tagBDSMBlackmailed for Wife's Crimes Ch. 02

Blackmailed for Wife's Crimes Ch. 02


Author's Note:

In the previous chapter, there were a lot of complaints that I had deliberately misspelled certain words in order to convey the idea of the protagonist's Dutch accent. For that reason, I decided that, since the representation of the accent was no longer integral to the story (as the reader now gets a clear picture), I will dispense with the misspelling and allow the reader to simply imagine the accent henceforth.


For Dr. Willem de Graaf, his new life didn't seem too shocking, once he experienced the pleasures of Chelsea Worthington's body. She had a captivatingly elegant and sensual way of conducting everything in her life, from sex to cigarettes to law. Her British accent, very upper-class, was also an inducement to cooperate with her plans for him.

However, there was the particular issue of how to confront his wife Elsa with this news. It wasn't likely to be something that she would meekly accept, right? Her husband would be the stud to an entire law firm full of women, and she had to accept it because of her own crimes? Then again, once she realized the alternative, she would reluctantly accede to the necessity. He could just picture her use of the martyr complex when she finally agreed to tolerate it.

On the other hand, part of Willem looked forward to making his wife face up to the consequences of her kleptomania, and this was one glaring example of a consequence for her. The price of her theft was that she would have to share the man in her life, the father of her children. That alone might sober her up, not that Willem wanted to revert to the past. It was too late for that. He had sampled the carnal pleasures of other women, and fully intended to make use of them.

The scene was still quite dramatic, once Willem arrived at his house from the meeting with Chelsea. He felt quite sated from the encounter with the lovely Brit, but he knew that he would soon have such thoughts temporarily driven from his head by the inevitable argument and tears. He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, as he broached the situation with Elsa.

"Honey, I have a matter to discuss with you. It's a pretty serious matter, in fact," Dr. de Graaf announced.

"Yes, dear? What's the issue? Did you find out what's going on at work? I only know that I was sent home early for some reason," Elsa openly wondered, quite worried.

"That's because you've been fired, dear. Not to be too blunt, but you're finished at Maxwell & Worthington. They have proof that you stole from the firm, and they want us to compensate them, too. I have agreed to their terms, since I don't want trouble. On the plus side, their conditions are quite reasonable, not to mention affordable. I'm especially relieved that they're not pressing charges," Willem explained, quite sternly.

"But I didn't steal from anyone, I promise!' Elsa acted indignant for a second, but she swiftly noted the incredulous look on her husband's face and looked red in the face with shame.

"Don't lie to me, Elsa! That only makes it worse," Willem demanded.

"I'm sorry, Willem. I didn't mean to steal all of that money. I just had to do it," Elsa began crying, as she realized how much she had embarrassed herself and her mate.

"I am sure that you are sorry, Elsa. You will regret it even more when you hear the terms. I have to pay with my body. I am expected to sleep with certain women at your office, including the senior partner, Miss Worthington. What's more, as I said, I have agreed to do it. I know that will hurt you, but I am an innocent party hurt by your crime, and I deserve some pleasure to compensate me for my trouble. We have no choice, anyway," Dr. de Graaf warned her.

"Please don't do that!" Elsa pleaded, horrified at the idea of her husband fucking other women.

"I have no choice, as I said. The alternative is prison, for both of us. We've been blackmailed, thanks to your disease. And, yes, honey, it's a disease. I know the symptoms. You're sick with a mental disorder. You're a kleptomaniac. You have a pathological need to steal, just as some people have to lie. Which is why I'm not angrier at you than I already am. We'll survive this, but only if we do things my way. Which means yielding to the blackmail and compensating the firm with my services.

"Don't worry. I won't neglect you. In fact, this might help our marriage, since I'll learn some new tricks. I want you to accept your role in this. You will be on probation for now, and that means that you'll have to obey me in everything henceforth. That includes doing my bidding in the sack. You will submit to me, sexually. If I say, 'bend over', you will do so, without complaining at all. Is that clear, Elsa? I'm the boss in this marriage from now on.

"That won't be true with Chelsea, however. Don't be surprised by this. I have both a dominant and a submissive side. The dominant part will be exercised here, as head of this household. The sub part will enjoy servicing Chelsea, as my chief Mistress in more than one way. That's part of this life now, too, so get used to it, and don't dare use it against me. If I'm to do this, I'm going to enjoy it completely, without guilt or shame," Willem warned his wife, determined not to back down.

"Yes, Willem. I understand. I'm very displeased, but then so are you. I grasp that I've angered you with my theft. I'll even get therapy for it, if you wish. I didn't realize that it was such a problem, but I guess that I should have noticed. Please forgive me. This situation isn't right by my moral standards, but then neither is embezzlement. I am very sorry, darling. I will obey you in all things. I am a Christian wife, after all, so I believe in submission to my husband," Elsa agreed, clearly trying to reconcile her principles with her predicament.

"Very well, then. I want you to prove your new attitude of service to me. Go to the bouidoir and undress to complete nudity. Then lie on the bed and spread your legs to offer your body to me: all of it. Afterward, we will discuss your new wardrobe, which will be much different from the old one. Oh, and before long, we will arrange a meeting with Chelsea, so the two of us can personally make a payment of restitution. Understand me?" Willem ordered her.

"I do, Willem. I am yours. I will obey you in all things from now on," his wife accepted.

"Then do it," Willem curtly demanded, with which Elsa quickly complied.

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