe, so that's what she was after I chuckled to myself just another little raver cock tease. With my free show over I decided to do my job and chase them away.

As I walked into the stairwell they were in the girl was pouring some meth into the glass pipe and froze when I opened the door. The guy seeing me panicked and ran but thankfully the girl just froze, at first I just wanted to scare her so i cornered her she just looked up like a deer caught in headlights. I grabbed the pipe and bag of meth out of her hands.

"What is your name?" I demanded in a stern voice.

She stammered out, "Vanessa." obviously terrified.

"And how old are you Vanessa?", I asked. Since she looked about 16 I was surprised when she replied 18, it was than that a light turned on in my head and I thought I may just be able to get a blow job out of this little cock tease. "Well your in a lot of trouble Vanessa.", I mentioned as I grabbed her arm and started walking her towards my office, for my plan to work the first thing I had to do was get to my office where there were no camera's.

On the way I kept up the fear level. "Do you realize how much trouble you are in little girl? how much jail time they give for meth heads like you." At this she tried to run but I still had a good grip on her arm and walked her into my office, by the time the door was closed she was crying. I demanded, "give me your ID."

"Ok.", she said between sobs. Handing me her ID, I confirmed this little hottie was 18, I than took a picture of her ID.

"I have your address, the drugs and pipe you were holding and video of you holding it, all I have to do is call the police and you will be going to jail.", my cock was getting harder with every word.

My cock jumped when I heard her say, "No please I can't go to jail, I'll do anything!" I just smiled and she realized where this was going and looked down saying, "Please no."

"Unless you would rather go to jail, its up to you.", I said now rock hard.

"What do you want me to do?" she whispered.

"Come closer and take off your top.", I said pulling her closer as she peeled that tight little tube top off her perfect firm little breasts, I started playing with her nipples getting them hard. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my crotch, she got the hint and started rubbing my crouch just like I saw earlier, except unlike the other guy I wasn't going to be left blue balled.

She looked up at me and said "If I do this?You will let me go right?" 10 minutes ago i would have settled for a hand job from this hot little raver girl, but now suddenly I saw the possibilities.

"We will talk about that later first take off those little slut shorts and turn around I want to see that ass of yours.", I replied getting more idea's every second.

Realizing she had no choice she pulled down her shorts and turned around, I grabbed her head pushing it forward giving me a great view of her ass and the tiny little thong she was wearing. I used my hands to turn her around again and push her down, she got the hint and got on her knees in front of my rock hard cock. She sat there on her knees looking down, a defeated look in her eyes but not moving. I looked down at her and said, "take my pants off slut."

This seemed to wake her up and she looked up to me with hate in her eyes and said, "I am not a slut."

I simply looked down at her wearing nothing but a thong and said, "You are now. now either you take my pants and boxers off like a good little drug slut, or you go to jail." I knew she was mine and I was enjoying degrading this little cock tease, you could tell she wasn't used to actually putting out, never mind to a guy twice her age. She reached out and undid my jeans while a small tear ran down her face. I lifted myself up slightly so she could pull down my jeans and chuckled when she saw my big hard 8" cock. She reached out and grabbed it and wrapped her cute little fingers around my cock. "You know what to do slut get to work."

As she slowly started stroking it as she looked up at me and said, "Please don't call me that."

I just laughed. Grabbing her face I pulled it down onto my cock and moaned as her tongue started swirling around the head of my cock, she may have been a cock tease but she had definitely done this before. I grabbed her head and pulled her down deeper on my cock making her gag before I said, "You are one hot little cock sucker slut." I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my cock, while demanding, "Tell me your my slut, ask to be my little slut!" she didn't reply so I pulled her head harder and said "If you don't want to be my slut you can be a guards slut when your in prison... your choice"

She looked up at me with hate in her eyes and said, "Can I be your slut?" I knew I had her where I wanted her and pulled her mouth right to my balls. Smirking when I remembered that I had a long workout right before work and hadn't showed, so I lifted up my balls and shoved her face lower.

"Lick my balls real good whore" I demanded knowing I had to keep pushing the limits if I wanted to break all of her resistance. I could see the disgust in her eyes and it only served to make me more horny. Her hot little tongue felt so good massaging my balls. Once I was satisfied that my whole ball area had been licked clean I pulled her up to her feet and started pulling down her thong, she resisted at first but not very longhand this was the first moment that I realized at least part of her was enjoying this her pussy's were wet to my touch. "See what a little whore you are?" I laughed not expecting a response and taking pride in the body blush she got when she realized I noticed how wet she was. "Here is what is going to happen Vanessa, you are going to sit down on my cock facing me and ride it up and down while I explain our agreement, than after I cum all over your face you will be free to go for today." The look of shock on her face when I ended with 'for today' was extremely hot. Even with the look of shock on her face she climbed up on my lap and guided my cock into her tight 18 year old pussy. I used my hands to tell her what I speed I wanted her bouncing on my cock and continued talking, "You are going to be my little cum slut, and do everything I say one night a week for the next month." Using my hands I bounced her on my cock faster. "Look me in the eyes while I fuck you slut.", I commanded before continuing on. "After that month i will give you all the evidence I have an you will be free to go, starting next Saturday I want you here by 11pm an hour after my shift starts, you will be wearing the hottest outfit you have and you will be staying with me all night. do we have a deal?"

She seemed to be in deep thought before said lowered her head and said, "ok".

I slapped her and told her "Thats yes sir", I said grinning inwardly.

Still looking down she mumbled, "yes sir".

"Good now get on your knees slut and you better catch all my cum in your open mouth, don't let it go to waste either... you better swallow it all slut." In a daze she climbed off my lap and got on her knees. "Open your mouth slut.", I commanded.

Hearing her say, "Yes sir." on her knees with her mouth open pushed me over the edge and I had the biggest orgasm of my life. Shot after shot of cum splattered against her face, on her mouth, he hair, her eyes it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. That is until started pushing the cum from her cheek into her mouth, she obviously didn't want to fail on swallowing it all.

After she finished licking up all my cum I said, "Get dressed and get out of here, I will see you next saturday at 11pm dress in a sexy outfit and be prepared to do anything I say all night, you will go to the stairwell I caught you in and wait for my instructions. I'll see you next week."

"Ok.", she said walking away slowly. I couldn't stop grinning as I saw her get dressed, my mind already racing with some crazy idea's for next week.

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