tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Ch. 01

Blackmailed Ch. 01



I walked into the adult shop nervously. It looked a little seedy and old from the outside, but what could you expect from a sex shop? You had told me to buy a butt plug, warning me about the consequences if I were to come home without one tonight. It was supposed to be an adventure for me. I watched you drive away, feeling a little abandoned. I had never entered an adult shop before; all the toys that we owned were either bought through online shops and delivered to our doorstep or you had bought it.

I pushed open the door, hearing a little bell announcing my presence. I was relieved to find no one else in the shop, and walked deeper, examining the contents of the shop. The shelves were filled with rows of neatly arranged toys like a child entering his first toy shop. There were many dildos, vibrators, vibes and plugs, as well as ben wal balls, whips, gags, cuffs and even exotic costumes that boggled my mind. I advanced to the plugs, wanting to get this over and done with as soon as possible. But standing before the many shapes and sizes of plugs, I could not make up my mind. Maybe I should just close my eyes and pick one, I thought. So I did. My fingers brushed against a plastic casing and I reached out and grabbed it, only to realize that it was bigger than I would like. My eyes flew open and I was about to put it back on the shelf and pick something smaller when a deep voice spoke behind me.

"So, you pick that huh,"

I jumped a foot into the air and turned around. A tall burly looking man stood in front of me. I was so embarrassed that I had half a mind to put the plug back and run out of the store. Then I remembered your warning that I have to buy a plug or pay the consequences. I breathed in deeply and tried to remain calm.

"Oh, no, I-I was just putting it back."

His hand shot out and took the plug from my hands before I could put it back on the shelves. "What? Is it too big?" He grinned at me, obviously enjoying my discomfort. "Perhaps it's too small. I could find a larger one for you."

"Er, it's okay. I was looking for a smaller one," I mumbled.

"Smaller?" His eyes glanced at the plug then at my ass, as if trying to imagine it inside me. My heart was beating frantically within the confines of my chest as thoughts raced through my head. "That'll be too small for you, lady. Tell you what, how about you try it out right now? It's a special service."

Try it out? This situation was deteriorating fast. I shook my head, not daring to meet the man's eyes, for I knew that there were more to this special service than I would ever enjoy. I took a step back, eyeing the store's glass doors, measuring the distance between where I stood and how far I would need to run. Perhaps forseeing my escape, his hand shot out again and gripped my arm. I instantly panicked, my leg kicking out at his shin while I struggled to withdraw my arm.

"Come, come, don't be shy. I insist on you trying out the plug. No use buying the wrong size. It'll be a waste of money." He grunted at the kick on his shin but managed to turn away from another to the groin. "Now, you're playing dirty. Tsk." He turned me around with his death grip on my arm and pinned my arm behind my back. It hurt so much that I could not bring myself to struggle anymore. He pushed me further into the store, pausing outside a closed door only to knock on it, before pushing open the door.

"Harold, this girl asked for the special service."

As Harold looked up from behind the desk in the small office, I froze. The man was the size of a summo wrestler, except he had a sculpted body of bulging muscles. He looked as if he could crush me with his fist. His dangerous appearance was not helped by the fact that every inch of his body was filled with tattoos, making him look more like a gangster than that of a store proprietor. The other man let go of me as Harold smiled slowly, knowing that it will spike my fear.

"Come, girl, come to daddy's lap,"

I began to feel slightly light-headed from fear. I wanted to throw caution to the winds and run for it, but looking at these two, I felt like a cornered prey, ready to be eaten. Indeed, Harold made me feel like looking to the other man for help, except that it was nonsensical. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my mind and boost my courage. Grow up, girl!

"Excuse me, I'm not looking for any special service-" My confident statement died a quick death as Harold glared at me furiously. I stifled the whimper that rose, meekly walking towards Harold. He patted his lap, wanting me to sit down, his face becoming stormy after the first few seconds. I sat down immediately, not wanting to incur his wrath. His huge fist wrapped around my hair, pulling my head back. I saw the other man go out of the room and when he returned, locking the door. The panic rose again when I saw that he have the butt plug that I had chosen just now. God, what are they going to do?

"So you ask for the special service?" His narrowed eyes when I shook my head made me nod my head warily. "Come then, what are you waiting for?" He pushed me off his lap. "Take off your clothes!"

Even though I knew I would have been humiliated, it was never as clear as his command. I did not want to, but clearly I had no choice. I tugged my tee over my head, and unzipped my shorts, letting it fall to my feet. My face was red with embarrassment as I felt two pairs of eyes raked over me. "Underwear too." I reached to my back for the clasp of my bra and slowly took it off. The tension in the room was so heavy as I slowly bared my breasts. They were perky, undeterred yet by the onslaught of time. Then I bent over to take off my panties, my hand instinctively trying to cover my pussy while I stepped out of them. This brought an annoyed grunt from Harold, and I slowly removed the hand.

For a moment there, no one so much as moved, not even breathed. I stood in the room with two strangers, naked as the day I was born. And then Harold beckoned me with his hand and I would not think anymore. He gestured for me to spread my legs, and I did so reluctantly. Cool air brushed against my pussy lips and I shuddered a little, trying to resist the urge to close my legs. I felt Harold's fingers brushing against my inner thigh, and I whimpered a little. He stared at me, looking at my expression and as if seeing if I will put up a fight. When I did not, his fingers moved up to my pussy, brushing across it gently. I closed my eyes in denial, fighting the tingle that shot through me when he spread open my pussy and pushed a thick finger into me. A loud ripping sound had my eyes opened again and I realized the first man had torn open the packaging of the butt plug. But then Harold began moving his finger, thrusting it in and out of me. I looked back at him, and in his eyes, I saw no mercy, and I knew I have to do whatever he wanted me to do.

Despite my embarrassment, I could feel myself getting wet. Harold was hitting this delicious spot inside me and I began to lubricate myself, preparing for the imminent cocks. He knew it too, the bastard, and reveled in the wet sucking noises. He inserted two fingers, then three into me, his thumb rubbing my sensitive clit until I was a horny mess.

"Please.." I whispered, trying my best to continue standing upright despite my wobbly knees. I did not know what I was asking for, but I knew that my orgasm was approaching fast. He knew it too. He rubbed my clit faster and faster until I screamed, collapsing into Harold limply.

Before I could move, too entranced in my after-orgasmic bliss, Harold picked me up and bent me over the desk, where he took two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed my wrists to separate corners of the desk's legs. I whimpered a little, too feeble to struggle. My ankles were similarly cuffed to the desk, rendering me helpless before these two men.

"Come, Eric, it's your turn now." Harold said.

I see Eric approaching me with the large butt plug. I mewed in fear when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "Come, girl, we're going to fit the plug in you then fuck the hell out of you!" Something wet spilled in my ass. Lube, I figured. And then I felt the tip of the plug at the entrance of my asshole. I thanked god that Eric at least have the sense to push it in slowly, because about one inch into my ass, my entire body revolted. My whole body tensed and I tightened on the plug so that it could not move further in. Spikes of pain was erupting from my ass.

"Hell! Loosen up girl, otherwise it'll be worse!" Eric yelled. I paid no attention to him, focusing only on the plug in my ass. In his frustration, Eric pulled out the plug and began spanking of ass frantically. I screamed, trying to get away, but cuffed as I was to the table, I stood no chance. Eric's palm landed on my ass again and again until my ass burnt with pain. I was sobbing, not because of the pain, but because I was afraid. "If you tense up again I'm going to take up whip to your ass! Understand?" I nodded obediently.

This time when I felt the plug, I took a deep breath and tried not to think of the large invader that was slowly sliding deeper into my ass. And it was large. It stretched me out and filled my ass until I was sure it was pushing other parts of me inside my body to make way for it. Fortunately, Eric lubricated the plug again so that it did not hurt. I clenched my ass around the plug several times, feeling how big the plug was in me. I heard the sound of zippers and ruffling of clothes and realized that the men were stripping.

"Please, please.. don't.. I have a husband.."

My pleas fell on deaf ears as Harold came around to the front of the desk and pulled my head back. "Suck me," he said. When I refused, he grabbed my head and pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth to breathe. At once, he slided his cock into me and behind fucking my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I gagged, my eyes tearing up. I felt a finger entering my pussy and I moaned around that mouthful of cock in my mouth. A second later I felt Eric's cock entering me, pushing apart those soft tissues until he rested within my warmth heat, made tighter around the cock. I whimpered as his cock and the plug made my lower body incredibly full. Then Eric began to thrust in and out, and I completely forgot about whatever I was thinking. He found the perfect spot and was hitting it with every thrust, making me whimper and moan.

I could feel Harold pumping faster and faster into me, his short thrust meant that he was close to orgasm. I tightened my lips around him and stroke my tongue on the underside of his cock, intensifying his pleasure. With a guttural groan, I prepared for the salty fluid that flooded my mouth and swallowed it quickly.

Eric, on the other hand, was taking his own sweet time. I saw Harold go out of the office and return with a clit vibrator. God. Harold smiled at me evilly as he handed Eric the vibrator. I tensed up again, invariably clenching around Eric's cock again. He groaned. I heard the buzzing of the vibrator and would have shot off the desk if not for the cuffs when it touched my clit. I screamed, and tried to wriggle off the intense vibrations when my own orgasm hit me with the subtlety of an oncoming train. My pussy clenched sporadically around the cock. Eric, to my amazement, still managed to hold off his own orgasm. I cried out as the administrations to my clit had me coming for the third time. It was so sensitive that I sobbed, begging Eric to lay off the vibe. Eric smiled and took it off and with a few deep hard thrusts, flooded my womb with his sperm.

I was so out of it that I did not even realize that they had released me from my bonds and lay me on the table. I mewed pitifully as they strapped me down again, my legs apart. They were grinning as they examined my pussy using the table lamp. I could feel Eric's cum seeping out of me down my ass, except that the large butt plug was still in me. My clit was still engorged, peeking out of the hood. Harold tweaked it, and I stifled a scream. I saw Eric head out of the room and came back with a scary-looking instrument and a ball gag. Harold took the instrument and examined it, checking if it was in pristine condition. Eric quickly came over to me and tied the ball gag in my mouth, muffling the noises that I was making. It did not reassure me at all.

"You're going to get a cute little ring in your clit, alright?" Eric said.

My eyes widened in fear. Clit-piercing? Oh my god. I did not want it. I screamed my objections behind the gag but the two men ignored me, inspecting my clit. Harold placed that instrument at my clit and I screamed again. God, no no no no no no! A sharp pain beyond anything I had ever felt swept through my body, as the needle went through the most sensitive part of my body. I watched Harold swiftly replaced it with a small silver ring and rubbed some lotion from a small bottle on my clit. Somehow, it all appeared surreal to me, like my mind refused to take it anymore information.

"Come, girl,"

They had untied me again, and wanted me to stand up. I stood, my legs wobbly. I could feel my clit, every movement I made seem to make it twinge. Eric took out the plug from my ass and told me to get dressed. I did so slowly, so tired was I from the rough handing by the men. The sensations flooding me from my clit did not help too. It tingled and it hurt, but at the same time I was turned on. Eric repacked the plug and put it in a discreet bag for me. I took it as a sign that I was released from this hell. However, as I was going to walk out of the office, Harold put out an arm to stop me.

"W-what?" I stuttered, biting back the whimper at the mere prospect of more abuse.

"We'll be seeing you at this place tomorrow," He handed me a piece of paper. On it were some directions. I looked up at him. "You see, we had this entire event taped. We are going to sell it, and that's why you can get the plug as a freebie. Now, we want you to come tomorrow so that we can tape more. If you didn't appear, I'll personally track you down and show the tape to your husband. You wouldn't want that, do you?" He smiled a little, but it made him more menacing.

I shook my head, knowing I had no choice. Harold mauled my breasts again and gave me a slap in the butt before letting me out of the store personally. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Eric mouthing 'See you tomorrow'.

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