tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Bi My Ex Ch. 02

Blackmailed Bi My Ex Ch. 02


My ex wife Pat had decided to use me as her personal fuck toy after getting some good blackmail video of us together. It didn't seem to matter to her that I had been sleeping when she started taking advantage of me. In fact, I guess that had been her plan. She threatened to show the tape of us together to my current girlfriend Ann. Ann is the love of my life and I don't want anything to lead to us not being together, so I din't have much choice but to go along with my ex's perverse ideas until I can figure out what to do about it. So far, nothing has come to mind about how to put a stop to this.

So far, Pat has used me as her fuck toy, brought another guy into our sessions, made me suck him, let him fuck me, and she has also fucked me with a strap-on. In ordinary circumstances, this would probably be quite exciting, but I love Ann and would never cheat on her....voluntarily. I'm not sure I can call this cheating. I'm being forced to do these things.

A few days went by after the encounter with my ex and Brian. There were no calls from Pat, and I was hoping that she had gotten enough and decided not to endanger my relationship with Ann any further. I had at first dreaded the ringing of the phone, but after a couple days, I figured that it was all over and started getting back into the swing of normal life. It was close to a week later that I came home to a ringing phone. I closed the door behind me and immediately went and picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered.

"You haven't forgotten about me have you Brad?" Pat's voice replied.

My blood ran cold as I recognized who it was. "No, I haven't, but I wish I could."

"Now that's not a very nice thing to say to me. I thought that we have been having fun together. You sure were begging for me to fuck you loud enough. I almost thought the cops were going to come by and tell us to quiet down."

"Look Pat, this has got to stop. You are putting my relationship with Ann at risk here for nothing but your own pleasure. I know you can find someone else to occupy your time, like Brian."

"Speaking of Brian, he has been wondering when we all can get together again. He said that he loved fucking your tight ass, and that you suck cock pretty good."

I felt my face turning red. This woman was completely mad! She knew I didn't ever want to see him again, or her either if I had my way about it.

"If you don't stop this blackmailing scheme of yours, I will have to end it myself." I was bluffing of course, and I was hoping that she wouldn't know it.

"And how would you do that Brad? Would you tell Ann yourself? Would you really tell her that you've been fucking me whenever I want for the last week? Would you be able to look her in the eyes while you told her that you allowed a cock in your mouth as well as up your ass?"

She knew I was bluffing. She knew I wouldn't tell Ann, and she knew that I would do just about anything to keep her from telling Ann as well. The only way to stop her from going to Ann would be to continue doing whatever she wanted.

As if she had been reading my mind, Pat assured me that she wouldn't tell Ann anything if I was a 'good boy'. She ended our conversation with, "see you soon!"

Ann came home a couple hours later. "So what do you plan on doing tomorrow on your day off?" she asked.

With the phone call from Pat, I had completely forgotten about my day off. The machine I worked at in the factory was going through routine maintenence the following day. With the machine not running, the operators of that machine were not needed, so were given the day off. "I thought about just hanging around home tomorrow. You know, just lounging around, taking it easy."

"So what else is new?" Ann joked as she winked at me before going around the corner into the living room. "I still have to work, even though I wish I didn't have to. We could have spent the whole day in bed, if you know what I mean."

I followed her to the couch, where we both sat down. "No, I don't know...what exactly do you mean?"

Ann unzipped my pants and pushed them down far enough to allow her to free my hardening cock. She knelt on the floor in front of me, between my legs, and lowered her mouth over my cock. I love the feeling of when I first feel her mouth on me. I moaned long and loudly when she did that. Ann grasped the shaft with one hand and stroked up and down as her mouth followed the movements as well. Damn this woman could make me horny in no time! And she had a way with words as well. I tangled my fingers in her hair as I helped her move up and down. Her other hand ran along the bottom of my balls, giving them a squeeze now and then. My breathing became faster and faster as she gave me a wonderful blowjob.

"Oh god! I'm gonna cum!" I whispered to her. A whisper was about all I could manage while she bobbed up and down on my pole.

Ann took all of my cock into her mouth just as I started to cum. I felt all of my energy draining out of me, and she knelt there taking it all easily. Soon my spent dick slipped from her mouth. I guided her to sit on the couch as I took my place where she had just vacated. I love it when she wears her business suit while she lets me do what I want with her. I pushed her skirt up around her waist and put both of her legs over my shoulders. She laid back watching me as I brought my face closer to her moist pussy. I hooked her panties with a finger and moved them out of the way. My tongue poked out, gently running up and down her slit, teasing her just the way I knew she liked. She gasped when I came in contact with her clit as my tongue made it's way back down her lips again. I slowly probed every inch of her as she squealed in delight. I tongue-fucked her tight hole as I rubbed her clit with a finger. This drove her wild and she started pushing her hips upward towards my mouth.

"Don't tease me!" Ann protested. "Just make me CUM!"

I centered my attention on her clit, giving long hard licks to it before going back to flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Ann started panting as she pulled my face harder into her crotch.

"Oh god! Oh god! Yes, I'm cumming! Oh yes, keep licking!"

Ann moaned and shook as her orgasm overtook her. I kept right on licking, but with less forceful strokes of the tongue, until she simply went limp like a rag doll. I climbed up beside her on the couch and we kissed and held each other for a long time before we decided that we should think about getting something to eat before we both starved.

"Just keep feeding me your cock and I wouldn't die from starvation." Ann said as she got up to go shower.

I always sleep like a rock until my alarm clock goes off. Ann and I each have a seperate clock, because I go to work before her, and she doesn't have to get up for a couple more hours after I'm gone. This morning though, I didn't have to get up at all, and I didn't plan on it either. I heard Ann get up and get ready, and I buried my head under the covers as I saw the light in the bathroom go on. The door closed and muted the light,and I threw the covers off of me once more. It was warm enough not to have covers on at all, and I usually took full advantage if that. Sleeping naked as Ann and I both do, it leaves us free to do 'things' to each other if one of us wakes up horny during the night. Needless to say, neither one of us gets a full, unbroken night's sleep very often.

The next thing I knew, Ann's mouth was decending over my cock. She gave it a couple long licks before standing back up. It was her way of kissing me goodbye. I love the way she says goodbye. I went back to sleep as I heard the door close behind her.

When I woke up, I thought it was still dark outside. I must have woken up in the middle of a stretch, because my arms were over my head and my legs were spread wide. When I tried to move to get up, I found I couldn't. That instantly brought me fully awake, and fully aware of my surroundings. I discovered that I couldn't see because of a blindfold, but I recognized our wrist and ankle cuffs, along with the straps that held them to the four corner posts of our huge bed by the feel of them. I smiled to myself. Ann must have decided to stay home after all, and she had decided to take full advantage of our day off together. She liked tying me up and having her way with me. I enjoyed it as well, and often.

I felt her mouth engulf my cock like it had earlier in the morning. I groaned at the feeling, as well as the memory of it from before. "Oh god Ann, that feels so good."

Her hand cupped my balls as she sucked me, and her mouth continued it's workout on my cock.

Her mouth was removed and I felt her move up the bed towards my head. If I knew her, she would want to be eaten by now. The blindfold was removed, and it was Pat leaning over me! "Good morning my pet." she purred as she moved back down towards my cock. "I told you I would be seeing you soon. Ann was kind enough to tell me of your day off the last time we went shopping, and I knew that you never locked your door. I've been missing you since the last time we got together, so I figured that we would have all day to have our fun."

I was angry that she was still playing her games with me, and furious that she came into my home to do it. "Why don't you have your fun with Brian?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh, I plan to, but Brian has been wanting to see you again as well, haven't you Brian?"

Pat moved out of the way to show me that Brian was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. His pants were open and he was stroking his erect cock. "Morning Brad." Brian said cheerily. "I've been hoping to get to see you again."

My face turned red from shame as I remembered the last time he saw me. I had been made to suck his cock and then he had also fucked me. Pat smiled as she saw just how embarrassed I was. I strained against the bonds that held me in place, but I should have known it was of no use. I had playfully tried to get out of them when I was together with Ann, but they held through it all. Pat motioned for Brian to come over to the bed, and he did so without hesitation, removing his clothes along the way.

"Lay down Brian. I need a cock in my cunt, and I want Brad to watch as I get it from you."

Brian lay down with his head on my stomach, using me for a pillow. Pat straddled his waist and watched me as she slowly slid down Brain's pole in one long stroke. "Mmmmmm, that feels so good." she whispered.

Pat bounced up and down on Brian's cock as he lay there, letting her have her way with him. Brian reached over and grabbed ahold of my own cock, slowly and gently stroking it up and down in time with Pat's fucking. The last thing I wanted was another episode with Brian, but my cock had other ideas as I started to get hard.

"See Pat," Brain said, "he likes it. I bet he can't wait to suck my cock again."

Pat was in her own little world as she fucked herself on Brian, bringing herself closer to orgasm. She always liked to cum fast the first time, and she didn't seem to have a limit on how many times she could cum during sex. Pat stopped her humping and came over and laid down on top of me, her back against my chest. My cock stuck up between her widespread legs. "Lick me Brian!"

Brian immediately got between both of our legs and started tonguing Pat for all he was worth. He continued to stroke my shaft as well. Soon Pat was bucking and moaning, hitting her first orgasm of the day. She moved off of me and Brian came up the bed, straddling my head and placing his hard meat at my mouth. "Suck it." he said.

I kept my mouth firmly closed until Brian reached back and grabbed my balls, squeezing them hard enough to hurt. "I won't tell you again."

My mouth sprang open and he shoved his cock into the opening. His hips moved forward and back, forcing me to suck him. Just then I saw a flash of light. Pat was standing there with a camera taking pictures! She snapped a couple more as Brian fed me his meat. Then she put down the camera and picked up a grocery bag off the floor. Pat started to lay out an assortment of toys that she had brought onto the pillow next to me. I saw a large strap-on, the same one that had been used on me before, a tube of flavored lubrication, more leather restraints, and and even bigger strap-on than the first one. My eyes bugged out at the sight of it. It was a huge, thick tool that Pat took great pleasure in holding up for me to see.

"Now Brad, I'm going to uncuff you, and you are going to go into your bathroom and get ready for us. You know what to do." Pat said as she took out an enema kit. "Don't be long or I'll make you sorry."

Pat undid the cuffs as Brian continued to shove his cock in and out of my mouth. Once my hands were free, Pat moved to unlock my feet. I immediately tried to take the cock from my mouth. Brian grabbed my wrists and held them to the bed. "Now that would have been rude." he said to me as he pumped in and out of my mouth. "You tried to leave before I was finished. I hope you know that I'm going to make you pay for that before we're through."

His breathing got faster and he started grunting as he watched his cock being sucked by my mouth. We both watched each other's eyes as he got closer to cumming. "Here it comes bitch! Here it comes! AAAAhhhhhhh!"

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk himself off over my face. His cum started flying out, covering my face and some of it going into my hair. I saw repeated flashes as Pat burned up a roll of film documenting it all. Then he shoved his meat back into my mouth and made me lick him clean before he let me up to do as Pat had ordered.

I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, inside like I was told, as well as outside. I didn't want his cum on me at all. In a short time I emerged from the bathroom to find Pat and Brian both on the bed. They hadn't waited for me though. Brian was on his hands and knees, and Pat was behind him, licking his puckered hole. She was rimming him good, and Brian was moaning loudly with the pleasure of it. Pat had the strap-on in place over her crotch, and she took up her position behind Brian.

"You want it don't you? Tell me what you want. Do you want me to fuck you with my big cock?" Pat asked.

"Oh yeah, fuck me Pat!" Brian answered. "Fuck my brains out. Make me your bitch!"

Pat grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto her strap-on. She entered him easily and smoothly. She started giving it to him in long strokes as he begged her for more. Pat stopped just long enough to motion for me to get on the bed in front of Brian. Once I got there, Brian positioned me like he wanted me. I ended up on my knees, my shoulders against the bed, and my ass sticking way up in the air. He grabbed my asscheecks and pulled them apart. I felt his tongue run along my crack until it centered on my hole. I groaned in spite of myself. I didn't want anything to do with Pat or Brian, but my body responded in ways that betrayed how my mind felt.

"Yeah, lick his hole Brian. Get him ready for what he wants."

As much as I didn't want it, I knew there was no getting away from my fate. I remembered that it had felt good after a short while, but I still didn't want it from her or him. There was only one person I would have wanted to fuck me like that if it had to happen, and that was Ann.

Brian tongue fucked me as Pat fucked his ass with her strap-on. Every thrust into Brian's ass pushed his tongue into my ass. As much as I didn't want it to, I loved the feeling. Pat stopped fucking him and lay down to watch us. Brian came up behind me and placed his cock at the entrance to my ass.

"I told you I would make you pay." he said as he grabbed me by the hair, forcing my head back.

Brian rubbed some lube on his cock and started pushing it into my tight ass. I wasn't a virgin in that respect anymore, but it still felt like I was. I gasped as he pushed farther in. It seemed like forever before I felt his pelvis grind against my ass.

"Aahhh! Yeah, take it! You like that don't you? Tell me you like it. Tell me to fuck your ass." Brian demanded.

I gritted my teeth as I said the words he wanted. "Yes, please fuck my ass sir! I love your cock in my ass. Please give it to me! Please fuck me sir!"

Brian pulled out until the head of his cock was once again at the entrance, and pushed all the way back into me. I grunted in pain, but the beginnings of pleasure were sneaking up on me again. Brian fucked me with long hard strokes.

"I want him to fuck himself on your cock. I want to see him make you cum with his ass." Pat said from her vantage point on the bed next to us.

Brian smiled at her when she said that, and removed his cock from my ass. He lay down on his back and placed his hands behind his head. "You heard her. Come up here and fuck me until I cum."

Before it had been them taking me whether I wanted it or not. Now Pat wanted me to fuck myself with his cock. I was red faced as I climbed up on top of Brian. Pat didn't just want to use me, she wanted to humiliate me, and was doing a good job of it. She was making sure I couldn't say I was raped or anything. I now had to take an active role in my blackmail.

Brian just lay there and watched me as I grabbed ahold of his cock and positioned myself above him. Pat was also watching me as I sank down on top of the head, feeling it pop through. I lowered myself until I sat in Brian's lap with his cock fully engulfed by my ass. Brian let out a long moan in pleaure as he lay back and enjoyed the fucking I was giving him. I slowly raised and lowered myself along his pole, sending shocks of pleasure through me. I placed my hands on Brian's chest, helping to brace myself as I rode him. He was groaning and panting and enjoying himself immensely. The feeling of his cock in my ass was intense, and I was beginning to enjoy it as much as he was. I rode him like a bucking bronco, bouncing and riding as I went. Brian reached around and grabbed my ass, raising and lowering me on his cock. I knew that he was going to cum again soon.

"Go ahead and kiss him Brad." Pat whispered encouragement. "Feel his cock deep inside of you."

Brian brought my face down to his, and I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. We were soon kissing and exchanging tongues as he continued to pump his cock up my ass. Brian's hands clenched my ass and he shoved his pole all the way into me. I ground my ass downward against him, tightening and relaxing the muscles in my ass. He held himself all the way into me as he suddenly let out a loud growl. His cock got even bigger and then his cum was shooting up into me. He held me in place as he shoved into me again and again, emptying his balls into my waiting ass.

"Oh man you're a good fuck!" was all he could say. Brian couldn't even move to pull his dick out of me. I reached behind and slid it out for him. Once the head was out, I rubbed it all over my asshole, making it slippery with the cum that was still oozing out from him.

"Good boy." Pat said. "Now I've got a suprise for you. Come up here and lay down."

I laid down at the head of the bed, and Pat took each of my wrists and locked them into place with the leather cuffs that were still there. My ex then moved down my body, finally stopping at my cock. In one smooth motion, she took all of it into her mouth. I was so worked up and horny, I was cumming in her mouth in five seconds flat. I lay there panting with my eyes closed as I tried to gather my wits again.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I heard.

I opened my eyes and I felt myself turn white as the sheets when I saw Ann standing there next to the bed. Then I saw what she was wearing. Now gone were the business jacket and skirt. She had on a leather half bra, black stockings, and knee length boots. Her hair was made into one long braid going down her back. Ann put one foot up onto the bed and motioned to Pat. Without a word, Pat got between Ann's legs and started licking her cunt. Brian came up in front of my girlfriend and started to lick and suck her nipples while kneading her breasts. Ann's eyes glazed over as she approached orgasm. She stayed where she was and watched me as she started to shake from the power of her cumming. Ann was letting out high pitched moans and her hands held both Pat and Brian in place until her orgasm subsided. She let them go and came up onto the bed and knelt in front of me. Sorry I had to get you to do this in this way, but I'm sure that you have been liking it enough to forgive my methods.

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