Blackmailed Couple Ch. 16-19


The words were too much for each of us; Anna broke out in a sob... but my reaction was different. I suddenly lost all control, shooting all that I had into this woman who fucked me mechanically, dutifully pulling all of my cum into her hungry pussy. I let out a half groan, half yell, as the burning inside of me flooded this woman I didn't even know.

In a single moment, I burst into her, and our Master shoved Anna down into the pillows with a degrading 'whore' comment. He then moved to Jamie, lifting her off of my cock, only to plant her spread legs over my face. As I struggled to catch my breath from the quick release, her gaping wet and flooded pussy lowered onto my mouth, and I knew my duty. I quickly became lost in submission, as I realized how low I'd become myself; tasting a woman I'd never met before, sucking her pussy that was flooded with my own cum, all in front of a crowd of people I didn't know, a crowd that had just had their way with my wife. All of this done in front of my own wife, the woman I love with all of my heart, even as she sobbed from the pain of seeing me obey in adultery.

Chapter Eighteen:

Punishment, and whoring my wife

As the woman was finally pulled from off of my face, I was aware that my wife was being led upstairs again by our Master; a man I didn't know reached down to pull me to a sitting position, and he explained to me that my whore wife was being taken upstairs to clean up. He added with a hint of a wicked smile that he was now in charge of me, and that his specialty was in 'breaking wills'.

He led me to another hall, and as always, a few of the crowd followed along to watch with amusement. A door at the end of the hall was open, and it led down to the basement. There I was in for another shock.

The entire part that was visible to me appeared to be like an ancient dungeon; I didn't have time to take it all in, because I was soon locked into old style wooden stocks. My head and both hands were placed in grooves of a wooden plank, and another wooden plank was brought down to lock me in a bent over position. I felt my legs being spread apart, and the cuffs that were still on my ankles were then latched to eyebolts in the cement that kept me immobile.

The exhaustion from such an intense orgasm, as well as from all that I'd been witnessing was enough to keep me passive while led to this dungeon. As the final checks were done to make sure I was secure, that's when it really started to sink in to me that I may not want to be in this position. I looked up and around, and could see so many things now that genuinely scared me. Whips, chains, and a large number of unknown implements hung on the walls; there were other tables as well, designed clearly to hold people immobile. There was even a wood-burning stove, and it was lit, giving off an eerie flickering light.

The man who'd led me down was now around to my face, and he bent over slightly to make eye contact with me. "Eddie, my name is Master Nick, and tonight I'm going to teach you a little about pain. You see, pain is often viewed as something to avoid; but at this point, you're not in a position to avoid anything. So now you are about to learn what it is like to have pain, and to have to endure pain as far as you can...and then further. No choices anymore, eddie." Then he leaned in closer, as if in a conspiratorial way. "eddie, I was one of the many who enjoyed your wife tonight. I have some wonderful plans for her as well. There's nothing you can do about it, eddie. I'm going to enjoy hurting her, and making her know what you're learning right now: that there's no more a choice, that the will of the members here overrides any of your own petty desires in your life."

His words frightened me. Then he was out of sight, around to the rear of me.

The scorching pain that shot through me was a shock that I should have expected, but didn't. And it didn't stop. He was whipping me; it was nothing like the light flogging that I'd thought about in past fantasies... this was a much more realistic whipping, one that brought genuine yells from me, genuine pain that had me crying out in agony. And it didn't stop.

I had no idea if real damage was being done or not; I knew that he'd taken me past the point of caring about my own pride. I'd been reduced to groveling, to crying, to pleading. My eyes were swollen from the tears that had been pouring out for the last hour now. I knew that even my nose had been running, but I'd had no way of stopping it. It didn't matter to me though; he'd been flogging me, whipping me, using unknown implements to make my skin burn. My ass, my legs, my back; nothing was spared. I'd tried to be strong early on, and then when I'd been brought to the point of genuinely crying, I tried pleading. I tried using every respectful tone I could manage, and I'd also been brought to the point of trying to be serious, even cursing at him. And then it went further, where my mind was broken down. My pleading was real now, my promises genuine. I begged for any and everything that he presented to my mind; I begged to see my wife beaten like this, begged to see her used every morning and night. I begged to see her impregnated, to see her drugged and sold. I begged to have both of us, my wife and I marked, branded, solidly, blatantly, for all to see. I even begged to have myself given to a gay Master, to serve as his own personal slave. There was nothing too obscene, nothing at all that I wouldn't agree to.

Early on, I heard the others around who were watching; I heard their laughter, and their comments. Eventually though, nothing else matter to me, only my desire to please Him, the one who controlled every ounce of my will. Even looking back on it now, I knew that it was genuine within me...there was nothing I wouldn't do.

When he finally released me from the stocks, I did the first thing he demanded of me, and I did it with a thankful passion: I sucked his cock. I sucked it with need, wanting to pleasure Him, wanting to show him my sincerity and gratitude. I never even saw the man with the video camera, and only found out some time later that my wife was made to watch on the big screens upstairs in shame as her husband, brought down to a state of nothingness, sucked and sucked for 15 minutes, acting like a puppy so eager to please. I took all of his cock, all that he had built up inside of him, and swallowed it down proudly, so pleased to be pleasuring this man of complete power over me.

I never knew that I could be reduced to so low of a point, but at the time, there was nothing else in my life outside of being what I'd become.

Anna had been taken upstairs to completely shower and clean herself. Master Mark was relatively gentle with her; she had been upset, and quite broken down mentally after all that she'd just endured and witnessed. He took his time with her, showering her himself, washing her off, drying her, and taking her to the bed to hold her for a while. His words were softer, but still strong in maintaining her new position; he wasn't about to give her room to regain composure from as far down as he'd brought her this evening.

He maintained within her broken mind that we were now His. That his choices were all that existed for both of us now, even when that means that she has to watch the man she loves fuck another woman. He kept it in her mind that she'd become a fucktoy, and that everyone here now knew her in that way. She had broken down crying again, while he held her on the bed, but she wasn't allowed to remain like that. Leading her from the bed, he took her directly downstairs, puffy eyes and all... with no clothing at all. Her nipple clamps still remained on her, jingling with every move she made.

Downstairs, she was assigned the task of serving drinks, along with Jamie, the woman who'd taken her husband's cock just an hour ago. While humbly and quietly walking around, taking empty glasses and replacing them with full drinks, her attention was brought to the big screen to watch more of her husband's humiliation. She saw the condition he was in, his body striped with welts, his reduction to an eager cocksucker. In her own mind, she knew that things would never be the same, that they were more than just owned now. Their lives would never be the same.

I was led upstairs by way of a leash; my hands were cuffed behind my back, and once again my cock was throbbing. My mind was awash with pure submission, and it only fueled my need inside when I saw my wife, naked, humbly walking from group to group, serving drinks as well as being felt up constantly by any and everyone who desired to touch her.

I was led past her, and the leash was handed to Master Mark. Master Nick told him with a satisfied smile that I was now truly broken. "I don't know how much you watched the screen Mark, but he's done. You can do what you want with him now."

Master Mark laughed. "Well, we did get to catch the end, where little eddie showed his true colors sucking your cock with abandon; I've had control over him, but this just sealed the coffin. And you know that, don't you eddie?"

My head was low, and I nodded my head yes.

"eddie, I think it's time you understood the true nature of your whore wife now. Anna, come here honey."

Anna walked from across the room to stand humbly beside our Master. "Yes Sir" was her soft reply.

Tonight, you've done such a good job of pleasuring the men in this house. You've had a little bit of a break, while everyone has still been able to enjoy the beauty of your naked body. But now, it's time for you to understand another part of your role now. Once you've come to this house, you belong to us. There's no turning back now. I think both of you understand that, yes?"

She and I both hesitantly nodded our agreement, half whispering a quiet "Yes Sir."

"Good, good. Now Anna, I've prepared 5 cards for you. They're your private business cards. Each one has a name on it; for example, this one has the name "Master Michael" written on the back, see?" He showed her the backside of the card that had the name, but then he turned it around to show the front. What we saw made both of our legs weak. It was an oversized photo business card, printed up with a couple of photos on it; one was a closeup of her sucking a cock, her lips spread wide, wrapped tightly around a large cock. The other was a full body shot of her, very impressively showing her beautiful naked body. In the center of the card was her name, full name written out, with our home number and address.

He paused, holding the card for us to see, making it sink in.

"Your next task now is going to be to go to every man in this house now, and to ask for each of the 5 names that are on these cards. If it's not one of the men you seek, you are to ask if he had the chance to fuck you this evening; if he did, you are to thank him, and ask if he'd like for you to suck him off right then and there to express your gratitude. It's up to the individual, if he'd like for you to do that or not. If he did not have the chance to fuck you, then you are to offer yourself to him; if he wants you, you are to take him up to the room you've been in upstairs, and give him the pleasure of your sexuality." Again he paused, making it sink in what he was demanding. There must have been at least 20 men still in the house. "The 5 individuals with names on the cards have won a draw; each one has been given the chance to use you for the next month, whenever he should desire. When you find one of the men on your 'list', you are to tell him that you would be honored to service him anytime he should so desire, no matter what time of night. Your name, number, and address are on the card; you will give him the card, and tell him that you are available for his pleasure whenever he desires. It's up to him if he wants to call, or just show up to take you. This card is good for the month." He looked at each of us, slowly, burning into each of our souls with his eyes, and his voice softened to almost a whisper. "You will do this, both of you will go through with this; I own you now, and both of you know it. Eddie, you know, don't you." His eyes shone with the veiled threat.

My head dropped to face the floor. God. What had we gotten into? I knew the power that we'd allowed him to now have over us; I knew there was no choice. My own submission was so overwhelming, I knew there was nothing to do but to agree. "Yes Sir, I understand."

Mark's eyes turned to Anna, who was now visibly trembling. "Anna, you're going to do as I tell you, aren't you." No room for compromise.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she momentarily crossed her arms in insecurity. "yes." Her reply was soft, full of shame, embarrassed.

He leaned in close to her. "You will suck with pleasure, and you make sure you swallow everything given to you. If you end up taking a man upstairs, you will aggressively fuck him, like you're making love to him; do not lie back and expect to have the work done, you give them pleasure. And you find the men on your cards, I want you to look at them, and think about the fact that soon, you will be entertaining them individually in your own home. I want you to put your arms around them, as you find them, and kiss them deeply....and thank them, telling them you're looking forward to serving them over the next month. I know you understand how to put on a good show; do this now, convince them that you really want this. And remember, Anna...eddie will be watching. He's going to see you whoring yourself out the whole time. He's going to be watching as you suck the cocks in this room, watching as you take men upstairs to fuck them, and watching as you thank the men who now have the rights and the access to use you as their own whore in your own home."

I saw her whole body flush and tremble as he spoke to her, and saw her drop her eyes in so much shame; I could also see tears welling up in her eyes as the reality of our situation sank in. But there was nothing I could do, and I knew it. I knew that Master Mark had all of the power; he had all of the video of me, and I knew he would use it if he needed to. I now understood what he'd meant, back in the hotel so long ago, when he told me that I was to help encourage her into doing the things that He wanted. I couldn't save her, I couldn't save either of us. She was going to have to be His whore, and all I could do was stand there humbly and take it. As the reality of the situation sank in to me deeply, I realized that my cock was throbbing. How could I be aroused by this treatment of the woman I loved??? The shame was overwhelming, and I wanted to run. Instead, though, I stood there obediently, quietly, as my wife looked to me as if wanting help. I simply nodded my head as if to say, "yes, go what you're told." I had started to move to embrace her for a moment, but Master Mark pulled on my leash harshly, keeping me from touching her.

She took the cards from Him, and slowly walked off. She paused, standing naked and exposed for a moment...and then she headed toward a small group of men who were lounging in some chairs drinking and chatting.

They became silent, with amused smiles on all of their faces, as she approached them. She knelt before all of them, asking each one individually if they were one of the names on the cards. I couldn't hear her words, but I saw her asking her questions. I saw the first man shake his head no, and then watched as he accepted her offer to suck his cock.

This went on for the longest time. Master Mark kept me by his side, kneeling whenever he stopped moving; he kept my attention on what my wife was doing. I saw her sucking cock after cock, and watched as the men enjoyed with slight humor the role she was in. They seemed to enjoy her shame in it as much as our Master did; some of them seemed to take particular interest in my own shame, making sure to make eye contact with me as they enjoyed touching her beauty. She sucked so many cocks, and took 3 men upstairs. As she stood from each man she sucked, she was usually offered a drink; she was taking the drinks, needing to wash down the cum that she'd been swallowing. She had to be getting drunk. I also took note of the men that she embraced and kissed as she gave up her cards. The first man was average in build, probably somewhere in his late 30s. The next was an older man, slightly balding; probably the least fit of all the men in the room, slightly heavy. The third man was quite a large guy; very fit. It took her a while to get to the fourth man; by the time she found him, she'd been through most of the men in the house. I don't know how many men she'd sucked...I'd lost count. She looked exhausted. This fourth man was a quiet individual, older and in his 60s, and he had a very dark way of looking at her. He spent some time talking to her while holding her in his embrace after she'd kissed him. I saw her answering questions, and could tell from her demeanor that she was being humiliated. When she finally left his grasp, she had only 3 men left to check on. One of them appeared to have had enough, and simply took the opportunity to fondle her bare breast as she moved on to the next man. Master Nick was the next one she gave the card to; he made a point of looking directly at me, with a very wicked grin, as he accepted the card from her. The last man of the room was one of the oldest men in the room, possibly in his later 60s. He reminded me of a dirty old man, in the way that he took her embrace and kiss. He then pushed her to her knees, to have her suck on his cock; he never got completely hard, but made her continue for the longest time, simply enjoying this younger naked woman kneeling before him in submission, sucking on his semi-hard cock.

Master Mark finally walked over to her, pulling her up. It was clearer now that she was definitely drunk, almost to the point of being unconscious. The party seemed to be winding down, and He took the moment to announce to everyone that the winners had all been notified, for everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening, and that he looked forward to the next meeting in a month and a half.

At that point, he took the two of us upstairs to a private room; I was left kneeling in the middle of the floor while he took care of my wife, helping her into the shower yet again, and providing her with the things she needed to get cleaned up. Then he came back to me, and laid back on the bed while he studied me, casually sipping from a drink.

"So. Tell me what you're thinking, eddie. Was the night what you expected?"

I hesitated. The sounds of the shower running distracted me, making me think of being at home with my wife; there was a pain inside, wanting to be home alone with her, having her come out of the shower all fresh and clean to climb into bed with me. But reality had me kneeling, with my hands still cuffed behind my back, a leash hanging from my collar as I knelt naked in front of a man who would likely sleep with my wife tonight.

"It's been a hard night." My voice was a lot more submissive than I'd thought.

He let out a bit of a chuckle, and I wondered for a moment if he was drunker than I'd thought. "Yes, I have no doubt it's been a hard night." His voice took on a bit of aggression. "I should think it would be hard, watching your sweet little wife act like a tramp, whoring her body out for so many men tonight, all in front of you while you could do nothing to stop it." Then his voice took on a softer tone. "But I think you enjoyed it more than you would like to admit to. Hell, eddie, look at your cock even now as we're speaking."

He was right, my arousal seemed to continue to give me away, making it so hard for me to understand why these things turned me on.

"I'm worred about this next month, Master. I'm concerned that it's getting out of control. We have kids."

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