Blackmailed Couple Ch. 10-12


We talked for a bit about who we could convince to take the kids tonight, and then I told her again that I love her.

The afternoon went by in an uneventful way, and by the time I'd gotten home she'd already taken the kids to a friend's house for a slumber party. Taking advantage of the quiet time, we went out to a nice restaurant and had a good dinner with wine. We spent dinner really doing some soul searching. She told me more about what had happened over the past few weeks, and we had a rough moment when she told me the facts behind how it all started.

She spent a lot of time focused on her real love for me, and how sorry she'd been for so long that she'd cheated on me. By the time we were ready to leave, she'd made it very clear to me that she really does love me, and that her reason for wanting to continue isn't because I was a failure to her. It was important to me, to know that she loves me...and that she genuinely wants me, wants to spend her life with me. I have to admit that I did understand how this appealed to her, in a dark way, and that it might be a way for us to both expand our horizons.

I was also having a hard time with the fact that I was aroused through most of dinner; eventually I admitted that to her, so that it could soften some of the guilt that was so apparent in her.

We were home by 8:45; she'd already told me that he was going to call at 9, and I began to realize that I was having a lot of anxiety over what might happen on the call. We both had another drink, and I was glad that the alcohol was taking an affect.

At precisely 9, the phone rang. We were in the family room, and I remained sitting on the couch while she walked across the room to answer the phone.

Her voice was a very soft hello, and I could see from the glance she gave me that it was him. Instantly I felt a flash of anger, and jealousy.... And then my cock began to harden, and I could feel my insides softening to a feeling of helplessness.

I kept drinking, a bit faster, as I watched her on the phone. I could see she was uncomfortable talking with him...maybe because it was in front of me, or maybe it was because she was looking so submissive. She kept looking down, not looking at me as she answered questions quickly and quietly. Suddenly I saw her face redden, and then she turned to look at me as she was still listening to him on the phone. I saw her take a deep breath, and then she unbuttoned her blouse all the way. She worked her top off, then reached back to remove her bra.

I emptied my glass as I watched my wife stand there across the room, topless, with her skirt still on, talking on the phone to a man I hadn't met. Yet. I assume at this man's bidding, she began to use her free hand to pinch her nipples that were already hardened. I could see her chest heaving from breathing hard, and I knew that she was incredibly turned on, if not completely embarrassed. Her eyes remained locked on mine, and I was mesmerized.

The phone she was on was cordless, and suddenly she came toward me. She knelt on the floor right there before me, and handed the phone to me. Her voice was full of more submission than I'd ever heard out of her before. "He wants to talk with you."

I took the phone, holding it for a moment before working up the courage to say hello. As I said hello, my wife reached up and opened my slacks quickly, and began to suck on my cock. I was almost ashamed of the fact that I was already hard, but I wasn't going to try to stop her.

"Eddie. My name is Mark. I understand that your wife has filled you in on the details of what she's been up to lately. Is that correct?"

His voice was strong and full of uncompromising authority, just as Anna had said. It caught me a little off-guard; as he first started speaking, I felt anger well up inside of me, but by the end of the sentence, I didn't quite know what to think. I'm not sure if it was the alcohol, my own imagination, or the fact that Anna was sucking me hard, really getting into what she was doing. All I could do was answer a not-so-bold "yes."

"Good. I have no doubt that you understand the meaning behind that." Without waiting for a reply, he continued. "And is your little wife doing as I told her, sucking your cock even as we speak?"

Again, I was unable to get out of the feeling that I was in a lower position. "yes."

"Good, good. Eddie, I know this might be tough for you, but I also feel I know you fairly well. Even from the tone of your voice, I think I know you better than you know yourself. I'm not going to expect lengthy talk from you at the moment, so just sit back, enjoy your wife's wonderful cocksucking skills, and listen to what I have to say. Will you do that for me right now?"

I couldn't help but feel his tone was condescending, and my face was burning....and I think it was mostly from shame, at the considerable smooth strength he was portraying, as well as from the innuendo that he was familiar with my wife's cocksucking. "Yes, I can do that." My voice was humble, even though I didn't mean for it to be.

"Good, I like that Eddie. By now, you know that your wife has been serving me, even servicing me in ways that would make a lot of husbands furious with rage; and I want you to think about that for a minute, think about the actual position that you're in right this moment. You're listening to your wife's Dominant on the phone, while your wife is sucking you.... Because her Master told her to do it. I want you to think about that...and think about the position that puts you in. If I didn't know better, I would say it makes you somewhat submissive yourself. But we both know that you're submissive. Did your wife tell you that every time she's tied you up, it's been because I told her to do it? Did she tell you that she brought me photos of it, so I've seen you in that needy position?"

I was breathing a bit harder than normal, with these words affecting me in ways that I couldn't understand. Anna was doing such a good job, driving me insane, even looking up at me every now and then, her big beautiful eyes showing me that she was wanting this. "Yes, she told me." This time my response was almost a whisper.

"Yes, I know she did. It's hard to reconcile the feelings that you're having right now, I have no doubt. Many men wouldn't be able to handle this; but be aware that there are a lot of men like this, men who inexplicably get aroused completely out of control at the thought of their beautiful wife servicing another man. Now Eddie, I do want you to understand a few things. One is that I have never intended harm toward Anna, in any real way. Another is that I have no desire to tear your marriage apart. Anna loves you deeply; I'm very aware of that. She wants this, being driven by a sexual desire for submission that's often hard to explain. But she wants this with you. I've made it crystal clear to her that I will only do this to enhance your marriage, not to tear it apart. She's begun to understand how this can strengthen your marriage; and I want you to understand it too. I want you to go with this, just go with the flow for a little while. If you come to a point where you feel this shouldn't keep going, then you need to discuss it with her and I will gladly stop if you determine it's doing harm. But give it some time....just let go, like you've done with Anna recently. This has been fantasy in your mind, and it's mixing into reality.....and you can see that no harm has been done, and you can see how strongly it arouses you. I know you've felt the arousal in this, haven't you."

It wasn't really a question, but I answered. "Yes. I don't understand it, like you say...but me." My words were half whispered, half groaned out.... Anna was keeping me on the edge; I don't know how she could tell, but she knew exactly when to increase the pressure on me, and when to slow down. The mixture of his words and her actions on my cock were giving me a high, breaking down the inhibitions inside of me.

He seemed even more full of confidence now, a power coming across that made me feel that he knew he had the control now.

"Eddie. I made your wife recognize that she genuinely wanted my control over her, and I will do the same to you. I know you feel it inside, don't you. You've been fantasizing about this since the first time she hinted at this fantasy, haven't you."

He paused, clearly waiting for me to answer. I hesitated....but my mind was already softening. "yes."

"One thing you need to understand, is that I always want things to be very clear. I need to hear it from your own mouth, so that I know there's nothing misunderstood. Tell me, right now, that you've been fantasizing about this."

"god." I uttered the plea out loud, as my face flushed so red. Anna was stroking me, her lips wrapped around the crown of my cock; she looked up at me as I spoke, slightly nodding my head as if to urge me to continue, even though I didn't think she could hear the conversation. My eyes locked on hers, even as my face strained with the need that was building inside. "It's true....I've been fantasizing about this... too much, lately."

He chuckled a confident laugh. "Good boy. That was hard to say, right there in front of your wife, wasn't it."

"god yes."

His voice was almost soothing. "It's ok, Eddie. She already knows. Don't let inhibitions get in the way; this feels good, and it's a part of who you are. You don't need to be ashamed of how you feel, it's something you can't help. Eddie, I know Anna's sucking feels so good to you right now, but in a minute I want you to do something for me. I'm going to want you to hand the phone to her, and put her exactly where you are. I know she has a skirt on; just lift it up, pull her panties down, and return the favor she's been giving to you. I need you to lick her while I talk with her for a few minutes. But before you do that, I want you to look down at her. Doesn't she look so beautiful, kneeling there with just her top off, with her lips wrapped around your cock? So sexy, almost lewd, the way she's topless in front of you....."

I was looking at her, and he was making me take in so much detail of the woman I've loved for so long. She was beautiful, and so sexy. She seemed so slutty, and I was loving it. I answered him, telling him what I felt deep inside. "Yes, she's so sexy. God how I love her."

"Yes, I know you love her Eddie. And that is what makes all of this possible. That you both love each other so much. That's what is going to help you allow her to have what she wants so badly inside; to feel the control of a man who's not her husband. And Eddie; it's what will help her when she sees you submit in ways she's never dreamed of. Now hand the phone to her, and lick that delicious pussy of hers."

Chapter Twelve:


I knelt there, licking the woman I adored. She sat right where I'd been, her legs spread and pulled back, allowing me full access to her beauty. I couldn't hear the words that he spoke to her, and her replies were mostly simple, full of "yes" and "I understand' comments. They spoke for maybe 5 minutes before she hung up. She was breathing so hard, loving what I was doing; she seemed reluctant to have me stop, but she told me that we needed to go up to bed.

I followed her up to the bedroom, and she told me to strip as she took on her own dominant stance with me again. She was still topless, and she crossed her arms as she watched me remove everything until I was completely naked. I started for the bed, but she shook her head no.

"I want you tied right here, to the chair." She pulled up a sitting chair that we had in the bedroom.

I had no idea what game she had in mind, but I was too strongly aroused to really question it. I sat in the chair, and she immediately went behind me to pull my arms back. There my hands were tied with skill behind the back of the chair. Next she came around to the front, taking a brief moment to suck on my cock again, just to tease me; then she spread my legs apart, tying each ankle to the front legs of the chair. She also tied my knees to the chair, effectively keeping me from closing my legs at all. The blindfold came next, and I was suddenly in the dark, where the imagination can take hold and really affect a person's mind.

Her lips were on mine, kissing me deeply with an open mouth kiss. She whispered in my ear, using her hand to stroke my aching cock while she spoke. "I'm going to take a shower. Don't go anywhere."

I sat there in silence, aching with so much need. I could hear the shower running, and when it stopped I could hear her moving about the room. The scent of her freshly clean body was in the air. She was at the vanity; I could hear her using her makeup. Then she was in the closet, rustling through her clothing. Images of her all dolled up were flooding my mind, and I wished badly that I could see her. Then she was in front of me, her hands on my legs as she whispered to me again.

"I'll bet you wish you could see the way I look. I have a new outfit, and I've done my hair....of course, it wouldn't be complete without fresh makeup. You'd like to see me, wouldn't you baby."

I groaned, full of need that was driving me crazy. "Yes. Please."

"Mmmm" she purred. "Not yet baby." Her lips were on mine again, kissing me softly, teasingly. My cock responded, standing up. It was in plain sight for her to see, and she knew what she was doing to me. "Right now, I'm going to introduce you to an interesting lotion." I heard a jar open, and then felt the coolness of a cream on her hand spreading all over my cock, even around my balls. "It smells like cinnamon, can you smell it?"

" feels cool, almost cold."

She laughed softly. "It's going to warm up. It may even be slightly uncomfortable for a while; but it's guaranteed to keep you in need."

I groaned. "god."

Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. She leaned in close to me again, kissing me with a slow, wet kiss. "Eddie. He's here."

My breath caught for a moment, and I felt a panic rising inside. "Oh"

She stopped me, stroking my cock again, making sure that my arousal was still strong. "Shhh. Don't say anything baby. Just stay right here, and be a good boy for me. You need to go through this, ok? Do this for me baby."

My mouth was still open, half panting. I was very aware of how the reality of the situation was making my cock throb, and my face was burning.

She kissed me again, another slow wet kiss. "I'm going to let him in. You'll go through this for me, won't you." Her words were a bit stronger, a soft demand.

I nodded my head slowly....and whispered out "I love you Anna."

One more quick kiss, and she replied that she loved me too. Then her hand was off of me, and I heard her leave the room.

I could hear the front door open, and words being exchanged between the two of them; but I couldn't make out what was said. Silence, for what seemed like forever; then I could hear ice being put into a glass or two....they were making drinks. And then I could hear the footsteps as they approached the room. Silence. I was painfully aware of the burning sensation on my cock from the lotion, and even more aware of how I must look. My cock was throbbing, standing straight up. I wanted badly to close my legs, knowing that I was so vulnerable and visible to everyone. The bed creaked, someone was getting onto it. Then his voice was in the room, the dominating voice that had affected me so strongly on the phone.

"It's so good to finally meet you, Eddie." My face was burning, and I couldn't utter a word. "I see you're all trussed up and ready, just the way I wanted to see you for the first time." He was walking around me, and I could almost feel his eyes studying me. "Yes, exactly the way you should be. And so aroused; you know I can see how strongly this is affecting you...and you haven't even seen how incredible your wife looks right now." I could feel him leaning in close to me. "I can see her though. She's lying back on the bed like such a good girl, waiting, knowing that I'm going to ravage her soon."

I just sat there, bound, and throbbing. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what. I felt so awkward, so low....just sitting there listening to him state things like that to me.

His attention was on her now; I could hear him take steps toward the bed, then the sound that drove it all home to me...the sound of a zipper. His words to her confirmed what I suspected. "Come here, my little slut. You know what to do."

I could hear the sounds of her sucking his cock. The sensation that was flowing through me made my head swim.

I heard him let out an approval, enjoying the lips of my wife. "Eddie, I know you can hear this. Blindfolded, you can still visualize what your wife is doing, can't you."

My face was burning so hotly, but my cock was literally throbbing. "yes." My answer was almost a whisper.

I could hear him address Anna, but it was meant for me to hear. "Look Anna, look at his cock. He can't hide how much this is turning him on. No matter what else happens, that can never be denied."

Suddenly he was standing before me....I knew this because I could feel his hands on the blindfold; but he paused before removing it. "Eddie, I don't want to deny you the way your lovely wife looks tonight. I'm going to take off this blindfold so you can see her. But know that once I remove this blindfold, it will stay off; and you will watch everything that I do to your beautiful little bride, in your own bed." He paused to give emphasis to his words. "Shall I remove the blindfold Eddie?"

In my mind, there was no choice. I couldn't bear to take this the way it was, blindfolded. I don't know if removing the blindfold would help, but my arousal was just too strong. I had to do something. I nodded my head yes.

The blindfold was off in an instant. The first thing I saw was a massive cock bobbing in my vision, still wet from my wife's sucking. I looked up, and saw a tall professional looking man, I suppose not bad looking as men go. He was looking down at me, with a slightly cocky smile on his face. Then he stepped aside, holding out his hand toward Anna as if he was presenting something.

"There she is, your beautiful wife." She was still on her hands and knees on the bed; apparently she'd been in that position to suck him. She looked so beautiful, in a new red/black teddy that even had black hose held up by a garter belt. Her hair was up, showing her neck; and her makeup was on thick, looking immaculate. The other thing that stood out to me was her bright red lipstick.... She never wore bright red lipstick; but the part that really stood out to me was how it was now smeared around her lips, the kind of thing you'd see on a cocksucking whore. The reality of her sucking his cock was overwhelming; just a while ago, she'd been sucking my own cock, and kissing me. And I saw the size of his cock; god..... I was feeling so low. But my arousal was only that much stronger. I didn't understand it, but didn't have the ability to even try to put logic to it.

He turned to her then, and moved her out of the way to yank the covers of the bed down, revealing the clean sheets below. There was something about that simple act that made my stomach drop out; opening the bed, our bed... knowing full well what his intentions are.

I watched, with my cock raging, as this man confidently and quickly stripped and mounted my wife in our bed. There was no prelude, it was a swift 'taking', as if he was demonstrating to both of us the power he had. He had stamina, and just kept going, fucking her hard for quite a while in a standard missionary position. Anna's head was back, her eyes closed as she was used so roughly; she wasn't quiet about it, just letting go and moaning loudly as she felt the fullness in being taken. Her legs were up, her feet out, a classic image of a willing woman being fucked. Eventually, he stopped, turning her over onto all fours; he spun her around so that her face was toward mine. I could now see both of their faces; he was looking at me, locking my eyes onto his as he fucked her doggy style, the confident smirk on his face a statement to me: "I own your wife." A couple of times while he was taking her like that, she opened her eyes to look at me; each time, the sensations overwhelmed her, and she closed her eyes, intensely falling into being fucked.

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