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Blackmailed Mother & Son


The following is a work of fiction.

My father was a bit of a tyrant and an abusive husband. As time went on he also became an alcoholic and impotent. My mother was a beautiful woman of 45, at the time of this story, who looked like Martha Stewart. She stayed with my father because she had been raised that marriage is forever. Her family also pressured her to stay no matter what. Her family were conservative Christians who believed the husband was the master and the wife had to obey his every command.

I was 18 at the time when things were reaching the peak of their dysfunctional relationship. My relationship with my Dad was in its own way as bad as my mothers. Luckily my mother and I were best friends and had a very tight relationship. I never told my Mom but I also always found her the sexiest woman alive. I spent many nights jacking off to images of her.

I didn't know but my father was also sexually abusive. Their relationship had started normally but overtime he became more and more abusive. Maybe it was because he was also a strict Christian who viewed his own sexual desires as dirty. He saw my mother's desires as something that initially attracted him but eventually became to look at them as something sick. Instead of not having sex, he started turning the act into something abusive.

Little by little he started calling my mother names and insinuating that she was a whore and a slut. Sex became rough. He made her look at porno while telling her how sick she was for liking it. Later he started restraining her. He did not like her sucking his dick unless she was tied up because he could not stand the idea that she might do it without this. Eventually his guilt would lead to drinking and the drinking to eventually to impotence. By this time he liked to tie her up and use a dildo on her because he told her she was a whore that if he didn't do this to her she would fuck the mailman.

By the time I was sixteen he started becoming jealous of me. In private he would tell her that she was a slut that was lusting after her son. At first he would just taunt her this way but as time went on he started making her telling him this while under restraint or he would hurt her. Then he would start to make her call out my name when he abused her with a dildo. What really embarrassed my mother was how much she secretly enjoyed this abusive game. For the first time she actually started to believe she most be a whore and a slut because the idea of fucking me would make her so wet and would make her come in explosions she would try to keep from showing her husband.

Then there came the time when the abuse left the bedroom. Around the house she would tell her to stop looking at me. Or would ask her in a sick fashion what we had been doing whenever we were alone together. Then he started telling me to stop looking at my mother. Then to stop looking at her that way. Then to stop looking at my mother's tits and such.

This led to calling us both perverts and psychos. His drinking became worse and he would go into fits telling her to admit she wanted to fuck me or he would slap her or shake her. When I tried to intervene, he would threaten to kill the sick bitch and she would tell me to back off.

One night this lead to a fight where as I tried to protect my mother he said that since I wanted to fuck my mother I should. My mother tried to calm him down but he took out a gun he has and made her sit on the couch. Then he made me sit next to her. Next he got a camcorder he had and set it up and pointed it at both of us. He then told me to kiss her. I pecked her cheek but he told me to kiss her like a man kiss a woman. I tried to resist but he told us he would kill both of us if we didn't do what he wanted.

I touched her lips with mine but the told us he wanted to see our tongues wrapped around each other. He made us do this for a long time while he said he always knew we were sick mother fuckers. He then told me to start playing with her breasts. After a while he told me to take her top off and play with her tits. Mom's nipples were stiff and erect and this set my father off even more calling her a sick bitch. He made me suck on them and while this was a sick situation I was also in heaven. He could see that I had a huge hard-on and he made my mother take it out of my pants and play with it. Once she touched it and played with it for a short while I was so excited that I came harder than I thought imaginable. Then he made my mother lick up my cum.

He then took down the camcorder and told us we were both sick. He also told us that if we told anyone about this he would show the tape to everyone to show them how sick we were.

My mother could not look at each other for a few days. Whenever we came near each other we would blush and not be able to look at each other.

This was not the end however. A few nights later he went into another rage and brought his gun out again. Again he set up the camcorder. This time he made my mother take of her clothes in front of me. He made her rub her tits in my face. After making her tease me he made her lay down on the couch and spread her legs. He then made me lick her pussy. At first I tried to resist be he smacked me and told me he would hurt my mother. I then only tried to do as little as possible but he told me to get into it or he would go crazy. He made me lap her like a dog. I had to stick my long tongue deep into her beautiful pussy (you can't believe how gorgeous it was), suck her folds into my mouth, kiss her asshole, and suck her clit. He wanted to see lots of my saliva on her.

At the same time he made my mother hold her tits and pinch her nipples. He also made her keep her eyes open and look at what her little boy was doing to her. He also made say things like "suck Mommy's pussy," "lick your mother's twat" and "eat mothers' cunt you mother fucker." During all this I could taste her pussy becoming wetter and wetter and I could feel the tremors running through body. It wasn't long before the tremors became earthquakes and she had trouble hiding her convulsions.

This was again being enough for this night and he told us both to go to our separate rooms. Again my mother and I had trouble looking at each other but we would both try to hide smiles when we looked at each other. Also I noticed how her nipples would often be erect under her dress and I am sure she would notice the stiff one in my pants.

Finally about a week later it started again. My father was in a rage I had never seen before. This time he made us both take off our clothes. He told us it was time I fuck my slut mother. He told me she had never really been his wife and that it was time I make her mine. He asked me (in a way I could give but one answer) if I wanted to make my mother my whore wife and I said "yes." He then asked my mother if she wanted to make me her mother fucking husband. He asked her if she would be my dirty whore for her whole life. She said "yes." He made us swear to only fuck each other, to be perverts with each other forever, and to never fuck anyone but each other again. We swore.

He then made me put my hard big dick in her waiting pussy. She was so wet and slippery that my cock slipped in as if being drawn to a magnet. Against my mom's will she met my thrust with her own and groaned. Again my father made her say dirty things like, "fuck me my dirty little boy," "make mommy your whore my little motherfucker," and more. He made me say things like "your baby loves fucking his whore mother," "you like your son's hard dick mommy," and more. What my father didn't expect was that we soon needed no prompting. Soon she was saying things like, "fuck me son," "I love baby's big dick in my pussy," "pound your slut mother son," and more. I was saying things like "yes mom, your baby is fucking you and making you my bitch wife," "Mommy you little boy is going to fuck you ever night," and more.

My father could also see how we were both getting into it. He could hear our grunts and moans. He could see that our inhibitions were falling away and that we were in lust with each other. Instead of abusing us he saw that instead we were both hornier than we had ever been and in a ecstasy that he could only imagine. We fucked like animals until my mother started cumming not just once either but many, each harder and more powerful than the last. In the end she was even yelling how much she loved her little baby and that she was now my wife. I was yelling how I loved her and wanted to fuck only her forever.

This so incensed my father that he literally had a heart attack.

I don't want to go into too much detail as to what happened after except to say that he passed away and we buried him shortly thereafter. He left us well off also. However, this is not the end of the story.

The day after we died, we were home alone. It was evening and we finally had time to ourselves. She looked very small and scared. She told me how ashamed she was about all that had happened and that if I could ever forgive her. She was crying and afraid to look at me. She looked like a little girl. I was also scared but I told her that it was all right and that I loved her. Anyway I told her we now had a bond that few mothers and sons ever had. Finally I even told her that I felt we were now more than just mother and son. I told her that I felt like Dad had married us for real and that if she wanted me that I still wanted to be her husband. She then finally looked at me and a small mischievous smile crossed her lips and she said "you mean your whore slut mother wife."

We then fell into each others arms and ripped our clothes off each other. "Fuck me son," she yelled "make Mommy your slut slave"... and I did.

We soon moved away from our screwed up relatives and now live as husband and wife. My father's abuse stripped us of our inhibitions that until this day, 10 years later, we still fuck like bunny rabbits, occasionally we swing with others that don't know we are mother and son, and do anything nasty we can think to do with each other. Eat your heart out all you mothers and sons that can only dream about it.

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